Home Stretch for 101 Days of Summer and Easy Pork Egg Rolls

This summer seems to be slipping through my finger tips.  School starts next week, and we’ve only got two weeks to go before Labor Day.  I told Tony that I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing Halloween candy in the stores soon!

So my unofficial WI has me at 161, which is still down 12 pounds but I need to kick it into high gear to finish out the challenge strong.  I would love to lose 4 pounds these next two weeks – just need to stay on plan and focus.

When I was at the grocery store I asked if they had frozen egg rolls because I couldn’t find them.  When the clerk sent me to the produce section, I realized he thought I meant egg roll wrappers, and the more I thought about it, I thought I could make egg rolls from scratch.

Holy cow, are these good.  I put the recipe into eTools and they come out to 3 points per egg roll – even thought I deep fried them because it holds the oil temperature, they are not greasy at all.  So if you want to get technical and add the oil into the mix, I would say each egg roll is 3.5 points.

My filling started to take shape after I bought this at my local dollar store:

Pork Egg Rolls

  • 8 ounces ground pork
  • 3 cups cole slaw mix
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 2 tablespoons Frank’s hot sauce chili sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce
  • pinches of salt and pepper

Heat pan over medium heat – add garlic and pork and cook until no longer pink.  Add remaining ingredients and cook for just a couple minutes – you still want the cole slaw mix to have a bit of crunch to it.

I measured out the filling and divided the mixture by 8 – so each roll got 2.6 ounces of filling.

I used 2 tablespoons of egg white to seal the edges.

Then a quick 2 minute dip in the deep fryer.  I guess you could bake them – if I baked them I would do an egg wash over the outside to get a crispy crust.

Now I wonder how I’ll be able to reheat these – maybe in my toaster oven?

Tony just made me a gorgeous breakfast – off to eat and read the Sunday paper.  I didn’t wake up until 10:30 this morning – my body must still think i am on vacation!

Enjoy your Sunday!


28 thoughts on “Home Stretch for 101 Days of Summer and Easy Pork Egg Rolls

  1. Delicious. I made baked shrimp egg rolls recently and loved them. The stuffing mix looks awesome

  2. Hey Biz! Missed you last week 🙂

    I had a GREAT week last week.

    I ran EIGHT MILES for the first time, and since school is close to starting, I’ve made lots of new friends that are other exchange students!

  3. LOVE IT – nothing better than homemade egg rolls! I’ve only ever baked mine, but even then I reheat in the george foreman so they’re crispy on the outside – maybe that will work! I’ve never gotten to use ground pork – it’s on my list as I branch out more into meats!

  4. Those look fab! I’ll have to try it (baked though, I’ll tell you if it works, lol).

  5. I’ve never made homemade egg rolls! Those look sooooo yummy! Good luck with those last four before the end of the challenge. I quit WW due to finances, but we have more $ now since I got a raise and we’ve decided rather than paying WW, we’re going to save the $100/month it would cost us to go and once we reach our goals, use the money to buy a new TV.

  6. I am obsessed with egg rolls. One of my favorite things to eat! I’ve never tried making them myself. I should get on that. I don’t have a deep fryer but I wonder if they’d look as good baked.

  7. Christine Gross

    Those egg rolls look delicious! I think I would try baking them as I’m a bit afraid of my deep fryer. 🙂

    I had a fun week, but not a good week for staying on track as I was on vacation and took full advantage. I managed to get in some exercise though and we kept active but I’m happy to be home and eating ‘normally’ again. I’m back on track this week and would also like to lose 4 pounds before Labor Day. Here’s to staying focused! Have a great week!

  8. Rachel Palmieri

    I would put sweet chili sauce on everything if I could. It might be my favorite condiment!

    This past week was pretty good. I’m still detoxing so I’m certainly eating healthy. I was only down 0.4lbs at weigh-in though. My body is staging a revolution over this detox diet so I’ve been suffering bad headaches and weird stomach issues. One more week!

  9. Yum! I’ve made egg rolls before but with shrimp – I want to try the ground pork. You don’t even have to use egg whites to seal them – I just dip my finger in a little bowl of water and seal it that way.

