Hurry Up and Wait

Thank you, thank you for all your kind comments, emails, texts yesterday – my blog friends rock in the support department!  Every time I looked down at my black berry and saw a comment from one of you guys, it was like getting a virtual hug. 😀

So why the blog post title?  Exactly what it sounds like “hurry up and order a dozen tests, have doctors stream in and out, ask the same questions over and over and then . . . wait.”

I walked in the hospital around 7:30 yesterday morning – bitter cold, but blue skies.

With some many doctors on board, its really difficult to keep everthing on track, but somehow my mind is able to absorb and record all of the information no problem.  Ask me where I put the glass measuring cup or how I lose my keys 10 times in a day, is another story.

A little back story is that Tony has always had problems with staph (sp?) infections.  Started from a motorcycle accident when he was in his 20’s and off and no even up until the year before we met.  Literally in December of 1999 (we met in May of 2000 and married in December of 2000) he had an IV stint out of his shoulder for a month!

We both knew that once Tony and I got married that he needed both of his knees replaced – one from said motorcycle accident and the second probably due to football.  He was scared, not only of infection, but that if he got his knees replaced, that next year they would find “the best ever knee replacements” and it would already be too late.

Thankfully we found a super skilled doctor who told Tony “once I replace the first one, you’ll beg me to fix the next one.”  He wasn’t wrong – he had replacement #1 in March of 2000, and the second one in July 2000.  I always thank the law firm I was working at during that time – both surgeries were 100,000, and we only paid $500 out of pocket. 😀

Tony was healthy for years – able to kick a football with the kids in the yard, walk down stairs, etc.  In spring of 2007 I came home from work and he was having trouble breathing.  He thought it was the flu.  We got him on a Z-pak, nothing helped.  A 16 day hospital stay would reveal that Tony had endocardidis in his aortic valve and it had to be replaced with an artificial one.

The thought was that the infection he got after his motorcycle accident, that laid dormant and returned in December 1999, probably reimerged and attacked his heart valve.  Tony and infections don’t mix too well.

Then in the fall of 2008, Tony went on our front deck to bring on some stuff on our deck table because it had started to rain.  The deck was slippery and he fell.  He said his knee bothered him quite a bit, but thought over time it would just get better.  Until one day we were getting dressed for bed and I happened to look down at his knee and his leg was all black.

We both knew that it was infected.  Tony didn’t want to have to be hospitalized again, but we had no choice.  You can read about because I blogged about it way back in December of 2008!  So fast forward he was couch bound for 3 months, had his second knee replacement and we were good to go.

Until January of last year when we discovered Tony had colon cancer.  Seriously at this point I was like “what more can go wrong with my husband?!”  Thankfully, he only needed surgery and no chemo or radiation.  But it was a long recovery.  I am sure people blog in different ways.  Some throw all their cards on the table, others only show personal stuff some of the times, others just make their blog their “happy place” and you think “wow, that person has the perfect life!”

I don’t care what I write about myself, but when it comes to Tony and family, I sometimes don’t think its fair to them if I blab about their lives – I always ask Tony ahead of time if he minds me writing about so and so – most of the time he says yes, sometimes no.

So here we wait.  Wait for test results, we know there is no sign of cancer so we can take that one off the table.  Thank goodness for that!

Tony always says that I have Munchausen Syndrome, because he hasn’t been as sick since he met and married me.    I like to think that I came into his life when he needed me the most. 😀

And Skippy – be jealous of the guest bed in the totally deluxe hospital room Tony is in – so comfy!

Again, thanks for all your support and I’ll keep you posted.  Hugs!

p.s.  thanks to my SIL who came to meet me for dinner last night – thanks Jody! 😀


32 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Dear Bizzy,

    I only started following you a few weeks ago. I am type 2 diabetic and did a search for diabetic blogs. Yours looked really good. I will be praying for you and tony. This post helped clear up all the catching up I had to do. Now I understand your posts better. Glad your blogs buddies are supporting you. Count me in for that too. Thanks for all you do.

    Amy in Florida

  2. I hope you guys get some answers soon and Tony gets to feeling better! You both have sure been through a lot! The Munchausen comment made me laugh – I agree with you; you just have impeccable timing!! Sending my best wishes from NC.

  3. My goodness- y’all have been through a lot! HUGS! Again, thinking of you all day long

  4. Ever heard of popcorn prayers? That’s what I’m doing for you and Tony. Popcorn praying. Every time I think of you (which is often right now) I send up a quick prayer for wisdom for T’s doctors and for healing and for strength and steadfastness for you. So many people are holding you two in prayer that heaven must sound like a popcorn popper at full blast. Hugs!

  5. Oh goodness Biz! I am just catching up from my busy day yesterday… so so sorry to hear that about all of this. Sending prayers your way that all these test will bring some resolution for you guys. Get well soon Tony!

  6. O man – that is so much to deal with. Poor Tony, and you. I really like the way you phrase it – you came into his life when he needed you the most.

    My dad has been in and out of the hospital for years, and I understand how trying it can be for the caregiver, too. I’m so glad you have another outlet through the blog to take care of yourself by talking about your emotions and getting the support you need from your readers.

    Thinking of both of you!

  7. I know it is inappropriate to laugh, but I can’t help it. I am well acquainted with those chair beds – my poor husband had to curl himself up in one when I was in the hospital – and I swear they are stuffed with slabs of granite. It isn’t funny that you have to sleep in one or that Tony is in the hospital, but the “deluxe accommodations” just cracked me up. Sorry. . .I am not laughing at you darling, just with you.

