Week 9 of 101 Days of Summer

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that in the last two weeks I am up 1.8 pounds.  While I am obviously not going in the right direction, there are non-scale victories.  I ran my fastest 5k in 34:10.  My size 12 pants are loose.  I’ve meal planned. 

So what am I going to do differently this week to get a loss on the scale?  Switch up my exercises – while I am loving running lately, I think I need to switch it up this week.  Also, I need to get 60 minutes in of exercise a day, and if that means getting my ass out of bed to the gym, that’s what I have to do.

And I am going to ditch the wine!  I always say I will, but I don’t.  Tony, you have to help me keep wine free this week!

How are you doing?  Are you where you wanted to be?  Have you hit a plateau?  What are your plans for the week?

Tony and I decided to smoke some ribs for dinner.  I tried a different dry rub and we both loved it.  It isn’t as spicy as my other one, so I think Tony was happy about that.  While I put K.C. Masterpiece original bbq sauce on Tony’s, I added K.C. Masterpieces buffalo sauce on mine (thanks again Errign for sending that to me!)

Dry Rub

1 tablespoon salt
2 teaspoons paprika
1-1/2 teaspoons onion powder
1-1/2 teaspoons garlic powder
1-1/2 teaspoons dried basil
1 teaspoon dried ground mustard
1 teaspoon cumin
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon chili powder

These were delicious – they smoked for 2 1/2 hours at a constant temperature of around 200 degrees.  We had corn on the cob on the side, but it tasted like ass. 😦

Okay, so here is something I didn’t know.  Remember how I said my local grocery store closed?  Well, my SIL went to Caputo’s in Algonquin after Weight Watchers.  I had gone on their website, made my meal plan off of that, and I was good to go.  Um, apparently there are TWO Caputo’s – the one I went to in Algonquin was Joe Caputo and Son’s.  The sale paper that I made my meal plan off of was Angelo Caputo’s

So my meal plan was shot – chicken wasn’t on sale at the store I went to, the deli prices were just okay, but at that point, it was too late to redo a whole weeks worth of meal planning, so I stuck with the plan, and ended up spending $105 this week on groceries. 😦  At least now I know the difference between the two stores!

I did score on a big box of mixed veggies for $1.99.  Green and red peppers and yellow squash and zucchini.

I ended up grilling them all up to use this week.

I already made a spicy beef thai noodle soup with some of the grilled zucchini – that recipe will be posted later this week.

Alright, I am off to cook up the rest of my SIL’s lunches – I have a short window this week because I am meeting my twin sister and our best friends who are twins for . . . TWINFEST!   

Enjoy your Sunday – let’s make it a great week!

36 thoughts on “Week 9 of 101 Days of Summer

  1. I have been having a really difficult time lately. This week I was on plan from Monday-thursday and then fell off the wagon. I need to figure out why. I’ll sit and eat a hugh bowl of Goldfish and all the while I’m eating them thinking, I really shouldn’t be eating these but keep right on eating until they are gone or my son will come home with a pizza and even though I’ve had dinner and eaten my full complement of points for the day, I’ll have a piece or two of his pizza anyway. I should just not have things like that in the house. I weigh in on Monday and it’s not likely to be pretty. Got to figure out what is going on in my head because this is mental, not physical hunger.

  2. Hi Biz! I’m really proud of you for thinking of your non-scale victories, instead of letting the number on the scale get you down! I haven’t weighed myself in months, and it’s oddly freeing. I’m sure I’m not losing, which is a little unfortunate, but not stressing about it is awesome!

    My week was really good. I FINALLY went to the running group I’ve been promising to go to on here every week. I even went in the rain! We ran 5.26 miles outside and I felt so welcome, and so proud of myself for getting out there. Plus, that was an outside pdr for me! I’ve had a little trouble adjusting my exercise schedule to my new work schedule, but I think I’m getting the hang of it! Hope everyone is gearing up for an awesome week!

    • Oh, I forgot say- today is the end of “July yoga challenge” – I just wrote a post about it and posted it on my blog, but in the month of July, I went to 21 yoga classes, practiced at home 6 times – all equaling out to about 33 hours of yoga this month! Wooot wooot!

    • I’m I’m not the only one who doesnt’ weigh herself, Errign! I haven’t been to the scales for two – three years.

      I hated being a slave to the scale.

      Nowadays I track my progress by taking digital photos. You can see pretty easily where you lose fat.

  3. Good luck! I started “pointing” again almost 2 weeks ago, and I gained a pound the first week. It’s amazing what too much salt will do.

    Good luck on the wine. I decided to cut back. I found that 1 to 2 glasses a night was becoming the norm, which means 7 to 10 glasses a week, which was 2 bottles.

