Day 3 No Power! Gas Station Breakfast and A Cause

Yep, we are going on day 3 of no power.  It’s so funny, but both Tony and I keep flipping on the light when we go into the bathroom out of habit!  Their estimation is still by tomorrow night that we’ll have power – at least Tony was able to power up his iPod touch using an inverter in the cigarette lighter of our car – otherwise he’s have nothing to do at home without power.

We did have to throw out about $150 worth of food – and we just went to Sam’s Club where we bought marinated pork tenderloins and beef tenderloins:

But in the whole grand scheme of things, I am not upset about it at all.  You see there are worse things out there that are going wrong in the world – and it makes our loss of some food miniscule.  You see, our blog friend Susan of the Great Balancing Act was just diagnosed with Lymphoma.  She’s so young – only 25 years old, and just started a job and has no insurance.  We haven’t had insurance since April, and knock on wood Tony only needed surgery to cure is colon cancer (thank goodness for no chemo!).   I love you Tony! 😀

I saw through Erica’s blog that Janetha was putting together a fundraiser for her, and I didn’t give it a second thought to offer up a salsa gift box!  I am offering up two jars of my grilled cherry salsa, along with two jars of my baja fresh salsa, with an assortment of Cholua hot sauces. 😀  You know I like to spice things up!

I am so excited to help in just the tiniest bit – so far Janetha has over 100+ bloggers donating items, the bidding is a minimum of $10 per gift basket.  I’ll have you know that both Errign and Kristin loved the salsa I shipped them, and a dozen other bloggers and friends have made the grilled cherry salsa to rave reviews! 😀

So I had every intention of getting up and going to the gym – my plan was to do an upper body routine, some sort of cardio and shower since I didn’t have power at home.  But I slept like shit the night before.  It was too quiet, it was warm, I set my alarm on my cell phone and was kinda freaked out that the alarm wouldn’t go off.

So when it went off at 6, I turned it off and the next thing I knew it was 7!  So I went to the gym and did a ladies workout – steam room, sauna, shower, fix hair and make-up and that was it. 😀 

My breakfast was bought at a gas station (hey, I needed coffee!). 

  • strawberry yogurt parfait
  • hard boiled eggs
  • string cheese

So this:

Turned into this:

Not bad for 7 points! 

I had every intention of riding my bike for my exercise yesterday, but guess what?  I felt like running!  I know, I can’t hardly believe it myself.  But I’ve been practicing Helen’s advice of starting out slow and picking up speed as I go – it worked – I only walked for about 30 seconds half way through and ended up running my 5k in 38:02 – woot!  I am actually feeling confident running and keeping my breathing under control. 😀

So guess what?  I didn’t bring a lunch yesterday – never even dawned on me, so I stole borrowed a Lean Cuisine from my boss – she eats these  I can’t even remember the last time I had a frozen meal.  It wasn’t too bad!  I ended up adding a bit of hot sauce in the cream sauce – that came in at 7 points and on the side I had microwaved apple and banana with 1/4 cup of sugar free pancake syrup – so lunch comes in at 8 Points.

Um, mine didn’t look quite like that:

While my SIL is still without power too, she has city water so after work we headed over to her house so Tony could shower.  Then we went out for Chinese.  We started out with the sizzling rice soup split three ways (my guess is 2 points)

Then we split the chicken lettuce wraps – (I had 1 1/2 so my guess is 4 points)

Did you know that chicken and broccoli is only three points a cup?  I asked for mine to be extra spicy!

At least after cleaning out the freezer it looks clean!

And I think I’ll be able to save the liquor and the cheese!

Stats for Tuesday

  • 26 points (+7 for wine sitting outside with Tony until midnight talking!) I swear it felt like it was 10:00!
  • 50 minute walk/run, which included 38:02 5k
  • average blood sugar 132

Alright, time to get to work . . .what’s the longest you’ve ever been without power??


30 thoughts on “Day 3 No Power! Gas Station Breakfast and A Cause

  1. how crazy that the power has been off for so long. so sorry all that food is wasted. you guys are dealing with it well and you are right there are much harder things in life to deal with.

  2. That stinks!! I don’t remember how long I’ve been without power – less than a day or so. My hubby though, growing up in Miami with a lot of hurricanes, once went without power for something like 2 weeks!! His dad had a generator that they were able to use (but not often bc the generator only lasts so long) so that helped a little.

    It’s kind of cool that you guys got to just sit outside together chatting. I always forget what it would be like without all of our electronic stimulations! (That sounds wrong.)

