Can I or Will I?

Loved reading all your comments yesterday on food budgets – and thanks for the great tips! πŸ˜€

Last week I got about 30 new potatoes on the dollar rack – last weekend I roasted them and kept them in the fridge to have on hand for the week.Β  The roasted peppers inspired by breakfast – or what I like to call “end of the week leftover hash.”

Six ounces new potatoes, 1 ounce deli ham, 1 zucchini and 1/2 ounce of shredded Parmesan cheese – this hash comes in at 8 points, with the tiny bagel, breakfast is 11 points.

We celebrated National Bosses Day at my office yesterday – we decided to do a chili theme – I made the buffalo chicken chili, another co-worker made the best beer cheddar bread and my other co-worker brought in the chili fixins.Β  The chili was a big hit – a couple people even went back for thirds! πŸ˜€

Um, I may have had two bowls and 2 slices of bread – maybe 13 points??

Tony called me up and asked if I had anything on the menu for dinner last night.Β  I didn’t (but of course secretly hoping that he would utter the words “how about pizza?!”) so he said he would take care of dinner.

Enter:Β  Homemade Hooters Buffalo Shrimp.Β  Holy shizz peeps.Β  These taste even better than the ones I have had at Hooters!Β  The secret is in the breading – here’s how they look waiting for the deep fryer to get to temp.

They only take about 4 minutes to deep fry – look at how crispy they are!Β  Tony and I each had 8 shrimp.

None of the finished product pictures turned out, but they kinda looked like this:

When we finished eating Tony said “I could eat these every night!”Β  Yep, they were that good, but I wish he felt the same way about pizza. πŸ˜€

So I am sure everyone is waiting with baited breath about my weigh in . . .

Yep, I am up a pound for the last two weeks, but I will take it.Β  My leader has the best catch phrase – work the plan a little, you lose a little.Β  Work the plan a lot, you lose a lot.Β  I hardly worked the plan at all – little tracking, the bites and tastes that never get recorded, and the lack of exercise.

So the topic at the WW meeting this week was CAN vs. WILL.Β  I can work out every day, I can track on eTools, I can get my water intake in.Β  So this week I have to turn the CAN into WILL:

  • IΒ WILL track my points (even on the weekends, which I never do)
  • I WILL workout out 45 minutes a day
  • IΒ WILL cut down on the wine this week
  • I WILL have a loss at next weeks weigh in

WhatΒ WILLΒ you do this week?Β  Happy Saturday! πŸ˜€



17 thoughts on “Can I or Will I?

  1. You WILL do it Bizzy. We know you! It is a lot to keep track of, but broken down and made into things you do automatically will make it a habit. And those are good habits to have.

    Good luck. I will be sending you great thoughts this week – positive.positive.positive.

    Hugs my friend!

  2. I need to make those shrimp! They look amazing! YUM!

    I like your leader’s phrase…I need to apply that to a few different areas of my life at the moment!

  3. Here’s to ‘working the plan a lot’ this week. It’s constant huh, this healthy eating. I really do love healthy food thank goodness. I am about to bake a dozen sweet potatoes to have on hand.

  4. We love shrimp here! My favorite is my bourbon shrimp on Charleston grits! So good!

    I will get this dang house cleaned up this week. I WILL. Really.

    Happy Birthday to your FIL and my brother!

  5. I’m hoping to get to a physical therapist this week to get my hip checked! I cant’ run and it’s killing me!

  6. Happy Birthday Carl!

    You CAN do all those things Biz!

  7. Love can vs. will! Great reminder! This week I will get a workout in before work each day!

  8. Your leader sounds awesome-her thoughts are so true. Want to try your amazing chili!!

  9. Wow.. the crunch on those shrimp!
    I also loved all of the budgeting tips on last post.
    Though I don’t yet have a family to feed, I’m on a pretty tight college budget! Some people had really good pointers. And I still have yet to try your buffalo chicken chili! That will be happening this winter for sure.

  10. Those shrimp look delicious! Great topic at WW, one I really need this week. I will track all my food. I’ve let this slide this week. I will go back to my marathon training plan at last. I will not snack mindlessly. I will have a great week.

  11. It’s a good thing I don’t own a deep fat fryer! You make things that looks so good in that hot oil!

    Thanks for sharing about your WW meeting. Can vs will is a good one! Those WW leaders can sometimes say just what you need to hear at the right moment.

    I just read everyone’s budget tips from the other post. I spend way too much money on groceries. We still have both of our college kids living at home and often times are feeding their college friends as well so the food can go fast!

    I buy a lot of things in bulk at Sam’s club and Costco, like veggies, fruit, meat, eggs, canned items, yogurt and so on. They even carry a lot of Organic products now. We do eat left overs so I can make big pots of soup, meat loaf, pasta dishes and so on that we can get several meals out of. I know I could do better on how much money I spend.

  12. You will do it for sure Biz!

    And those shrimp look amazing!

  13. My week wasn’t a stellar one either. So we both will do better, we both can and will lost something this week. Take care Biz and have an awesome weekend.

  14. Back when I was doing Weight Watchers and posting my weigh-ins, at one point you said “I’ve almost caught up to you!” Well, I quit WW and went the other direction and now I’ve caught up to you and you weight less than me now! This week I’m going to WILL some things to happen too, b/c I’m fed up with the gain. I will make healthy choices when it comes to my food! I WILL not gain any more weight!

  15. Here’s to a new and better week. Thought you would like this ad graffiti

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  16. First of all, I’m not your father-in-law. Second, my name isn’t Carl. And third, it’s not my birthday.


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