    So now I cut back to one. I can open a bottle on Friday or Saturday. When it’s gone, that’s it until the next Friday or Saturday. And if it goes faster because I’m sharing? Too bad. And this weekend? I didn’t open one. So I’m done until next Saturday (I tend not to drink on Fridays now that my tri training is Saturday morning).

  4. Twinfest! I get so excited when you do those posts! So much fun 🙂 Your plan sounds awesome! You can totally do no wine!!! Hooray for the big box of veggies- bummer about the name mix up. I am going to send that rub recipe to my Dad- he is always looking for new rubs. Have a good one

  5. Rachel Palmieri

    I wish I could find the produce and meat bargains that you find! When produce is in the “sale” bin, it’s pretty much past the point of no return so I don’t touch it. Though…now that I have a food processor, I might scope out tomatoes for making salsa or pasta sauce for the freezer.

    This week was ok…I was down 0.6lbs at weigh in but I need to do better about making poor choices on the weekend. I’m really trying to stick to the points this week faithfully. We’ll see what the scale brings on Thursday!

  6. I find I lose weight when I eat a higher protein diet of lean protein and cut back on the carbs even the healthy ones!

    Since I am in recovery mode from oral surgery and eating soft diet and not exercising (day 5) I am not sure what affect this is going to have on my weight. It is what it is and I can’t do anything about it but try to make wise food choices and today I am going to go for a casual walk. At least it will burn more calories than sitting on the couch!

    You are the best bargain shopper ever! I love to roast up a big batch of veggies on the weekend to use the rest of the week. They are awesome in wraps!

  7. I’ve had a good week this week in that I’ve eaten lots of homemade meals … though I’d have to admit those homemade meals have often included lots of homemade ice cream and cake, which is not so healthy! (But, it was my mom’s birthday, so I think that’s a pretty good reason!)

    Great week in terms of exercise – exceeded my goal for calories burned.

    Biz – in terms of weight loss, have you considered switching to chicken and fish as your primary proteins? Right now I’m somewhat looser with this because I’ve lost the weight I wanted to and I’m simply working on maintaining that weight loss, but when I was serious about counting calories (which I realize is somewhat different than WW, but I figure calories do go into WW points, right?), I found that red meat simply had to be a very occasional treat in order for me to meet my goals. Chicken and fish provided the protein I needed to power through workouts without killing my calorie budget. I know everyone is different, but I just wanted to suggest this as one small change you might make in terms of your weight loss goals.

    • I am not a huge fan of fish – wish I was! Althought I do plan on making fish tacos this week – maybe with taco sauce it will mask the taste.

      Thanks for the suggestion though!

  8. It’s been a rough summer for me, too. I haven’t been updating the 101 days of summer because I haven’t been journaling. Gr. Only myself to blame. I am just getting too good and finding (bad!) excuses! I have made a few changes lately – like my coffee creamer – yikes! I switched to FF half and half and truvia this week — that should shave, oh, 50 calories a day from my little coffee habit, I figure. At least my workouts have been SPOT ON. I’ve really stepped up my mileage and I’m just enjoying the workouts versus always pushing myself to the max.

    Great job on your 5K time (that’s awesome!!!) and loose pants…all excellent things 🙂 The scale isn’t everything. And I, too, spent too much on groceries this week. I thought flank steak was cheap! Wrong! $11 on flank and $8 on chicken – eek! Meat stinks…I should become vegetarian 😉 …Nahhhhhhhhhhh!

    • I am with you on the cost of flank steak. Whenever I see cooking shows, they say “use flank steak because its so economical.” Um, it costs more per pound than a ribeye by me!

  9. I always like hearing about Twinfest! Hope you and Jenn have a great time. 🙂

    No wine. No wine. NO WINE!!!

    You can do it. See if it makes that much of a difference on the scale, and if it does, well…you’re gonna have a Sophie’s Choice dilemma from then on, I suspect. 😉

  10. Good idea to keep focusing on those NSV! And GREAT time for your 5k!

    This past week I was on vacation. Had great plans of getting up for a walk or run every morning. Instead – I got sick. Couple days with severe body aches & pains, followed up with some white patches on my throat – which then took me to an urgent care center in the area for some antibiotics. End the week with my period (circa teenage year cramps) and my vacation was shot. :/

    I’m hoping this week is better to me because I have to bake a billion cookies for a church sale, not to mention I have my 5k at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. I have a feeling I’ll be focusing on the atmosphere instead of beating my last 5k time.

  11. Weighting For 50

    Hi Vat, GREAT score on those veggies!!!! Chin up my friend, you’ll bang off that 1.8 and be back on the downward slope in NO time. Enjoy twin fest!!!!

  12. I’ve been down a consistent 5-6 pounds for about a week, so I think it’s safe to say that’s permanent and not just random scale craziness.

    I’ve been eating a really strict diet of 3 small meals a day and minimal snacking. Only water.

