Stop running . . .fatty!

Yesterday I had some company at the gym before work – Hannah came with me. 😀  I decided to do the stairmaster.  The machine I was on was an older model.  They had different programs, the only thing was that you never knew how fast of slow the program was going to be – it was called “step lively.”

So it starts out pretty slow, then all of a sudden it was like I was sprinting up flights of stairs.  Holy shiz, I felt as if I hadn’t worked out in ages!  It was a sweaty 35 minutes, and I did 2.0 miles and 96 flights of stairs.  Thanks for waking up early Hanners!

I only had 1/2 an arnold thin with a schmear of cream cheese (barely 2 points) as fuel, so I was hungry when I got to work.  Remember all those veggies I grilled last weekend?  I ended up having a grilled zucchini, ham, egg wrap with some blackberries and raspeberries on the side.  Breakfast comes in at 8 Points.

So as usual, I check the weather before my run and love what I am seeing. 82 degrees, 50% humidity, party sunny.  I start my run and everything is feeling great.  My breathing is good, I am looking forward enjoying the music.  I kept telling myself “you are doing great!”

All of a sudden I see a convertable with a bunch of teenage boys headed in my direction, and as they drive by me I hear one kid say “stop running fatty!”  It stopped me in my tracks.  I start walking, taking sips from my water bottle, contemplating what just happened.  Mind you, I wear a small bra running shirt like this:

It’s tight people for a reason.  I know I still have a muffin top, but when I wear this nothing moves.  I almost just gave up and started walking back to my office, when I thought, WTF?  Why would I let some punk ass kid ruin my run?!

So I got back on the horse and fnished my 5k in 37:12.  Not my fastest time, but I didn’t let that remark stop me from finishing what I started.  And Charlie, I still have to thank you for your post this week – its really helped me stay on track.  😀

I really couldn’t wait for lunch yesterday.  My version of chipotles steak burrito, but you better believe mine is healthier.  Their steak burrito, without sour cream is 19 points.  My version:  3 point tortilla, 3 points of steak, green and red peppers (0) 2 tablespoons refried beans on the bottom (2), romaine lettuce (0) taco sauce (0) and cherry peppers (0) – a filling 8 point lunch.

I marinated the steak overnight with 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1/8 teaspoon chipotle pepper powder and garlic.  It was really flavorful.

I decided to make pasta for dinner last night, only realizing that I never made my sauce over the weekend.  I decided to modify my Weeknight bolognese with what I had on hand.  I didn’t have an pancetta or ground pork, so I only used 3/4 of a pound of ground sirloin.  Each serving (1/2 cup sauce) is 4 Points (180 calories/8 fat/5 carbs/2 fiber and 20 protein.

Served over a cup of chopped fresh baby spinach, 1 cup of cooked pasta, dinner comes in at 10 points plus.  I love this sauce because it really does come together really quickly.

So this week I’ve come to the conclusion that this weight loss journey is mine to lose – both literally and figuratively.  If I stay on plan, make the right decisions 85% of the time, I have no doubt that I’ll get to my goal.  It’s if I listen to a-holes stupid remarks make me quit, then I lose.  Well, I am not that kind of loser. 😀

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 31 points (included 3 points of popcorn while watching dinner)
  • 25 minutes stairmaster, 2.0 miles, 96 flights
  • 50 minute walk/run – included 34:17 5k
  • No wine 😀
  • average blood sugar: 117

Alright, I am off to do my core strength in exercise t.v. – make it a great day?

Q of the Day:  Has anyone ever said anything rude to your face before??



58 thoughts on “Stop running . . .fatty!

  1. Good for you to keep going. Gotta consider the source…stupid kids!

  2. As you know, that has happened to me a couple of times in the past few months as well. Idiots. However instead of stopping I want to run after them and scream, “At least I’m running you lazy idiots!” Or throw something 😀 You just do your thing and keep ignoring the ignoramuses.

