Day 4 without Power and Ships, Captain Crew

Can you believe we are on day 4 of no power??  This is really getting old.  Not only am I tired of eating frozen meals, but I haven’t been Bizzy in my kitchen since Sunday!  I am going through cooking withdrawal.  😦

I had one thing to be happy though on Wednesday – bagel Wednesday!  I had a jalapeno cheddar bagel, 1 tablespoon WW cream cheese and a hard boiled egg left over from my gas station breakfast the other day – breakfast comes in at 11 points.

Our only saving grace with not having power is that our weather has been absolutely gorgeous – yesterday the high was about 73 and the lows were around 58 – perfect sleeping weather. 😀

So guess what?  I decided to run again yesterday and I think I may run again today – I am really starting to like it – I never would have thought that would happen to me in a million years.  And yesterday I ran the whole time!  Didn’t stop to walk once. 😀

Lunch – another frozen dinner – this time pasta in a red pepper sauce – I picked up some bagged broccoli and steamed a cup of it on the bottom to bulk it up, but this one was so low in protein, I was starving a couple hours later and had an apple and a banana.

So it was spin the restaurant wheel for Tony and I.  We ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings – we haven’t been there in a while and there were a few changes on the menu – um, salt and vinegar seasoning??

My plate – I had 6 wings and about 1/2 of the fries – my guess is around 11 points?

But guess what I had with them?  Two big Coors lights.  I guessed it would be about 8 points for the beers – ah, it’s 14 points!  This week has been so crazy, I am hoping that my exercise will offset the stuff I’ve been eating and just maintain this week. 😀

So we get home, the sun has set – what to do??

I love any type of board game – and I am super competitive.  My favorite game of all time?  Scrabble!  Except no one will play me anymore because I dominate at the game. 😀 

And after a couple rounds of that (where I dominated) we switched to Ships, Captain and Crew.  Anyone else remember that bar game?  While we bet with dollar bills at the bars, I brought out our change jar and we each started out with $6 in quarters.  You have to roll a six, then a five and a four in three rolls – if you don’t roll out a six in three tries, the other person gets  turn – if you both don’t roll a six, five, four, you have to throw another quarter into the pot.

We used candlelight!

And Tony dominated this game! 😦

Fingers crossed that the power is turned on – they are still saying by midnight tonight.  I had to postpone my office grilling party tomorrow – instead we are going to order pizza!

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 42 points (still have 18 flex points left for the week)
  • 50 minute jog
  • average blood sugar 121

Make it a great day! 😀



24 thoughts on “Day 4 without Power and Ships, Captain Crew

  1. bahhhhhhh! They need to get your power fixed ASAP- that is totally ridiculous. jalapeno cheddar? I need to find one of these bagels and get it for Josh. That combo would be his favorite. Way to rock the runs! Whooooooop! I can’t wait to really run again.

  2. I sure hope you have power back by the weekend. It’s going to be a scorcher!


  3. 4 days without power is definitely ridiculous! Goodness I lived in rural southern Africa and we rarely had outages that long!!

    I am jealous of your runs. This week has been full of strange interruptions to our usual schedule and I haven’t run since Sunday. I am determined to get out there tonight.

    I hope your power returns today. Enjoy your lunch time run. Glad to hear that you are enjoying them. It’s a bit addicting isn’t it?

  4. That wouldn’t happen to be a Panera bagel, would it?

  5. You bring back my memories of no power…bad summer storm….whole development no power for about a week…hotter than hades…..Aaaack! You have my sympathy!

    Running is very addicting!

  6. I think I might start twitching if my power was out for 4 days !

  7. Ugh on the no power still! I can’t believe it is taking that long.

    Hooray for bagel Wednesday, though!

  8. So this power thing must really be getting annoying!!! I love board games too. Have you ever played Apples to Apples? It’s so much fun!

  9. I have to tell you my electric story because it still burns me up – a while back we were having rolling blackouts because much of the country was freezing to death and somehow our power became involved. I don’t know, it didn’t make much sense back then and it still doesn’t now. But anyway, our power kept going out for a couple of days – for a few hours at a time. It got so the city would post on their Facebook page the exact areas that would be hit next. Crazy. Then, THEN (still mad, can you tell?), my fair city came out with the news that we all would have to PAY for this, in the form of an extra $5 on our bills, for the next six months!!! Something about they didn’t anticipate the cost – IDK, I think my particular city is run by a bunch of crooks. So hello – no power, pay extra. Nice. I’m sorry your power has been out so long, but I’m sure your electric bill will be lower next month, unlike mine with the stupid extra charge.

