Salsa Lover and Tiny Dancer

One of the things that cracks me up about Tony is that he is horrible with names, dates, timing of events, etc.  So I feel bad when I have to correct him when he’s talking to doctors and nurses about medicine he’s taking, when certain procedures were done, names of certain doctors.

So the best way Tony knows how to keep people straight so I know what he’s talking about is giving people nicknames.  Let’s take our day nurse Amy from yesterday for example – Amy and I started talking about food (I know – shocking!) and we got on the subject of salsa.  I told her that I would bring in some of my baja salsa (she was awesome by the way – totally got our sense of humor) as a thank you.  So now Amy is known as Salsa Lover.

Another nurse came in last night to take over for Amy.  A small Asian woman, and when she walked in she was asking Amy what the goal was for him, and Tony said “I’d just like to dance again, maybe we can dance tonight?”  So that nurses name is now Tiny Dancer.

I don’t even want to tell you how he kept Hannah’s softball team girls straight when we coached their team (to #1 by the way!) back in the 7th grade.  There was “divorced kid” (whose parents were divorced and would sit on opposite sides of the field) “top heavy girl” (um, you can imagine why), “split lip” (because on the first day of practice, Tony hit a ball and it hit this girl in the lip and it split open), “speedy gonzales” (because she almost always rounded first base and ran to second without any guidance from the first base coach).

It would be hysterical for anyone listening to us figure out who was going to be in the field.

Biz:  “So who do you think should play where?”

Tony: “Alright, why don’t we put split lip at second, speedy gonzales in left field because she’s got a great arm to throw to home, divorced kid at pitcher and top heavy at first.”

Well, we have some answers.  Turns out the drain tube got infected and he also has an infection called “C-diff” which he probably got during his surgery stay in December.  The bacteria is still growing so we probably won’t know until tonight or tomorrow what strain it is to figure out the best way to treat it.

Best case scenario?  Antibiotics will just wipe it away, he gets rehydrated, they get his gout under control and he comes home.

Worse case scenario?  Because his hernia was so big and the wound is obviously big, they may have to reopen him up, put something called a wound vac in the wound, and then sew him back up.  Obviously we don’t want him to have more surgery – because he’s on blood thinners they have to ween him off that, so that he doesn’t bleed to much during surgery, but have blood thick enough so he doesn’t get blood clots to his artificial heart valve.

I really think Tony should be an episode of House!

I have been doing okay on the eating front – I haven’t been bringing my camera because I don’t want to leave it in the car at the hospital.  I have to say that while the hot cafeteria food looks like ass most of the time, their soups and chili are delicious.  I’ve had their baja chicken soup twice, and chili twice.

I haven’t worked out all week, which has led to a couple bad choices when I’ve come home from the hospital – I made myself a 6 inch pepperoni pizza one night while I watched “I am preganant and. . . a dwarf.”  Yes, crazy shows like that are my guilty pleasure while Tony is away.

And last night I thought chips and dip were a good idea while watching American Idol.  It’s a lot easier for me to emotionally eat when I haven’t worked out, but I need to realize why I am doing it and snack on fruit!

We are supposed to get 3-7 inches of snow today too.  And man, was it cold!  Here was the temp when I got home from the hopsital last night:

I am off to the hospital before work – again, your continued thoughts, prayers, emails and texts have meant the world to us!  Hugs!


40 thoughts on “Salsa Lover and Tiny Dancer

  1. Rachel Palmieri

    I love the sense of humor you guys have! I can only imagine the nickname Tony would give me…there is a lot of “material” (lack of common sense, klutziness, inability to do basic math) that I could give him! LOL!

    Glad to hear you have some answers…now let’s hope the treatment is better than another surgery!

  2. So sorry to hear about Tony and will pray that the antibiotics will take care of it without needing surgery. It would be really tough to fit in workouts and stay on top of healthy eating in those circumstances. You’re doing great.

