Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pancakes

Thanks for all your kind comments to yesterday’s post – you guys are the best and have some great ideas.  I agree with a fresh mouthwashed mouth I’ll have less temptation to mess it up – and have deemed the bedroom a beverage and food free zone, except for water.  😀

I am really starting to like sweet potatoes, and while I am still on the fence about eating them alone (other than deep fried!), I like them in things.  I decided to make sweet potato pancakes.  This batch makes 10, 1/3 cup measuring cup pancakes – 1 is 2 points, 2 are 5 points and 3 are 7 points.

Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pancakes

  • 1 sweet potato, cooked, cooled and peeled (mine was 5 ounces)
  • 1 cup pancake mix (like Bisquik)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil (probably could have left this out)
  • 1 cup of buttermilk
  • pinch of cinnamon

I used a potato masher to mash the sweet potato, then added the rest of the ingredients and mixed just until combined.  I used my 1/3 cup measure get equal sized pancakes – this batch made 10.

While I brought 3 for breakfast, not knowing if they were 2 or 4 points each, I ate just 2 and with 2 links of turkey sausage this was a suprisingly filling breakfast at 9 points with the SF pancake syrup.

I tested my blood sugar around 11:30 when I normally walk, and it was only 83.  Rats. But no fear!  I had this whole bowl of fresh fruit for zero points.

I didn’t even bother checking my blood sugar 30 minutes later because fresh fruit is high in natural sugar, I thought it would easily be in the low 200’s.  Um, guess again. About 20 minutes into my walk I can feel sweat start to drip down my back, and it was only 65 degrees out.  My blood sugar was 45.  Shit.  So I ate 3 mini stickers for 4 points in order to make it back to my office. 😦

I decided not to take any insulin at lunch.  While this conconction may look weird, it was actually really good – 1 cup cooked spaghetti squash, 1/2 cup cooked brown rice, 2 ounces cooked ground beef, 3/4 tomato sauce over a bed of spinach and carrots.  The hot/cold combo may seem weird, but I actually liked the cold crunch of the carrots.

This plate comes in at 9 points.

I recently found a new website to add recipes/track calories – it’s called www.fatsecret.com.  It’s free and this week I am going to track my calories/fat/sodium in relation to my points.  I have a feeling that while I am most of the time in my point range, my percentage of calories from fat is probably on the higher side.  It will be interesting to compare!  I do like how user friendly it is.

I had sauteed shrimp tacos on my menu with a light avocado sauce and lots of veggies.  Sadly, I had to work late.  Tony texted me and asked how he could help with dinner, and I said “could you defrost the shrimp for me?”  thinking I’d get home at a decent time to still make the dinner I planned.

But it was 7:00 by the time I left the office, and when I came home Tony had gone to plan B.  Hooters Buffalo Shrimp.   OMG, these were damn good.  I plan to put these in the football food rotation on Sunday’s for Tony.  My plate comes in at 12 points.  Let’s just pretend there were vegetables on there, shall we? 😀


So let’s do the comparison.  According to eTools I had 34 points.  According to fat secret, my stats:  1319 calories, 49 fat, 170 carbs, 13 fiber, and 51 protein (2200 mg sodium) which is the equivalent of 35 points – which I get because I didn’t count my fresh fruit as an extra point.  So pretty accurate!

And my percentage of calories from fat?  33%  Not too shabby.

Thanks again for all your comments yesterday – you guys rock!  Make it a great day!

35 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pancakes

  1. Sweet potato or pumpkin- doesn’t matter to me – they’re all delicious! 🙂

  2. Your lunch doesn’t look weird to me at all! In fact, I often start my plate of spaghetti or spag squash and sauce with fresh spinach or arugula and then let the heat of the other ingredients sort of wilt it a bit…but I LOVE how it tastes and contrasts textures. I always thought I was a little weird eating it like this…good to know I am not alone! haha

    Interesting comparison. WW always keeps their way of calculating such a secret…you can never get the science behind it out of anyone there…I don’t know why…but good to know it works out closely.

    I have decided to start tracking on my newly acquired iphone…so far so good. I always did the paper and pen method, but lately have been dragging on it…nothing like new technology ( or a newly found site) to help keep us motivated! I want to find that app that scans packages and instantly tells you the pp values…I know it’s out there somewhere.

