I love music!

I was reminded the night before last night how much t.v. is an intregal part of our daily life.  While I love all types of music, Tony is more of a talk radio/sports radio fan.  Our t.v. is pretty much on 24/7 when we are awake.  Sometimes if we aren’t even in the room!  (or rooms – is it sad that we only have 4 rooms in our house and we have 4 t.v.’s??!!).

After Hannah and I had dinner and watched Househunters International Monday night, at the stroke of 8:00 p.m. is when the worst happens – its recording 4 shows at the same time, so you either have to watch a recorded show, or turn off your t.v.  Since Tony was out to dinner, all the shows that were being recorded were ones we watch together and I turned off the t.v.

And we listened to music!  Hannah was doing some homework, I was making pumpkins scones, and it was nice.  That’s why I have been loving Pandora – its turned me on to artists I had never even heard of.

Want to know my eclectic Pandora stations so far?

  • Adele
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • Pink
  • India Arie
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Harry Chapin
  • James Taylor

When I put the station on “Quick Mix” you can imagine the variety of music I listen to!  Well here is a new favorite artist of mine:  Laura Marling.  Never heard of her, but coincidentally I heard it on my Pandora yesterday and then heard it on Chicago’s WXRT station on my way home from work.

I think she has such an interesting tone to her voice.  Can’t wait to check out more of her songs.

So I’ve been dreaming of Nicole’s pumpkin scones since the day she posted them.  Last night was the perfect night to make them.  Although I followed her recipe to the T, I felt the dough was a little dry, so I added a couple more tablespoons of half in half.  I should have just kept kneading the dough, because then it was too sticky.

I didn’t want to add more flour, then I’d be eating pumpkin hockey pucks (no pun intended – Nicole plays ice hockey!).  So I ended up using my 1/3 cup and made scone “drop biscuits.”  So while they don’t look anywhere near as pretty as Nicole’s, the taste was fantastic.

And because I used my 1/3 cup measure, I got 8 scones instead of Nicole’s six – so each one comes in at: 281 calories, 9 fat, 45 carbs, 1 fiber and 4.1 protein – or 7 PointsPlus.

I was concerned that I was going to be starving before lunch, but this held me pretty well – I think next time I’ll pair it with a cheese stick or egg white scramble to bump up the protein.  Thanks Nicole! 😀

Checked the weather channel before heading out for my walk/run.  Said 50% chance of rain, and I debated about even going.  Then I thought about my post and said “I will get wet – so what?!”  I drizzled for the first five minutes, and then the sun came out.  I had mapped 3.2 miles, and at the half way turn around point told myself “just run as far as you can before stoppng to walk.”

Um, doesn’t everyone have these internal discussions in their head? 😀  I have no idea if it was the cooler temperature, or being warmed up after the first 1.6 miles, but I finished the last 1.6 miles in 18 minutes!.  That’s an 11:15 pace – woot!  Here is a cool pace calculator by the way – just enter the time and distance and it will give you a pace.

I am trying to incorporate more veggies into the mix – still struggle with that a lot of the time.  Enter the acorn squash.  I’ve made acorn squash bisque (um, only 2 WW points per cup people!), but I’ve never had just the vegetable.

I sliced and baked these for 45 minutes over the weekend.  Then as I was putting the squash in my tupperware, I sprinkled taco seasoning over the top – I used about 1 tsp. of olive oil and salt and pepper per squash – so this side serving is only 1 WW point.  On the side were three chicken and spinach tacos – all together lunch comes in at 9 points.

Dinner was my 10 point stuffed peppers.  The quick version is to poke a hole in the top of the peppers, then microwave on fresh vegetable.  They cook through but still retain the shape before being stuffed and then baked.

I recently found a seasoning that I am loving – I found it at Penzey’s Spice store in Oak Park – it’s called Italian sausage seasoning – I added about 1/2 a teaspoon to my pepper mixture.


  • 29 points (includes 1 oz. of pretzels after dinner)
  • 45 minute, 3.2 mile walk/run – 18 minute 1.6 miles 😀
  • average blood sugar 141


  • Q:  What are two things you can see from outer space?
  • A:  The Great Wall of China and the Lazy-Susan I bought at the thrift store over the weekend.

I don’t care – I still love it! 😀


26 thoughts on “I love music!

  1. Your joke is adorable!! I love it, too!! Glad you liked the scones…and less calories…score! Mine were huge so that was a good call 🙂 P.S. LOVE Pandora…I never use my iPod anymore!

  2. I love acorn squash. I usually just cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and roasted it facedown on an foiled & sprayed cooking sheet at 350 for about 30 minutes, and then I use the halves as bowls for chili – yum! Or it’s good with butter and cinnamon, of course, haha.

  3. Yummmmm! The drop biscuits look wonderful to me! There are so many good shows on right now! Our dvr is on over drive. Acorn squash is my fav, but i havent found a squash i dont like!

  4. I love your new lazy Susan! And go you – that’s a quick 1.6!!!

  5. I’m having trouble keeping the veggies up too. Love the scones, they look awesome!

    I love just listening to music rather than watch TV. I”ve been trying for years to get the TV off more and more!

