I forgot my insulin!

Yep, I pulled into my office parking lot and it suddenly struck me that I forgot my insulin.  I started a new insulin pen over the weekend and had it in the fridge and never put it in my “diabetes” bag that goes with me everywhere.  It has my glucose monitor, test strips, glucose tabs.

While the package says to refrigerate your insulin, you can actually leave it at room temperature for up to 30 days, so I always have my insulin pen with me – every time I eat I have to give myself a shot, so that’s why you don’t see me eating snacks too often – I take three shots a day for each of the meals I eat, and then a fourth shot of long lasting insulin at night, so 4 shots a day is plenty.

I normally take half the amount of insulin at breakfast in order to have a blood sugar in the low 200’s before working out.  Nicole and I have talked about this, and we both agree that a temporary high number is okay. 

So yesterday for breakfast I had a ham and egg stuffed baked potato – but since I didn’t have any insulin, I couldn’t eat any fruit.  My blood sugar was 125 when I woke up, before working out it was 230.  Breakfast comes in at 8 points.

I decided to run a 5k at lunch, while I was out there 50 minutes, I ran my 5k in 37:08 – not too bad considering how humid it was yesterday. 😀

When I got back to my desk, my blood sugar was 101 – perfect!  So instead of having a chili baked potato, I ended up having 1 1/3 cups of my buffalo chicken chili with some cheese – lunch comes in at 9 points.  (I love that if you google “best buffalo chicken chili” mine is the first recipe to come up!)

Guess what you guys?  I have no meal plan for dinner this week!  I know, I can’t believe I just typed that either.  After shopping for the BBQ over the weekend and buying stuff for my SIL’s lunches, dinners kinda took a back seat.  I know I have plenty of food in the house and plan to be creative with what I have on hand. 

Well, dinner wasn’t that creative, but it was tasty – chicken tacos!  I Pam/olive oil fried them so they were nice and crispy – my battery was running low, so only one picture was taken – but the base was chicken and black bean refried beans – at the table I stuffed mine with black beans, corn, romaine lettuce and lots of Cholula hot sauce – I had two stuffed tacos for 10 points.

Stats for Monday:

  • 50 minute lunch workout, included a 37:08 5k run
  • 29 points (I had 1/2 ounce package of nuts in the afternoon)
  • average blood sugar 162 😦

I am off to make banana granola pancakes – ever since I read about them on Jenn’s blog from her trip to San Diego, I haven’t stopped thinking about them!  My pancake batter has been sitting for 30 minutes, so I hope they are nice and fluffy!

Have you ever been to California?  It’s so sad that the furthest west I’ve been is DesMoines, Iowa!



34 thoughts on “I forgot my insulin!

  1. I’ve been to LA and San Diego for conferences. San Diego was quite lovely and I’m pretty sure I could live there. LA was not so lovely and I know I could never live there. If I had to move to a big city it would by NYC for sure. My only other experiences west of Ohio were in Seattle which I love most of all. I would most definitely move there despite the rain! I am from Pittsburgh so I don’t think the rain would affect me!

  2. Considering you left your insulin at home – 162 as your average isn’t that terribly bad. Yes, it’s high, but I’m sure you’ve seen worse.

    Great job at getting your workout in – and the time given the humidity! My hero!!! I would have turned right back around & sat in my AC cubical. 😛

    Just printed the recipe for the Buffalo Chicken Chili (why haven’t I made this yet?). It’s perfect for me high fiber & protein. Perfect for my lunches next week!

  3. Well, I’m glad your day turned out okay even though you didn’t have your insulin!

    I’ve been to the VERY edge of California when I was on a family trip in Oregon, but that’s it. Been to Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Montana though.

  4. I’m going to California next week! Taking my son to start college in LA.

  5. I went to Monterrey once to visit a friend…it was lovely!

    I thought you might want to know I’ve published my recap of Noel’s first tri on Sunday!

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  6. I’ve never been to California, though I would love to go someday! I’m not really interested in LA, but other cities there seem great.

    We had taco night last night as well, I always forget how much I love them! 🙂

  7. I have left my insulin behind many times but since I don’t exercise at work, I always have to go back and get it. Usually they let me take an hour lunch so I can get it at lunch time, but once I had to use FMLA to make a special trip. I’m so thankful for FMLA!

  8. That doesn’t suprise me that your recipe comes up as the first hit! I definitely need to make it soon! I would love to visit CA, but I’ve never been.

  9. California would love to have you Bizz !

  10. I have been to Cali and LOVED it! Feel in love with San Diego and did not want to come home.

    I have never made your buffalo chili. I will need to make this ASAP!