    Glad I got that off my chest! LOL – can you also tell I just got my bill yesterday?

    Woohoo for running and loving it!!! That should help you out on the scale, too. 🙂

  10. This whole no power thing blows my mind!! I can’t believe it’s not fixed yet!
    But I love that you seem to make the most of it. You guys are too cute.
    And awesome job on the running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Vat, wow….this power outage is INSANE!! REALLY hope it is restored soon and life gets back to normal. I LOVE board games, Dennis HATES them, but still plays with my family when we are together – bless him. My favorite is Boggle, I get embarrassingly competitive with that one. Also love Scattegories, Balderdash and Taboo. Have a great day, I’ll do a power dance to the power gods on your behalf!

  12. I seriously cannot believe the power is still out! I’d be going nuts! I think the board game idea is great though. I love unplugging from the TV every now and then!

  13. When hurricane Isabel hit we were without power for 9 days – I feel your pain – but we were truly lucky as the kids were little and they thought it was a huge adventure.

    Ice and batteries became so scarce that people were having fist fights over them. [I have never understood that.] Anyway, we just hopped in the car and drove a few miles up the road [where they had power] and when my husband finally found a store that had ice he had our son run in and lay on the pile. Giggle. It was so silly.

    The first few nights our whole neighborhood got together and grilled up all the food we didn’t want to waste. It was a three day extravaganza of some of the best food I have ever eaten. We swapped, shared and just laughed at the largesse of it all. What was totally cool was that our whole neighborhood, previously blacked out, was lit up by a grill in every driveway. No one was on their back porch. Awesome.

    Baths got to be a problem because our water was supplied by a pump. We solved that with the pool [and their showers.]

    By the ninth day we drove out of town to get a meal — and as we were driving back Squirrel said “If I don’t see lights on in the neighborhood just turn around. Please.” We were all starting to feel that way. BEAUTY – the corner store had lights! We returned to home and 9 days of laundry.

    Best part of the whole ordeal was that Pooldad had to stay home the whole week and we had the best time with the kids. You can truly get inventive with no power, water and 95 degree weather. heehee It is really one of the greatest “vacations” we ever had.

    I betcha’ your power will be on soon. You are so positive and upbeat there is no way this is going to bring you down. You will make it an adventure too!

    Hugs my friend. And my house is available next week if you need a place to stay. 😀 Seriously – come to DC and have a vacation for free if you don’t get the power back.

    Hugs sweetie. Hang in there.

  14. I would be so cranky at this point with no power! Never heard of that game but then I don’t get out to the bars much!

    Take care and I hope you get power restored soon!

  15. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you still don’t have power! What a bummer!

  16. Umm….if you’re going through withdrawal, I have a perfectly good kitchen just wasting away AND I have air conditioning! Let me know when You’ll be here! Ha ha! Hope it’s fixed soon!!

  17. Yeah, I would be getting really frustrated. The things you take for granted. That is funt that you got to play a good ol’ game of yahtzee. I haven’t played a board game in so long come to think of it!

  18. Oh my gosh!! 4 days!?! Ridiculous! You’d think you’d live in the sticks!

    BW3’s is Mark’s favorite and there’s one 1 mile from our house. You can’t leave our neighborhood without passing it. Luckily (for my waistline) we don’t go too, too often…but you can’t go and NOT have a beer!!!

  19. wow…i would go crazy with no power. Hope it gets back on soon. 🙂

  20. I think this has been the most non-homemade food I’ve ever seen on your blog this week! I bet you’re sooo ready for power. Hope it comes on tonight!

  21. I can’t believe you’ve been without power for days! That’s crazy! I think the longest we’ve been without power is maybe 6 or so hours? Generally overnight too, so it’s not really a big deal. I guess we just live in an area that gets the power turned on right away. It would piss me off to throw out all that food too. Ah well – looks like you are making the best of it, and what a great excuse to play board games. Love them!

  22. So happy to hear your power is back on! YAY!

    Take care and have fun in VA next month. Smith Mountain Lake is so, so, so beautiful. [Richmond is only pretty at Christmas when they light up the city with Christmas lights heehee – and I say that knowing it is our state capital.]

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