I ate a piece of Pie. And some potato chips. And a Reuben. And Tots.

Since deciding to try a Paleo diet starting on Monday, it’s as if my stomach and brain are revolting already and are telling me “eat it now while you can because you can’t have it next week!”

I had two handfuls of potato chips (6 points) and a slice of apple pie (approximately 8 points).  I obviously could have done without both.

Breakfast?  More carbs!  Half a bagel breakfast sammie – 9 points. I did have some strawberries with it though – although they were pretty flavorless.

Lunch was leftover chicken sausage gumbo.  I think even better than the day I made it.  Pam already made it and declared it a winner – she had to distract herself from not eating it all before her husband got home from work. 😀

It was cold, rainy and windy yesterday, so I took my lunch hour and came up with a possible Paleo meal plan for next week.  I am sure I can modify some of these lunches to fit with my SIL WW plan – by the way, I still plan on weighing in at WW every week, but just not let them tell me – with the bar scan it automatically gets uploaded to my weight tracker, and I’ll just ignore that tab for the six weeks.

So here is my proposed meal plan:


  • eggs with avocado and salsa
  • roasted red pepper and spinach omelet
  • sausage zucchini eggs
  • sweet potato hash with sausage and red pepper
  • mini sausage and veggie quiches


  • chicken cilantro burgers with sweet potato fries
  • taco salad
  • beef stir fry with an orange ginger sauce
  • spaghetti squash with meat bolognese
  • shrimp cocktail and cold veggie plate


  • Beef pot roast (just no potatoes for me)
  • Ahi tuna steaks and zucchini (rice for Tony)
  • lemon and rosemary marinated chicken with mashed tots for Tony and cauliflower carrot puree for me
  • chili mac (just have my chili with spaghetti squash)
  • steak with apple horseradish relish and green beans (baked tater for Tony)
  • Tony:  meatloaf  Biz: beef lettuce wraps with chimichurri sauce

So what do you think??  For the first two weeks I will also be giving up coffee.  I keep reminding myself that this initial challenge is only 14 days and I have the strength and will power to see it through.  I just have to steer clear of Reuben’s and tots! 😀

Hannah’s car is still in the shop.  While we love this repair shop, they sometimes can’t get to the repair very fast.  We decided to rent a car for a week.  We ended up getting a 2012 Ford Taurus – holy shit this car has all the bells and whistles!

It’s got built in XM radio, bluetooth capabilities – it even has a rear view mirror camera that pops up when you go in reverse!  While this car typically sells for $35k, we will enjoy our $150 weekly rental. 😀

Since we were out and about, we decided to go out to eat.  We ended up at Wool Street.  Again, the voice inside my head said “last supper!”  And how could I pass up  $2 Sam Adam’s Light??

And I think that Allison somehow channeled herself to me because when it was time to order my dinner I said “I’ll have a Reuben.  With Tots.”  She’s probably the only other person in the world who loves Reuben’s more than me. 😀

I ended up eating half the Reuben, half the guts of the second half and then about 15 tots.  It was so good!  But this morning showed a 2.4 pound gain on the scale, leaving me with an overall loss of .8 for the week.  We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow at WW!

Don’t forget you have until Sunday morning to submit your BSI recipe – pumpkin!

And you have until Monday to enter my food scale giveaway.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of the sunset as we were heading into the restaurant – can’t have too many pictures of the sky. 😀

Happy Friday!


31 thoughts on “I ate a piece of Pie. And some potato chips. And a Reuben. And Tots.

  1. Flavorless strawberries are so disappointing. Tots are never a let down : )

  2. Ah! Biz – don’t fall into that trap of the last supper 🙂

    I actually can’t wait to see what you can create out of this Paleo Diet, I’m sure you’ll figure out some deluxe way to make the food.

    I was down 1.8 this week and am .9 away from getting into the next set of numbers on the scale – I can’t wait to see that!

  3. Your meal plan looks great! I feel like I could do the Paleo Diet if I had you cooking for me 🙂

    And *drooling*, I used to hate Reubens, but my mom is obsessed, then one day I randomly ordered one and i fell in love! haha

  4. This sounds great Biz – the Paleo diet. Very VERY similar to what I’ve been doing. I can’t believe how within 2 days I stopped craving junk or sugar, or really most carbs. And thanks for your meal plan for the week – you always give me great ideas.

    I have to tell you as I begin day 10(!) of this plan with NO deviations, I’m feeling light years better than I was. I think I was literally toxic from eating so much sh*t. Good luck to you – I’ll be reading everyday to see how it goes. Have a great w/e!

  5. I’m totally in ‘last supoer’ mode too! This Paleo diet doesn’t seem so scary yet. I need to work in a menu plan though.

    Have you checked out Robb Wolf’s site? Its a pretty good one with tips and menu ideas!

    Also I LOVE rubens, if its on a menu I’m probably going to get it. 🙂

  6. NO COFFEE!!!! Yikes. I consider coffee a food group. This summer we lost power for a couple of days after a hurricane. I seriously considered sucking on coffee grounds.

  7. Finally able to catch up on some blogs….I will be interested in seeing how you do with the diet. I know I could NEVER give up coffee!! lol I have never been very successful long term on restrictive food diets…I think I love food too much to be able to do it.

    LOVED! your Halloween costume!

