Keep your head up, not down and don’t forget the water!

Our local grocery store sells THE BEST focacchia (sp?) bread I’ve ever had.  Flavorful, the bread is light and there is a bit of a crunch to the crust.  And about every other week they sell some varieties for .99 each!  (normally $3).

My breakfast was so good – 2 ounce of pepperoni focacchia bread, 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1 ounce of ham – I cooked the eggs at home and then assembled the sammie at work and put it in my office toaster oven for about 10 minutes at 350 – the bread got all nice and crunchy and the pepperoni on top got crisp – love!  Breakfast comes in at 9 points.

insert picture of breakfast

I checked the weather report to decide what I was going to do.  It said 82 and it felt like 84.  I decided I would start out walking, and then depending on how hot it was, start to jog.  I find comfort on a treadmill because I can monitor the pace – being outside is a whole different ball of wax.

So I took Helen’s advice, and forced myself to go slow – I could always speed up.  And guess what?  It worked!  I am a runner who needs to run about 15 minutes before I feel good – before then, I want to just stop.  I also found two other things helped – I turned my iPod up just a touch more so I couldn’t hear myself breathe, and I started out listening to slower songs.  I never realized how music effected my speed of running!

And I usually run looking down for some reason, and I looked up and just kept my eyes forward and that changed my perspective greatly – not sure why?  Rookie mistake?  I forgot to bring water.  By the time I got back, I went on and the temps had jumped to 86. 

I ran 3.2 miles in 40 minutes – not too bad because of the heat – with a warm up and cool down it was 50 minutes.  And my face was beat red when I got back to my desk.  I think most people thought I was going to pass out – but that’s just what happens to me. 😀

My boss brought me some of these Playtex Sports Wipes (I think maybe I was offensive getting back to my office after biking and running?) from her daughters volleyball camp – they were handing them out to all the girls.  I love them.  You can wipe your whole body down, its not to flowery smelling and it literally dries up the sweat.  She only gave me a few, so I need to find out where to buy them.

I tried some of the K.C. Masterpiece Buffalo sauce to make buffalo chicken and spinach tacos for lunch – these were so good – glad I only made 3 because I was really hungry when I got back from my run.

  • 3 corn tortillas (3 pts.)
  • 3 ounces chicken (3 pts.)
  • buffalo sauce (I am counting as zero as its only 10 calories a tablespoon)
  • cup of baby spinach (which really wilted down after the reheat in the toaster oven at work)
  • 1 tsp. of olive oil/Pam to fry them up (which I did at home and reheated at work

With a side of fruit – lunch comes in at 7 points – not bad.

I had some last minute things to pick up for my office Friday grill.  Since its the Friday before 4th of July, I am going with an all-American theme, with a couple twists.  I am making a white bean baked bean recipe with Blue Moon beer, and a potato salad with soft tofu mixed with the mayo part – hope none of my co-workers read this before lunch!  Then cheeseburgers and Coney Island hot dogs – I’ll post all the recipes tomorrow.  (only the potato salad is truly not a bad choice!)

It just so happens that the grocery store I was shopping at was right next to our favorite Chinese food place, so I picked up sesame beef for Tony and beef and broccoli for me.  I went to the WW “cheat sheet” to see what are better choices at Chinese restaurants and was shocked that a cup of beef and broccoli is only 4 points – do you think that’s too low?

I ended up having a cup of the beef and broccoli over 1 cup of rice, for 9 points.  I had plenty of points going into dinner, so I am not too worried if I underestimated the points. 

Stats for Thursday

  • 24 points (um, maybe a few cocktails later in the evening?!)
  • 50 minute workout at lunch, 40 minute run, 10 minute warm-up/cool-down
  • average blood sugar 129

Does everyone have a 3 day weekend?  Come back tomorrow for my weekly WI – I swear to God if it says -.6 again I’ll flip out! (well, not really, but it WOULD be weird to have that same loss for the fifth week in a row!)

And I just wanted to ask if you could give a couple bloggers some virtual hugs this weekend – first is Teale, who recently lost her Mom, and is struggling to figure out her life without her.

Next is Michelle of Big Black Dogs – she made the most delicious artisan breads, jams, jellies and other canned goodies.  She actually lives not too far from me, though we have never met.  Turns out her husband is diabetic, and we sent emails back and forth about handling the disease when we first “met.”  Sadly her husband died suddenly in May, and she too is struggling to find her way without him.

So keep your head up today and make it a great one!

31 thoughts on “Keep your head up, not down and don’t forget the water!

  1. Totally drooling over your breakfast!! Hope that your weigh in goes great tomorrow and that you have a great 4th of July weekend 🙂

  2. Amazing how that going slower works, isn’t it? I recently read an article in Runner’s World about a guy who run/walks full marathons – that’s 26.2 miles – in something like 3:30. Most of us couldn’t even run one that fast! I hope you rehydrated well after that warm run. I bet you were looking forward to a cold drink by the time you got back.

    Have a great weekend Biz!

  3. DiningAndDishing

    Those sweat wipes are good to know about! I sometimes do a quick strength training session on my lunch break and those would be so handy. Have a great weekend Biz!! I have to work Monday – boo!

