How many of you watched any 9/11 shows yesterday?  I had seen it before, but watched the 9/11 documentary that two frenchmen made.  They were following a rookie firefighter in Ladder 1 and just happened to be there on that fateful day.

It still doesn’t seem real to me that it even happened.  9/11 is one of the reasons I don’t work in downtown Chicago anymore.  I am pretty sure if there are terrorist attacks again, they aren’t going to target a far suburb of Chicago.

I had just gotten to my desk at 9:00 that day, and since my office at the time was on Michigan Avenue across from the Wrigley building and just south of the John Hancock building, within 20 minutes they evacuated our building.  It was a sea of humanity getting back to the train station.  My typical train commute was one hour, but that day it took me 5 hours to get home because all the trains were so full and it made every single stop.

So maybe it wasn’t a total coincidence that I had comfort food on the brain.  This recipe is from October’s Food Network magazine (can’t find the link online) I found it – here’s the recipe!  I made a few changes – I used prepared pie crusts, and for some reason their recipe didn’t call for potatoes – I’ve never had a pot pie without potatoes, so I added them.

The best part is that I started out with an already cooked rotisserie chicken.  I normally don’t buy them, but when I realized the cooked version was only .75 cents more than the raw chicken, I saved a step.

After I picked off all the meat, I threw the skin and bones into the chicken broth and let it simmer for 45 minutes before straining it – holy cow was this broth flavorful!  The best part was that Tony loved it!  He liked something I made 😀

About half of my potatoes were heart shaped. 😀

I didn’t add the peas until I put the pot pie in the oven.

That picture was taken this morning – and it’s cold from the fridge – sadly it’s dark already by dinnertime and the pictures I took last night looked like ass.  But boy, this is one delicious pot pie!

It’s supposed to get to the mid-80’s today, so I think I am going to bike ride.  What’s on tap for your exercise today?

Check out all my Holiday Challengers – so many people to cheer each other on – love it!  Let’s make it a great day. 😀


33 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. I love potpie! My dad used to buy the frozen ones for us kids in bulk so it was many, many years before I could even look at a potpie. Once I realized how good homemade ones were, I now love pot pies again.

  2. You crack me up. And that potato is adorable.

  3. So sad 😦 I saw that documentary before. I still cannot comprehend how anyone could do what those people did. Ugh. Pot pie? YUMMMMMM. And so cute that the potatoes were heart shaped. I taught Body Pump this morning! First pump class I’ve taught post pregnancy

  4. Why does everything you make look so delicious? Will you marry me? 🙂

  5. Pot pie = My BFF! I love it love it love it! Really!

    I walked my 5 miles this morning! Woot!

  6. We had chicken noodle soup last night and we always boil the carcass for additional broth for another meal. It freezes great. It is delicious used in pot pie or chicken and dumplings. I think Wallene would eat pot pie 7 days a week if I let her.

    I have to agree – sometimes those rotisserie chickens can be a deal – and you don’t have to cook.

    Hope you are having a great week Biz. Hugs to you all!

  7. I love pot pie! Sadly my husband doesn’t so I never make it. I’ll just have to live through you!

  8. Pot pie is an ultimate comfort food. I don’t think I’ve made one since last Halloween, I think I’ll move around this week’s meal plan to add it in somewhere.

  9. I love pot pie! Last night we made tacos, spanish rice and homemade “mashed” beans. It was so good, and comforting! I completely understand about tranferring to the suburbs post 9/11, I am in the tallest building in our city (and across the street from our branch of the WTC) and sometimes it just feels unsafe, on so many levels. But for now, it’s where I’m at, so I just try not to think about it!

  10. Watching all of the coverage yesterday brought back so many memories. Comfort food was definitely a good idea (I made my favorite comfort food – pasta – yesterday for the same reasons). Hope you enjoy your day!

