I want to eat everything.

Ever since I said the words to myself “I am on vacation!” and ate everything I wanted to, seems like I can’t stop!  I keep looking for things to eat even when I am not hungry.

I am so glad I go to bed before Tony, because back in my super heavy (211 pound) days, after Hannah went to bed it was as if my kitchen suddently became a 24 hour truck stop.  I remember eating a whole frozen pizza by myself, and eating a giant bowl of ice cream after that.

The weather sucked yesterday – remember the part of my post yesterday where I said I was going to find something on exercise on demand?  Know what I did?  I drank coffee, read some blogs, read chicagotribune.com and made breakfast nachos.  These were really spicy – and look how many you get for 1 ounce!  I used 1/4 cup of mashed black beans, 1/3 cup cooked egg whites, 3/4 ounce mozzarella cheese and chopped baby spinach and cilantro.  All together 8 points for this whole plate. 😀

Since it was crappy weather outside, no workout at lunch.  Instead I built our office a medicine cabinet at Target – we didn’t really have anything so I stocked up on Excedrin, sinus stuff, Kleenex, etc.  I was in the check out lane and saw a package of pretzel goldfish.  And before I knew it, they were in my bag and soon opened in my car as I ate handful after handful – maybe only 5 points, but still.  Pretzels are crack to me.

I refrained (originally I typed the word “refried” – have food on the brain much??!!) from stopping at a fast food restaurant when I was out and came back to the office and had a cup of my buffalo chicken chili with a cup of steamed broccoli.  With 3/4 ounce of mozzarella cheese, lunch comes in at 8 points.

I also had a piece of my co-workers pumpkin bread – luckily it was made with half the sugar and applesauce – after tasting it I really want to make pumpkin biscotti!  My guess is this slice is 3 points.

I was supposed to meet a friend for yappy hour, but she wasn’t feeling well.  As soon as I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking wine and eating cheese for dinner, I texted Hannah and asked if she wanted to go to the gym with me.  The “switch” that was in the very on position before I went on vacation and since been turned to the off position and need to flip it back on.  Stat.

Tony made his world famous fried rice for dinner – my guess with the amount of oil Tony used is that my bowl is about 12 points.  (fyi, I only ate 2/3 of this bowl – the leftovers are my lunch today) 😀

I love the crunchy parts to his stir fry. 😀

So Hannah and I left to go to the gym.  I stopped and got gas, then we made a quick stop at the cell store – the back of Hannah’s phone won’t stay on, so she bought a $10 used phone until she can upgrade at the end of September.

We got to the gym – we really wanted to swim, only to find the pool closed for cleaning.  So we figure we’ll do the elliptical.  I change into my gym shoes and as we are walking out, I feel it – shit my blood sugar is low – like 55 low!  No way I can work out and there wouldn’t be enough time to bring it up, so we left!

And went straight to a fro yo place – I got no sugar added cheesecake for the yogurt, put fresh strawberries and a tablespoon of M&M’s.  Probably about 6 points for that.

The good news is Hannah’s first day of school went well, she loves her astronomy teacher and abnormal psychology teacher – she has to take a stupid class called MCC101 – which basically tells you about the community college and unfortunately is a requirement.

It’s a weekly class that’s 1 hour and 20 minutes long and just tells you what the college campus has to offer.  She couldn’t register any other classes this year until she registered for that class.

She is not happy with her math teacher, and math is not a good subject for her, so she has her work cut out for her.  She got a 3.9 GPA last year. 😀  Sadly, a lot of her classmates don’t take community college as serious as Hannah because she chose to go there, while some kids didn’t have a choice because of their grades.

She’s still on the speech pathology route – anyone know much about the field?  One aspect that I like about it is that your career can go in so many different directions with that degree, from working in hospitals, to schools, etc.

Stats for Tuesday:

  • no exercise
  • 42 points (really need to reel that in!)
  • average blood sugar 92 (still a bit on the low side!)

