Six Minute Mile – for one minute!

I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants, water off a ducks back kinda person.  Two of my bosses were going to be out yesterday, and I had my whole day planned, figured out what projects I would complete and get off my desk.  Um, didn’t happen – blackberry’s weren’t working, software wasn’t installed on some computers – it was crazy busy!

By the time I had breakfast it was 10:00 a.m.!  Two mini Arnold thin sammies with egg/salami and cheese – 10 PointsPlus for both.

Hannah didn’t have work or school yesterday, so we decided to have lunch together.  We were going to go to The Lucky Monk for their awesome spinach and parmesan pizza, until Tony reminded me of Nozumi – and we made a quick change of plans.

So happy Tony made the suggestion – they have the BEST calamari I’ve ever had – tender, slightly breaded and paired with the wasabi vinegar slaw and spicy mustard sauce, it is just an explosion of flavors.

We then each got a bento box – mine was spicy chicken.  I ate all the chicken because it was grilled, ate a tempura shrimp, 2 tempura veggies, the salad and a couple bites of rice, my estimate is that lunch comes in around 16 points.

I was so full from lunch I didn’t eat dinner when I got home.  Hannah and I went to the gym.  I watched Biggest Loser on Tuesday.  One of the contestants, Vinny, was on the treadmill.

Bob asked him what the fastest he ran on the treadmill and he said “6.0 mph.”  Well, over the course of several 15 second sprints, Bob got him up to 10 mph!  That’s the equivalent to a six minute mile pace.  He’s 372 pounds!  That got me thinking, if he can sprint at a six minute mile pace for 15 seconds, I could at least try to do 30 seconds.

Um, guess who did it for 1 minute?

Half way through I thought I heard Hannah say “do you want me to start filming?” and that’s when I said “are you filming??!!”  Ha!

It really is mind over matter – I think that I keep telling myself that I can’t, when my body is trying to tell me that I can. 😀  Like Helen, I keep thinking “I wonder how much faster I can go when I am 30 pounds lighter?”  Did you read her last blog post?  Go check it out – very inspiring!

I have an interesting opportunity coming up – I’ve been offered a personal trainer for six weeks beginning November 7 through December 19.  More details will be coming, but mixed with WW, I think this is just the thing I need to get through the holidays this year – and get me to 150 pounds when I begin 2012.  😀

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. – David Viscott

That’s the plan!  How are you going to push yourself today?

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 36 points
  • 45 minute jog (includes 1 minute at 10 mph!)
  • average blood sugar 122

Make it a great day!


36 thoughts on “Six Minute Mile – for one minute!

  1. Damn homie! That’s awesome! I don’t even want to think about attempting that! I can dance my heart our for an hour, but throw me on a treadmill and I. want. to. die. I love the feeling you have after a run, but during makes me want to yell curse words. Lots of ’em.

  2. You go, Biz!!! Way to push yourself! I usually push myself during spinning class. I see the instructor going “balls to the wall” and I feel like I can push myself extra. It’s exhausting but I feel so much better when I’m done!

  3. awesome! I’ve been trying to do sprints on the treadmill and increase my time each time….but I’ve only been getting on the treadmill once a week! (I take power sculpting and step at the Y – but that is still only 3 workouts a week) Got to do better! A personal trainer would be great!

  4. I pushed myself on my walk this morning. And I pushed even harder when a runner friend of mine passed by and said she’s just increased her pace from 180 to 191. WTH?! So I pumped up the speed and, wonder of wonders, it did NOT kill me! LOL

    I keep thinking I’ll start running when I lose another 30 pounds but, after reading your post, I wonder if I should run a little each day on my walk. Hmmm….

    • Go for it Pam! Just a little each day as you feel comfortable. I bet you will surprise yourself. I used to say the same thing. Now I can’t believe I waited so long. Good luck!

  5. Yay! I get to comment today!

    Isn’t it great how our bodies know what we are capable of even while our left brain is cranky? That’s why it’s so important to use skills to shut that nag up and at least TRY.

  6. Woo hoo!! That’s awesome!! I’ve never tried it. I think fastest I’ve tried is 8.5 or 9. I’m afraid of falling off!

  7. Incredible Biz! I love the video.

    “It really is mind over matter – I think that I keep telling myself that I can’t, when my body is trying to tell me that I can.” These words are exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

    I can’t wait to hear about your personal training opportunity. That will definitely give you a boost in the weight loss department.

