Police Escort?

I am on my way home from work last night when all of a sudden I see my battery light flicker on and off.  Then my ABS light comes on.  Then the air bag light comes on.  Then the radio turns off, the lights shut off and I have absolutely no controls.  Even though the car is moving, it said I was going zero miles an hour.

I knew there was a Jiffy Lube about a mile away and I prayed that I could just get it there.  I made it!  I explain what’s happened and three guys look at it and they say “we don’t do batteries, so you’ll have to take it somewhere else.”  They advised that the car would still run just as long as I didn’t turn it off.

So every time I am at a stop light and it’s time for me to go, it took a couple minutes for me to get going, and then I would either only be able to go ten miles an hour, or it would speed up for no reason.  I was terrified!  I called Tony and I was about a mile from our car dealership that has a service center.  He said he would meet me there.

Just then there is a cop car with a siren on behind me!  I pull into a side street.  I open my car door a bit because I have can’t use the power windows.  I wasn’t even able to put my hazards on.

So as the cop comes to my door I open it up to get out and she shouts “Get back in the car ma’am!”  I shut the door, then she comes to my window and says “roll down your window.”  I told her I had no power, so she let me open the door.  The next sentence is classic.  “Ma’am, did you know you were only driving ten miles an hour with no lights on?”

Why yes I did!  She ran my license and then escorted me the last mile to the car dealership.  Whew!  While we would have rather taken the car to our mechanic, our mechanic, while super reasonable, sometimes takes days to make the repair, which would have meant renting a car, etc.

This dealership is fancy too – in the waiting room they have six apple computers for customers to use while waiting for their cars!

Turns out it was an alternator.  But our battery was nearly dead too, but we knew we could get a cheaper one at Sam’s.  So after leaving the dealership, Tony and I went to Sam’s Club, picked up a new battery and I will drop it off this morning on my way to work.

Tony has a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I will take a later lunch, pick him up, go to the doctor and then drop him off at the dealership and he’ll wait for it to be finshed.  Oh, and then we’ll have about $562 dollars less than we had yesterday. 😦

Yep, still haven’t gone grocery shopping and I seriously think that I can make it till the weekend with what we have on hand.  I still have to see what I threw in the freezer from last week, but I was going through the fridge with Hannah (like a good momma I made her my ham mac and cheese using shells – she feels that “shaped” pasta has more flavor than elbow macaroni!).

I showed her that there was still some pizza dough in the fridge, and she said “want breakfast pizza tomorrow?”  Um, when have I ever been known to turn down pizza?  I tried to eyeball how she was making it so I could estimate the points.  I didn’t want to get in her business by pulling out the food scale – it looked like about 4 ounces of dough, sauce on my side, olive oil (and onions!) on her side, about 2 ounces of reduced fat Jimmy Dean sausage, baby spinach, colby cheese and 1 egg mixed with 1/4 cup egg white on top.

I am estimating the whole pizza to be 24 points, so half is 12.  Super filling and delicious – too bad Hannah had to scoot to school and we weren’t able to eat it together – thanks Hanners! 😀

The sun was shining, and I was determined to get out and run/walk yesterday.  It said the temperature was 31, but felt like 21.  I was prepared.  The last time I was at Goodwill I bought a pair of under armour leggings.  They are super thin, and are tapered at the ankle, there was absolutely no wind getting to my legs. 😀  These were a score for me – I paid $5.00 for them, and they retail for $69!

The only part about running/walking in January is the ice – I almost took a face plant when I ran over what looked like just water – turns out it was a thin sheet of ice for about 5 feet!

I also had to use the median because both the sidewalks on either side had too much snow or ice.  The ground was super hard an unstable, but I think it made for a tougher workout!

And about 10 minutes in I had to use my scarf to cover my ears.  Hey, I never said I was fashionable. 😀

It felt wonderful to get moving.  I hadn’t worked out in almost a week, so it was a bit slow going, but it was awesome.  Since Hannah was Bizzy in My Kitchen this morning, I didn’t have time to put anything together for lunch, but I realized I had $$ left on a Subway gift card.

I ended up getting the turkey and ham on the oat grain bread – sammie was 7 points with the light Lay’s chips – lunch came in at 9 points.

