Still waiting. . .

Seems there was a disagreement between Tony’s surgeon and Tony’s cardiologist on how many milligrams of coumadin he should be taking – we though they should have bumped it up to 10 mg to get his INR number up – but we think he was only given 3.5, which is 1.5 lower than his regular dose!

So some words were said, and even though Tony tried to bust himself loose yesterday, it wasn’t happening.  I ended up taking a 1/2 day yesterday in the hopes of bringing him home. 😦

The rain finally went away and the cold temps moved in – while chilly it was a beautiful morning – this is the “pond” on the hospital grounds.

I have to come clean with you guys.  While I have been 75% good about eating (while being 90% bad about exercising), I typically have been having one meal a day that is total shit.  I have no idea why, somehow my emotional eating has come back with a vengence, I know I am doing it, yet don’t stop myself.

Case in point yesterdays breakfast at the hospital the breakfast special was biscuits and gravy.  I got my customary eggs, bacon and fresh fruit, but those damn biscuits were calling my name.  I went back and added 2 biscuits to my order and made egg and bacon biscuit sandwiches when I got to work.  I hit the ground running at work so didn’t take a picture, but below is what I had.  Times Two. 😦

I got back to the hospital at about 1:00 and picked up one of their soups for lunch.  I have to say that the soups have been really good at the hospital.  This one was called beef and pepper soup, although I didn’t taste one piece of beef in my serving.  Also, the serving size says “one portion” – what the hell is one portion?

I had a large soup, so I am guessing I’ll double the calories.

It seems the patient food needs a lot of work.  For instance one day this week Tony had a cold chicken salad with a cup of cream of mushroom soup.  They had the tray in a cold container to keep the chicken salad cold, but in the process the mushroom soup got cold.

Last night they gave Tony chicken breast with potatoe and peas.  The chicken breast tasted awful, way overcooked and no seasoning other than parsley, which wasn’t very good.  The potatoes were gross and the peas looked as if they had been cooked in boiling water for a few hours.

I went downstairs and got a chicken finger (they have been calling my name all week too!) and a cup of chili – I ate the chicken and about 1/2 the chili.

Tony got a new roommate last night too.  It was an older man.  The doctor came in and said “has anyone talked to you yet about your diagnosis?”  He said no.  The doctor asked what he did for a living and he said he was a retired heavy machinery worker, but the last 5 years he’s been retired, and that up until a couple weeks ago, had never stepped foot in the hospital his whole life.

Turns out this man has lymphoma and has to start chemo today.  The wife said “we have a two week cruise we are going on in February, should we cancel it?”  The doctor said yes and that they should get a full refund because obviously his getting cancer was out of their control.  It’s just such a reminder that your life can change in an instant.

It sadly was just the wake up call I needed to stop my emotional eating – its not going to get Tony home from the hospital any sooner, and while I miss cooking in my kitchen, there will be plenty of time for that when Tony comes home.

We got a bit of snow last night – the roads are slippery so I am waiting for the salt trucks to go by our house and the main road and then will be heading to the hospital.  We have no expectations for the day, but obviously hope for the best. 😀

It was weird – I got home from the hospital around 8:30 last night.  Hannah was out with friends because she’s working most of the weekend, and it was so weird to be home by myself – I really can’t remember the last time I was by myself in the house for so long!  Ed was my sleeping buddy again too – he’s still not the same dog he was, but at least he’s eating and I am able to get him to go on a walk.

I should videotape Tony coming back home – the dog is going to go crazy!  Alright, here’s my family Christmas picture of the day – enjoy your Saturday!


17 thoughts on “Still waiting. . .

  1. Lets hope taht you can get Tony home soon.

    Emotional eating is a big thing for me. When I am stressed or upset I eat. I really wish I could get a handle on it. Maybe I should try to turn into an emotional exerciser. So I could exercise when I am stressed or upset. If only it was that easy.

  2. Biz I’m sorry you and Tony are still stuck at the hospital. Praying he’ll make it home by even today/tomorrow 🙂 Hang in there and I say don’t worry about your eating for now…I’d even say indulge 😉 Thinking of you both and praying for a great day for you both 🙂

  3. Ohhhh love! I hope he gets home today!!! Stress totally gets my eating out of whack…get back on track today.

  4. As an emotional eater, this post really resonated with me. You are absolutely right – we have to take the best care of ourself because we never know what life is going to hand out.

    Keep on keepin’ on. xo

  5. You’re right, hospital food does need work. When my sister who’s an RD now was doing her rotation in the hospital food service it always amazed her how they had to adhere to these rules that sometimes didn’t make sense and didn’t benefit the patient.

