Week 8 of 101 Days of Summer

Six weeks left people!  That’s all that’s left in our 101 days of summer challenge.  If you read my post yesterday, I am up 1.0 for the week.  I can blame it on not enough exercise, too much wine and maybe a couple extra bites of cheese during the week.

I had a goal of being 149 by Labor Day.  I am 158 now, so I need to lose 9 pounds in six weeks.  The only way I’ll get there is to buckle down, get back to basics and dig deep.

Goals for Week Eight:

  • 60 minutes of exercise a day
  • 3 days of strength training (which I hardly do)
  • 80 ounces of water per day
  • maintain blood sugar levels (they have been on the low side lately)
  • if I bite it I must write it!

How are you doing?  Are you on track for your summer goals?  Leave a comment and let us know how you are doing!

My Mom and SIL are coming over for Sunday supper.  We are fixing an Italian pasta meal with sausage and a big salad.  I have been a cleaning/cooking lady this morning – but now my house is clean and I have all my lunches prepared for the week:

  • Asian grilled chicken breast with broccoli slaw apple dried cherry salad
  • sweet potato gnocci with lentil bolognese
  • stuffed green peppers
  • chicken tikka masala with broccoli and brown rice
  • taco salad

Anything new on your menu this week?  Have a great Sunday!


14 thoughts on “Week 8 of 101 Days of Summer

  1. Yum, sounds like a terrific menu for the week!

    My update:
    I had a rough week health wise last week, because I was traveling/away from home so much. It was a lot of fun – most of the time was a mini-vacation with my boyfriend – but as you can imagine exercise definitely fell by the wayside. However, now I’m at my folks house in Ohio and things have been going really well health-wise despite the steamy weather. I signed up for a one-month membership at their gym (I’ll be here for 3 weeks) and so far we’ve been going every day – in part to get into the air conditioning because our house doesn’t have it! I’ve certainly been having quite a few treats because I love to bake with my mom, but overall I’m pretty happy with the amount of fresh fruits and veggies I’ve been eating, plus lots of home-cooked meals.

  2. Your menu always makes me drool! 🙂

    My week was good – my goals for this week are to finish out my yoga challenge strong and to run 5 miles outside!

  3. “If I bite it I must write it” Love that. I started tracking again yesterday – ugh. I know I need to do it – it’s amazing how much more disciplined I am when I hold myself accountable!

    Best of luck on your 9 pounds – I know you can do it!!

  4. Ugh, this last week was just off. We went camping with my parents and niece and nephew, and that resulted in more sugar and carbs than I needed, plus no running. I ran a 10k last Saturday, and haven’t run since. I am buckling down starting tomorrow with the running and strength training (which I also haven’t been doing) and am committing myself to busting it out this last 6 weeks before my half-marathon so that I can be proud of myself when I finish rather than beating myself up and feeling like I could have done better if only I trained more. I found an aquacize class nearby for only $35 for the month of August, three days a week, and am going to sign up for that to get some more cross training in. I am feeling pretty down on myself lately, and am just going to try to say good things to myself.

  5. Have fun tonight! broccoli slaw apple dried cherry salad? mmm so in!

  6. I am doing so/so…weight has been staying constant but not dropping…but then again, I’m not working as hard at it as I should be!!!

    I have a nice ham in the crock pot as we speak that we are having for dinner tonight…but of course I’ll be putting the leftovers in a frittata. Yum!

  7. i like that, “if i bite it i must write it” good for you…..i like how you know what you have done wrong so now it is certain you can get on the right path to labor day…..we are behind you!

  8. Sorry for being M.I.A. the last few weeks. Life has been crazy. I thought I was going to get home today, but alas, I’m stuck in a lame airport hotel for the night. Since this week has taken a toll on me emotionally, a goal of mine is to “deal” with everything that is going on. Mental health is just as important as physical! I also want to get in 3 days of C25K as well as 2-3 days of power walking and strength. Hopefully my bad luck will effing turn around. Shit’s getting old! Have a fab week everyone!

  9. I got back from my vacation on Thursday and have spent the last three days getting back swing in the swing (10,000 steps a day plus Flavia’s program 3x per week). Because I don’t weigh myself, I don’t know about my situation, but if I gained something during my vacation I supposed I’m going to drop it in a week or so of normal living.

    My most important goal is to get back to doing Flavia’s program at least three days a week.

  10. Seems like a few of us are having a rough time right now…I have been feeling just awful, and was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease! I’m taking a pretty strong Rx for it, and hopefully caught it in time.

    Let’s all work really hard this week…Smile even when you just feel like baring your teeth!

  11. I was doing so well. My goal was 195 lbs by August 6th and I was only 1lb away on August 17th. Then I started having major pain in my right side. Yep, I had to have my gallbladder out. Plus I had a wicked kidney infection I didn’t even have a clue about. So I am praying I can get back on track fast once I can move like a normal person again instead of a zombie. My original goal of 195 by 8/6 and 190 by 8/20 may still be doable. I am sure going to try. I have been eating less, and drinking a ton. But I am still swoolen and sore. I am hoping the “extra weight” I have on me now is from the surgery and will be gone by Wednesday!!! Then I know I can do it.
    Good luck this week. 9lbs in 6 weeks, I know you can do it! Just dig in, keep on track and remember, you want the weight loss more than the drink or extra taste. It always lasts so much longer than that taste does!

  12. I need your discipline of making a menu. I do so much better when I plan ahead. Every since I got back from vacation I have not been doing so well and really need to get back on track. A mutual pep talk with a friend from church yesterday may have been just what I needed. Haven’t been food journaling for the last couple weeks but starting again today. That really helps to keep me on the right path.

  13. Rachel Palmieri

    I was up 0.4lbs at weigh in but have done really well since then! I didn’t want to cook last night and instead of ordering terrible food, we ordered pizza. Only I had a big ass salad first and barely had room for 2 slices of pizza. I’m starting to get the hang of this! My game face is on too, Biz…we can do this!!!

  14. Only 6 weeks?!! Yikes! I’m going to need to tighten the reins if I plan on getting to goal during the challenge. Let’s all put our game faces on and rock this thing. My update is at http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2011/07/slimmer-this-summer-and-101-days-of.html

    Hope things are cooling down there. Have a great week!

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