Your old, busted name was Biz. We now dub yo ass:

I have Roz to thank for my laughing fit yesterday.  She wrote a post about it being International Talk Like a Pirate Day and shared a link to come up with your pirate name.  In that instance, I put in “Biz” and my pirate name was: “Fancypants” Liza Cooke.  Nice! 😀

On that same site was: – I decided to see what my gangsta name would be.  Imagine my surprise when I put in Biz as my old name and it came up with this gangsta name!

Stupid-Ass Lumpynutz

What the hell is up with that?!  I was laughing so hard at that!  So I had to do my sister Jennifer’s name:

Rotten G

So then I did Tony:

Wobbly Crab Whacka

and then my brother Charlie:

Whipped Pud

I am not making these up!  Please, go to that link and leave your gangsta name in the comment section – I plan to have lots of laughs today!  Thanks Roz for the laughs!!

I had some work errands to run in the morning, so I didn’t get to my desk until 10, which is late for me eating breakfast.  I found these “triple health” Thomas english muffins at the outlet store – each one has 6 grams of fiber.  I had it with 1/2 cup egg whites, baby spinach and cheese with a side of fresh fruit.  Breakfast comes in at 8 points.

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday.  When I left for my bike ride, it was 75 degrees, breezy and sunny.  I ended up doing 9.95 miles in 49:47.  The scenery from my blackberry:

And this one I didn’t retouch at all and it kinda looks like a painting. 😀

The path that I ride on has these yellow and purple flowers all over it – I have no idea what they are, but they are beautiful – they grow along side the prairie grass.

I was going to go another .5 miles to make it an even 10 miles, but I had a taco salad waiting for me!  And just so you know, it’s okay to use a serving bowl as a salad bowl. 😀

In the mix: 2 cups chopped romaine, 1/2 cup shredded carrots, 1/3 cup broccoli slaw, 1/2 ounce shredded cheese, 1/2 cup english cucumber, 1 ounce diced avocado, 3 ounces cooked taco beef and for the dressing: 2 tablespoons light done right ranch mixed with 1 tablespoon Frank’s hot sauce – this whole delicious bowl is 10 WW points.  You better believe I licked it clean.

It was grilling weather, so I made Tony and I some cheeseburgers for dinner.  And please don’t judge that I had fries two nights in a row.  It’s not nice to point. 😀  Dinner comes in at 14 points.  The hot gardieiera made this burger.

And if you made it down this far . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY STEP-SON JOE!  He turns 22 today – Happy Birthday!  We got him a gift card to Fogo de Chao (even though his fiance is vegetarian – they have the best salad bar though!) and I sent him some crack cookies – snickerdoodles and cookies I made up that had Captain Crunch in them – that recipe will be for another post.

Some pics this past year of Joe stolen of his facebook page, since he lives in Austin and we don’t see him too often.  Joe at work on the left . . . now he wears suits because he’s a fancy pants assistant to the assistant regional manager. 😀

Him and the cat Jasmine that he torments.  Jasmine has its own facebook page by the way:

 Because its close to Halloween, what Joe and Lizz dressed up for last year.  I still can’t believe she got him to dress like this!

Joe and Lizz:

Happy Birthday Joe – we love you!

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 32 points according to WW
  • 1429 calories, 65 fat, 124 carbs, 21 fiber and 90 protein = 37 points according to
  • 9.95 mile bike ride
  • 65.5 miles completed of 125 miles in September 😀
  • average blood sugar 131

Make it a great day!


40 thoughts on “Your old, busted name was Biz. We now dub yo ass:

  1. So Fancypants Lumpynutz, I will now admit that I use a serving bowl as a salad bowl too! 😀


    Your Pirate Friend,
    Pear Shaped Jezebel

    (I am not kidding!)

  2. My gangsta name is: Fried Green Train Jumpa


  3. Young Dirty Tree Hugga

    I’ll keep it cuz it says young in it. Funny!!

    Have a great day Biz. Sorry I haven’t been commenting but you do come to my mailbox each day so am keeping up.

    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. “Whipped Pud” did me in and I peed. OMG. Shame on you Bizzy.

    I will never look on another one of my friends named “Charlie” without thinking of that name.

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.