    Your lunch looks delish. I bet that meat would be good on just a salad too!

  3. Those little fuckers. I bet they didn’t exercise twice in one day. xoxo

  4. Oh Biz. How awful. People can be such jackasses. I’d want to yell back “would you say that to your mother?!?” or something that might, for an instance, make them realize you are a real person. Good on ya for not letting them stop you. Don’t let the jerks win.

  5. Wow – what a bunch of jerks! Something like that totally would have stopped me in my tracks too. Major props for you finishing your run!

    Your meals look delish! I’m drooling over your sauce!

  6. I hope if that happens again, you give ’em 2 fingers up! Teenagers are such little f*ckers. I’ve definitely had guys yell rude shit at me too – you just gotta give ’em a big smile and keep doin’ your thing!

  7. Yes – I like the Kitchen Witch’s vernacular – the little fuckers. Their mom’s would be ashamed and horrified. Good for you for considering the source and staying the course!

    I don’t have just a muffin top – I have a whole dozen muffins when I realize all the places where, um…dough oozes over the top! You’re doing fantastic, and as always you’re one of my absolute top sources of great recipes and food ideas.

  8. You should have ran after them and kicked the sh!t out of them. You look great! Something like that would just make me more determined, too. Maybe I’m fueled by anger? You just keep on keeping on

  9. Had I been with you Bizzy I would have shouted back to get them to stop and then slapped the crap out of them. Grrrrrrrr – makes me so mad.

    We have always taught the kids to give thumbs up to people they see out exercising in the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter the size or shape – the fact that they are doing it is enough for encouragement for anyone is what we tell them.

    Stupid kids. You wonder who raised them. Sorry I am just really mad and I don’t do mad well.

    On a happier note I licked the screen on the steak burrito. Is it any wonder why my laptop screen is broken and I have to use Pooldad’s netbook? Note to self: stop drooling over Bizzy’s food.

  10. Teenage boys can be such a$$holes. I’m glad you didn’t let them stop you. I was thinking of you yesterday when I got OUTSIDE and completed Week 4, Day 1 of the C25K. Running outside, at the beach, was so much different than slogging along on the dreadmill. Rock on Biz!

  11. Good for you for continuing Biz! I had a very similar experience running….I was running on a country road, and a truck full of teenage boys drove by and yelled out the window something along the lines of “Big girl! or Fat girl” I can’t remember exactly what it was…I was mortified. And, mad at myself – really? At 30 years old I’m going to allow myself to be bullied just like I was when I was 11? No way. So, good for you!

  12. Just keep in mind the type of person (young, old or in between) that yells such remarks from moving cars or anywhere. They’re probably people you wouldn’t pass the time of day with much less value their opinions on anything!!


  13. I can’t believe those kids! How awful!

    I very regularly have people make comments about how young I look and I frankly, find them insulting. I’m 29, married, and succesful. Having you tell me I look like I’m 16 is insulting to me, so people should keep it to themselves. Would women like it if I told them “Hey, you look WAY older than [insert age here?]”. No they would not. And no, people telling me I’ll be happy about that in 10 years does not make it better.

  14. So I am about 15 years old and I am mowing our yard. (I was an only child and i have always been overweight). This cute boy down the street kept riding his bike by and saying something. I turned the mower off and was smiling thinking he was talking to me…. He was MOOOing at me!! Yes i almost died. Good for you for finishing what you started and Good for you for raising your Hannah not to be a little punk a** sh*t like they were. 🙂

  15. What is wrong with people?! I am so glad that you kept running. That would have hurt my feelings too though. I doubt that I will ever develop a thick enough skin to not let comments like that bother me.

    People are mean…even grown ups. I am a nurse and it is unbelievable how hurtful other nurses can be never mind how condescending and disrespectful some doctors are towards the nurses.

    Keep up the great work.