  11. I made chicken pot pie yesterday with rotisserie chicken as well! Great minds. 🙂

  12. Chicken pot pie truly is an amazing comfort food! This looks amazing.
    It’s weird how you remember exactly where you were when it happened. I know Ill never forget I was getting ready for school and watched the second plane hit the towers on tv. So sad.

  13. I didn’t watch anything on 9/11 yesterday. Just didn’t want to go there. 😦

    Enjoy your warm weather and the bike ride! How is your blister doing?

    I’ve swum already (that doesn’t look right…I swam already?) this morning and have yoga tonight – yay, more crow!

    • It is almost healed! And I’ve only used two blister bandaids – cooler temps are on their way, I think high 60’s the rest of the week – tomorrow’s run will be the true test – and I need to remember socks! 😀

  14. We were 64 degrees yesterday – clear blue skies – and it was eerily reminiscent of that day 10 years ago. The temps actually went up overnight and it’s already 80 and feeling humid. But I love the warmth so no complaints.

    While I didn’t watch a thing yesterday, I did watch that very documentary when it first came out. It was a remarkable portrait of the day.

  15. wow! That’s a pretty little pie! I used to LOVE chicken pot pie growing up! haven’t had it in forever though!

  16. I started to watch that documentary last night, but I couldn’t handle it. After the Pentagon was hit, I had reasons to be quite worried about some of my family members, so I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling of panic I had that day.

  17. I listened to some of the tribute in NYC while we were driving into Chicago. The day after 9/11, we had tickets for Shakespeare at Navy Pier. I did wonder what would happen if there were an attack there. Probably unlikely but……! I also heard one commentator say that we should be forgetting rather than remembering as that is the only way for healing to begin. That would be pretty hard to do!!

  18. my sunday was so busy that i never got to see any tributes, which is sad. i definitely remember the day like it was yesterday.

    i LOVE that pot pie, oh my goodness, and it looks like the weather was beautiful for you too! enjoy your week my friend!

  19. I lived in Geneva, IL during the 9/11 attacks. My family lived in upstate NY. That was sort of the catalyst to us moving back here to be closer to family.

  20. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Vat. Wow…that must have been horrible to work in downtown Chicago that day! Not knowing where other “targets” could be must have been VERY unnerving. Certainly a day that changed us all, wasn’t it?? I did watch some of the coverage yesterday. Not sure why, there was nothing I hadn’t already seen… Hope you are having a good Monday.

  21. Pot pie season again! Yum!

    I watched many shows yesterday and was pretty much teary eyed all day….

  22. Heart shaped potatoes – how cute! Natural light makes such a huge difference in the quality of food photos! It gets more and more difficult this time of year to accomplish that. I need to make one of those light boxes for myself.

    No 9/11 were watched here. My son’s birthday is on 9/11 and we try to make the day all about him!

  23. I saw the documentary too. Maybe the sadness of the day is what got me off track too…I don’t know. Just glad I’m not alone. Thanks for your post…

  24. Such a sad, poignant day. It’s hard here because it’s my BD too, and it just seems so hard to celebrate. But family and friends came and make it a good day! That’s all we can do.

  25. Heart shaped potatoes?! How perfect for a day like yesterday ❤

  26. Ahhh…are my comments not showing up? Testing…123!

  27. Oooh pot pie! I did not watch any of the shows. I remember and those shows make me cry. So Daelyn and I went on a date, a very girlie pinkies out date. So when I remember the tenth anniversary of 911 it will be a happy memory of me and my little girl living life to the fullest so that those people and our troops do not die in vain. But I still remember.

  28. Pot pie is a favorite in our house, but yours looks SO DELICIOUS!!!

  29. Ohhhh…Pot pie! It’s been years since I’ve had one. Always reminds me of my Dad making them for us when we were little. 😦 Such sweet memories!

  30. Get this – the rotisserie chickens we sell at our store are actually cheaper than buying most of the raw whole chickens we sell. I think they are smaller, but still a good deal.

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