Breakfast Calzone and Pasta Fagioli

I love sleep.  So after sleeping in until 10:00 and 10:30 respectively over the weekend, let’s just say the only thing that made me get out of bed at a decent hour was that I wanted to make a breakfast calzone for breakfast.

I had leftover pizza dough from a while back – I almost like the dough better the longer it sits in the fridge.  I think the yeast does some sort of magic to the dough the longer it sits.  This was the tale end of the dough – two weeks is about the limit I’ll keep it in the fridge.

Breakfast Calzone (serves 1) 10 Points Plus

  • 3 ounces pizza dough
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce (I used marinara sauce I used for zucchini lasagna later this week)
  • 1/2 cup baby spinach
  • 1/4 cup black beans
  • 1/4 cup liquid egg whites (this was almost lost – I’ll skip it next time)
  • 3/4 ounce mozzarella cheese

Roll out dough.  Put all the ingredients on one half of circle, then stretch the dough over the toppings and pinch to close.  Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes until the dough starts to turn golden.

I only shot a couple pictures before work, so here is a shitty picture of the inside, but you’ll get the idea.

But I liked how this one turned out. 😀

I loved this breakfast.  It was super filling.  But I am so out of sorts with working out at  lunch that I took the full amount of insulin I needed to cover the meal, so when I went to bike ride, my blood sugar was 107 – perfect, but too low to work out.  Luckily I had watermelon and 2 cups of watermelon later I was good to go.

I ended up doing an 8 mile bike ride.  Holy shiz my thighs and butt were screaming.  I really have only worked out twice in a week and a half – its amazing how it felt as if I hadn’t worked out in months!  I had my Blackberry with me – here are some pics of the bike trail – it was gorgeous weather!

Long time readers will know that I adore soup 365 days a year.  I’ve been going on Gina’s site Skinny Taste for a while, and I adapted one of her recipes:  Skinny Taste’s Pasta Fagioli.  The only difference was that I used a whole 28 ounce can of tomato puree, ditched the onion 😀 and only used 1 cup of pasta – I also added zucchini, so it’s probably not a true pasta fagioli, but it was delicious.  Since I reduced the amount of pasta it’s 5 points for 2 cups – I ate a piece of my bread I made while I heated up the soup, so lunch came in at 8 points.

This is the pasta I used – it’s called pastina and it’s tiny tiny stars.

I thought the broth needed a little kick, so after I heated up my bowl, and splashed a bit of Tabasco in the broth.  Yum.

I had planned on making chicken parmesan sandwiches for dinner.  As I started pounding out my chicken breasts, I could feel the beads of sweat start, and even after eating a banana and two glasses of orange juice, my blood sugar was 58.  I hate that.  Because while I could function to make dinner, once I sit down to eat I feel like I can’t stop eating until I feel my blood sugar rise.

I basically put myself into a food coma.  After dinner I laid down on the couch and slept for 15 minutes!  Then I just felt fucking full. 😦

It was delicious though!  2 point bun, 4 ounce chicken, 1 tablespoon whole wheat bread crumbs, baby spinach, 1/2 ounce mozzarella cheese and some tots.   Dinner comes in at 12 points.

And thanks to Christina, I was able to buy three bags of Pop Chips for free!  Check out the new flavor I didn’t even know they had!

Today is Hannah’s first day of her sophomore year of college and her last year at community college.  I’ve posted it before, but here is one of my favorite class pictures of Hannah.  She was in the process of growing out her bangs, and I had her hair pulled back – it looked so cute!  When I got the pictures back and saw her bangs combed I asked what happened – she said “the man gave us all combs while we were standing in line so I thought I had to comb my hair!”

Stats for Monday

  • 30 WW points
  • 50 minute 8 mile bike ride
  • average blood sugar 82

I am off to do something on exercise on demand, we may have storms later today that would prevent me from working out at lunch.  Make it a great day!



24 thoughts on “Breakfast Calzone and Pasta Fagioli

  1. It is amazing how quickly the body starts to feel out of shape! Lunch soup looks awesome!! I could eat soup every day. Good luck to hannah

  2. That breakfast would have gotten me out of bed too. Don’t you just love weekend sleep? I track my sleep with my fitbit and I LOVE seeing how much sleep I get on the weekends vs the weekdays!

