Holiday Challenge Update!

Yesterday was the perfect day to work out in our yard – about 50 degrees, partly sunny at times.  Our dog Ed loves to be outside, but he shakes like a leaf every time Tony gets close with the mower!

I think we probably emptied the lawn mower bags a dozen times:

Our fire pit is getting big – you probably can’t tell, but this is about as tall as I am – we need a calm night though before we can have a bon fire.

We probably spent about an hour and a half raking, picking up sticks, etc.  The lawn looked so pretty when we were done.

I usually eat within a half hour of waking up, but I wasn’t hungry at all yesterday morning, just had a couple cups of coffee.  By the time we finished the lawn it was 12:45.  I went to our local beef stand and brought home hot dogs for Tony and I got a grilled chicken pita with lettuce and cucumbers.  Um, yes, there may be a few onion rings on my plate.  I know, Tony and I both hate onions but we love onion rings!

Lunch comes in at 10 WW points – I ate everything I was so hungry!  I didn’t do my full grocery shop yet, but had to hit up Sam’s Club for a few things and picked up an applewood smoked bacon pork roast.  I ended up cutting it in half and freezing the other half for a later time – I baked small potatoes on the side.  I love how juicy the meat turned out, and I actually like the burnt ends 😀

So it’s time for our weekly holiday challenge update!  I didn’t get nearly enough exercise in so I plan to get to the gym before work, otherwise it never gets done.  While I haven’t thrown the Paleo diet in the trash, I am going to modify it a bit this week by adding some beans for protein, going to stay away from bread and dairy and try to get through Thanksgiving week with a loss on the scale. 😀

I haven’t weighed myself all week, so tomorrow will be the Zero Scale Weigh In.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day!


25 thoughts on “Holiday Challenge Update!

  1. How funny that you don’t like onions but like onion rings. My daughter hates mayo but loves ranch dressing and tartar sauce. Weird, huh?

  2. This week has been up and down for me with a hip injury that has kept me from doing anything from running, walking and biking. But it was a great week in one way since I got to see one of the most endangered birds in North America. It was an AMAZING sighting. This week I’m working on not snacking out of boredom after dinner; tea and brushing teeth will hopefully help!

  3. Morning Biz!

    I ran for the 1st time in months yesterday and it felt great – my goal is to also have a loss this week! We can do it!

  4. Bizzy! Paleo is already modified if you had inion rings, a pita and potatoes….! Stay diligent my friend, the scale will move if you hit it hard but adding even a few of those items like you did will not help. And you can’t skip breakfast. It’s name came from breaking the fast. Your body goes to starvation mode very quickly when we wake and just feed it caffeine. The problem is, the next meal ends up being too many excess calories because we are famished, and those extra calories are converted to fat as fast as possible since you starving body is in “storing” mode! I know, I know, it’s a biscuits cycle, but that’s the reality. More balanced, small meals and snacks all day… You can do this! Make it Happen! It’s so worth it.

  5. I had a good week! I finally went back yoga after about 3 weeks of avoiding it, so that was good. I only ran about 10 miles this week, but I could tell my body wanted to take it easy. I’m going to FL for Thanksgiving so I’m hoping for a good long outside run!

    I’m glad you’re modifying your Paleo diet – it honestly freaks me out a little with the low carb recommendations sometimes.

  6. Darn fingers! I get as excited typing fitness as training people. That’s “onion” rings and a “vicious” cycle, not biscuits! Although that might be fitting…I love biscuits….I need to proof read.

    And your Lab is a spitting image of my dear ol’ best friend Murphy that I had for 14 years!

  7. Remember Errign, it’s not low carbs, it’s good carbs! My diet is 50% carbs most days. But it’s in fruits and veggies, not grains, beans and tubers. All 3 of which are calorie dense and nutrient poor.

    • “All 3 of which are calorie dense and nutrient poor.”
      With all due respect, that is not true. Where are you getting your information…..?

      • Errign, please look up or or any calorie counting book. Many conventional nutritionists have based their analysis on glycemic index but glycemic load is more accurate for serving sizes. The amount of vitamins and minerals that are added to grain products are an attempt to make up for their lack of nutrition in the first place. Tired soil and genetic modification have made it worse. Fruits and veggies are a much better choice for carbohydrates. Many olympic athletes are now converting to Dr. Cordain’s Paleo style of eating.

