Weekly WI

Since I only cooked half of my cube steak for dinner the night before last, I decided to chop it up and add it to my morning hash – 4 ounces potato, 3 ounces cube steak, baby spinach, 1/2 cup egg whites and 1/2 ounce of cheese.  I only cooked the steak half way at home though so when I warmed it up at work it didn’t get too tough – worked perfect!

Another stunning day in Chicagoland – I can’t even remember the last time I ran outside, in January, in a t-shirt!  Some of you saw this photo I posted on facebook (that I actually uploaded from my blackberry – getting so techno!).  After looking at it posting it here, it kinda looks like I am hailing a taxi!

I ended up doing a 5 minute walking warm-up and then decided to push the first 1.5 miles – and ended up doing it in 16 minutes!  The second half of the 1.5 miles was my normal walk to a song, run to a song – finished in 36 minutes and then did a 5 minute cool down walk back to my office.

I passed by a semi-frozen pond behind one of the subdivisions – it was cute because it looked like one goose was walking slowly seeing how far he could walk on the ice while about a dozen geese watched him.

When I got back work just got super busy – you didn’t miss much of my lunch, it was a turkey sandwich on the healthy life bread and a cup of my thai butternut squash soup.

I ended up working until 12:15 a.m. last night – which I hate to do on a Friday night. 😦  Especially when I should be hanging out with Tony at home.

I only had a 240 calorie lean cuisine for dinner around 7:30, and when I called Tony to tell him I was coming home he asked if I was hungry and I said I was a bit peckish.  I came home to a lovely plate of shrimp cocktail, a little bit of cheese and crackers and some pickles – perfect!  Thanks honey!

I set my alarm to get up for the WW meeting, turned it off thinking I’d get up in a minute, and ended up missing my meeting completely.  I did discover that my one scale was exactly what the WW scale was last week – 164 pounds on my scale last week was exactly what was on the WW scale.

So the moment you’ve all been waiting for, right?

-1.4!  I’ll take it.  I’ll be back in the 150’s before I know it!

I still have operation closet today – I never finished that project from New Year’s weekend.  Other than that, we don’t have much planned.  What are you up to this weekend?

Have a great Saturday!


22 thoughts on “Weekly WI

  1. Yea to the 150’s, you’ll be there soon! So nice of Tony to make you a snack when you got home that late. Mine would have told me to stop at Taco Bell. 🙂

    Got a late start this morning but I”m off soon to spend my $132 rebate check from Costco! Free trip to Costco, I’ll take it!

  2. Whoop! Great job on the weigh in! I love that you’re still fitting in outdoor workouts! Its GORGEOUS here too. We had our pump launch this morning (indoors), but I’m heading out for a walk with Kay and my Aunt here soon. Tony is such a sweetie for making you something delicious to come home too!

  3. LOVE that you are getting such nice weather in January! Whoop whoop on that run, too! 🙂

    It so sucks to have to stay that late on a Friday night, but how wonderful of Tony to have some tasty food ready for you…what a sweetheart!

    Enjoy project closet. Sounds fun, especially the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’re done!

    • I hope to find the hat you gave me in my mess – I know I wore it grilling on Christmas Day but I haven’t been able to find it – I feel lost without it. 😦

  4. Congrats on the weigh-in Biz! I’m having my first SBD weigh-in on Monday to see how it’s working. I’m excited!

    My weekend is full of cleaning and working out. I’m excited not to have much planned.

  5. Great WI!

    I just went outside to get the mail & thought for a brief moment it was Spring! I thought for sure I’d be freezing going outside in a t-shirt – in January – in NY, but boy was I wrong. This weather is so confusing!

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss, keep up the great work.

  7. great job on the WI! 🙂

    TAXI! 🙂 lol

  8. That Tony is a keeper! Great job, kiddo!

  9. Love that scale! I am on operation closet today too. As soon as I GET OFF MY BUTT. Good job, have a great weekend!

  10. Hope you’ll have a nice, relaxing weekend! I cleaned out my closet a few days ago, and it felt so good!

    Great job on the loss!

  11. Hi Biz, that is exactly what I weigh – for today at least….haha! Have a good weekend.

  12. I’m finally below 162 again set a goal of 154 by Feb 27th that is 8 weeks from when I started my personal challenge. I am serious this time with tracking my food and following a plan:) Theres a new book out call ” Run Your Butt Off” I’m on week 5 of that so you have lots of company in your journey.

    Congrats on your weigh in. Your husband is a great guy to support you like that!

  13. I am trying to decipher my “to do” calendar. I can’t figure out what I wrote. Church tonight and we take Squirrel back tomorrow. 😦 At least the weather is nice, like y’all have.

  14. I like it when the scale goes in the right direction!

  15. Hurray for your loss! Yes, you and I will both be back in the 150s soon enough.Tonight however I was treated to a meal of carbs and more carbs – pasta, bread and a little bit of chocolate for dessert. Hurray for carb loading pre-marathon. Thank you so much for your support Biz. I can’t wait to post my race recap. Have a great weekend and enjoy those warm January temps!!

  16. I can’t believe how warm it is! It’s really weird!

    What a nice hubby making you a late night snack! Sorry you had to work so late, but I hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend!

  17. 1) Steak for breakfast (cubed or not) is never a bad thing 🙂
    2) Tony whipping up a shrimp cocktail for you is the bomb!
    3) Apparently, the geese think you will have a mild winter since they haven’t left yet! What nice weather you are having!

  18. Biz! You work too much! 😦

    Congrats on the loss, that’s wonderful! The weather has been so nice. I’ve been running lots, but not outdoors due to this cold I just cant shake! Hopefully the weather can hold out til Wednesday and I can get out then!

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