Tikka Masala Soup with Cheese Tortellini

Yesterday morning was so cool – I had the windows open in our back room where the computer is and even after shutting the windows I had a throw blanket on my lap – I love that kind of weather!

Sadly when I gave Hannah $20 bucks to pick up coffee and coffee filters on her way home from work yesterday, I told her “get whatever you want, just not any Foldgers or Hills Bros.” (i.e. crappy coffee!)  She brought home Starbucks – nice!  Starbucks vanilla flavor (not so nice).

I used to love flavored coffees, but now I just like stronger coffee with my coffee cream.  It’s only a small bag, so I can ride it out.  😀 Can you do flavored coffee?

Breakfast was a 3.5 ounce bagel with egg white and zucchini and cheese – 11 delicious points and this will be my only bagel of the week.

I was busy with work right off the bat, the morning went by super fast.  The weather at noon was exactly 75 degrees, puffy white clouds and a slight breeze.  I thought I would have an awesome run, but it was slow going.  I had to stop probably four times and walk in the first mile.  The second mile was equally difficult, but then my last 1.1 miles was so easy.

I wish every mile could be like that!  So even with two shitty miles, my time for the 5k was 34:40!  It didn’t seem possible, but I think a sub 30 minute 5k may be my next goal. 😀

I had planned on making spinach and cheese tortellini soup for me and my SIL, but didn’t realize my stock of chicken broth was empty.  So I went on tastespotting, put in cheese tortellini, and stumbled upon a tikka masala tortellini soup.  What?!!  It sounded amazing!  Oh – and for the record – my SIL pays me to make her lunches – its a win win situation!

Tortellini Tikka Masala (by Gastrophoria) – my changes in bold

Serves 6
1 package Barilla Three Cheese Tortellini (9 oz. package)
Tikka Masala
2 tb canola oil (I used 1 tablespoon + Pam)
1 small onion, diced (around 1 1/2 cups)(no way!)
2 tsp ginger, minced (fresh)
2 gloves garlic, minced
1 pinch pepper flakes (or to taste)
2 tsp garam masala (or curry powder if you can’t find it)(used 1 tsp. garam masala and 1 tsp. curry powder)
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp cumin
1 jar Classico marinara pasta sauce (any brand is fine)(I used 2 cups of my homemade tomato sauce)
1 cup of chicken broth
1 cup heavy cream (I used 1 cup of fat free half and half)
2 cups baby spinach, chopped
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
1/4 cup silvered almonds, toasted
1 tb lemon zest
Cilantro sprigs (I only used cilantro)
Olive oil
1. Prepare the tortellinis according to package directions. It should take around the same amount of time as the sauce.
2. Heat a medium saucepan over medium heat, add oil, onion, ginger and garlic and cook until the onions essentially melt. Around 10 minutes. This is the flavor foundation on which the sauce builds upon so don’t skimp on the time spent here!
3. Add the pepper flakes, garam masala, paprika and cumin to the onion mixture and stir for a few minutes to let the flavors meld and bloom in the oil.
4. Add the sauce and let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes. Once that’s finished, turn off the heat, stir in the cream, cilantro and salt to taste.
 Love, love, love the flavors going on here – she’s right, take your time with the ginger/garlic (onion) part because the flavors that developed were amazing.  I accidentally started my pan too hot the first time around and burned the garlic, so I had to start over.
I had a few more torellini in mine, so I am calling my bowl of soup 8 points plus.
I had so much laundry piled up, so I knew I wanted to make a quick dinner.  Looking through my archives I remembered how good this salisbury steak with asiago cheese bread was, I quickly put it on the menu.  You can find the recipe here.  However, when I got home Tony wasn’t feeling well.  So dinner was all about me.  What?  You say there is leftover food from the Mexican fiesta on Sunday?
Yep – I had 3 beef and tri colored pepper tacos – 3 corn shells, 2 ounces of flank steak, 1/2 cup of cooked peppers and an ounce of cheese split between the tacos, with 1/3 cup cilantro rice on the side.  Dinner comes in at a delicious 11 points.
So my mini goal this week is to get my laundry/closet/dresser drawers in some kind of order.  So I am pledging to spend 30 minutes a day to that task, so that by the weekend I’ll have a totally clean laundry/dressing area. 😀  Until I hit the lottery and then I can either buy new clothes every day and donate them to good will so I never have to do laundry again!
Hannah had the day off from school yesterday and went to the Shedd Aquarium – I was trying to remember the last time I went and I think it was when Hannah was in 3rd grade -so sad!  Chicago is basically in my back yard and I hardly ever go downtown anymore.
I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures she took – they had a jelly fish exhibit going on that she said was pretty cool.
Stats for Monday:
  • 33 points (includes an ounce of tortilla chips and hot sauce as an afternoon snack)
  • 45 minutes walk/run at lunch, included 34:40 5k
  • 100 sit ups
  • 50 push-ups
  • average blood sugar 166 (damn bagel!)