  16. Kids! Arg, they are mean just to be mean. He did that to stop you, to make you hurt, and I’m glad you were able to move past it. BTW, you aren’t fat and you should be proud of the huge progress you’ve made. Compare yourself now to when you started. Even if you WERE fat, you should be proud of yourself for doing something that is making you healthier. You go, girl!!! Your burrito sounds delish and now I’m considering spaghetti for dinner. We are runnign low on groceries and I’m scrambling to come up with something with what we have. I know we have ground venison and Italian turkey sausage!

    • OMG, Veronica – I am the queen of pulling things out of thin air – let me know what your ingredients are next time and I’ll figure it out! 😀

  17. I’m so glad you kept going! Kids say some stupid things sometimes!

    I’m making your sauce at some point also..yum!

  18. oh my word!! they actually yelled that?! shocking. kids are just punks 🙂

  19. erintakescontrol

    Oh, what boys will say to get a high five from their buddies. Comments like that have the potential to ruin our outlook on things, but you finished strong. Stupid kids…

  20. ooo…..those punks infuriate me! But…I do believe in Karma…and well, one day they will get theirs. Kids are just so friggin stupid sometimes. A comment like that would have stopped me dead in my tracks too! What can you do? Hey…have comfort in the fact that at least you are doing something about it and they are just far too ignorant to realize it. You should have yelled back….grow some and grow up! haha You are better than any stupid teenager…for sure. xxoo

  21. wow…no words! stories like this always make me wonder…what kind of person would yell something like that from a car?? can you even imagine?! i’m glad to hear you finished strong 🙂

  22. Gah. Kids are so rude these days!!! Makes me sad. Good for you for finishing your run! You go girl!

  23. Ugh, dumb kids!! I’d like to see them out sweating it out on a run. I’m so glad you finished it, and finished strong!

  24. WHAT a jerk. Good for you for ignoring those little brats and continuing with your day. I am embarrassed FOR them. Hope you are well, Biz 🙂

  25. Rachel Palmieri

    I could only imagine what those dumbass cowards in their car would have called me if they consider you a fatty. Sheesh. Kids these days are so rude and mean. I don’t get it. Good for you for not letting them derail your efforts!

  26. What douches!!!! You are NOT fat, but I think you know that. And why would they tell you to stop? If they think you’re so fat, wouldn’t it make sense to KEEP working out? Oh well, screw their ignorant asses. I’m glad you didn’t let them ruin your workout!

  27. I repeat what I said when I emailed you yesterday – teenage boys should have their mouths sewn shut until they are more mature – like maybe 27. I am proud of you for not stopping – I am sure I would have cried. And then yelled at them, but it would have been too late.

  28. This has happened to me a few times. It pisses me off. A-hole kids! I’m so impressed you finished in 37 minutes, Biz. I can’t even do 45 minutes these days because my stupid stomach hurts so bad. You inspire me!

  29. I absolutely HATE when people yell out of their cars at me when I’m running. And no matter what size I am, it still happens. Sometimes they are honks, sometimes not a great comment.

    Actually, while running past a bar once, there were a few guys smoking outside and when I ran past, the one guy starts jogging next to me (in my opinion, kind of mocking me). After about 20 seconds, I looked over at him and just said “Really?” He stopped.

    Drives me nuts!

  30. You are so not fat!!! Think of your finishing your workout as a double flipoff to those a-holes. You can lose weight, but those guys are douches for life.

    One time when I was walking my dog past a rental house I heard someone shout, “Hey, you wanna suck my (*insert you know what here*)?” I took a couple of steps forward and was going to walk it off, but decided to turn around instead. I walked right up to the house and rang the doorbell. Two boys (around 13 or 14) opened up the door. I politely asked if their parents were home. (They were alone.) Then I told them if they ever shouted anything like that again, I would call the cops. I did call the cops anyways just to get it on record, but the lady cop I spoke to offered to stop by the house to put a scare into the boys. She called back later to let me know that she spoke to the boy’s mother (who was mortified), the boy was pretty shaken up and those kids were no longer allowed to each others homes anymore. They’ve long since moved away, but am always reminded of this when I walk by the house.