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!  Make it a great day and tell me to stop eating! 😀

I’ll leave you with an old photos – my sister sent this to me and my brother yesterday – they were just photos from a contact sheet – my Dad took about a billion photos in his day, would make a proof sheet and then hardly develop any – I am sure because it cost so much back then.  My family always talks about how my Dad would have loved digital cameras!  These pics were from October 1973 – shit I am old – these are 38 years old!!!

I love that last picture – I think I am on the right as you look at the photo – what do you think Mom?


31 thoughts on “I want to eat everything.

  1. Why is it so easy to flip that switch off but so freaking hard to flip it back on?!!!

    Those photos are just so full of LOVE.

  2. Stop eating! LOL. Don’t we all need someone to tell us that on a regular basis? It’s oh so easy to slip back into bad habits. But you’ve been so good lately that you shouldn’t have any trouble getting back on the horse so to speak.

    College is college, no matter where you go. And the fact that any college would make you take a class like that is absurd. We’re adults. We don’t need our hands held through the college experience.

    Those pictures are absolutely adorable!

  3. Curbing eating after vacation is HARD. I’ve been there, actually going through it now and desperately trying to STOP! LOVE your nachos!

  4. Speech pathologists are TOPS in my book! They (good ones) are simply amazing! The one at the elementary school where our girls attended is phenomenal! Tell her to go for it! She will be loved by all! LOL

  5. Great post for many reasons – love the photos

  6. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one dealing with post vacation struggles. Once you fall off the wagon, it surely is hard to get back on. But like you, I’ll do my darnest!

  7. Biz, I know you can get back to the excercise and stop eating. Just think of how far you’ve come, you don’t want to go back there!

  8. I love love love that top picture!!! So cute! And the bottom one is a close second.

    I know the desire to just eat and eat. It is so frustrating how we can be doing so well for so long, eating well and working out and feeling strong, and then something happens and we get a little off track and it is so hard to stop. But I know it won’t last long for you – you always get back on track!

  9. It’s been a long time and I was surprised to see you ‘still stalking’ me. I haven’t been to my blog in months and haven’t done much reading around here either.
    OMGosh Tarryn is also thinking about speech pathology and one of the reasons I like it is that it is in the medical field but more the outside, she is doing all the anatomy, physics etc but doesn’t like the blood and gore and is awesome with kids so a great fit, of course she could change her mind before she goes to collage. The other thing she is considering is physical therapy.

    Glad to see you are all doing well. We have a big trip planned for Aubrey’s big b’day and I will need to seriously get back on track before that if not sooner 🙂

  10. Those pictures are too cute!

    Oh Biz! I know what you mean! My points for the day have been higher than they should be too. I can only blame “needing to eat b/c of all the running” so much! But the good thing is…you didn’t eat everything in sight. And you counted your points!!

  11. I’ve been wanting to eat everything in sight the past few days. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. My body must think it’s getting ready for winter hibernation already.

    Love Dad’s old photos. You guys are adorable!

  12. I’ve been where you are now (more than once) and I know how hard it is to tell myself NO when I’ve been saying yes to things I should not eat. I do eat occasional treats as I’m maintaining but it would not be wise for me to take a day off much less a week or two. I did that once. I had recently lost weight and decided I would take Thanksgiving to New Year’s off. BIG MISTAKE. All lost weight was found and it was actually years before I decided to once again lose the same 35 pounds. 😦 Good luck getting past this and back into a good routine.

  13. Those pictures are adorable. Your Dad was a great photographer. 🙂

    If anyone can get “back on the bus” so to speak, it is you Bizzy. I know how vacation goes, especially when you are tempted by all the restaurant offerings [who wants to cook on vacay?] but you’ll do it, no worries.

    Broccoli with chili? That’s interesting. heehee

  14. Well…. I think you’re on the left, but I could be wrong!

  15. I know that feeling all too well. I think the broccoli/chili combo sounds interesting!

  16. While this won’t make YOU feel better, it helps me (and I’m sure others) to know I’m not the only one who struggles.

    I cracked up when you typed refried instead of refrained…I always say my brain is a little fried – now I’m going to say re-fried, as in “there it goes again”!

  17. LOL I totally hear you!! I feel like this whole summer I have been eating everything in sight (luckily I’ve been pretty active so it hasn’t been too bad). You can do it!