    Boy-o, your hubs has been through it, hasn’t he. He is a real trouper tho’ and tough! He is very fortunate to have someone like you [believe me, I know. I couldn’t live without P/D] and like Julia said – I know it is hard on you, but you handle it with a smile and a good sense of humor.

    The litany of doctors is such a big bite in the butt – and don’tcha’ just love when they don’t talk to eachother or let you know what’s going on? Bah! I am sure you have it all under control there, so there will be no worries. With you as Tony’s staunchest advocate he is sure to get the care he needs and be home [with his old appetite] very, very, very soon.

    Please give Tony a big hug and let him know we are all thinking of him and wishing speedy recovery. If you need anything – you know where to find me.

    Hugs to you too! Love ya!

    PS – you would think with the size of that room you and Holly could slip an unoccupied, extra hospital bed in there and save your back. 🙂

  8. Tony has had a lot to overcome–and, I think you came along at the right time!! Hopefully y’all will know something soon and a good course of treatment can begin.


  9. Poor Tony. My mom had MRSA (some sort of staph infection that was resistant to antibiotics). So I know how that can be a problem. And hospitals are full of staph I hear.

  10. Get him home soon….worse place to be with a staf infection is in the hospiptal.

    I’ll be sending good vibes your way for a quick discharge and a healthy recovery.

  11. Biz Tony is in my prayers for healing and patience. He is so lucky to have you as his advocate – it’s overwhelming to absorb all the different medical specialist and reports. Wow that is some medical history he has!

    I love Tish’s idea of popcorn prayers – never heard of that before but it’s exactly what I shall be doing for you both!

  12. Scary stuff, but he’s in good hands, between the doctors and you. Hang in there, both of ya. Thinking the good thoughts and sending them your way.

  13. I can totally see why you love Tony…. because despite ALL of that he has been through, he NEVER seems to lose his humor & you can see that by his Munchausen Syndrome comment – he’s a trip!
    Many prayers for healing & strength for both Tony AND You!

  14. Good luck and hugs to you and Tony 😦 Sorry to hear he’s in the hospital again. Speedy recovery, you’re both in my prayers!

  15. My family is the picture of health, but it’s deceiving. Most of us have some serious health issues. I thank God every night for my health, I do not take it for granted (even though I have RA, it’s thankfully in remission right now), you never know what could go wrong. I work out and eat really well because I never know what’s around the corner as far as health goes.

    I know how it is with doctors, hope they are able to give you some answers soon!

  16. I’m still praying for you guys Biz, you guys both deserve a break from all of this. I hope you get some answers soon!

  17. You both are lucky to have one another! continued prayers for a speedy recovery!

  18. I’d never heard of popcorn prayers before, but that is what I’ve been doing. I know that this community has provided an overflowing bowl of payers for Tony!!! He is lucky to have you in his life, Biz! Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Hope you get some solid answers today. *hugs*

  19. Sheesh, Biz! But you know what? You are a woman with a heart made of gold, and I agree that God put you in Tony’s life knowing he would need a strong lady by his side. Keep on keepin’ on my friend, and I’ll continue to pray for Tony’s recovery! Big hug, girl!

  20. Take care of yourself too Biz. Hopefully you will have answers very soon. Hugs to you and Tony.

  21. Praying, praying, praying. XOXO

  22. I’m still praying! Looking forward to answers and solutions very soon. Take care of you- if you can that is- I know it is hard with all of this on your plate! xo

  23. and Tony are in my prayers.

    Those chairs are still better then sleeping on a windowsill, done that before when my sister and I stayed at the hospital with my mom.

  24. oh man biz, what an ordeal! lots of love and prayers, i so hope things work out ok. keep us posted! xo

  25. waiting is so hard…knowing let’s you take steps and move forward! i’m so glad that you guys have each other though…waiting is better when it’s with someone else! sending lots of good vibes your way.

  26. Ah Biz, sending you and hubs all the hopes and healing vibes possible! i hope you guys figure things out this weekend so you can find some time to relax and enjoy the…snow? hehe! hugs!

  27. I totally get how you feel!! I have an autistic son with medical issues. We will be having surgery #19 on Tuesday (hopefully out patient), and he is just 20 years old. It has been one thing after another with him. He had 2 surgeries last year and we thought 2012 would be different. Well, we went 24 days into the the new year before the 1st one. But you know what? God doesn’t put on us more than we can handle. Sending prayers and good vibes your way!!

  28. Just wanted to let you know Tony and your family is in my prayers this week. I know you guys will pull through, but through it all I pray that you guys reap as many positive blessings from this period as you can with powerful grace and genuine peace. (hug)

  29. Biz I just caught up with your previous post and this one and I’m so sorry to hear about Tony. I hope it’s nothing really serious and you have him home soon.

    My husband doesn’t like me to talk about him on my blog much and I also ask him permission if I want to post a photo of him. I don’t post everything on my blog, work-related problems or trouble with the hub I don’t post, that’s something between us.

    Take care Biz, you both are in my thoughts.

  30. Wow that is an awful lot to go through Biz. I had no idea. I understand your frustration only from a different end and it drives me mad watching patients sit through test after test with no answers. We are going through that with my sister at the moment and it’s frightening for everyone involved. As always I am sending prayers to you and Tony.

  31. Sending my thoughts, I really hope that things go well and improve. I can’t imagine all that you guys have been through. Hang in there.

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