I do call my blogger friends my friends!

I had such a great time with my blogger friend Robin of Big Red Kitchen yesterday! The good part about meeting a stranger for lunch is that we really aren’t even strangers – we’ve been following each others blogs since 2008, and we already knew so much about each other, it was really like meeting an old friend for lunch. 😀

We went to Carlucci’s – I wanted to take her to a “Chicago” restaurant – the appetizer was my favorite part – she had a coupon from the concierge at her hotel for a free app. 😀

Bruschettone di Tonno

Peppercorn Encrusted Seared Ahi Tuna with

Artichokes, Tomatoes and Basil on Grilled

Tuscan Bread with Black Olive Tapenade

She got the baked rigatoni and I got the flat bread pizza – which was just okay – they had mussels on the menu and I should have ordered that!

We talked for over three hours!  I know if we lived anywhere near each other, we would be the best of friends walking, cooking and talking about blogs.  I am so happy that we finally met! 😀

I do consider you all as my friends and my life is richer for it.

I had nothing on the menu last night (probably secretly hoping that Tony would cave and agree to pizza!) but I had leftover chili and some chips – and Tony had a chili dog and tots.

Thanks for a great lunch Robin! 😀  (and she made me feel tall – she’s really tiny!)

I slept in this morning so I missed my weigh in – so I expect a good number next week! 😀

And for those following along – I didn’t work out Thursday or Friday and my blood sugar numbers were completely normal, so I think exercise is the missing link to how much insulin I need – I’ll talk to my doctor about it in November.

What do you have going on this weekend?  My Mom is coming over tomorrow – we are going to Goodwill in the afternoon and then having Sunday super.  Probably going to make a pot roast, since that’s something she wouldn’t normally make for herself.

What’s your favorite Sunday dinner menu?  Have a great Saturday! 😀

21 thoughts on “I do call my blogger friends my friends!

  1. My mom is here this weekend, so planning things around her! We had Latin food last night and I just came home from yoga. Lunch out & then apple picking today!

  2. I love my blogger friends too! It’s so nice to meet in person and feel like you’ve already known each other for years. (I’m starting a new blog this weekend!)

  3. Fun lunch! The flatbread looks awesome! Bummer that it was just ok. Have fun with your mom! We did the komen race today. Tomorrow is brunch and football

  4. Sounds like a really fun lunch. That appetizer sounds amazing! 🙂

  5. Ah, very nice Biz. What a nice time and great memories. I consider my blogging friends my friends too, including you. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  6. I love my blogger friends as well! I have been talking to some of them for years. I just wish I lived closer to some of them. Or any of them LOL

  7. It’s always fun to meet blogging buddies! Yay for you and Robin! I did not realize you are in the Chicago area…my son just went there to meet his gf’s family. She is from there and is attending college here in VA.

  8. I love when blog buddies become real life friends, so fun! My fave Sunday night dinner during the fall has to be chili, gets me every time 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  9. You guys look great together. [Did she knit that sweater? It is gorgeous 🙂 ]

    Nothing going on here except band. band and more band. Oh and finally decorating for Halloween. YAY!

    Enjoy your visit with your Mom – and pot roast is an amazing Sunday dinner.

  10. I have many blogger friends, and I definitely call them that! Looks like it was a fun meeting. One day, Biz…one day. 🙂

  11. Great fun! I did have a great day in chicago- did the architectural boat tour which was really good. Also ate at portillos for a dog and Italian beef. Now I am going to go down to the pool and relax. Have a fun day with your mom and a great Sunday!
    I heart Chicago!!!

    Skippymom- thanks about the sweater- it is from Target!

  12. I was laughing out loud reading your about page. Good luck with your diabetes. My dad has had Type 1 since he was 20 and had a kidney and pancreas transplant 16 years ago. It is still going strong if you can believe that. They usually give organs a life span of 7 years or so. His transplant was done at Stanford & his organs have held up longer than any other transplant patient.

    He has always been an athlete (like you , great photos) and eats a whole food diet. His favorites are nuts, cheese and berries. His diet is by no means low fat, but he avoids processed foods simply because he doesn’t like them. I am sure this attributes to his transplant success.

    Everyone is so different, I hope you continue to learn all that is beneficial to your health. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Looks like you had a great blogger meet up! How fun! And nothing beats leftover chili!!

    My favorite Sunday dinner has to be soup of any form! I do have to say…you can’t beat a good pot roast though!!

  14. I feel the very same way about bloggy friends! I would LOVE it if we could all get together for a weekend!

    DD4 has an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend so we’ve been at the college all day long! And there was NO food there so my calories are looking pretty darn good for today! LOL

  15. Biz, I definitely look forward to “seeing” you every morning! This blogging community is the best! 🙂


  16. Great meet up! I’ve met up only once with a group of people and it was so much fun!!

    Have fun with Momma!

  17. Aw, it sounds like you guys had a wonderful lunch together! I can certainly imagine it would be so easy to gab for hours with any of my blogging buddies and I only hope I have the opportunity some day. Good luck with your blood sugar levels–hope you get it all worked out soon so you can exercise again! Have fun with your madre!

  18. I consider my “blogger friends” my ‘friends’ as well! And you are one of them!

  19. What a fun lunch! I would love to meet some of the inspiring people I read about each day. I don’t think I would follow a blog unless I felt like this person is someone I would want to know in real life.

    Love the photo! You look great Biz. I definitely think you should treat yourself to those size 10 pants soon 🙂

  20. You are both tiny! 🙂 The lunch sounds amazing! I can’t wait to meet YOU soon! I told my mom I’m going to try and get a week in Chicago in mid December, so hopefully then! 🙂

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