    That and running my ass off at work is all I can manage now. Hopefully life will return to normal and I can get some sort of routine that will let me do exercise DVDs or ride my bike. I really want to lose my arm flab by the wedding for photos.

  13. I think I have finally reached a place mentally where I know that I am just going to do my best for my half, and whether that is mostly running with a little walking or a more even balance of the two, I am going to be proud of what I accomplish. Now if I can just figure out the finances for the hotel et al, I’ll be happy.

    I cut out sugars this past week or so, (with the exception of a deep-fried twinkie at the state fair which I had to try) and I am feeling really good about it. I don’t even want sugar at this point, which makes it easier. I am supplementing with natural sugars ala fruit – mangoes, peaches, yum! It would be nice to see a drop on the scale, but I am happy knowing that I can feel a difference in my body just from not having the sweets.

    I’m starting a month long aqua class tomorrow night – 3 nights a week for all of August. I am looking forward to the change-up in my routine. I need some of my tone back!

    Hope everyone has a good week!

  14. That’s an awesome deal on the box of veggies! Wow!

    Also…I thought you of this morning as I was leaving Iowa and looking for the buffalo tabasco sauce…but no luck! Boo!

  15. great deal on the veggies….the BBQ looks amazing.

  16. I’m excited to see what else you did with those roasted veggies. I love them by themselves, but I don’t usually think of pairing them with something.

    Chin up, Biz! You’ll overcome the plateau and get back on track, I’m sure of it.

  17. Holy fail I didn’t do anything I set out to do this week! I think my emotions were still all over the place. I WILL kick this week’s ass though! I received Peas and Thank You and am feeling inspired! I also have a ton of random food items in the kitchen, so I intend on putting them to good use. My parents and my bank account will thank me. I also have to get moving. When I don’t work out, I get a pang in my knee (strange, I know) which means “it’s time”. I would like to get a few runs in this week, weather permitting. If not, I have a few DVDs that are dying to be used 😉

    Happy August, friends!

  18. Congrats on your 5K time! And yum, those ribs look great – what a perfect rub!

  19. How can you make grilled zucchini look like candy!!! or at least something that I know would taste as addictive as candy! hehe ❤


  20. I have been a complete slacker in all areas…I guess that’s why I haven’t updated in a few weeks! I haven’t exercised at all in 2 weeks. Only 2x per week the 2 weeks prior to that. I’ve been eating whatever…and I lost 3 lbs. After not losing anything all summer. NOT good motivation to exercise when you lose weight after stopping! However, I know I need to get back to it. I still have a long ‘weigh’ to go to reach my goal…

  21. It’s so important to focus on the NSVs when the scale tries to mess with our heads. The numbers on weigh in day don’t tell the whole story. We had ribs and corn on the cob (wasn’t the best but didn’t taste like ass) this weekend too.

    Good luck on your wine-free week.

    My challenge update is at http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2011/07/101-days-of-summer-and-slimmer-this.html

  22. Ugh! Guess this is the tough part of summer. I think my biggest problem is not staying hydrated. I’ve kept up with my exercising, but I sweat a lot and even though I drink a bunch of water during and after, I don’t think it’s enough to balance out. I also enjoy an iced coffee every day which doesn’t help with the caffeine. When I’m dehydrated, I feel hungry – and when I feel hungry, I eat. 🙂 But I seem to have a harder time making good choices when I’m dehydrated which is how I gained more than 3 pounds on vacation last week! Today I am back to clean eating to try and lose 3 pounds before I go on vacation again in two weeks. I’m going to fill my tumbler with water, that should be a good start. Have a great week!

  23. Just reading your posts make me gain weight! Kidding 😉
    I lost 5 pounds this week – the antibiotic for my Lyme Disease makes me sick. And better, at the same time. Ha
    I’m still hanging in there but truthfully, will be glad when summer’s over!

  24. Wow, I’ve been so out of it these last few weeks, it’s not even funny. I’m trying hard to do it all (btwn major family problems and taking care of myself) but somehow, I’m not being succesful and separting the two! I won’t give up, but instead continue trying.

    Awesome for you on your 5K times. And like always, the food you make looks so delicious. I know you’ll be kicking butt next WI.

  25. Sorry I’m late in my update!

    Biz, I think you’re doing well in your challenge and especially with the NSV:s. (I couldn’t imagine running 5k in any time though I could probably racewalk with anyone nowadays). That your pants are loose is a very good sign. 🙂

    My last week was good, I did Flavia’s workouts 3x and my 7-day step count average is over 10,000 steps (as it should). Eating wise my week was ok too, though I’m contemplating some big changes.

    Unfortunately I ran out of luck yesterday and sprained my left ankle (I’ve sprained it many times before), so now I have to take at least a few days off my walking and workouts. 😦

    Gotta hobble to the kitchen and make some lunch.

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