  8. Yesterday I got my digital scale out of the storage unit. The last time I weighed myself on it was April or May. I have had an 11.6 lb. loss since then!!! I was so, so, so excited to see that number. I knew I had slimmed up a bit before Johnny got here b/c my shorts fit better this summer, but I didn’t have a scale or any reference. Since we started this holiday challenge I’ve been weighing myself on my parents’ scale when I remember if I’m over there. I’m down 1 lb. from my last weigh in there. So, long story short — 7 pound loss since the holiday challenge but overall 11.6 pounds since I decided to slim down a bit! Feels great 🙂 And Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I’m not really a fan of turkey or mashed potatoes – comedian Jim Gaffigan got it right when he said it’s a holiday of “old people food” in my opinion! So I’m not worried this week about over eating or anything! That end goal is in sight — 4 more weeks!!!!!!

  9. I get the onion ring thing – of course everything tastes better fried or oven fried. heehee

    Good luck on your mods and with Thanksgiving. I am still trying to calculate the sodium content of my homemade gravy and oyster dressing. hee [my favorites!] If I had to count calories I would just jump. 😀

    And the whole family thinks Ed is gorgeous – he got a resounding Skippy family “Awwwww” when I showed his pic’. Then Pooldad started drooling over Tony’s lawnmower. heehee

  10. I agree with you…love the burnt ends. And your black lab looks just like our black lab Duke:)

  11. It always feels SO good to get yard work done, doesn’t it? The pita looks delicious. You can rock this week- I know it!!

  12. Your yard looks beautiful. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow! I couldn’t give up all carbs entirely so I’m glad to hear that you’re listening to your body and modifying things a bit.

    OK so as far as the challenge goes, I’m feeling so unaccomplished. I weigh in again on Thursday, but honestly I don’t feel much different. My goal was to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year and I’ve done nothing but stay the same. I was thinking about my goal today. Was it realistic given that I’m training for a marathon? I do not use running as an allowance to eat whatever I want. However, I do realize that I need to nourish my body after it has run 10, 15, 20 miles. I try to be sensible about replenishing calories. I have maintained my weight throughout training and actually have lost 2 pounds since the actual beginning of marathon training.

    I would welcome others thoughts on this. At this point I’ve only got about 6 weeks to accomplish the goal. Would a more realistic goal be to maintain my weight throughout the remainder of training?

  13. Your dog is so darling!
    The yard looks fab. I swear, we have very little grass in Vegas. 😦 I am jealous of your beautiful yard.
    I think it’s great you are going to keep up with the Paleo diet through Thanksgiving!!

  14. I haven’t lost any weight (just my mind) but haven’t gained either! I joined Curves and I feel a lot better just cause I’m moving! 🙂

  15. Not sure you should be allowed to eat onion rings after all the onion bashing you’ve been doing! 😉

    Sounds like it’s going to be a busy week. Do your best, but don’t stress if you can’t fit it all in… I’ll be thinking of your mom on Tuesday!

  16. that pork roast looks so good!

    i have a friend that eats paleo, but I just cant do it!

  17. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet Ed on your blog yet but he’s so cute. I love dogs.

    I’ve been reading blogs for over 2 years now, mostly US and Canadian blogs and I know by now how big and important Thanksgiving is in the US. So I can totally understand you modify your meals a bit on the holidays. I’m going to do the same at Christmas and New Year’s eve this year.

  18. Y’all have quite a nice yard! I wish it was only in the 50s here, we’re back in the upper 70s and it’s just too dang warm.

    Here’s my link for this week:

    And Tucker sends Ed a doggie hello!

  19. Oh boy…we did our leaves yesterday. It took 3.5 hours just to do 3/4 of the front yard. We still have one side & the entire back. I think I burned a billion calories – I have the sore muscles, blistered hands & coma-like exhaustion to show for it.

    Love pork! I haven’t made it in a while – I must add to my list this week!

  20. Your yard looks great!
    I had a good week – got a cortisone shot in my knee so that helps but it looks like surgery in January. I’m really hoping to NOT have the surgery but…
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone

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