Hope you have a great Tuesday!  Happy Birthday to my SIL Jody!! Keep up the great work on WW!

27 thoughts on “Tikka Masala Soup with Cheese Tortellini

  1. Great run! Sub 30-min 5k, you can do it! Just add some sprints/intervals once a week.

    I can’t imagine how tough it would be to control your blood sugar like that. I remember when my best friend was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. She basically had to give up rice (she’s Chinese).

    I love a good bagel, but with weight watchers, I’ve been cutting back on the carbs a bit. I did get a bagel after one of my triathlon training days, but I only ate half and gave the other half to my spouse/kid.

  2. Youre doing so awesome on the running! Such a unique soup- love the tortellini in there. Hope tony is feeling better today

  3. That soup looks fantastic!

  4. Nice on the run! Can you believe it, you’re really a runner! 🙂

    I miss bagels. 😦 I don’t allow myself those big nummy ones. Love them as I do, I just can’t do it!!

  5. The jelly fish pics look like paintings and the snake looks fake it is so perfect. [and sort of creepy. heehee] WOW. Tell Hannah I said “Nice job!”

  6. I totally think you could knock out a sub-30 minute 5k, especially as we move into fall and away from the high heat/humidity of summer!

    I have a few flavored coffees for the Keurig that I like, but the Starbucks flavored coffees taste kind of “off” to me. I’ve tried the vanilla and the caramel and want to like them because they smell so good – but I just can’t do it!

  7. That snake is soooo pretty! I have an ugly albino snake with freaky red eyes. Well, he’s Mark’s snake but just like “our” dog, I end up taking care of them both.

    The Tikka Masala soup looks fantastic! I would’ve never thought to make an Indian entree into a soup – love it!

    Keep up the great work running! You’ll definitely meet your goal before me (the sub-30 5K). I haven’t had an “effortless” mile in far, far too long!

  8. Great pictures, Hannah!

    And great run, Biz!!! A sub 30 min run is definitely in your future!

  9. The soup looks amazing! I can almost smell it cooking. Good job on the running!

  10. those jellyfish shots are so cool!! and that soup sounds yummy, i’m totally ready for lunch 😉

  11. Mmmmmmmmm………that bagel looks delish!
    I absolutely LOVE that snake picture. I’m going to have to show these pics to Colin tonight – he’ll get a kick out of them!

  12. Those are fabulous amphibious pics! (and the jello-fish, too). Now can we talk more about this tortellini concoction?? Ahhhh!!!!!

  13. I want that bagel! Holy yum!

  14. FAB work on the soup, cannot wait to make it now!

  15. Roz@weightingfor50

    Amazing pictures. (though I’m a little creeped out by the snake and gator!) Yay for your run Vat. Hope Tony is on the mend. Have a great Tuesday.

  16. Those tacos are making me so hungry. I love tacos.

    I love the jellyfish photos. They are so scary in “real-life” but behind some glass, they look beautiful.

  17. I don’t like flavored coffees – can’t even STAND to smell hazelnut coffee. Vanilla would probably be tolerable, but there’s nothing like a good strong French Roast for me. 🙂

    Love that snake picture. The jellyfish? Ack, flashback!!! Actually, that’s the only way I want to see a jellyfish – behind aquarium glass.

  18. You’re kickin’ ass with the 5K! I’m supposed to run one for Be The Match (bone marrow transplant) but I haven’t trained at all, so there will be a lot of walking! I have got to stop talking about exercising and start doing. I’ve completely fell off the wagon (and it ran over me).

    I’m the same way about coffee – used to love flavored, but now I just want a nice strong cup of regular with stevia and (fat free) half and half! (The Keurig makes an awesome cup of coffee.)

  19. Bagel!!! I can’t wait for my first bagel in 3 weeks tomorrow!

    I can drink flavored coffee, but I actually prefer unflavored good coffee. I agree that Folgers and Hill Bros are crap. Or swill, as we call it.

  20. What was Hannah thinking? Flavored coffee? Yuck! I love my coffee strong and hot, no vanilla, hazelnut or other flavors necessary.

    I’m having a serious bagel craving now.

    Great job on the run. I’m hoping to get to Week 4, Day 2 of the C25K this week. Someday I’ll finish the program.

    Rock on Biz!

  21. You are so awesome Biz! You exercise like crazy, make fabulous food, find the best grocery buys ever and are an awesome photographer too! Does Tony know how lucky he is? Looks Hannah also has your talent for taking awesome photos!

    • You are too kind Tami! I think my family will beg to differ when I let the laundry pile up, never put anything back the same way twice and put gravy boats where the drinking glasses belong! 😀

  22. I would do flavoured coffee, because that’s probably the only way I would even drink coffee, and even that is iffy. So not a coffee person!

  23. Such great pics!
    I’m not a fan of flavored coffee – I like it strong and black!

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