Slow Down

We had an office party yesterday, that started with breakfast.  One of my co-workers makes the best breakfast casseroles – this one is you classic sausage casserole – this one is so good – I mean how can you go wrong with breakfast sausage, eggs and cheese?  My guess is this slice is 8 points.

I really wanted two pieces this was that good. 😀

We had a luncheon at work and we picked up food from Noodles & Company – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten there before and it was good – especially their Japanese Pad Thai – I have no idea how to count the points on this plate – any clue?

I left my office a couple minutes early because I had to drop off a package to fed ex.  I was making great time!  While I don’t have the 2 hour commute (one way!) when I worked in Chicago, my commute now is about 30-45 minutes one way depending on traffic. 

Then all of a sudden the traffic stopped.  I didn’t move for a few minutes, and I was getting mad because I thought I was going to get home earlier than normal.  But then I saw the sirens.  When I finally made it to the sirens, I saw there was a 3 car accident, and I saw a girl about Hannah’s age just crying as a paramedic was asking her if she was hurt. 

Then I felt like an ass.  Here I was getting mad over traffic when there was an accident where someone was obviously shaken up.  It reminded me to slow down, not get worked up over things out of my control.  Life is too short to get upset over stuff like that, right?

I had sloppy joes on the menu last night – I steamed up these frozen veggies because they were in the half off bin.  I would pay $1.50 for this, but never $3.  They were in a light butter sauce and each half cup serving is only 1 WW point.  I had 2 servings. 😀

I only had half the bun (the buns I got were 6 points each – I didn’t realize!)  So dinner comes in at 11 points.  Yes, I love having mustard on my sloppy joes – I think it balances out the sweetness of manwich. 😀

Stats for Tuesday

  • I am guessing about 35-38 points?
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 108

Have you ever been in a car accident?  My family was in a bad car accident when I was 4.  We were driving in a Mustang when we got hit sideways, which then pushed our car head first into a telephone pole.

I was sitting in the back middle seat (way before seat belts!) and my face hit the passenger side seat really hard.  I just remember that everyone was more hurt than I was and I was left in the waiting room while the rest of my family was behind curtains.  I just remember a man with a huge 70’s mustache keep asking me if I wanted a candy bar.

He reminded me of Gene Shalit – I am totally dating myself – I am sure the 20 somethings that read this blog are like, who the hell is that??

One side of my face was black and blue for the longest time, but I ended up having a dimple on that side of my face.  Luckily for us we all survived. 😀

Make it a great day! 😀

36 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. I’ve never had Manwich! I bet I’d like it. I like lentil sloppy joes 😀

    I like mustard on just about everything. Ever have it on baked beans? SO GOOD! Sweet + tangy. Yum.

    • I’ll have to try that. When I have tots or fries I always mix in ketchup and mustard and then salt and pepper – Tony thought I was so weird the first time he saw me do that!

    • Mustard on baked beans is the BEST!

      Jenn, you live upstate – Grandma Brown baked beans is the best with some Gulden’s mustard & brown sugar. HEAVEN!

      The don’t sell Grandma Brown’s on LI, so when I head upstate I buy a cart load for my family & friends down here. 😀

  2. i’m 40 and even I don’t know who Gene Shalit is. 🙂

  3. I’ve actually been in 8 car accidents, none my fault. More than my fair share and enough to not only make me a bit of a nervous driver but also a nervous passenger. The most serious one was a head on collision and the one that made me the most nervous and upset was getting T-boned when Little Helen was in the back seat. No thank you is my feeling about car accidents, even fender benders!

  4. Ah Noodles & Company – my husband is the manager at the one here in Sacramento. I have eaten way too many Noodles since he started with the company 2+ years ago! And the Japanese Pan is one of my favorites!

  5. I love those breakfast casseroles!

    Thankfully, I’ve only been in a couple minor fender benders. They are scary enough, I can imagine how disturbing it was for you to be in that accident at such a young age.

  6. Car accidents are SO scary. I rear ended a friend of mine when I was 16. I’ve also been rear ended! I hope everyone in the accident you saw was ok! Breakfasty bakes are SO good! I need to make another

  7. I’ve been in a few fender benders in my adult life, but the biggest one was when I was a kid in the back of my parent’s car. It’s all fuzzy to me, but I remember it was snowing and the car spinning and that everyone was OK.

    What? The egg casserole recipe you linked to has onions in it? Don’t tell me you like something with onions in it??? 😉

  8. Wow. Glad your family was okay Biz. I remember the days of no seat belts and sleeping on the floor or in the back window in our big Chrysler. Yikes. I have been in several accidents, none my fault, but probably the scariest was hitting a deer in broad daylight, totaling my car [a tiny Ford Festiva] when I was eight months pregnant with JR. Luckily I had a cop right behind me. heehee.

    Manwich is such a yummy quick meal – but mustard? I must cry foul Biz. Foul!

