Fitness Evaluation

Once a year my gym offers members a full fitness evaluation.  I scheduled my appointment probably six weeks ago and it was this morning.

The take measurements, weight, body fat percentage, fitness treadmill test and a basal metobolic rate.

I didn’t make it to WW today, but with a pair of light sweats and a t-shirt, I weighed in at exactly 160.0.

The results?


I am in the poor range.  The reason?  My blood pressure was high:  160 over 93 and my RESTING heart rate was 98!  She almost didn’t want me to do treadmill test.  And my waist to hip ratio is .92 – and anything over .85 is considered high risk.  All my fat is in my belly. 😦

Body fat percentage?

The good news?

I am in the “excellent” range for my cardio respiratory fitness!  She wants me to check with my doctor to double check my blood pressure numbers and my heart rate.

She also did a base metabolic rate test.  I sat with a mask on for 15 minutes.  Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.  My number?  2048!  I think that is super high – what do you guys think?  I am hoping Nicole and Aimee will chime in with their thoughts!

I’ll quickly show you my eats from yesterday – breakfast: 1/2 a jalapeno bagel with egg white and pineapple.

I went on a run at lunch even though the weather said this:

But it was bright and sunny!  I got lost though!  Tree trimmers blocked my normal path and I had to cut into a subdivision.  I finally made my way out and when I got back to my desk I mapped my run and I ran 2.88 miles in 33 minutes. 😀

I didn’t bring a lunch so I went to Jimmy John’s and got the Vito as an unwich.  When I got back to work I chopped it up and added red pepper and baby spinach.  It was so good!

Then Tony made dinner . . . hooters shrimp!  These are completely addicting.

He added sriracha to my buffalo sauce – so spicy delicious!

Have you guys ever had your fitness evaluated?

Alright – its already after 1:00 and I haven’t done any chores yet!  Gotta get moving.

Day #3 Awkward Family Photo!  Enjoy your Saturday!

16 thoughts on “Fitness Evaluation

  1. So cool your gym offers that, because even though you saw some numbers you weren’t expecting, that just gives you drive to change them the way you want them to be!

    I’ve never done the BMR mask test, but I’ve done mine via calculating it and it was only about 1600 calories and factoring in activity it went up to between 2000-2400 depending on level of activity. We figured out the amount of calories we burned in 24 hour period by literally tracking every single minute we did something (60 minutes sitting, 9 hours sleeping etc) and plugging them into equations, which was super time consuming, but really interesting. I burned about 2800 calories a day!

  2. Wow your numbers are all over the chart aren’t they?? Not what I would have expected – to me you seem so active and fit! Love that cardio number

  3. I dont know if you have ever heard of maria emmerich but i have all three of her books, as a nurse, i find what she has to say right on target, she also believes in paleo, i am sending you her website, you might find some of her recipes very interesting and things that she has to say..if you have a kindle or smartphone i think cheaper to download her cookbook that way, i have made several of her recipes and they all have turned out wonderful…I use her “just like sugar” which is chicory root and i like it better than any artificial sweetner out there, check out her site, we have decided that after our mexico vacation jan 14, that we are going to empty out everything in the house and totally go her and paleo, not going to have anything in our house that we cant eat, we are lucky that we have a store in our neighborhood that sells, almond flour,coconut flour and coconut oil…i think you should check out her blog, she also has a facebook page, might give you some tips and a little more knowledge…again like always i just want to thank you for taking the time for your blog, i always love getting your emails….here is her link have a great weekend….