    Pics are adorable, and you are not old!

  18. You will get back on track! It totally is a “switch” and once you get it back to on, there will be no stopping you! What an awesome breakfast. And so glad you checked your blood sugar before the gym!!

  19. I love those pictures…just a precious moment in time, captured forever.

    Girl, you’ve gotta get it together! I haven’t seen you talk about continual blood sugar issues like this, ever. Maybe once in a while, but unless you’re not writing about it, I think these drops and your un-Bizlike eating go hand-in-hand, and I’m getting worried for your health, my friend. And I totally get the crazy eating, I do – I was there last Spring, where it became normal for me to grab a bag or two of M&M’s every time I was at the store, or to have a cookie (bakery-size, no less) with my lunch or dinner…not good, and hard to stop the cycle. But I did, and I know you can. This is all said with love…I care and I want you to be healthy!

  20. I’m a nighttime eater, too. Good for you for going to bed!
    Pretzels are so good – I have a hard time stopping, too. But at least they’re not potato chips! 🙂
    Love the pictures – the last one is my favorite. TOO CUTE.

  21. I have an acquaintance from high school who went into speech pathology, with an emphasis on the hearing impaired and deaf population. She’s lived in 2 or 3 places since graduating with her degree and first worked as a traveling speech therapist and now she and her husband have settled down in CA where she’s working at a school, she loves it and says that while at times it can be hard/frustrating (both working with the student and seeing the pressure teachers/parents can put on the students) that it’s also super rewarding!

  22. Roz@weightingfor50

    Awww! LOVE the old photos Vat. You are all too cute. Glad Hannah is getting into the school groove again. I’ve been struggling to get back on track since being on vacation a few weeks back. I’ve decided tomorrow is “day 1” of my NEW weight watchers chapter. What’s done is done….tomorrow, we move forward. Have a good Wed.

  23. First off, why haven’t I made your buffalo chicken chili yet?

    My mom is a speech pathologist…recently retired…but still subs some. She worked in the school system for 30+ years! I have two other friends who are speech paths, one works for the AEA and one works in a hospital. They both love it!

  24. Doesn’t it suck that it takes so long to develop healthy eating habits, but just a moment to form them all again? Very frustrating! Just keep at it until it sticks! I truly believe that a body in motion stays in motion. And a body at rest? Well, you know where that gets us! 🙂

  25. I have been a bottomless pit these past few days myself. No idea why, but I’m always looking for a snack. Perhaps I need to get back to school so I don’t have a house full of snacks at my disposal 😉

  26. Biz – take a second and breathe. You know you can do this. I sense a bit of panic in the eating in this post. The blood sugar swings also highlight this. If you need an accountability partner, just shoot me an email any time. I am serious.

  27. Good job trying to get into the gym! I totally feel you on eating everything. C and I went away for the night over the weekend, and we’re big nibblers when we go on overnight trips…and now I can’t turn off the bottomless pit feeling! Blah, maybe our tummies will reset this weekend!

  28. Great eats as always! Stop eating! I need to tell myself that as well, lots of comforting eating for us lately. This too shall pass.

    Those photos of you as kids are adorable. I love to look at old photos and remember those good times.

  29. I laughed when I saw the title of this post…I feel like that, uh, every day.

    Seriously though, it’s especially hard when you’re on “vacation mode” to get out of it and eat normally again. Totally understandable.

    CUTE pics! I always forget that you’re a twin! Part of me kind of hopes we have twins one day (highly unlikely, I’m sure, but I can hope!).

  30. Your intentions were good! That counts! I hope today is more of the same.

    Tony’s stir fry looks amaizng- I like the crunchy parts, too!

    My best friend was going into speech path. It’s a tough field to get into – very competitive. From what I know, a master’s is basically a requirement and the programs are very competitive to get into. She ended up going into special ed after applying a few years in a row without getting accepted to grad school. Which, she loves, so it all worked out. I think of speech path as being diverse like nutrition – so many areas to work in, like you said 🙂

  31. I have had the same problem since I got back from vacation over a week ago! My body wants to eat healthy but the cookies and ice cream just call my name.

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