  6. I love the microwaving the peppers tip!

    And I love the Lazy Susan. Funny joke though! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  7. I need to start baking more with pumpkin. I love it so much, but my 9 yr old doesn’t so I’ve been catering to him (don’t most moms with their sons?? ha).
    I love when we have the music blaring in the house. It’s so much fun!

  8. Mmmm squash :):)

    Those are very close to my Pandora stations! Adele is great.

  9. I love pandora. I need to use it more often when I’m cleaning the house. I hate cleaning when it’s quiet. Drives me insane.

    I will make your acorn squash bisque. I have an acorn squash from our CSA and no idea what to do with it.

  10. I love music, too! I have a really eclectic mix of artists/songs I like on my mp3. My kids make fun of me – it runs the gammut from Eminem to the OJays to Kid Rock to Miley Cyrus! I know, I’m weird!

    Love the scones! Will have to try them!

  11. I was at Starbucks a few weeks ago having a staredown with a pumpkin scone. I couldn’t find any way to justify a 500+ calorie treat, so he was left by his lonesome. I want to make pumpkin scones, but I fear that I would eat them all in one setting. I LOVE them dearly!

    Ryan and I LOVE Adele. He started listening to her after he got home and fell in love. Very rarely do we agree on music, so it’s nice to not fight about who gets control in the car! I also love walking in on him singing along when he doens’t know I’m there! Bahahaha!

  12. I’m a HUGE music person, I believe since I grew up playing so much in my free time. As much as I love listening to music ( the new kelly clarkson album is AWESOME) sometimes I miss playing the piano whenever I want…so i might invest in a keyboard!

  13. I love music. With my job as a transcriptionist, I can’t have music on while I work. I would rather have music on than the TV in the evenings. On John’s poker nights, I don’t even have the TV on unless it is football 😀

    My mind has all kinds of internal ramblings going on. it’s pretty scary.

  14. Yeah. I still love it to. As a matter of fact, I covet it! LOL

    I love my Pandora stations! I listen while I walk my five miles every day! I like the variety and the fact that, if I do get bored, I can just change my station!

  15. Nice pace Bizzy. 🙂 You’re doing what you said you would and that is awesome. [Even if it was raining. boo]

    I love pumpkin, but not a fan of scones. Blasphemy isn’t it?

  16. My laptop ALWAYS has the Adele Pandora station playing! Great music choice Biz 🙂 I’ve never had a scone.. Nor acorn squash. What kind of foodie am I? Apparently not much of one 😉 thanks for the spice suggestion as well, im a huge spice fan because they can make such a difference in recipes! I’d have to say my favorite is still tj’s 21 salute!

  17. We don’t watch much T.V. but my kids have gotten in the habit of a morning song. Every morning they request one while getting ready for school (Adele is a favorite), and I play it through youtube because I haven’t figured out Pandora yet. One of these days. Anything technical I pretty much am a disaster at.

  18. oh Pandora! LOVE!!! I skip between a few channels…but Foster the Ppl is by far my favorite! Husband is a total tv addict, but me, I rather have music on during the day and the house silent of the endless blah, blah, blah of the television in the background! Eveinings, I do like to sit down and enjoy some UNreality tv…lol All about escapism for me!

  19. I’ve never heard that person before.

    My Pandora?
    Celine Dion – always reminds me of when we took Hannah when she was 8!
    Josh Groban
    George Winston
    Susan Boyle
    Green Day
    Mariah Carey
    Idina Menzel
    Lady Gaga

  20. Pandora is fantastic and so is the Adele channel. Great job on your run! I enjoyed a rainy 5 miler this morning. For some reason I have no problem running in the rain if it starts raining while I am running. I will usually head to the gym if it is already raining. I totally have conversations in my head while I’m running. I’m convinced that running is much more mental than it is physical.

  21. I don’t like background music – if it’s playing, chances are I’ll be singing (loudly and badly) along to it…so I usually only listen to music when I’m alone, to spare humanity.

  22. Roz@weightingfor50

    OMG…LOVE the Lazy Susan. But because you are not named Susan, it shall be called the “Lazy Vat”. HOWEVER, to be clear, never in a billion, trillion years would I think you are lazy!!!! EVER. 🙂 Yay for the music, have a great Wed!!!!

  23. i love discovering new music on pandora! i really have found some amazing songs and artists that way. you’ve inspired me to turn on a station for florence and the machine right now!

  24. I love music too! I especially adore Adele right now. Her voice gives me goosebumps. If you haven’t already heard her speaking voice, you should check it out on youtube. After hearing it, I was even more amazed by her singing voice! I also love hearing my 4 year old daughter belt out her favorite tunes (unabashed) at the top of her lungs. Like mother, like daughter.

    Great job on your run, Biz! You know what they say…the faster you run, the faster you’re done. 🙂

  25. I really love music too. I can’t imagine a single day without my favorite songs. James Taylor seems to understand everything about life. But right now, it’s Pitbull for my workouts.

    I like the Tony joke! Hehe.

    🙂 Marion

  26. I LOVE music. It keeps me going through the workday and through a workout!
    I also love listening to music while I cook…something about doing that calms me down after a long day.

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