    I remember those little combs at picture day! Too funny!

  3. So excited to look through all your recipes! AND about your next challenge! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to follow you or subscribe! Help! LOL Oh, nevermind. I just found the ‘notify me of new posts’ below!

  4. I am so trying a breakfast Calzone – even Mr. Helen would love that I think since he loves pizza so much.

    GMTA: I made chicken parmesan over the weekend for us to eat this week!

  5. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw the photo of your daughter (who is adorable!) because I had the exact same hair cut and I totally remember being given the little black combs while waiting in line to have school photos done. Too funny!!

    Pasta Fagioli has always been my favorite soup. I watched my Italian grandmother make it for years. My version is definitely healthier but still very tasty. Yours looked great too.

  6. Wishing Hannah lots of luck! Tell her not to forget to comb her bangs. 🙂

  7. I’m glad you were able to eat before it dropped any lower. My heart just goes out to you when you post such things – it really lets people “in” on what a “day in the life” is like for a type 1 diabetic. The soup looks fantastic, and great job on the bike! Your Blackberry takes stunning photos!

    P.S. Pizza dough can stay in the fridge that long? I had no idea. Pizza may be a weekday option after all!

  8. Hannah is soooo cute. Wish the best from us on her sophomore year of college. VERY exciting! [Why do they have to grow up tho’?]

    Hope you are having a great week Bizzy.

  9. Yum – both the soup and the calzone look delicious! It’s finally cooling off a bit so I can use my oven and soup sounds good again. 🙂

    I was wondering how fiber/protein/fat impact your weight loss (since you said you’d consider skipping the egg white next time). I have found that I really need to add both fiber and protein (and some healthy fat) to every meal to not only help me feel full longer but prevent all the carbs I just ate from being converted to fat immediately (at least it feels that way). I am not diabetic but I have had some borderline blood tests over the years so I am curious what your thoughts are on this subject.

  10. I haven’t worked out in weeks now…so I am DREADING getting back into it. Hopefully as soon as I get the kids back in school and on a regular schedule, I will get my butt back to the gym. Especially since I’m supposed to do a 5K in 3 weeks!! yikes!

  11. Love the meals for the day. Reading your blog always reminds me how much fantastic food you can eat for so few points. The calzone looks especially fantastic. I can see how the egg whites might get lost, but I still love the idea of it.

  12. I have a picture just like Hannah’s. So funny!

    That calzone looks like it turned out absolutely perfect! The black beans look really good in it too.

  13. Biz, I can’t read your blog anymore! Why? Your food looks TOO good!!!!! 🙂

    Beautiful pictures of your bike ride. I love taking pictures with my phone when I’m running sometimes.

  14. Mmm….the breakfast looks fantastic!!

  15. i love pastina! i make it with a little butter and lots of salt…we call it “pastina mush” in my house 🙂 i always have a box or four of pastina on hand!

  16. I’m with you – I could eat soup every day. I had chili yesterday!

  17. This breakfast calzone looks just amazing! I love eating more savory breakfasts like that once in a while. Yum!
    What beautiful views! Perfect for a bike ride!

  18. LOL, that’s so cute that she did that! What a cute pic too. I know what you mean about low bs–I often overeat b/c I’m trying to get the symptoms to pass. But they don’t pass any faster with more food!

  19. Oh my, that calzone looks amazing!!! And I love the little stars in your soup – you make food FUN! 🙂

  20. Breakfast calzone – brilliant! Good luck to Hannah on her sophomore year!

  21. Man I feel for you on those sugar lows. I get them if I eat too many carbs…the old insulin resistance kicks in and my blood sugar goes in the toilet…Then the shaky weak feeling and then the emptying of my cupboards into my stomach…

    Glad you caught it in time!

  22. Roz@weightingfor50

    Awww….how cute is that picture of Hannah???! Love the photos of the outdoors, and your meals look, as always, amazing. Jalapeno pop chips???? Be still my heart! 🙂 Have a great Tuesday Vat!!!

  23. Breakfast calzone – yum! When dough sits, it is just like sourdough and the complexity of flavors really comes out. I love my sour dough starter and have been feeding it during my no-grain time LOL!

  24. i love to sleep too! but yes this breakfast looks good enough to rouse me out too 🙂 love the pics from your bike ride!

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