    • Good job, Jenn! I bet those boys will remember that lesson and at least think for a second before they do that again. The world needs more people that will follow through and not tolerate bad behavior.

  31. First off, you aren’t a fatty! Don’t pay attention to such remarks!

    On a side note, if I see someone who is running that is overweight I want to shout to them “YOU ARE DOING AWESOME!” 🙂

  32. That would have made me so mad! But I am so glad you didn’t let those punks ruin it for you. I’m glad you kept running!!

  33. I have had that happen to me before. It is no fun. I am glad you went right back to your workout. I can’t believe how mean people can be!

    Your egg wrap looks so good! What a great breakfast!

  34. Ugh. What KitchenWitch said. That really burns my bacon. Bet those guys couldn’t run 5k.

    You are doing awesome, Biz, and I’m in awe of both your WW success and how well you’re managing your blood glucose levels. You’re my “shero,” girlfriend!

  35. I’m sorry Bizz. That would have really upset me too. I’m sure they were just trying to be cool in front of their friends.

    There is no way you are “fat” with all the exercise you are able to do. I’m proud of you for continuing your run.

    Give them the finger and keep running.

  36. That comment just burns me up! I get those out car windows, usually to the tune of ‘fatass’.

    You are the better person.

  37. You must be freaking kidding me….not only is that rude but its not true! Ugh….If I knew where they lived, I’d beat the crap out of them. Moving along. That veggie wrap looks incredible. ❤ you

  38. I was at the gym, on the elliptical, singing softly to myself. A WT girl walks up to me and mutters under her breath to shut up. She said ” Im on my cell” and I said ” oh, you can talk on your cell, but I cant sing. Please. then when she finished, she called me a fat ass. I said ” have you looked in the mirror, you’re not exactly svelte yourself. She then said ” do you want to take this outside”. LOL.

  39. Someone once asked if I was pregnant when i wasn’t and then proceeded to not get the hint and kept talking about it at a wedding…I was mortified, thankfully she is a kook and everyone knew it, so they were all on my side.

    Why am I not putting fresh spinach in my pasta? I need to do this!

  40. Whoa, those kids need a swift kick in the ass pronto. I’m sorry that happened to you but am glad that you kept going and finished up that 5k!

  41. You’re welcome. 🙂

    I liked it too. I’m surprised it hasn’t generated any discussion though. I thought for sure that one would. Oh well!

  42. Weighting For 50

    F_ing kid! So NOT ok!!! Take the tool’s (and that is being kind) comment with a grain of salt Vat!! You are doing amazingly well, you are committed, motivated and you ROCK the running bra shirt. (I’m flipping the rude little bastard an electronic bird on your behalf!) Take care and hugs!!!

  43. gosh, all your food looks SO good!

  44. Oh my God WTF those effing teenage boys!!!! If I were there I would have stomped up and given them a major beating! I’m amazed and impressed by your ability to stay calm and composed. You rock, Biz, and don’t stop running! In fact, I would mind if someone ran (charged) into those stupid pubescent boys.

  45. It’s amazing what people think they can get away with saying to you when they don’t know you, or even when they do. The only ones that really stick with me are from elementary school, because I was bullied somewhat back then. I guess as an adult I’m better at brushing them off. But it still sucks, especially if you have no chance for a witty comeback! Way to keep on going – turn crap like that into motivation 🙂

  46. Erin Melikidse

    I do not commit very much but had to today. I am so sorry for these foolish young stupid boys, who in 15 years from now might all have pot bellies. I will say that it has motivated me to work out harder.
    You are a motivation to so many and are not a fatty! Keep your head up and know you are beautiful.
    Thanks again for all you do and share on your blog.

  47. I’m betting they thought you were someone else and were saying “stop running PATTY”. Yep, that’s it, I’m sure of it. Otherwise I want to punch them in the face.

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