Zero Scale WI

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye!  I had a party on Friday night, my fitness test at the gym Saturday morning. twin fest yesterday.  It was a blur!

Yesterday when I woke up I felt thinner.  I have no idea why, but I contemplated getting on my Zero Scale yesterday morning but decided not to because Monday is my WI day.

This morning?  I felt fat.  I dreaded pulling out the scale and for good reason:

I have no one to blame, but me.  I didn’t work out over the weekend, and my eats were less than stellar.  I also rarely drink water over the weekend, something I need to concentrate on.

What did I eat yesterday?  Pancakes for breakfast.  Um, certainly not Paleo!  But I do have to say that this is my new favorite sugar free pancake syrup – so good!

At twin fest I hate my fair share of chips and guacamole, and as customary, we got deep dish pizza:

And dinner?  Crock pot ribs!

I am confident most of this gain is water weight – I feel dehydrated right now.  But I have to get my ass in gear!  Like my friend Helen, who is rocking this program – she’s lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks!

Off to fix a healthy breakfast and I have Thai curray butternut squash soup for lunch – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Make it a great day!


27 thoughts on “Zero Scale WI

  1. I’ve been super stuck in a rut too, my scale is not happy at all. 😦

  2. I love how honest you are, Biz! Check out the scale tomorrow – I bet it’s down a lot. Pizza has a LOT of sodium in it!
    Have a great Monday!

  3. Don’t you normally do your WW weigh-in on Saturday? I don’t know why you didn’t pick that as your weigh day for this challenge too…

    You can do this Biz, I know you can. You are a very focused person when you want to be. I realize how hard it is when other members of the household are not participating but I also know for me personally it has been worth every little aggravation.

    Hope you can get your workouts and your water back on track!

  4. It is hard to eat a certain way when others do not. I know you can do this!

  5. Way to own it Biz. As difficult as it is when we see those numbers we have to acknowledge them and then move on. I know it’s much easier said than done.

    Oh wow that pizza! I seriously gained a pound looking at it. Dangerous!

    Take charge this week. You can do this!!

  6. Twinfest! I just love that you and Jenn do that with your twin friends.

    Dieting is mental. Until your head is there, the body won’t follow. It’s hard, I know. And I also know you can do it, but you have to be willing to not eat certain foods while you are dieting, and that is just hard.

  7. Your weekend sounds like it was awesome. And I get that all the time, too – I feel awesome and light, and then I step on the scale and I’m dead wrong about the present state of my body. But does that matter when one’s head is in the right place?

  8. You can do it Biz! Have you ever tried a diet where you get one day off a week? It might help you balance out your cravings with healthy eating. I know a lot of friends that have had success this way.

  9. Biz I know how you feel! Hang in there! You will get back to it! Every day is a new day!

  10. The weekends are the toughest for me because I lack structure. I had a less than stellar weekend with my eats as well. Here’s to a new day!

  11. I love that you seem to be taking the ‘gain’ in stride. I think the hardest thing with weight loss is not to beat yourself up when the # on the scale isn’t quite what you want

  12. i’ve never had real deep dish pizza before and it looks so good! nothing like pizza…but still delicious!

  13. All behind ya now. Keep looking forward! Make it a great week.

  14. Back on track, it’s the start of a new week. I am anxious to see your soup recipe, I love Thai food.

    I actually do pretty well with my meals, it’s when I am baking and have to try everything a million times that is my downfall.

    When I tell myself I can’t have something I feel the need to have a gazillion ‘samples’. So this year I am giving myself permission to have treats, but with portion control (since I know I’ll have them anyway) So when the treat is done I will sit down with 1 instead of tasting what amounts to 10 cookies.

  15. I’m pretty sure it’s water weight- eating out always has more salt and you couldn’t have possibly had 10,000 more calories than needed in just one weekend. You’ll do great this week.

    Also, thanks for your comments- I have been trying to include variety so that my munchkin doesn’t get stuck on just one kind of food when he or she is older. It was a cute story about your daughter 🙂

  16. Weighting For 50

    Darn about the water weight. Hang in there Vat!!! No looking back, just looking forward! (and I’m looking forward to your soup recipe!) Have a great day.

  17. I hate when having fun and eating food comes back to bite you in the ass when you weigh in! Have a good week Biz 🙂

  18. You had a great weekend, gained a little(you’re probably right about it being water weight), it’s Monday, so back on track and have a better weigh in next week. One of the reasons I love your blog is because you are always honest, and and you always own up to everything!

  19. 8 lbs in four weeks? Totally motivating! Loving it! Glad you had a great weekend- mine was a total blur too. Whats up with these holiday time weekends? They seem crazy busy!

  20. Hope it works out the way you want it to Biz. I don’t know that using the zero weight scale when you aren’t sticking to the paleo diet is such a good idea [isn’t that what the scale is tied to? the paleo?] because you know you aren’t following the diet, hence you are going to show a gain. It seems a little self defeating to me.

    I don’t know the answers – I just want what makes you happy. And healthy. 🙂

    Good luck this week.

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  21. That deep dish pizza looks delicious!
    We don’t have that here in Vegas (as far as I know) so I indulged in deep dish when I was in Chicago.
    Don’t worry too much about the number. You are doing great! 🙂

  22. Those Crock Pot Ribs look AWESOME.

  23. Drinks lots of water! I bet it’s sodium related. I’m avoiding the scale this week. Dreading it.

  24. Pizza always causes a gain on the scale for me too. Hang in there and keep moving forward.

  25. You’ll have a better week this week! Hope your Monday went well! Make it a great rest of the week!

  26. Sounds like water to me….and I think those ribs were worth it. Wow, they look fantastic!

    I think with the holidays its about enjoying them and doing damage control. That’s my goal, anyways.

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