    And sometimes you can look up WW points for restaurants via the net if you want to find out how much the plate is. I don’t know if N&Co. does it, but it is worth a try.

    Have a great day my friend!

  9. erintakescontrol

    I love sausage casserole! The photo you took of it looks exactly like the one my Mom makes!

  10. Everything looks so good! Especially those tater tots! My grandmother used to cook those for me when I was growing up! I loved them!

    I haven’t been in an accident that resulted in injuries, thankfully. But we have had some near misses that made me want to get out and slap the other drivers!

  11. Mmmm, Manwiches. Stuff of heartburn for me. I used to make them for my family – we liked them with a slice of American cheese on top. So good! And I always served them with tater tots, too – how funny.

  12. Loved Manwich as a kid. Definitely one of those things that brings back memories of Mom.

  13. It always breaks my heart when I see bad accidents. Hard to see how carelessness can ruin someone’s life.

  14. Manwiches – I haven’t had one in years! I hated them when I was little, but liked them as an adult. Go figure.

    I have been in a couple fender benders. Nothing too terrible. The worst accident I was in was actually on my bike about 20 years ago when I had a head-on collision with another biker. I was covered in bruises (it was really gross LOL).

    • Lori, I can’t get to your blog. All week Google says can’t find page. Is anyone else having trouble? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  15. That casserole looks delicious! Good for you for stopping at one piece. I am sure it wasn’t easy.
    I have been in a couple car accidents. Nothing too serious. This last one, I was driving my parents car a couple years ago. I beat up the car pretty bad but myself and the other driver were both fine, thankfully.

  16. Hey Biz! The breakfast casserole sounds good, and would be great for entertaining! As for Noodles & Co, have you checked their website? A lot of restaurants are doing nutrition now, so you might be able to convert to points from that, if that’s possible?

    • Yep, they do have the nutrition, but without a scale to measure out my portion sizes, its nearly impossible to figure out the exact points – it was just one meal so I am not going to worry about it! 😀

  17. Love the egg casserole:) I make a mean one too. And everyone around here talks about Noodles & Co. but I have never been yet!

  18. Roz@weightingfor50

    Good heavens, I haven’t thought or heard of Gene Shalit for EONS. So I’m dating myself too. (if he is a chef, he could be Gene Shallot! OMG…did I write that???) I’ve been in two minor fender benders…hopefully that’ll be it. Even though it was minor, it still shook me up. Have a wonderful day Vat!

  19. yes, i totally know who Gene Shalit is…lol Accidents scare the bejeeziz out of me…esp when I think of my kids driving…yikes….

    I hate it when you eat meals you totally don’t know how to count points for….for me, it messes with my whole week! I guess even assigning it a number and just moving forward is better than not counting at all.

    I get those frozen veg boxes when they are on sale and eat them for lunch sometimes, if I have some chicken or protein left over from the night before to go with. They are great sides in a pinch and I too, eat the entire box. How can you have too many veggies? lol

  20. Love the moustache! My dad has quite the ‘stache going on (he’s SUPER proud of it). Ryan and I bought him a shirt with different types on it for him for Christmas. Bahahaha!

  21. I got hit once while running while I was in college. Luckily I was able to get up and walk home, even though the guy was FLIPPING out over having hit me and wanted to take me to the ER.

  22. That breakfast casserole looks delish! Cheese is one of my very favorite things but I have developed an intolerance for dairy – “sigh”. I’m still in withdrawal.

  23. I’m so jealous of your Noodles and Company lunch! I love their food!

    I’ve been in a car accident before. When I was six, we were in an accident with a semi….I broke my hip. It was pretty bad and I still remember it very well!

  24. Noodles and Co has nutritional stats online! 🙂
    I’ve never been in a car accident, and I’ve never tried Manwhich before!

  25. I’ve been in 1 bad accident and it was horrible. I wasn’t terribly hurt but just the whole experience totally shook me up. I always feel so bad when I see accidents because I know that someone’s life is changed to some extent.

    I even feel bad when I see someone getting a ticket because I know that feeling and I HATE it!!

  26. I love those moments when I realize there is a bigger picture and usually life isn’t worth getting upset over! They don’t happen often b/c as my husband will tell you, I think I am the center of the universe. 😉 OK, I’m 31 and even I don’t recognize that scary dude! I would have been scarred for life if I was left shaken up with a bruised face in a waiting room while a guy like that was offering me candy bars. HORROR! lol

  27. I do that too, get all worked up about traffic then bring myself back to reality, whats really important here?. I had an unlicenced unregistered driver run up the back of my car about a year ago. Scared the bejebus out of me. Luckily it wasn’t serious but still haven’t got the car repaired because the guy was uninsured too!
    I don’t think we have manwich here, sounds intriguing!

  28. Oh goodness, I love a good,cheesy breakfast casserole! Doesn’t get any better!!! I’ve been in one car accident. I was 16 and had my license for about 3 weeks, I was car #4 in a 7 car pile up. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

  29. Gene Shalit’s name now just makes me think of this:

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