The Hill

Now that the weather is chilly in the morning, I had visions of oatmeal with sauteed apples or bananas.  But then I thought it was too many carbs, and suddenly it was time to leave for work.  I had a coupon and they were on sale, so I picked up some Jimmy Dean breakfast bagels.

Now normally I wouldn’t spend $6.99 (regular price) on four of these smallish bagels, but they were on sale for 2/$7 – and I had a $1 off coupon, so $2.50 total.  So I guess these are worth .62 cents.

The instructions said to defrost at 30% for 1 minute, then cook for 1 1/2 minutes.  However when I did that, the bagel became super chewy and kinda hard at the same time.  What I should have done is that after the initial defrost, continue to cook the egg/sausage/cheese separately, and then toast the bagel – it would have been 100% better I am sure.

I had an unphotograped super juicy plum with this – so breakfast comes in at 7 points.

It was a gorgeous fall day in Chicagoland yesterday – when I left for my bike ride it was 58 degrees, with 10 mph winds.  Holy cow it was chilly at first!  While I love my 10.5 bike route, I am so familiar with it that I know when the steep hills are coming.  Especially the last one, that comes in at about the 9.5 mile point.  I dread the hill.

But yesterday I decided to see how long it took me to get up this incline before it leveled out again.  Guess what?  It’s only 60 seconds!   That’s it!  It totally turned my view around – instead of dreading it next time, I’ll just say “its just a minute – suck it up!” 😀

Since it was windy, my time was 52:30 for 10.45 miles. 😀

Lunch was more leftover choup – shared two bowls with co-workers so it’s finally eaten up.   I had 1 1/2 cups (with cheese) for 6 points, along with a small side salad for 4 points, so lunch comes in at 10 points.

I talked to Tony later in the afternoon and he was like “wanna go out to eat tonight?”  Um, yes please!  We went to Wool Street.  I got a turkey burger with grilled zucchini and roasted red peppers and sweet potato fries.  I love the turkey burger at Friday’s, but I have to say I liked this one better.  I didn’t have my camera with me, so thanks Google for my dinner images.

And their beer special?  $2 Sam Adam’s light bottles!

My guestimate is that dinner comes in at 17 points.  The 7 points of beer were worth it though – Sam Adam’s is one of my favorite beers.  Are you an occassional beer drinker?

Stats for Thursday:

  • 34 points
  • 52:30 10.45 bike ride
  • 55.6 miles done of 125 miles in September goal
  • average blood sugar 136

Hope you have a great Friday!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow’s weigh in is better than last week! 😀


13 thoughts on “The Hill

  1. I still giggle everytime I see the word “choup” [so stealing :)]

    That is a great bike ride Biz. I don’t know how you fit everything in your day girlie?

  2. No beer for me. It always makes me feel full and I don’t like that! I’ll stick to wine and martini’s thank you 😀

    I’ve tried every single one of the Jimmy Dean D-Light things and the only thing I like is the egg & sausage breakfast bowl. I tried all the things you mentioned with the bagels and it still didn’t help much. Finally decided I’d be better off making an egg and cheese and putting it on a light Fiber One English muffin. Probably healthier too.

  3. Yum on the beer! Where did you find the Jimmy Dean D’Lite’s on sale? I LOVE the turkey croissant sandwich but I always get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I have to shell out $7.00 for a box of 4!

    Kudos on the positive spin of only 1 minute. Inspirational!

  4. Mmm…egg on a bagel sounds awesome right now. It’s gotten so cold here and a warm breakfast is right up my alley!

    Good for you for putting a positive spin on things. A minute doesn’t sound bad at all!

  5. Before I went gluten-free, I loved Sam Adams. Easy to find and not boring.

    I hope Andy asks me if I want to go out tonight, I am not in the mood for cooking today! Have a great weekend, Biz.

  6. We used to get the english muffin + turkey sausage delights, and had the same issue with the bread being kind of chewy/soggy. Still yummy though when you’re in a rush and want something warm!

  7. Love your outlook on the hill. I need to do that more often when on my bike – I dread the hills!!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for the weigh in! That turket burger looks yummy! Makes me want to go out to dinner!!!

  9. I love your attitude on the hill – what a great way to look at it!

    I’ve never tried any of the breakfast frozen meals – and probably wouldn’t, as I’m just stuck on my Greek yogurt/granola/fruit breakfasts. Creature of habit, that would be me.

    Good luck at the weigh in tomorrow!

  10. Never tried the sam adams light. Gotta love the $2 beer special. Sounds great!!
    Fingers crossed! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  11. Isn’t it amazing when you realize that hill is only 60 secs? (just made a typo and wrote sex instead of secs. haha)

  12. I may be Canadian, but I just don’t like beer. Blech.

  13. I will have to look for that sandwich, its nice to have some easy heat and eat things on hand for when there is no time to cook!

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