    – Beth @

  4. Focaccia bread is totally amazing! Thats a great sale- I would definitely nah some too. Great job on the run. Its funny how little changes can make such a difference. I need those wipes! I usually end up running errands after I teach and I’m sure those around me would appreciate them! Have fun today

  5. Biz, im off through Tuesday! Woohoo!

  6. The pepperoni on the focaccia bread looks soooo good. like pizza!

    The grill food ideas sound so good. Coney dogs…mmm

  7. Don’t shoot me but I actually have a 5 day weekend…I know, everyone hates me:)

  8. I have a 3 day weekend and I can’t wait! I have guests coming in to town so it’s going to be lots of fun. I really need to look for those wipes. Those could be handy!

  9. Great job on the run. Running in the heat always kills me 🙂 I’m going to make my weekend a good one, going to Raleigh to see one of my best friends!

  10. I don’t run outside much, but one of my goals is to run a 5K. I like the idea of listening to slower songs and keeping my head up, maybe it well help me keep my pace!

  11. Music definitely sets my pace when I run. I usually start out slow, but it’s faster than I like to go, so I have to work really hard to slow myself down. It was worth it, though, as I could usually run several miles at a fairly steady pace. Glad you are making adjustments and enjoying your runs!

    I can’t wait to see pics of today’s eats, especially the Coney sauce!

  12. I know chicken with broccoli used to be 3 WW points (although it might be 4 now with their points system). It’s because the brown sauce used in those dishes is a cornstarch broth instead of a greasy one. Surprising, no? The sodium will still get you, though LOL

  13. You’re doing good, Biz! You run, you swim, I think you could sign up for a triathlon… 🙂

  14. keep dropping those .6’s Keep up the dedication… I have more fun walking with my head up… Every day

    Have a great holiday, best wishes for your friends


  15. Weighting For 50

    Big hugs to Michelle and Teal!! Way to go on the run in the heat. And I love that your boss gave wipes to everyone. (my boss only gives me work to do! 🙂 ) Have a great weekend Biz!!!

  16. Bless your heart for reaching out to those other blogger friends! Hugs and good wishes to them both.You are so sweet.

    Do your co workers know how lucky they are to have you cooking for them?

    Awesome job on your running! My body only allows me to do a fast walk but you know what I am grateful that I can do what I can do!

    Having a bit of a staycation here for a few days and then we hope to get out of town for a few days as well.

    • Hi there, just became aware of your blog tguorhh Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate should you continue this in future. Many folks might be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  17. That focaccia bread looks deelish!!!!! Enjoy your weekend and good luck on the scale!

    • Oh yea! I love making broth AND stock. And as a food geek, I do know the dieecrfnfe. : ) For broth I usually wait until I find a great deal on the meat and then make up a ton to freeze. It usually gets me through the winter soup/chili fests. I don’t make stock as often as I don’t often have chicken or beef with bones in it. (My husband is *not* a fan.) Occasionally I’ll pick up one of those rotisserie jobs to cheat on shredded chicken. Then I make stock.No matter what, homemade *always* tastes better. I really like boiling my rice with the stock. Extra flavor punch!

  18. That breakfast looks amazing!!
    I am going to have to search out those playtex wipes. What a great idea!
    I got your salsa in the mail! Can’t wait to try it!!! Thanks again! You are too sweet!

  19. i have found that running slow makes me more motivated to run. so often i would not go because i knew i could not go fast. good for you for slowing down in the heat. great food all day biz and thank you for letting us know about some of our bloggers who are having a tough time.
    enjoy your weekend!

  20. I feel so bad for the bloggers you mentioned. I went and read the last post of the woman who lost her husband and it is so sad. You can just feel her pain. Life can change in an instant, and it reminds me to not ‘sweat the small stuff’ and enjoy and give thanks for each and every day.

  21. Happy 4th of July Weekend! I am starving and the beef/broccoli is calling my names.

  22. You are so sweet, Biz. Your friends are in my thoughts.

    Those .6’s are building up to a huge loss!!! 🙂

  23. Those tacos sound like such a quick and easy idea! Love it! Can’t wait to see the other recipes!

    I have an extended weekend…I’m a teacher…I just have a couple of meetings in July and then back to work in August! 🙂

  24. Good luck with your weigh in and happy 4th weekend!!!!!!

  25. Sounds like a fun work BBQ – I love Blue Moon and can’t wait to see that bean recipe! I would also suggest getting a fuel belt for running when it’s hot out – my holds four little water bottles and it doesn’t move around at all when I’m jogging – I love it!

  26. Oh I should get those body wipes!! I’m always so gritty and grimy after running!
    Enjoy the heat this weekend Biz!

  27. I love focacchia bread. I usually buy the ones with peppers and tomatoes…or the one with jalapinnos (sp). So good!.

  28. Must get those wipes ASAP!!! Those sound awesome!!!

  29. The only place i’ve seen those wipes is the one time i bought a box of the playtex sport tampons and they came inside. Personally, i just use baby wipes. You can get small packs in either the travel section or the regular baby isle. They don’t really have a scent and come in a resealable pkg.

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