Surgery Success!

Thanks for all your well wishes yesterday!  For some reason I can read your comments and blogs, but can’t comment on a lot of them for some reason – weird!

We had to be at the hospital at 7:15 for his 8:30 surgery.  They took Tony in first and said they would come get me in a few minutes once he was in his pre-op room.  A few minutes later his doctor walked by, came over and said that he had an emergency surgery so Tony’s surgery would be bumped for a couple hours.

Tony has had so many surgeries.  For obvious reasons he gets really anxious and nervous before surgery, and the delay just meant he had that much longer to think about it.  My SIL and I tried to distract him while watching The Price is Right. 😀  This picture was taken with my blackberry.

Finally at 11:00 the wheeled him into surgery.  We were told its a 2 hour surgery – not bad!  I was starving at this point because all I had eaten was a granola bar.  I brought beef stew, but it was still in the car, so my SIL went to the cafeteria.  We love the fact that everything had the calories marked!

I had a cup of 7 bean soup – with the addition of Tabasco it was pretty good.  The only thing is they don’t tell you the serving size – but the stats were 120 calories, 5 fat, 29 carbs, 4 fiber and 9 protein.

I got some fresh fruit on the side with a giant water – you can’t beat hospital prices, lunch cost $2.40!

My SIL just started working at this hospital as a volunteer.  We wandered into the gift shop because they had all their Christmas decorations displayed.  So many snowmen!  I really liked this spoon though:

We went back to the waiting room, and at about 1:00 a volunteer told us that the doctor was just closing him up and would be out in 15 minutes.  15 minutes seemed to be the theme of the day – every time we asked what was going on, or when he would be done, or when he’d be moved to a room the answer was “15 minutes.”

After 45 minutes though the volunteer came back and said that the doctor ended up having to open Tony up and not able to do it laproscopically (sp?).  Rats.  So that meant another 2 hours of surgery.

My SIL and I snacked on complimentary coffee and had some goldfish – this individual package was only 3 points – not bad!

Finally around 3:00 the doctor came out.  He could not be happier with the results!  He said the hernia was so big there was no way he could have done it any other way, and actually ended up closing Tony with a tummy tuck!  Sadly, the don’t let anyone back in recovery unless they are kept back there really long waiting for a room to open up.

While waiting we decided to go get something to eat because I knew once Tony got to his room I didn’t want to leave him.  They were still setting up for dinner, so I ended up getting a premade sandwich:

At first glance I didn’t think 370 calories for a sandwich was too bad – it had 3 slices of salami, 2 slices of cheese, baby spinach and roasted red peppers.  No oil was used on the panani press either.  So imagine my surprise when I ran those numbers in the points calculator and it was the sandwich was 18 points!  I still don’t think that is right.  Oh well!

Tony always needs to see my face so that he knows everything went okay, and I was disappointed I wasn’t there right when he woke up.  But once in his room, and after the nurses did their usual run down and left us alone, he fell fast asleep.  We joke that I am the sleep whisperer.  He just knows if I am there all is well and he can sleep.

I ended up staying until around 9.  I was so tired – its amazing how just sitting and waiting can be so tiring!

Hannah was home, I texted her I was on my way and she asked if I wanted her to make me anything to eat.  I said no thanks.  When I turned the corner to our house I saw lights on my deck, and Christmas lights inside – so happy she started decorating!  It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me if there are no decorations!

We talked, laughed, watched Lady Gaga vidoes on you tube, and by 10:45 I was spent so I went to bed.

Our poor dog – he has no idea what to do when Tony isn’t here because Tony is always with Ed all day.  Right when I went to bed we couldn’t find Ed anywhere.  Um, our house isn’t that big!  I finally heard him in our bedroom closet!  He was hiding and shaking in there. 😦  Once I turned on the humidifier and turned off the lights, he was able to calm down.

Alright, I am off to the hospital.  I have today off from work and I’ll play the rest of the week by ear – I’d much rather be off when he’s home – hopefully by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Have a great day!


34 thoughts on “Surgery Success!

  1. So glad everything went well and you amaze me that you don’t let any hospital keep you from tracking points and calories! I seem to let anything be an excuse these days. You totally rock!

    Give Tony a kick and tell him to get the hell out of the hospital again! 🙂

    Lady Gaga videos? Seriously?

  2. I think the sandwich was probably so many points because if you look at the nutrition facts, it’s high fat and pretty low fiber. I think the combination of calories/fat/fiber is used to calculate points.

    Glad to hear everything turned out OK! Please tell Tony I am immensely jealous of his tummy tuck!!

  3. I sure hope 2012 brings a surgery-free year for Tony – and you! I’m glad everything went well, but still…so nerve-wracking!

    That Hannah…what a sweetie! When I’m at my parents, I’m usually parked in the Lay-Z-Boy…not cleaning and putting up Christmas lights! What a gal 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to hear that everything turned out good with Tony!