  5. Gun doggy crack baby 😉 obviously. Your breakfasts always make me hungry! Love english muffins. Happy birthday joe!

  6. Okay, I went to the gangsta site and oh – you are going to love this-

    Pooldad comes out as “SHERMAN TANK CRAB WHACKA” [and it was Poolldad, not his real name]


    I don’t think I can look at HIM now. Sigh. Don’t me laugh so early in the morning.

    I think I win. 🙂 giggggggling.

  7. I love everything you ate yesterday from start to finish, but that always happens like that. You have very similar taste to me and I love how you change things up from meal-to-meal, rarely ever the same thing twice. That’s my girl!!

    Happy birthday to Joe!!! He’s so handsome. 😀

  8. Happy Birthday to Joe! Thanks for sharing the Gangsta Name Link – it’ll give me the giggles later, I bet, since I won’t be at work since I QUIT! 🙂

  9. Oh dear, my came out as: Heavy Nutz Skull Cruncha

  10. Mine was Fine Ol Pond Swimma lol not sure how they come up with those lol. Happy Birthday to Joe and as always yummy looking food there 🙂 Glad you got some laughs yesterday looking up my gansta name made me laugh too 🙂

  11. lol…those names are hysterical!!! I don’t have time now to do mine…maybe later…lol

    Those yellow flowers? ragweed….good thing you aren’t allergic!

  12. Okay, I am totally peeing my pants at these names!
    My gangsta name is Rotten Mule Robba! Of course, I had to be an ass! 😉
    Thanks for the laugh today, Biz. Have a great day!

  13. Haha that’s awesome!! Just for giggles I did the same thing, and my name is “Sweet Melon Balls” – has a nice ring to it, right?!

    Happy birthday to Joe!

  14. Ok, well I had a lot to say but I must dash off and get my pirate and gansta names! LOL

  15. I entered “Charlie Hills”, not Charlie and that’s where I got “Slippin Jimmy Jamma”.

  16. These are hilarious! Shelley in gangsta becomes “Whipped Tang Chasa” – oooh yeah! 😉

  17. Well, Biz…I hope you’re happy. I’m “Da Retardo!” (And I mean my gangsta name, not in general!) 😉

    Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

  18. amazing. i am Janky Gorilla. and i just forwarded the link to almost everyone in my address book 🙂

  19. I am Dank-Ass Robba. I never really thought my ass was dank, but there you go!

  20. I have the worst gangsta name, ever!! Cow-Tippin Monkey Hunta…really?? Really?!?! That’s not even a little bit cool!

    Happy Birthday Joe!

  21. My gangsta name is Secret Drug Smuggla. I die!

  22. Those names are too funny! I don’t have time to play the name game right now but I shall do it later! Happy Birthday to a very good looking guy!

  23. My gangsta name is Good Ass Killa…lol

    Happy Birthday Joe!

  24. Crouching Hoopti Rida. hahaha

  25. My gansta name is Janky Canadian. And I live in Kentucky! : )

  26. Thought you lost it completely when I read the name of your post this morning! 🙂
    My gangsta name Is White Mofo Bull Dodger! I’ve had a great time and lots of laughs looking up everyone’s names! Thanks for the giggles!

  27. I’m glad to have find your blog, it’s very nice.
    Greetings from Chile.

  28. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Vat! ah, ha, ha…..HILARIOUS! Glad you enjoyed the link, and thanks for the shout out. My Gangsta name is “Secret Crack Robba”. Nice!!! Have a great day!!!

  29. My gangsta name apparently is Stupid-Ass Slim Jimma. lulwut!
    I love your taco salad, thats such a great idea! A heathier taco night!

  30. Lol, mine was Rank Dirty Goat Smuggla

  31. Hehe. This is sweet.

    I’m Fly Azz Poo Poo Pants, btw. 🙂

  32. Wow, my gansta name is Dead Bully Crab Whacka. I do not even know what to say to this one. Thanks for the laugh.

  33. Drum roll please. I am Supa Hard Ho slappa.
    I laughed and laughed. Thx for starting my day in a funny way.

  34. I am Butt-Jugglin Baller, Evan is Cold Daddy and Charlie is Mercedes-Rollin Shrinky Nutz! Love it! Thanks for sharing the laugh 🙂

  35. Rump-Thumpin Poo-Poo Pants

    I so wish I was kidding.

  36. TOOOOO FUNNY!! Mine is Butt-Jugglin Ho Slappa — seriously? I’m dying laughing right now. Love it!

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