  11. I’ve never been to California – Las Vegas is the closest I’ve been. 😦
    Maybe next year??? (fingers crossed!)

  12. Why yes, I HAVE been to California! 😉 Now, if you’d asked if I’ve been to Chicago, well, the answer would have been quite different.

    I don’t understand insulin numbers – luckily, I’ve never had to pay attention to that. Glad you were able to make it through the day ok, though, without your pen.

  13. Yay! I got my salsa! I LOVED unwrapping all of the little jars, it was just like Christmas. I have decided that I just can’t choose between the cherry and the pineapple for my favorite. I LOVE the teeny jars and I will definitely be using them for all sorts of things. I know you have posted the recipes for the salsas before but have you ever posted about how to can them?? I would really like to see how you do it! Thank you so much Biz, I am a happy girl. 🙂

  14. Love how you just made adjustments to account for not having your pen. That breakfast potato looks slammin! We’re planning on having stuffed potatoes later this week and I cannot wait

  15. I am glad the insulin miss worked out okay – that must’ve been scary. I don’t know how you do it. Honestly, I don’t. The thought of the needles and monitoring makes me weary and I am just reading it. You are a strong woman Biz. 🙂

    The chili looks delish – since it’s the “best” I might have to make it for the office!

  16. California is a great state! We’d love to have you visit! It’s so pretty. (well where Andy and I live is semi-boring but we’re close to Santa Barbara, L.A., Malibu and tons of other places!

  17. I have only been to California once – to Disneyland. It was nice, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Give me the change in seasons (although a little less snow would be okay…).

  18. 4 shots a day is certainly enough shots for anyone, yes! But you’re still the best diabetic ever! And I still think that temporary high is sooo much safer than when you workout and plummet – so scary! It’s scary for me and it rarely happens to me, and certainly to no extent that you face. The Buffalo Chicken Chili is already on Mr. P’s fall menu (he’s doing a guest post tomorrow, be sure to stop by for a laugh!). So good! And those pancakes sound amazing!! Be sure to post that recipe!

  19. Aren’t those pancakes the best ever? I don’t normally eat granola, but I’m going to have to get a bag just to make those pancakes!!!

    And your buffalo chicken chili is easily the best ever! Our family loves to make each bowl our own with different toppings.

    Keep heading west and come out to Seattle! 🙂

  20. Why yes, I’ve been to California. I am there right now as a matter of fact. Since I live here and all 😉 Here is what gets me when you ask people from other states if they have been here – everyone always thinks of/talks about Southern California. As a native Northern Californian, I know that there is more to the state than L.A., smog, beaches, and tons of traffic. And where I live we have seasons – the colder ones just aren’t as long as other places! I am only an hour from the snow in the winter, two hours from Nor Cal beaches (which are very different from So Cal beaches,) a couple hours from the redwoods…I could go on and on. I am a California girl at heart, just not the kind that the Beach Boys (or Katy Perry) sing about! You should come out and visit sometime!

  21. Roz@weightingfor50

    And after you come out west to Seattle to see Jenn (above) come up a little further North and visit Vancouver. We’d have a ton of fun Vat!!! Have a great day!!!

  22. LOL – love that the farthest west you’ve been west is Des Moines:) Love that egg/ham/potato thing you have going on, might have to try that!

  23. Hi Biz 🙂 I never been to California, not yet anyway 🙂 Remember to bring your insulin next time 🙂 I know it must be hard to be a diabetic. The food looks absolutely amazing like always 🙂

  24. A few weeks ago my doctor decided i need to start taking insulin, she gave me a prescription for the pen but when i went to get it and found out a 1 month supply was 100.00 i said no..I am now trying to get a better handle on things by changing my diet and going to the gym 3 times a week. It has only been since the first of the month but so far so good.

  25. I’ve been to California, but I was 8 when we went, so I don’t really remember it much. Oh, I guess I flew through LA en route to and from Australia when I was 23 as well. LOL. Sadly, I have never traveled any further east in the US than Nevada! Hmm…maybe Houston is actually further east? I flew through there en route to/from Ecuador 😉

  26. Breakfast baked potatoes are such a great idea – you always have the best creative breakfasts!

  27. I have family in CA and had the pleasure of visiting when I was 8. I know I had fun but all I seem to remember is being super car sick the whole time. We took a trip to the beach with two of my cousins. Myself and one had our heads out of the windows as the 3rd sat in the middle of us about to lose her lunch as well. Keeping it classy starting at a young age 😉

  28. I’ve lived in California my whole life, so yes, definitely 🙂 I love it but I can’t wait to move!

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