    Have a great day, Biz!!

  3. I just bought a spaghetti squash, I love what you did with it. Sometimes the strangest food is the most delicious! (boy, if you only knew what I ate yesterday!)

    I’m going to check out that calorie checking site out, thanks!

  4. Sweet potato pancakes? How fun!! Glad you checked your blood sugar during your workout. And yayy for tony coming to the dinner rescue

  5. A friend who has a health/fitness website and blog asked me to do a guest post about the weight loss challenges. I wanted to mention yours—one question—do you prefer those who join the challenge to be bloggers themselves? Thanks!

  6. Yum, those pancakes look so fluffy!! I like your spaghetti squash plate. I keep meaning to make it and never do. I think I’m intimidated by cutting it open, lol. Love all winter squash, though!

  7. PS. Black bean spaghetti (only ingredients: black beans, water) is very high in protein, low in carbs (14g) and tastes so good! I am positive you’d love it, Biz! 🙂 Find it at health foodie hippie marts. 🙂

  8. Fat is good for you! As long as it’s the right kind of fat. 🙂

    Good thing you have those mini snickers with you. Diabetes must be tough. I’ve been reading a little bit about it.

  9. Hi Biz! I think your lunch looked really good and probably something I should be eating.

    🙂 Marion

  10. I’m drooling over that shrimp! And does that mean that french fries aren’t a vegetable?! Oh no!

  11. OMG…those shrimp look amazing! Nice work, Tony 😉 I think water only in the bedroom will be helpful. I shudder to think what my willpower would be with snackies an arms reach away!

  12. I love spaghetti squash, so to me, your lunch looks so tasty. Buffalo shrimp? I’m headed over to check that recipe out!

  13. I could not figure out what mini stickers were – duh, typo Skip – mini snickers. Glad you had them. Your lunch makes me smile. Let’s put everything on a plate and eat. And it is good. You have the touch Bizzy, I swear. Looks good.

    Hope you have beautiful weather and a wonderful day. Hi to the family from me!

  14. Wow. 34 points is on 1300 calories? I eat about 40% of my daily calories as fat. I have wondered how some of my days stack up point wise with WW. That is the one thing I struggled with on WW was how fat was punished, but 100 calorie snack packs were fine.

    Buffalo anything is fine by me! I will lick buffalo sauce off a spoon by itself 😀

  15. Oh my that shrimp looks amazing! Most of the Hooters have closed down in our area. Guess I’ll have to make some mock Hooter wings and wear a tight shirt to recreate the experience at home!

  16. Lunch looks great! It reminds me of being a kid & my Mom would mix rice (umm..white) and ground beef with Manwich sauce.

  17. Your pancakes ALWAYS look SO GOOD. It must be your trick of waiting to let the baking powder bubble up before cooking them–they’re so fluffy!

  18. That is so funny, that you posted this…the other day my sis and niece were sleeping over and I made pancakes, and my sis asked if I had any buttermilk recipes…NOW I DO =)

  19. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Vat. I don’t think your lunch looks weird at all. And that shrimp looks better than anything (waitresses included) in Hooters!!! Have a great day.

  20. Love Tonys comment!
    Got to make those pancakes, I love sweet spuds! The shrimp look good too, too bad all the Hooters closed here too……….. well not really too bad!

  21. My mouth is just watering. These pancakes look amazing!
    I am gonna have to make these soon!

  22. You definitely got me on those pancakes. Boy am I drooling!

  23. Buffalo shrimp??? I NEED to find this. I am obsessed with buffalo sauce and shrimp. YUM.

    Hi Mr. Biz (love it!)

    I love sweet potatoes. I need to try those pancakes with the gluten-free bisquik mix!

  24. I love sweet potato pancakes, but then again I like all things sweet potato. Keep on giving them a try.

  25. I want a stack of those fabulous pancakes! I’ve bought spaghetti squash before, but I let it sit at the counter for too long and it turned bad. I didn’t buy it ever since.

    And Mr. Biz is freaking hilarious! I share the same sentiments, actually! hahaha!

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