    Lady Gaga videos creep me out a little, but a neighbor of mine on base makes and sells Lady Gaga costumes, and they are pretty amazing. She is now able to do that as her “job”!

  5. Wonderful news Biz. I will be sending lots of prayers that Tony has a speedy recovery.

  6. So glad things went well!! He will be super sore for a little while if my Dad’s surgery is any indication, but at least it is over and done with. Best wishes on his fast recovery and that he will be home soon!

  7. So glad that the surgery is over and you can relax a bit. The sandwich was probably so high because of the 37g of fat and high carbs and hardly any fiber. I figured up a whopper burger this past weekend (did not eat one) and it came to 18 PlusPoints too.

  8. Hi! I think that your post brings life into complete perspective. Successful surgery. Excellent. Most days, I’m nerve-wrecked over less significant events. Gaga videos with your daughter, that’s super fun and a memory you’ll never forget. It’s amazing how a single post can say so much about you. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  9. So happy to hear Tony’s surgery was a success!
    Between the waiting during the day & the stress leading up & all day no wonder you were exhausted.
    From what I read about Hannah – she sounds like an amazing daughter and person.

  10. So glad things went well!

    Something is amiss with the sandwich nutrition. Either the fat/carbs/protein are wrong or the calories. There are 9 calories in a gram of fat and 4 calories in a gram of carb and protein. That would make the sandwich 661 calories, assuming the other nutrient info is correct. Or if it really is only 370 calories, one or more of the nutrient details is incorrectly listed. I’m inclined to believe it was not 18 points. Personally, I’d break it down into components and figure points for each component.

  11. Anxious? You can’t even tell. Good to hear things went so well. Isn’t it odd how things like this exert so much energy, just the stress of it all.
    I love dogs so much, they are the most loyal creatures on the planet.

  12. SO glad things went well!! What a long day for you. Hope Tony is feeling good today

  13. Happy to hear everything went well. Hope he is out of there quickly. The poor puppy 😦

  14. I’m glad Tony’s surgery went well, and that they were able to get the full surgery done in one day – instead of having him come back later to be “opened up” completely. I can’t belive that sandwich was 18 points…it seems so small! It reminded me of the power sandwich at Panera – they talk it up on the radio about keeping you full all morning long…and then it’s a slice of bread cut in half with a slice of cheese, a slice of ham and an egg….so disappointing!

    Yay for Hannah decorating! It was great timing for her to do it this week too, that way when Tony comes home it can just be Christmasy and you can all relax.

    Poor Ed! Hopefully Tony will be home soon so all can be right in his little pup world!

  15. Relieved to hear that Tony’s surgery went well and now I’m jealous of his tummy tuck. Hope his recovery goes well and he’s able to come home soon! Plus his sweet Ed obviously needs his papa!

  16. I’m so glad to hear that the surgery went well! You guys are in my prayers!

  17. Sooooo sweet that he can’t sleep without you! *lovebirds*
    Glad everything went well – have a great day!

  18. Obviously, I’ve been missing out on some major news in your family, but I’m glad the surgery went well!

  19. Hey Tony! Nicely done and great smile. Get home soon – the puppers misses you, as does your family. 🙂

    Good wishes for a speedy recovery! Hugs my friend.

  20. What a long, long day! I am glad the surgery went smoothly and hopefully Tony will be home soon!

  21. I’m so glad Tony is doing well! You guys have had a rough year. ::hugs:: I hope he’s feeling better soon.

    You should rerun the sandwich – that sounds crazy!

  22. What a long day, but I’m glad the surgery was a success!!!!

  23. So glad things went well for Tony! 🙂

  24. Hey chica! I am so glad that Tony is doing well =)

    That sammie looks delish! wanted to bite the screen ha. Sidenote: I love the snowflakes!

  25. So glad the surgery went well! But what a long day for all of you!!! Thinking of all of you! Hope Tony gets to recuperate at home soon!

  26. Roz@weightingfor50

    Glad Tony’s surgery went well. Big hugs to you both!!!

  27. Ah Biz, so glad everything went well and Tony is doing great! I’m so glad to hear it! I hope he has a speedy recovery to return home!

  28. I am glad that Tony’s surgery went well. Big relief for both of you.

  29. What a long day of waiting for you but am happy for you and Tony that the surgery went well. I wish Tony a speedy recovery.

    As a dog lover who loves her dog so much, I almost started to cry when I read about Ed missing his boss so much.

  30. Congratulations Tom. Get Well Soon!!!

  31. I am sorry, as I read in the first line Tom. My mind stuck at that. Congratulations Tony. 🙂

  32. Congrats on the surgery, Tony! Happy recovery!

  33. I am glad the surgery went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

  34. […] then I remembered.  Last year on December 13, Tony was in the hospital with his hernia surgery, which he contracted c-diff and was sick for weeks before we knew what was […]

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