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You all know how technically challenged I am.  No joke.  I think I’ve told you that when I first got my Blackberry, I couldn’t even figure out how to make a phone call.  Tony has a smart phone and I couldn’t figure out how to answer his phone!

But I am proud that I now have a “print friendly” button at the end of my posts – hopefully if anyone wants to print out a recipe of mine, it will make it easier.  Here is where you’ll find instructions on how to add a print friendly button for any website, blogger/blogspot/  Go here!  And it puts the print button automatically on every single post you’ve ever done – how cool is that??!!

Since I spent 30 minutes shoveling our driveway so I could get to work (um, nice work out by the way – I was huffing by the end!) I realized I hadn’t made anything for breakfast.  I still had $$ on my Subway giftcard and I had their egg white and pepper jack cheese flat bread – with spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers and about 1 teaspoon of hot giardinera – 9 WW points – with the last of the oranges my PIL sent us at Christmas – still so juicy and delicious!

I had to do a stock up my office run to Sam’s Club – Allison, did you know you could buy Frank’s Hot Sauce by the gallon for just under $10 bucks?   

I had some more of my mystery chili that I never shared the recipe for – the base is butternut squash, but I had to make so many adjustments to get the taste right, there is no way I could post the recipe – I am going back to the drawing board on this one, but it tastes really good – when I make a simpler recipe, I’ll share it. 😀

I talked to Tony in the afternoon and was like “do you have a taste for anything?”  He shocked the shit out of me when he said pizza!  While you all know I make a mean pizza, I wasn’t prepared so I picked up a $5 pizza from Dominicks that you take home and bake.  Tony just wanted sausage, but I kicked my side up with some pepperoni, baby spinach and jalapeno peppers.

I had two pieces, for my guess of about 15 WW points.

The jalapenos made this pizza. 😀

I went to WW this morning . . .

The lady that weighed me in was like “you hit 10 pounds!  Congrats!”  But I couldn’t take the kudos because I already got my sticker for 10 pounds, and also 15 pounds last September – so I can’t take the kudos until I hit 20 pounds lost.  It’s okay, I’ll get there.  Just have to stop eating pretzels!

Here are some dishes I want to try to make this week:

What’s on your menu this week?  It’s fricken cold today, so I’ll be Bizzy in my Kitchen to keep warm!  Enjoy your Saturday!


22 thoughts on “Print Friendly Button!

  1. Hiiiiii! I tagged you in blog tag!

    Congrats on your weight loss this week AND i’m psyched about the print button. I’m cooking more this year, and your recipes are all so delicious.

  2. Yayyyyy! I think you should celebrate it up! Your pizza always looks so good! Glad tony was in the mood-happy weekend

  3. I think I am actually going to make the baked chicken wings you posted, if the suckers thaw out in time for dinner. It is cold here too!

  4. I had to have my brother figure out how to do the print friendly thing on my blog. I am extremely technically challenged!!!

  5. I couldn’t answer my smart phone when I got it home either! My daughter called me on my land line and asked why I wasn’t answering my cell!
    Excellent on your weight loss, you are doing great!! 🙂
    No snow here yet, predicted for tomorrow and the rest of the week. We aren’t used to it so everyone freaks out. Holy crap, that pizza looks good! Maybe that’s what I’ll make for dinner tonight, a mushroom and onion pizza!!!!! 🙂 Want to come and have some?! Have fun in your bizzy kitchen BIz!!

  6. Yay for the print button! I’ll definitely be using it 🙂

  7. I thought pretzels weren’t that bad – aren’t they low/no fat? Is there anything else you need to cut out? Because all your recipes are healthy & you are eating great I can’t imagine it is just pretzels.

    Then again I think you look fabulous and keep wondering where you are hiding [supposedly] 160 lbs. heehee

    Let me know and I will hook up the my team [of sled dogs] and come and steal all those offending pretzels. 😀

    Glad you all had pizza! Yay for Tony eating.

  8. Rachel Palmieri

    First of all….YOU STILL LOST THE WEIGHT…it’s ok and does not matter that you lost it once before and you are losing it again…weight lost is weight lost! My leader still celebrates those losses and we still get stickers! I originally lost something like 56 pounds, gained a bunch of it back and am now losing it again. And I got a 5lb sticker this week at my meeting. So, celebrate your loss! Hell, losing it a second time is even sometimes harder than it was the first time!

    Second of all…thanks for those print friendly directions! I just added them to my blog! I was always so envious of them 🙂

  9. OMG! That frank’s is hilarious! And congrats on your print button. 🙂 Love it!

  10. We did pizza for lunch today and probably pizza + salad tonight (yay leftovers!) – I made the same pizzas I made last weekend, they were so good we made a special trip to the store for supplies this morning.

    I still need to meal plan for the week, I have a vegetarian bean with no bacon soup recipe I want to try though!

  11. So the question isn’t can you believe a gallon of Frank’s Hot Sauce is only $10? I think it is….how many gallons did you buy?! Kidding….that is such a great deal!

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Lasagna Cups – I LOVE them!

    Have a great week!


  12. Great job on the loss!

    I have no idea what we’ll be eating this week. I better start thinking about it…

    Happy Sunday!

  13. A gallon of Frank’s?!?!? Awesome. I need that in my life!

    Way to go on the 10 pounds! You need to take the kudos because 10 pounds is a lot of work to lose!!

  14. Congratulations on the loss this week! You will get back there Biz.

    I’m still figuring out this blog thing so a print button would be way over my head! I’m still trying to learn how to change the layout and graphics on mine. My son starts full day kindergarten in the fall. I’ll should have time then!

    I really need to get back into the swing of things and get some meals planned for the week. You are great at that. It definitely makes a difference in how my week goes.

    Have a great Sunday!

  15. Hi Biz! The part of the post that got me laughing–Just have to stop eating the pretzels! So funny!

    🙂 Marion

  16. Ohh….Just so you know I found the 0.6 lbs you loss this week….that’s exactly what I gained! :p

    I have Nicole’s Buffalo Chicken Chowder on my must make list too. Deadly! Between Mexican & Buffalo stuff I think my sodium levels are going to skyrocket!

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