  3. Wow! SO crazy that y’all still don’t have power! Bummer about the food- but I love your positive attitude 🙂 And hooray for you contributing to the fund raiser!! I will for sure be biding on your salsa (given I’m not in the hospital having a baby ;)). I want that grilled cherry salsa goodness. The chinese dinner sounds yummy-especially the lettuce wraps. Josh has been begging to go out to chinese…I must give in! Have a lovely day ❤

  4. I’m so glad you could save the booze! Priorities! Our little fridge in our room is full of Boulevard 😉

  5. We neverrrr loose power back home, so you are a serious trooper. I hope you get it back soon!

  6. what a bummer! growing up, we once went without power for 7 days due to a snow storm. let me tell you, the house was freezing…we did homework by candlelight! not fun!

  7. Funny how the universe will send us a message that even in the worst we’re dealing with, someone else might actually be worse off, isn’t it? Makes throwing that food away mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    I can’t take the Lean Cusines. I might use one in an emergency such as yours but really? They are not that good to eat every day. Not to mention I always need to add something like veggies otherwise I’m starving an hour later!

    Hope that power is back on by the time you get home!

    • I had a healthy choice for lunch today – but bulked it up with a cup of steamed broccoli – but with no protein, you are right, they don’t stick with you very long!

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the fundraiser. I’ve wanted to buy your salsa before so here’s my chance to both nab some and help out a lady in need!

  9. Please remind us about the fundraiser the day of or I will forget to bid!

  10. Crazy that you still don’t have power! Like you said, there are many worse things.
    I have to mark my calendar for the fundraiser. Loved your salsa! 🙂

  11. I am so excited for everyone to bid on your yummy salsa! Thank you for everything!

  12. Wow, hope your power comes back on soon! Sounds like you guys are dealing with it really well, though!

  13. Ladies workout – that made me giggle.

    I think the longest I’ve gone without power has been less than 8 hours, thankfully. I sure hope yours is back on soon!

  14. Wow, that long without power! I’m impressed with how well you’re coping. Hope it comes back soon!

  15. oh I will be bidding on your salsa for sure! I’m so glad you’re participating! 🙂

    I’ve never gone more than a day without power. I don’t know how you do it!

  16. Poor You, I dont think I could be without power for even a day. I have serious anxiety when I’m too hot. Not having A/C wouldnt be a good thing for me. What is Tony doing all day? I’d go insane too. I’d have to go stay in a hotel.

  17. So sorry your power’s still out. That’s no fun! And tenderloin wasted…..ugh. But you’re right there are worse things. Hope the power’s on soon!

  18. It’s annoying that your power is still out but I agree-things could be much worse. So excited to bid on the gift basket! I’ve heard about Susan’s story (and am a fan of her blog). I love how bloggers are coming together. It’s incredibly heartwarming.

  19. Roz@weightingfor50

    Holy crap Vat….the power outage is BRUTAL!!! But as you said, certainly not as brutal as what Susan is going through. Look forward to the fundraiser, bidding on something fun, and helping out as best as I can. (and big yay for saving the cheese and beer! 🙂 ) Take care, really hope life gets back to normal soon!!!

  20. For god’s sack TONY… SAVE THE LIQUOR!!!

    My brother had a bumper sticker on his car until my Southern baptist mother saw it… comes to mind

    Conserve water, shower with a friend!

    I just went and looked at your friends auction. Saw the date as the 25th. Be sure and remind me. I was going to try to move your salsa up to %15… but then I saw the handful bra. Not sure what it is, but I have spent more without … well, you fill in the joke


  21. wow, that is a long time with out power, but you are so right about throwing away the food, there is much worse! hope things get turned back on for you soon!

  22. I go away for vacation and come back to find your blog has changed and what’s up with no power this time of year?

    What a shame about the food. I hate it when stuff like that happens but you have an awesome attitude about it!

    Thanks for spreading the word about the auction, I will go have a look at that!

  23. Sorry you had to throw away all that food, Biz! I’d be so pissed… but, you are so right – it’s small potatoes compared to the struggles that others are going through! Praying for Susan!
    Hope your power comes back soon!

  24. Oh, wow, I can’t believe you still don’t have power! You are handling things so well (much better than I would!).
    Hope it comes back up soon!

  25. My parents were without power b/c of the storms for two days, they were in the same boat you were/are!

    Spicy chicken and broccoli is my favorite thing to order at chinese restaurants – love it!

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