  3. Dear Tony, I am praying for you to be able to dance and dance well. I dance like Elaine from Stienfeld, so dancing well has a pretty broad definition on my side. Laughing is a great way to stay sane in the hospital. Glad you have a sense of humor. I wish the doctors did at time huh?
    Amy in Florida

  4. When Glenn’s gone for the night I totally watch reality T.V., mainly The Bachelor, which Glenn would never put up with. I am so bad at names too, I should implement your & Tony’s method. Continued prayers.

  5. C-diff is some nasty shit….sending you good vibes for the “best case scenerio”. Praying that Tony’s body is strong and can fight it. ((( HUGS)))

  6. Sending a huge hug your way! Praying today will be much better and that Tony will start to get an appetite and that the gift of humor continues to grow!

  7. I had a feeling it was cdif! I should have said so so that at least I could have won the boobie prize and bragging rights for diagnosing Tony. Poop. Pun intended;-) Hopefully he can get fixed without surgerty- that would be great!! Try to have a great and safe Friday Biz!!

  8. Hoping for the best outcome!!

    Snow on the way. Be careful!


  9. Have you been speaking with an infectious disease specialist? Sometimes skipping over everyone else and going right there can help.

    Glad you both have a sense of humor about this.

    • Yep – we have an AWESOME infectious disease specialist who is our main doctor as we go forward, obviously working in tandum with the heart doctor, kidney doctor, surgeon and autoimmune doctor. I think Tony wins for biggest medical staff!

  10. I would totally watch that episode of House!

  11. I love the softball conversation! Hilarious!

    You and Tony are in my thoughts!

  12. Hahaha tony and the nicknames.., just awesome! Hoping for the easiest solution!!

  13. The nicknames crack me up!! Still sending prayers!

  14. “I am preganant and. . . a dwarf” – You cannot be serious! I just spit out a blueberry when I read this and snorted if you must know. I adore your sense of humor and the softball team nicknames was a perfect story. I can tell that Tony would be my favorite patient of the night and all the nurses would be talking about how sweet his wife is.

    House would cure Tony in seconds. I never get a chance to watch it anymore but it is such a great show.

    I’m so sorry to hear about these post op complications. I agree with Lori above and hope that an infectious disease doctor gets involved.

    Big hugs to you and lots of positive healing thoughts to Tony. Take care of yourself Biz.

  15. I’m praying for the best case scenario! I’m glad that they finally figured out what is going on.

    I busted out laughing at the Tiny Dancer story. It was would be so fun to spend a day with you Tony. I know that I would spend the whole day laughing my butt off.

    Lots of hugs, Biz!

  16. I am cracking up about Tiny Dancer. Now the song is in my hair! Love the name game. Whatever works. (I do this when I’m teaching but have to resist saying their “nicknames” out loud. Imagine if I called out, “whiny little shit, why are you raising your hand?”)

  17. Hilarious post!! (and responses!) I’m sure Tony will be feeling better soon, agree that if you don’t have an infectious disease doc on board, good idea to do it.
    I’m pregnant and a dwarf???????? NOW I’ve heard it all! 🙂
    Have a relaxing weekend Biz, take care. Hugs to you!

  18. Thinking of you and Tony and sending prayers your way. I love how you all can still have a sense of humor through all this, I think that makes the healing process a little easier.

  19. Thinking about you and Tony. Very weird that i found myself thinking about Tony this morning and praying for a complete stranger but there you go. 🙂 Hope it all works out. Keep updateing us and keep writing.

  20. That “conversation” killed me! Lol.
    Take care of your man, and have a nice weekend!

  21. Good luck to Tony (and you). I am really hoping he gets better quickly! It’s so greta that you have such a positive attitude and sense of humor while dealing with all of this. You are an inspiration!

  22. Just stopping by to say that you and Tony continue to be in my thoughts.


  23. I am just like Tony!! Honestly I just don’t remember names at all! Who are you???
    Glad they’re finding out what’s wrong and I’m sending healing thoughts and prayers.

