Do I like mussels? First VLOG?!

Thanks for all your birthday wishes the last couple days – and guess what?  There’s one more!  Yep, I have three birthdays in a row – today is my Momma’s 71st birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

She’s going to the symphony today, so I am meeting her on Sunday after church for lunch to celebrate. 😀

So I’ve been curious to try mussels for a while now.  I see them on blogs, etc., and they just look good.  Mind you, this is coming from someone who grew up only eating 2 vegetables (carrots and cucumbers thank you) and never had a microscopic piece of any type of seafood even come close to my mouth.

So on the menu it has mussels in either a spicy tomato broth or white wine sauce.  Um, you all know that I picked the spicy broth!

I apologize for how dark the picture and video is – it was really dark.

And now for the video proof!  I am trying to think if I’ve ever had a video of my voice before on this blog, and I don’t think so!  Next time I VLOG I promise you will actually see my face. 😀  And listening to this I really have a Chicago accent, don’t I?

Tony tasted one and he said they weren’t as briny as he remembered and promised if I ate them again I wouldn’t like them.  But I did really like them!

We had a wonderful evening out, came home to watch Big Bang Theory and the Office season premieres – oh, and I may have had a couple glasses of this!

Alright, gotta get moving this morning, so a short post – let me know what you think of the VLOG!

Make it a great day!


33 thoughts on “Do I like mussels? First VLOG?!

  1. I’m glad you liked them! Fresh mussels are never briny, only the frozen ones!

  2. Love the VLOG! Good for you for trying the mussels. That’s one food I just haven’t been able to try yet. I was the pickiest eater as a child. I didn’t really start eating vegetables until I was about 23. Sad isn’t it! Now I can’t imagine life without them. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  3. Happy birthday to your Momma!! I loved the VLOG! More, please!! It’s always great to put a voice with the face, isn’t it?

  4. I love muscles. I thought I would hate them, but they are soft and sweet and my mouth is watering as I listen to your Chicago accent eating them. YUM!
    Happy Bday to all the bday in your life.

  5. They are good, don’t you think. A little chewy, but good. I prefer scallops, though.

    Happy bday to your mom!

  6. You so do not have a Chicago accent! I don’t know what that would make mine then! 🙂

    Happy belated Birthday to Tony and Happy Birthday to your mom!

  7. Happy birthday to Tony and your mom!!!

    I love mussels, all shellfish for that matter. But they have to be cleaned WELL, e.g., sand removed, etc. and cooked right. Scallops and clams are still better, IMO.

  8. Loving the vlog Biz! Such a sweet voice you have! 🙂 I don’t hear a Chicago accent at all…Glad you liked the mussels. I like almost ALL shellfish…but I don’t like oysters! AT ALL!! lol

    Happy bday to your mom!

  9. I was a New England kid, born & raised, so I’ve been eating seafood since day one pretty much. My family still won’t let me live down the time I was 2 years old and ordered a lobster for dinner when we were out to eat. My parents were like, uhhh no, and I cried.

    Love the vlog! I think you had a vlog once before with your new camera though 🙂

  10. Andy is obsessed with mussels. I need to show him this vlog. He’d love it!

  11. Happy Birthday to your adorable little Mother! Loved the vlog. You sounded very light and airy if that makes sense? And Tony sounded just like I thought he would – Hmm-Italian, from Chicago…if he has a Fedora and a ‘guitar case’ you better run! It was really cute, I hope you do more of them!

  12. I hate mussles. You accent is soooooooo thick. Cute though. Nice to put a voice to a face.

  13. I’m way to scared to try them, but maybe since you said they aren’t bad I’ll give them a try 🙂 You should definitely do more vlogs…I didn’t notice an accent? maybe I’m just weird lol

  14. You are a brave girl to try new foods like that. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  15. Roz@weightingfor50

    Oh Vat…LOVE the video!! So fun to hear you. Love mussels, and have never “heard” them! 🙂 BIG Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

    • Yeah, there are some toys that the batteries just NEVER get rlecaped in or they mysteriously go missing. Oops guess the batteries died. sorry.Funny thing?My friend that has always been the loud toy giver? Preggers. Oh yeah. Payback’s a BITCH. Maybe you should mail it to HER!

  16. I have never tried mussels. You & Tony do not sound anything like what I imagined. I have no idea what voice I gave you, but since I’m a born and bred Southerner, it was something more country sounding I’m sure 😉 I’ve been to chicken to vlog ….but now I should, b/c it’s fun putting a voice with the face! Happy Birthday to everyone!

  17. You have an adorable accent!!!!!!! Spicy is always the way to go!

  18. Glad you liked the muscles! 🙂 And yes, more VLOGs please!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! Already wished her a Happy Birthday on your sister’s blog, but you can never get enough birthday wishes… 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!! October’s a busy birthday month for you!

    More VLOGs, but only if you show your face! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  20. I like mine with white wine sauce. And bread for dipping. yum!

    You are so cute. I don’t think I have ever heard a Chicagoan [except actors attempting it] but definitely an accent there.

    You would scream “southern” if you ever heard me vlog. heehee

  21. I love mussels, especially spicy ones! Love the vlog, you are just too cute! (accent and all!) Tony was funny in the background too! 🙂

  22. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have never tried mussels, but I hope to try them some day. Love your vlog. Hope you had a great birthday!

  23. i’ve never tried mussels. I”m not one to eat much out of the sea. I’d love to see more vlogs, how fun! I didn’t notice any accent so I must have the same one!

  24. Yay, I love the vlog and hope you’ll do more! I don’t know what a Chicago accent sounds like, but you sounded a little northern, like my friends in MN! I might be mistaken–you weren’t talking enough for me to really tell, and it wasn’t very strong if it was there. Do you think I have an accent when you watch my vids? I never think i do but that’s because I sound like everyone else to me! lol

  25. Mmmm, mussels. Love them so much. You should try smoked mussels as well – divine!

  26. Happy Birthdays coming your way. Ew yuck–no mussels for me, please. (but I do eat onions!). It was fun, though, to see and hear you. On the challenge front, 3 1/2 down, 16 1/2 to go! Thanks for helping get me off my duff and back in the good fight.

  27. Add another birthday to the list – I’m tomorrow – so come to NY & we’ll go out to eat…drink wine…and do a VLOG together! 😛
    I have to listen to it again, but you sounded like a teenager & Tony sounded like Jim Belushi. 😀

  28. If the mussels weren’t briny, they were probably farm raised. I’m not a fan of mussels, but Guy loves them, along with clams and oysters their cousins. He craves all of those, but I never even think about them. And, PS, my allergist says avoid, because they’re loaded with pollutants.

  29. […] our visit can be longer!  Hope you had a fun girls night out at ZaZas!  You can check out my vlog of me eating mussels for the first time at ZaZa’s for Tony’s birthday back in […]

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