    As of today I am officially 2 weeks away from my half-marathon in Disneyland. By this time in two weeks I will actually be inside of the park having fun after the race. I am feeling really confident, which I never thought I would say about this upcoming race. I am up to 9 miles, and while I occasionally walk for a minute here and there, I feel pretty strong in general. Tuesday will be 10 miles, and that is the longest distance I run before I start tapering. I am getting really excited!

    I think it is great that you have lost 12 pounds this summer. I bet you can get those last 4 off! Good luck!

  10. Yum!! We’ve done ground turkey egg rolls in the past, and mixed veggie (cabbage mix, mushrooms, etc) as well. Now I’ve got an egg roll craving! We usually bake ours, I spray the tops with Pam and then flip 1/2 way through to get crispy all around 🙂

  11. I agree..where did this summer go!!
    Those egg rolls look to die for! I have never made egg rolls from scratch. Going to have to get on that.

  12. I just read this post before I ate dinner and now I’m drooling 🙂

  13. Congrats on the 12 lbs, that’s still fantastic! You can knock those other 4 lbs out, good luck, girl!

    Oh my GAWD! Those egg rolls look SOOO GOOD! Egg rolls are in my top 20 favorites foods of all time. Yum!

  14. These look amazing! Pork is indeed a superfood 😀

  15. Weighting For 50

    These look damn good Vat!!! I’ll take a few up here in Vancouver! 🙂 Hope the week ahead is a good one. And hope you get this comment!! 🙂

  16. My whole family saw this post and they now want egg rolls for dinner. Dang, those look good. And sooooo easy. Nicely done Bizzy.

    Glad to see you are holding steady. Way to go. Keep up the great work. You’re doing it girlie!

  17. Oooo do these egg rolls look good! I’ve been loving shredded cabbage lately, not sure why but it’s been a favorite! Don’t think I’ve tried that Frank’s sauce before but I’m a huge fan of the original so I’m sure I’d love it too. Great recipe.

  18. The egg rolls look simply perfect… we would love to enjoy these with you on a hot summer night.

  19. Has anyone tried the different varieties of the Lean Cuisine Egg Rolls? Holy cow, they are good! They have Thai, Mexican, and Garlic Chicken. You get three (skinny, but filling) rolls per 5 PP serving. I bake mine and they are soo crispy and yummy! For a true egg roll, though, these do look amazing!!!

  20. Some of the dollar stores here in alabama already have halloween candy out!!! kinda crazy, christmas will be out before you know it. Glad you had fun on your vacation but doubly glad you are back!! 🙂

  21. Holy cow I can’t believe summer is almost over. This has been the craziest summer EVER if I do say so. Hopefully life will get back to “normal” this week and I can report something amazing to you! Hope your vacation was fabulous!

  22. Yum, your egg rolls look perfect – definitely worth frying them! Glad you had a great vacation with your family too 🙂

  23. I’ve never tried making my own egg rolls before, but these look delicious. And now that I think about it, there’s no reason to not make my own – not only is it easy, but the filling combinations are only limited by your own imagination and taste buds. I would totally bake them, only because I won’t deep fry (for fear of the hot oil).

  24. So great that you made them yourself. if anyone could do it, it would be you! I always have those moments where I am about to buy the premade ones and then think-hey, I can probably do this better. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

  25. I forgot to check in for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge yesterday so I check in now.

    Last week was ok. I’m almost back to my normal walking routine now (I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago). I also did two Flavia’s workouts. Eating wise, I’ve been happily eating ice cream, summer sausage and chocolate. 🙂

    Don’t know if I’ve gained weight because of that – I guess I see in the long run what happens.

  26. Glad you had fun on vacation and I’m so proud (and jealous) of the progress you’ve made. I know you will finish the challenge strong. I’ve had a bit of a set back and may not reach 101 pounds lost by the end of the challenge but I’ll get there, eventually. My challenge update is at http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2011/08/challenges-update.html.

    Welcome back! I missed you!

    Have a great week, Biz!

  27. Awesome egg rolls! I just spent the weekend in Vegas – amazing but not the healthiest time, of course…but we did walk about a zillion miles up and down the strip, so that’s gotta count for something, right?! 🙂

  28. mmmmm they look nice! I want some! Must make more spring rolls! 🙂

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