  24. I was literally LOLing over the softball team conversation – TOO FUNNY!!!

    Glad they have some answers; now to get him healed so he can put on his dancing shoes! 😉

  25. I am laughing too at the softball story [“Top heavy”? Great, my nickname would’ve been “flat chested” or “smart ass” hee – Come to think of it I think my swim coach DID call me a combination of those.] And Amanda’s comment cracked me up with the “whiny little shit”. Good thing the world can’t read our minds. 😀

    Well, I have to say I am glad they figured out what is wrong. That is a good thing – now let’s say our prayers that it is the antibiotic route, not surgery. At least you have cool nurses – that makes the stay a little nicer, huh?

    You and reality TV. It is a fun guilty pleasure, isn’t it? My favs are “Project Runway Allstars” and “House Hunters”. The second one cracks me up because people are so damn picky and demanding on a cheap budget. heehee

    I KNOW you are getting a workout walking the halls of that hospital [why is it that the parking lot is always miles away and your loved one is stuck on the bazillionth floor all the way at the end of the hall?] so don’t go worrying too much about a work out/food. It will be fine once you have handsome home – for now, just do what is best for you and Tony. ‘Kay? ‘kay.

    Will be thinking of you, saying my prayers that it is the easier of the two options and making up names for people in the doctor’s office today. [You can tell Tony, thanks from me for that new game.]

    Love ya’ both. Talk soon.

  26. LOL! My Dad was the same way!! Everyone had a nickname, even TV shows had nicknames.

    Thinking of you and Tony that you get some definitive answers soon!!!

  27. Weighting For 50

    Oh Vat….I’ve been “offline” for a couple of days, and wow….I’ve missed all the drama!!!! Sending GIANT hugs to you and Tony!!! Hopefully they nail down the issue asap, get him fixed up, and get him back home and well. Thinking of you across the miles, and sending warm, healing wishes. Take care of YOU while you take care of him!!! Hugs

  28. Tell “Hospital Man” to kick that c-diff to the curb so you can get him home! Then, we’ll switch his name to “Home Body” 😉

    Big hugs to you both. I know how stressful this must be for you… hang in there, Biz!

  29. I love hearing stories about you and Tony. It’s funny because we do the same thing at work. We Often have nicknames for the kids cause I have a difficult time keeping them straight.
    I hope it’s the best case scenario!!! 🙂

  30. Hang in there – answers are coming soon. I’m sending positive energy your way!

  31. I’m glad you are finally getting some answers. Hugs to you and Tony.

    My mom called me two nights ago to tell me she was having a heart attack. She ended up being transported by ambulance. The doctor showed up at 11 pm and they did an angiogram and some stents. She is out of ICU now and doing better.

    It’s tough having someone in the hospital. I hope Tony is well enough to go home soon. At least our hospital has a Subway. I haven’t ventured in to the cafeteria, I’m afraid. 😉

  32. So funny! How many times has he accidentally said the nickname of the people out loud to their face? That could be an awkward convo with “top heavy girl.” 😉

    You’re both still in my thoughts and prayers. Try not to be too tough on yourself with your eating. Not to say that this is your chance for a free for all, but forgive yourself for making poor food choices here and there. Of course it’s not going to take precedence over Tony right now and that’s OK. *hugs*

  33. hehe, I did that with vocab words when I was in college! We used to draw funny pictures to help us remember and then sing songs…and hum them during tests. LOL! Such craziness…

    Glad they found out what was going on! Get those antibiotics working!

  34. Your positive attitude is so inspiring. You are a great partner to Tony and I love reading about you guys!

    Best of luck to him, I hope it is just C-diff (even though I know that is not fun to have!)

    Those shows are my guilty pleasure too 🙂

  35. I have been so worried and am glad to hear they are one step closer to treating him! Still praying for him, too. If he has to take probiotics, it might be a good idea for him to have yogurt or probiotic pills afterward to help him build up his good bacteria again and keep his intestinal health on track. And too funny about the nicknames! I love Tiny Dancer-lol!

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