  4. Thats awesome that your gym offers that! Good stuff to know. I’d definitely check in with the doctor- especially about the HR. I have a friend who is in great shape who had a really high HR and it turned out to be one of the natural supplements she was taking! That breakfast looks fantastic. I’m a total pineapple addict! Have a great rest of the weekend

  5. I have had my fitness evaulated but it’s been a long time, I’m scared to see what it would say! Love Jimmy Johns:)

  6. That picture is creeeeeepy. Poor little girl. [still funny tho’]

  7. Lots of questions here Biz-
    1. Were you fasting and at rest for the BMR, rate seems very high for rest. If you had eaten, digestion takes a lot of calories and messes with the numbers.
    2. Do you usually have high BP’s?
    3. Do they calebrate their BMR machine?
    4. For the Body fat %, what technique did they use?
    5. HR is a bit high, but were you nervous? Sometimes when we test, we are a bit nervous and not know it.
    6. If you are concerned with these numbers, then your doctor can order a Metabolic test, and do a treadmill stress test. I had one done a few years ago and got the all clear for a good bill of health which was a big relief (I was having chest pain, going down the left arm- turned out to be acid reflux, but was glad to know my ticker was in good shape).

    You are doing a great job Biz taking control of your health which will pay off in the long haul. You have the best willpower I know!! Wish I could stick to a good plan like yours! Have a great Saturday night! Robin

    • Thanks Robin! Yes, I was fasting and I know I’ve never had high blood pressure before. The body fat was that Tatia (sp?) scale. I wasn’t nervous at all – she seemed to feel better about my HR after I did the stress test since my cardio numbers were good! Thanks for the questions Robin!

  8. That is a pretty neat thing your fitness club does Biz. I have never been evaluated like that. It is kind of like when Dr Oz takes people on his show to his truth tube!

  9. First, the picture with the sun shining on your face is GORGEOUS! You look so young and beautiful. Second, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a fitness test-I have to do this! I have good blood pressure but I never exercise so I think I would get a poor score on the cardio respiratory fitness. I get winded from lifting weights right now! This is cool so when you go back you can compare and track your improvement!

  10. I was wondering if you were nervouse as well, because that can certainley up both the heart rate and bp numbers as well.
    Your working on reducing your weight which will positively affect all your other numbers.
    I have had a fitness evaluation at a gym before its been a while though..I think it was more along the lines of how many crunches can you do, push ups? How long does it take you to jog a mile? how far can you reach to see how flexiable you are? Plus the measurements of body fat with calibers…fun times
    Also, I think gyms use this to put pressure on people to join or buy pt packages so beware.
    Do follow up about your blood pressure though keep track of it for a week if you can monitor at home if the numbers stay high go see your doctore for medicine.

  11. Interesting numbers, Biz! Congrats on the cardio-respiratory results.

    I did a diy walking fitness test earlier this fall and found out that my endurance fitness level is only average – I was so sure I would get better results because I’ve walked regularly for over 12 months 😦

    The BMR rate sounds high to me, wonder how they calculated that. My waist /hip ratio would also be poor, because fat has a tendency to accumulate fat in my belly (plus my double chin AND bat wings!).

  12. Very interesting Biz. I do think the BMR is a bit off. Using an online BMR calculator yours comes out to 1433 calories. You may want to have that rechecked.

    As for your heart rate, a normal resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute. A heart rate of 98 is not alarming and still sits within the normal range. Now if you find your heart rate always seems to be up in the higher end of normal at rest that might be worth checking out with a doctor. Try checking your pulse periodically throughout the day. One reading does not provide enough information. Were your heart rate and blood pressure done manually or by a machine?

    Similarly with your blood pressure while those numbers are high it is only one reading. High blood pressure is usually diagnosed after the doctor obtains three elevated blood pressure readings on separate office visits. The doctor may ask you to monitor it yourself at home and keep track of the information. Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. For your own piece of mind it wouldn’t hurt to see your doctor. Ask to have an EKG done. If there are no irregularities and your blood pressure and heart rate are within normal limits it is unlikely that you would need to follow up with a cardiologist.

    If you haven’t had any labs done within the last year it might be a good idea to ask your doctor if you can have your cholesterol levels checked. Preventative medicine is much less costly than treating the disease.

    I know the numbers probably didn’t make you feel great. I hope a visit to your doctor with ease your concerns. It’s so much better to be aware of our bodies and how the numbers are significant to our health than to be in the dark. It’s easier to make changes once you know.

    Great job on the run. That is a very nice picture of you. You look very young! Thanks for sharing this information. I hope my wordy response is somewhat helpful. Hope you had a great weekend.

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