WTF? +4.2

When I woke up this morning I felt thinner – I know it’s weird, but you know there are some days you feel heavier than others.  I had great expectations today, even with my 2 pound loss last week, I was expecting at least a pound loss.

I biked/walked/jogged 31 miles last week, did good on counting points, had some wine, but I used my activity points for that.  So imagine my surprise:

Gaining 4.2 in a week makes no sense to me – that’s 14,000 calories people!  I’d have to eat four large pizzas by myself to consume that many extra calories.

So while I am disappointed, I am not going to let the scale get the better of me.  I am going REALLY back to basics, making sure I get all the healthy guidelines in this week, more fruit and veggies.  I can only look forward, right?!

Tony and I are going to see Bucky Larson today – the trailer kills!

And thanks to Katie for my Loot – I won a giveaway from her blog – a $20 amazon gift card which I used to buy a yoga mat, and then a Biggest Loser fitness program and water enhancer – thanks Katie!

Have a great Saturday!

31 thoughts on “WTF? +4.2

  1. Water water water water.

    My weight has fluctuated between 136.0 and 139.4 in the last week (I weigh myself every morning), it’s just water!

    Think about the basics…lower sodium, eating more fruits and veggies, watching the carbs (which make you retain water). It’s the overall trend that matters. I dunno about you, but I do a bit better if I eat a few more points. I tend to average 36-37 per day.

  2. No worries about the scale, Biz! It’s probably just water retention from all the killer exercise you did this week! You rock!

    Enjoy the movie!

  3. Biz, I don’t think that’s real weight gain. It can’t be. Have you been taking regular measurements? That might help to gauge real vs. water.

  4. Times like this is when I wanted to shoot the scale. Makes no sense. But maybe with all the workouts you’ve been doing, you are gaining muscle – especially since you felt thinner – because muscle is more compact, even though it weighs more. I don’t know…just keep on doing the next right thing and all will be good.

    Enjoy the movie – we are heading out to see Our Idiot Brother soon. Sounds like it’s a day for comedies! 🙂

  5. oh girl. Virtual hug! Sometimes that scale goes nuts for reasons not related to our exercise/effort put in! I bet it will be back down next week. Enjoy the movie. ❤ you!

  6. Keep holding the faith! Our bodies do some funky things at times. This too shall pass. Hugs to you…

  7. So how were the 4 large pizzas? Deep dish I hope! 🙂

  8. That is so discouraging…but your head is the right place. With salt and water and hormones…the body and scale can be a B!! Keep at it, you’re an inspiration to me and many!!

  9. Sorry the scale was an a$$ this week, but know that you and your challenge is inspiring me to get my workouts on this week! Forget the scale and try to hang onto the thin feeling you started off with!!!!

    Have fun at the movies!!!

  10. You’re amazing, girl! Don’t let the numbers get you down. You’re eating well, exercising, and doing everything right. You’ll see happy numbers again next week. I promise.

  11. Muscle weighs more than fat. Their scale was off. Bloating issues. Just pick on and go with it! LOL

    Seriously, this is the issue that we women have to deal with – the fluctuating scale. Makes me want to bash mine with a sledge hammer!

  12. You are doing everything right……..probably just water weight! Hang in there, and see what happens next week!!!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  13. Oh Biz – that is surprising. I can imagine your shock.

    I have to agree with Pam – muscle does weigh more than fat. And with all your exercising, well….

    I too wonder if the scale might have been off. That is such an amazing gain in one week. Did you weigh yourself today [on your own scale] to see if it was an anomaly?

    I know that sodium will make you retain water [duh – waving at the CHF!] but for a person that doesn’t have a condition like that, 4 lbs is a bit too much of water gain.

    I hope that next week gives you better results as you are working so hard. Hugs to y’all my friends.

  14. Repeat: It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real…

  15. Menstrual cycle plays a huge part. It all comes off the next time.

  16. If you are doing all this awesome exercise, then maybe part of that gain is muscle. Yep, that is what we are going to say – muscle and water! Cause danggit, you felt thinner, so you must be!