    I am going to send you an email with my BSI entry. So happy it’s back! Yay!

  8. Yep, the famous last supper or “Let’s eat all we can because tomorrow we diet.” Most of us have been there. 😦

  9. Your menu looks great!! If you’re a big caffeine drinker, you might go through caffeine withdrawls, hope it goes okay though. I so can’t wait to see how this goes! I’m rooting for you!

  10. The last supper is starting a little early! It’s not forever, the Paleo diet…remember that. 🙂

    I could almost consider doing it, but no coffee??? Gah. I’d cheat and sneak it. Not worth the caffeine headache otherwise.

    I do love your menu – and agree with the others, if there is anybody who can make this more interesting, it’s you! Hmmm…maybe you have a book waiting to come out: “Paleo for the Real World”!

  11. I’m not wanting to eat a lot, just a lot of grains 😀 So far I’ve managed to control it somewhat. It sure is going to be interesting. You know what else is interesting? I am NOT giving up coffee, no way, no how!

  12. erintakescontrol

    This meal plan is FANTASTIC. I am going to have to draw some inspiration from it…especially the orange ginger sauce. It just sounds incredible.

    It took me almost a month to detox from sugar/potatoes/etc. There were some days I could have spit nails – I wanted crap food soooo bad. Don’t let my initial experience deter you, though, because I have so much energy now it’s ridiculous. My skin cleared up, I lost 5 pounds almost immediately, and I just FEEL better.

    A lot of people eliminate coffee on paleo during a detox period and then add it back in later. I drink maybe 3 cups a week? You don’t have to give it up forever. Here’s a good article from Mark’s Daily Apple about caffeine in general: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/coffee-tea-caffeine-talk/ and if you search his site, there is more info on caffeine/coffee/tea.

  13. Don’t go overboard before Monday! You will do fine. Trust me. I did grain-free for 3 weeks and it was not really that hard or that bad. Once you get past the 2nd day, you will be fine. The first day wasn’t hard, but day 2 took some getting used to.

  14. You are so funny, the Last Supper! Eat up! Have a great weekend Biz.

  15. I think your meals look pretty good. Also check out

    For some other great ideas (like spaghetti squash pad thai!)

    I find when I am trying to go primal, that eggs for breakfast are good. Sometimes fruit/nuts.

    Lunches and dinners are often stir-fries and soups and salads. Veggies and protein, veggies and protein.

    Make sure you bake those sweet potato fries.

    • Okay, I will definitely try to make a spaghetti squash pad thai – sounds so good! What?? I can’t deep fry my sweet potato fries? Just kidding – the deep fryer is safe in the basement and no longer on my kitchen counter! 😀

  16. I have a last supper mentality every Sunday night! Hahaha…Been there, done that! That’s why I don’t do restrictions anymore. 🙂 Your meals sound delicious though. Since I keep to lower carb meals anyways, they don’t sound that restrictive to me. Instead of saying I can’t have grains anymore, tell yourself you get to have beef stir fry with orange ginger sauce!

    I love tots! One of the restaurants around here serves cajun tots that we can never get enough of!

  17. Okay, it took me a hot minute to pick out only 2 pumpkin recipes, but I went with one savory and one sweet:



    Best of luck on your weigh in and the new paleo thing 🙂

  18. Even though I am not a fan of restrictive diets I think it can be a positive change if it helps wean you off coffee, sugar and processed foods. I agree with the others in that your body will adjust. I notice this with sugar. As much as we all love it, when we wean ourselves off it it’s easier to stay away from.

    Thank you for your kind words as well. You are so right, my sister is totally Badass!

  19. Hope you have a good weigh in tomorrow and your Paleo diet works well starting on Monday. I wish I was more brave to try new and different food. Love your new rental car. I have a 2011 Ford Taurus, same color as your rental, too! Have a great weekend.

  20. Yahhh see….I can’t do the whole you CAN”T have x thing. I really think it just makes you want it more. But thats just me 😉 Tots! Its been too long. Now I want some. Glad you’re enjoying the rental

  21. The thought of no coffee makes me sad 😦 I’m excited to see how this Paleo thing goes! Ryan’s pants don’t fit, so maybe it will be a good fit (pun intended) for him!

  22. I just finished the Paleo Comfort Foods book and found several great recipes. Can’t wait to try the sweet potato hash and bread load made with almond flour 🙂 Good luck!

  23. I always eat a lot before I start a new dieting venture, but sometimes the “last supper” lasts for months before I finally start! haha. Don’t be like me, Biz! 🙂 I’m drooling all your last supper eats, esp the reuben. LOVES me a reuben. drool.

  24. im excited about you starting paleo, i have been wanting to do this but so hard to come up with recipes,think i will join you on this one, cant wait to see how you come up with meals…so excited…i have heard nothing but wonderful things from people about this diet, maybe you needed a change…

  25. Looking forward to hearing how Paleo works out for you.

  26. Where did this week go? No BSI recipe for me 😦 Maybe next time.

    I am interested in reading about your experience on the Paleo Diet. Good luck!

  27. Weighting For 50

    Hi Vat. Geez, I’ve had a crazy week and am only now catching up on my blog reading. Paleo? You go girl!!! (hilarious picture with the box of wine btw!) Your sky photos are amazing!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

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