    For me it’s time to get this challenge going. I weighed myself today and decided that I need to weigh in every other Thursday because that is what works best with my schedule. I’m down .2 from two weeks ago. Not great, but I’ll take it. Next weigh in I will be in the 150s!

  8. Good for you! You rock. You always have a good attitude and I love reading your blog!!!

  9. Way to go Biz!!! 😀

  10. You Are Awesome! I’m chicken to run a 10 on the treadmill, but you’ve inspired me!

  11. Go, Biz, Go!! You are amazing! I’ve been way to chicken to go that fast on a treadmill, but I may have to give it a shot! Can’t wait to hear more about the personal trainer, sounds like a great opportunity!

  12. Wow! That’s so awesome that you were able to push yourself and run faster than you would have thought possible. (BTW, I’m a Biggest Loser fan too–that show is so dang inspiring and always makes me cry).
    And your bento box looks sooo tasty. Mmmm!

  13. Dang Biz, your little legs were zipping along!!! I think it’s great to push yourself on these little spurts – that is the one thing I miss about having my trainers…the push. Because more often than not, I just don’t push myself like that. Good job!

  14. That’s awesome! You look like you’re going so fast. You just inspired me to make the 12pm yoga class instead of sitting here on my bum!

  15. That is an awesome sprint! Exciting on the personal trainer. I have been working with someone for about two months. While I have not seen the scale move I have seen improvements in strength and lost inches. I love just having someone tell me what to do, makes it easier for me to stick to it. Look forward to hearing about your experience.

  16. Okay, girl. You continue to inspire me. Great, interesting food–complete w WW points, doable exercise, fun. What more could I ask for. Loved your “plan C” the other day–totally what I would have done.

  17. Damn, girl. Look at those legs go!!!!!
    And super cool about the trainer. That’s awesome!

  18. I love being inspired and thinking ‘I can do that’. Good for you. And I am so jealous about the personal trainer, so awesome, I can’t wait to see if you like, love or hate it. He might be like Jillian and shout swear words in your face.

  19. I’ve worked with a trainer before for a semester and I loved it! It was great!

  20. Sounds like you had some awesome Hannah time yesterday! Great job on the run- look at those legs goooooooooooo. Isn’t it amazing to think people can run that fast over long distances? Nuts!

  21. It’s truly how amazing your body is!!
    Have fun with your trainer! Can’t wait to hear about it! Such great motivation!

  22. You are awesome!! Yes, it is mind over matter, and just when I think “I can’t do this,” somehow I find some strength and do it.
    Good luck with the trainer, that’s an awesome opportunity to have to get through the holidays happy and healthy 🙂

  23. I love the biggest loser. Like you the show pushes me to try harder. I can’t wait to see what the trainer has you do. I would love to have a Bob Harper in my life.

  24. Roz@weightingfor50

    Way to go on that run Vat!!!! OK…I may be shunned from the healthy living blog community for saying this…but I’ve never seen the Biggest Loser. 🙂 (well, not the tv show, but I have met a couple of big losers over the years…..)

  25. I bet you were dying not eating breakfast till 10 am! I would be!

  26. Yes, you can!!!! I so proud of you, Biz!!!! Listen to your body, your mind will follow!

    I work out with a personal trainer and love it! He’s always there to keep me accountable and push me farther than (my silly mind) wants to go on certain days. Also, lifting heavy weights make me feel super bada$$! 🙂

  27. Awesome work my friend…you look great!

  28. That is awesome!!! I love your food creativity with your points. I really want to get back on the treadmill. We are currently having our first snow so indoor exercise will be it for a while.

  29. OMG you looked amazing on the treadie!

  30. I am so proud of you Biz!! I have never gone over 7.0 and I’m sure that was only for a minute too. Congrats on pushing yourself –isn’t amazing how we sometimes don’t even know what we are capable of?

  31. Eek, is that even possible, Biz?! I mean running so fast for so long? 🙂 I would’ve fallen out of the rear end in the beginning…

    You must be in excellent shape!

  32. I think the first time I broke the six minute mile pace was when my dad was chasing me for a whipping, lol! He was running a four minute mile pace I’m afraid 🙂

    Seriously, good job! Running has been the foundation of my health and fitness!

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