Breakfast Tostadas

When I was at Sam’s Club last week for work, I saw this giant package of corn tostadas – 24 for only $1.88!  One is 2 points, two are 5 points.

Another score?  Four containers of egg whites for $5.88!  I decided to make a spinach egg white tostada – with a 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pack – they defrost in the microwave in just 20 seconds.

  • 2 tostadas (5)
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (2)
  • 1 cup baby spinach chopped (0)
  • 100 calorie guacamole (2)
  • hot sauce (0!)
  • 1/2 ounce cheese (1)

Not only were these delicious, but super filling.  I ate breakfast around 11, and other than an apple didn’t eat anything until dinner!

I made the sandwich rolls – they turned out amazing, the dough was awesome.  I ended up making them smaller – instead of 8 rolls like the recipe called for, I got 12.  I still need to run it through weight watchers eTools to figure out the points – I’ll share the recipe with the changes I made later this week.

I made myself a 4 ounce cheeseburger and some potato chips.  For whatever reason, every picture I took focused on the chips – they were good – especially dipped into mustard. 😀  Dinner comes in around 12 points.

I had a great grocery shop yesterday – check it out:

That included a 7 pound ham that was on sale for .99 cents a pound.  I plan on baking it today, and then with the leftovers making split pea soup, ham and spinach crustless quiche, ham macaroni and cheese, ham and swiss cheese twice baked potatoes, and ham and brown rice fried rice.

Any other ideas for leftover ham?

You’ll have to come back tomorrow for this recipe – pumpkin waffles – this whole plate is only 7 WW points!

Enjoy your Sunday!


21 thoughts on “Breakfast Tostadas

  1. Those eats look great. What kind of hot sauce did you use on the tostada it looks super thick. I need to take more time when I go to Sams, usually I run in grab what I need and run out.

    You always find the great deals. We decided today that we need to start going to some of the other grocery stores first thing in the morning to find some of the discounted meats. Spend way too much on these since I occasionally find them at Wally World.

    Have a fabulous Sunday!

  2. Hey Jamie! The hot sauce was one of the one’s Hannah gave me for Christmas – its just called Baja Desert Chipotle Hot Sauce – she bought 12 hot sauces at Big Lots – its only January 15, but I have almost finished two of them already!

  3. When I ate meat, leftover ham at my parent’s house was always Egg Foo Yung. Basically you take a bunch of eggs and add in old ham and add in a bunch of veggies like green beans, bean sprouts, celery, onion, spices…basically whatever you want. You mix everything together, throw it into a small pan and cook it like a pancake. My mom always served it with some rice and soy sauce, but I know others that use gravy on top. It’s always a hit with our family!

  4. I’ve never bought tostadas like that – do they need to be heated up or just taken straight from the package?

    • You don’t have to heat them up, because they are already cooked and crispy – I just think they are crispier when you toast them – I’ve also put them in a regular toaster for about a minute too – just be careful because in a toaster they can go from toasty to burnt really quick!

  5. This is something easy to do with leftover ham,

    Heck you could even pile it on one of your tostadas 🙂

  6. Gah I love breakfast! The tostadas look amazing but I can’t wait to see the pumpkin waffles recipe!

  7. Those berries look so good, I can’t find good ones in my stores! Can’t wait for the waffle recipe, I have a craving for pumpkin. I love those tostadas too, so crunchy!
    I can’t think of any other left over ham recipes, seems like you have it covered! Have a great Sunday! I’m going to go shopping with my sister! 🙂

  8. That breakfast looks seriously amazing! Coming over tomorrow for breakfast for sure ;). That mini burger is so cute! I need to make mini burgers again

  9. Mac -n-cheese with hammmmm..that’s my go to leftover recipe.

  10. Weighting For 50

    Hi Vat. I like ham on an english muffin with an egg on top. Hope you’ve had a great weekend. However, I’d trade that for a couple of these tostadas any day. Take care, and keep warm!!

  11. Again, I have to say I love your breakfast ideas! They are so inventive. I have to make these!
    Great loot you scored at the grocery store! 🙂

  12. LOVE that breakfast!!! So simple & so filling!

    Ham…I so addicted to ham. I have to plan ahead like you do – I end up just eating it right out of the fridge night after night.

  13. I’ve seen those tostadas before but I was afraid that they would get soft and squishy before I ate them. I’ve been tempted though. I’d love this for breakfast, I’d use sour cream instead of guac though.

    We always have ham in the fridge. The kids eat it all the time. I made a quinoa fried “rice” that was awesome with ham.

  14. These are the best looking breakfast tostadas I think I’ve ever seen! Happy New Year’s!

  15. This looks like an awesome breakfast! And 99 cents a pound for ham…wow! That’s an awesome deal!

  16. Biz you sure know how to cook. Your meals always look so delicious. It inspires me to try new (and use old) recipes more often instead of choosing same old same old.

  17. These look so good and healthy!

  18. Those breakfast tostadas look great! Love the combo of spinach with eggs and a crunchy corn tortilla to serve it all on too, yum!

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