    I would be eating like you too if I had a a husband in the hospital, a full time job, the snow, and the stress of this season. I hope he comes home soon. Those biscuits look awesome.

  6. I’m definitely an emotional eater…the problem is I eat when I am happy, sad, stressed, you name it. I hope Tony comes home ASAP. Hospitals are depressing.

  7. He’ll be home soon. At least it is only a spat between doctors and not another more serious reason to keep him there. They’ll level off his coumidin and you’ll get him home soon.

    I am sure Tony’s diet is marked low sodium, so yeah – the food is going to be very, very bland. They have no imagination when they are cooking for 100s of people on several different types of diets. There should be a microwave in the small kitchen where they keep patient snacks [on each floor] that you can use if he gets cold soup again. Just ask a nurse – b/c it is not for patients to access, it just where they keep juices, soda and crackers, etc.

    I wouldn’t worry about one stress meal a day because otherwise you are doing really well. You have a lot on your plate [see what I did there? :D] with work and Tony, so I wouldn’t be hard on yourself. You will get back on track soon, as you always do and when you have to start watching Tony’s sodium intake you may be surprised if you eat some things like him you may just lose weight there too.

    Enjoy your weekend and please try and relax.

  8. Biz, I just want to reach through this monitor and give you a hug. I AM such an emotional eater (I know I sound like the skinny girl saying that, but I wasn’t always skinny) I had a horrible day at work on Thursday, and I just wanted to go to town at the office party that afternoon to make up for it. I did have two servings of dirt cake :-/

  9. Hugs to you Biz. This is a tough time, and right at the holidays, too. It’s that age old saying of food not being the answer. We want it to be, but it isn’t.

    Write down a meal plan for the next day if you don’t do that, and stick to it. You are strong. You can do it. That chicken finger is calling to you because it is cheap and easy, like a floozy 😀

    If you have your phone with you, touch base with email or facebook if you are struggling. Somebody is always on there to talk you down.

  10. Argh, this is so frustrating for you that they will not give him back! See, he is such a nice guy they are trying to keep him for themselves:-) Hopefully tomorrow he will be released. Hang in there, go eat a yummy salad and a steak. It is cold here and I am still not done my shopping, cooking, cleaning or anything for Christmas- I am in big trouble!! Have a great rest of your day Biz!

  11. I would be a wreck! A biscuit..or 2…or one crappy meal a day means nothing in the grand scheme. Right? Right. I hope Tony gets home this weekend!

    A physician I work for…49 years old…died suddenly last week. She had an 8 and 10 year old. So sad. We have so much to be grateful for 🙂

  12. Hope Tony is home ❤

  13. You, dear, excuse yourself for any lack of diet/exercise lately. Your life has been in complete upheaval.

    🙂 Marion

  14. My thoughts are with you and Tony! Hoping for Tony’s return to the nest very soon!! And girl, don’t worry about eating some “bad” things, such is life. You’ll be fine. It’s about the balance, not daily perfection. *hugs* 🙂

  15. Well, speaking as someone who emotionally ate bag after bag of coconut M&Ms when my mother had cancer, I completely understand what you’ve been doing. The good news is that Tony will be home soon and your life will get back to normal. Hang in there – I know this has been hard for you. Big hugs!

  16. Oh don’t even get me started on hospital food for the patients. I get so aggravated. Almost all of my patients are on stool softeners and I work on a psych floor. Um maybe we could just add some much needed fiber to their diets. There is never a lack of complaints about the food yet nothing is ever done. I agree with Skippymom though about the microwave. I would absolutely heat up food for my patients when I worked on the medical floors. Now our patient kitchen has its own microwave.

    With any luck maybe Tony is home by the time you read this. I applaud your honesty. Change in routine, stress and worry have a negative effect on my eating too. I’m working on it though and you are too. I acknowledge it much easier now which helps me to stop sooner. Don’ beat yourself up.

    I’m sad for Tony’s roommate. I wish the doctor hadn’t given them the advice to cancel their cruise. Maybe they would like to get a second opinion first and explore treatment options. Maybe that would be their last vacation together. Doctors are often so crass in the way they give information sometimes.

    Deep breaths Biz 🙂

  17. At one point, when my mom was still alive but very Sick she was in the hospital for 99 days. For 60 of those days nobody was sure she world live another minute and so I took a leave from work ans her lovely dr made sure I had a pull out couch in her room. I literally lived off of ice cream and mashed potatoes from the cafe! I feel your bad choice pains. But really as soon as she was discharged to a rehab I went back to work and back to eating normal, and you will too so don’t be too hard on you

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