  17. I agree with all of the other comments that it’s not “real” weight! I know it’s still frustrating to see a gain like that when weighing in but I’m sure next week you’ll have better numbers!

  18. What really matters is how you felt this morning when you got up! Remember that feeling! 🙂

    Hormones and sodium have had a huge impact on my weight lately, and I have seen “impossible” fluctuations. As the others said, I bet you something similar is going on with you…

    You know what you are doing. Great job with the exercise!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Those days I feel super thin are the days I stay off the scale because they almost always show a gain. How weird is that?

    At least you can look forward to a big loss next week, right?

  20. WTF?? That makes no sense. What did the person weighing you in say?? It would be hard to gain that much if you were TRYING too.
    I say, ditch the PointsPlus, and go back to using the old Points. You did great on that, and I bet you still have all your stuff. Or maybe have an RD go over a typical week of yours – easy to do because of the blog. Maybe they could pinpoint something? I would be SO frustrated

  21. Do you have a scale at home to compare it too? I think there was a scale malfunction. or you were wearing heavy clothes 😉 You have such a good outlook on things, I would probably go drown myself in a vat of dark chocolate.

  22. There is no way that is a real gain…I mean unless you really ate those 4 large pizza?! haha! I think you were definitely retaining water.

  23. I definitely agree with some of the other commenters on water retention, 4 pounds seems too much for 1 week, especially with all of your activity! Pay attention to how your body is feeling, and relish in that!

  24. Don’t be so quick to think that was all fat you gained. You did the math yourself. Any chance it was that time of the month or you had a lot of sodium in a meal the night before? It really could be fluid, and sometimes when only weighing once a week (which is a good thing) you don’t notice things like a 4 pound increase overnight (which will always indicate water).

  25. There are so many things that could influence your weigh in that have nothing to do with your actual weight – sodium, monthly cycle, the state of your bladder/bowels, etc, etc. That’s the problem with measuring success with a number on the scale – it can only give you a snapshot, and doesn’t take into account so many other things. Take measurements, photos, whatever. And if you feel good and healthy, then that’s all that matters. It’s great to have an ideal weight goal, but it shouldn’t be the be all and end all measure of success 🙂

  26. The bright side of this is that the scale should huge numbers in the other direction next week since this is undoubtedly water retention or hormones or just a random fluke. Did you eat all of your flex/weekly points? Sometimes when I don’t, I don’t lose or gain. With all the exercise you did, I bet your body is looking for more calories!

  27. Hi Biz,
    Don’t panic! Its probably just water retention. I agree with the others,,,take your measurements monthly, watch your calorie intake which you do I know. Maybe, check your scale at home to compare but above all don’t quit…
    I bet next weeks weigh in will be fine!

  28. Stupid expectations! I hate when that happens… but that’s also why I decided to buy a scale that shows weight/body fat % and hydration. Because if my weight goes up but my body fat percentage is way down, I say I lost fat but gained muscle and muscle weighs more. If my weight is down and my hydration is down too, I consider that a ‘false’ loss.

    I’m glad you are just going to move on and let this go. But I’m with Shelley – weigh ins like that make me want to shoot the freaking scale 😀

  29. Boo hiss (my old babysitter, Shelm, used to say that-seemed appropriate)! You know you’re doing the right things. Don’t let it bum you out. You will have to share your feelings about the Mio after you try it. I’m dying to find out!

  30. That’s the honestly shitty part about weighing – even when you’re on the right track, sometimes weight is just up. And it’s discouraging. Then watch, next week you’ll even be below the 4.5 – GRRR. I’m glad you’re taking it so well – you’ve worked so hard and you know it will pay off, just maybe not represented in a scale this week – keep it up!

  31. WTF is right. Biz – you’re doing everything right. A gain like that is definitely water weight. I hope you’ll see the results you deserve in this week’s WI. {hugs}

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