Unofficial WI and Weekly Menu

I think maybe subconsiously I didn’t want to WI today after my vacation.  I didn’t count a single point while I was gone and nothing was off limits.  I think I ate my weight in crab dip!

But I had to at least get on my scale this morning – although I am not sure how in sync it is with the WW scale – but it is probably close.  Two weeks ago I was 161.0 after gaining 2.2 in a week, which most of you thought was just a sodium overload from the day before.

So I was quite happy when I saw this number:

I couldn’t believe it was the exact same number!  My game face is back on and I have to kick this week’s butt.  I have a meal plan, my goal is 60 minutes of exercise each day, including one day this weekend.  I plan to be back in the 150’s by next week’s WI.

So what’s on my menu?  Remember, breakfast and lunch is just for me – pretty sure Tony would gag at some of the things on my menu, but that’s okay, because it’s all about me, right?! 😀


  • Huevos Rancheros
  • spinach egg and cheese potato skins
  • spicy oats
  • breakfast calzones with eggs and black beans (2 times)



It’s raining really hard right now – perfect day to bake some banana bread and baguettes!  Enjoy your Saturday!

I meant to post this picture yesterday from my family reunion last Saturday,  I love how the babies are looking at each other as if to say “hey, I am supposed to be the only baby here!”


10 thoughts on “Unofficial WI and Weekly Menu

  1. Wahoooo . Menu sounds good. I totally want to try that shrimp

  2. See!! You know, some times I freak out if I go a little overboard. But then I remember that when I was on WW the first time, I could lose weight on 30 pts/day and maintain on 40 pts a day. Translated to the new system, I should be able to lose weight on 36-40 pts/day and maintain on 45-50 pts/day.

    All that this means is that I really think sodium plays a big part. Even when you are on vacation and “loose”, you’ve probably adjusted your eating habits already. And you maintained! By not counting!! That’s a big win!

  3. You’ll absolutely be in the 150s by next week! The menu for next sounds fabulous, as always. Still have never made scallops! It’s really time!

  4. I love your menu, I need to make that shrimp and pasta figioli!!! 🙂

  5. congrats on the weight, I hope vacation went well!
    Your weekly eats look particularly delicious this week 😀
    I’m checking out the recipes now!

  6. Hey congrats! That’s a great number…way to go!

  7. Those babies are so funny – mighty suspicious of each other, lol!

    Nice that your unofficial weigh in has set you up for a good week – attitude is everything! Enjoy your rain for me, ok?

  8. I read all the comments about sodium and I will give you a little clue – cut down on the sodium and then there is no guessing game as to what you have gained based on “water” because of sodium. If you weigh yourself in the morning and don’t have a condition that makes you retain water [due to salt] then your sodium intake shouldn’t be a factor. It dissipates overnight.

    They [the FDA] have lowered the amount of good sodium a day for healthy adults to 1,500 mg a day – and it isn’t hard to adhere to and there won’t be any guessing games about whether your weight gain is due to that. Plus it is super healthy to stick to that particular guideline.

    I know people have to watch their sugars and carbs too – and a lot of things, but so many people never read the sodium content of the spices, mixes, processed food and especially restaurant food they eat- you will exceed your daily allowance with any of these things if you don’t educate yourself about it.

    :CRASH: oops, sorry, my soapbox just collapsed. giggle….Sorry Bizzy, but I just know too much about this now and I am very proud of you for maintaining your weight. I just want you to know I don’t think that was a water gain from sodium and you have done a fantastic job of keeping it going well. Forgive me.

    Glad to see you are still at 161. VERY awesome. 🙂

  9. I love the picture of the two babies looking at each other – so adorable! And that zucchini lasagna looks so good 😀 Have a wonderful weekend<3

  10. Biz, I really appreciate your comment on my blog the other day. It was great hearing from you. I have thought about you a couple of times recently when my wife and I made a batch of your outstanding salsa. I can’t tell you how much I love that stuff!

    Thanks again for stopping by – glad to see you had a good WI!

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