Have you ever made ham salad?  Before Tony got sick I had cooked a 7 pound ham just to have on hand.  I added some to Hannah’s mac n cheese, and when I mentioned to Tony that there was still a lot left he said “mmmmm…..ham salad.”  I’ve never made ham salad, but it couldn’t have been easier!

In the food processor:

  • 2 cups cooked ham
  • 1/4 cup mayo
  • 2 tablespoons mustard
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 8 baby gerkin pickles (or I guess you could throw in a couple tablespoons of sweet relish)
  • good pinch of salt
  • good turn of some fresh cracked pepper

Just pulse until you don’t have huge chunks of anything.  Since I made it at night, and my lighting sucks ass, I think google images for this picture:

I left some assorted crackers on the counter for when Tony wanted to have some ham salad and crackers for lunch.  Another favorite of Tony’s?  Egg salad! 😀

So by the time we got home from Sam’s Club, it was nearly 7:00.  I had defrosted a bottom round steak but wasn’t really sure what to do with it, until I saw I had this:

I sliced up the round steak really thin and while I had egg noodles cooking and the gravy cooking, cooked it up for just a couple minutes.  Most people think you have to cook this cut low and slow, but it was super tender.  And doesn’t gravy make everything better?

As a side note, I am going to be participating in Lori’s Healthy Heart Weekend.  Just click on the previous link to get the info.  I think my goal will be to run/walk 5 miles in 55 minutes or less. 😀

Are you going to play?  Make it a great day!

43 thoughts on “Police Escort?

  1. Rachel Palmieri

    Whoa! That’s a crazy car story! I know it’s not a cheap fix, but it could have been a lot worse…with cars, it could always be worse! Glad you came out of it unscathed though (except your bank account)!

  2. oh my gosh girl! I’m so glad you’re safe. That must have been pure craziness!!!! You are really doing well using what you have on hand. I need to get better at that. Hope all goes well today. I will probably play around this afternoon since I already worked out and have a shorter work day

  3. I would have been a nervous wreck, Biz! Glad you made it safely to both places!

    Ham salad sounds yummy!

    Hope all goes well with Tony’s appt.! Sending prayers 🙂

  4. Glad you made it home alive!

    Be on the lookout for pants like those – I need a pair too!! 🙂

  5. Oh my, that is crazy, Biz! I would have been freaking out. Glad you made it there safe though. Car repairs are so expensive! Last year Ray’s alternator and radiator went out at the same time, that set us back a pretty penny.

    And score! I never get that good of finds at our Goodwill, though there is always cute stuff from Ann Taylor Loft, and it is always a size XS. :/

  6. That ham salad sounds good! I’ve never made it, or even had it actually. Funny as I am obsessed with chicken salad. I might have to put that on the menu.

    Car problems stink! Glad you made it safe, could have been worse!

  7. Oh my gosh about the police and your car! I’m glad you are ok, I would have been totally freaking out, I HATE car problems! Good for you for walking in 21 degrees, brr! I try to get out and walk on my lunch time, but I admit I have been slacking off in the cold! I hope you have a better day!

  8. I hate when anything happens to my car!!! And I hate how they look at me like I’m a dumb woman when I’m trying to explain that it really does make a noise when I drive it!

  9. I don’t eat sausage a lot but when I smell it I have to have some, that pizza looks terrific, I’d probably have it for lunch though as I tend to like sweet breakfasts.

    Cars, a necessary evil.

  10. Glad you got to the dealership okay – that’s so scary!

  11. Kudos to you for not giving the cop a “duh!” response! Silly woman, couldn’t she SEE that something was wrong?!? And what a crazy thing for your car to do – I had no idea everything could shut down like that! Glad it’s being fixed, but I feel your pain on car repair expenses…

  12. I love love love ham salad. Have never made it. The little corner store in my parents’ home down makes the BEST. The car thing is scary. I ended up stuck on the freeway once when my electrical died in my car. The police had to push me to the gas station.

  13. My blood pressure would have been through the roof if my car did that! The cop would have pulled over a crying hot mess of a woman.

    I got similar leggings so my thighs wouldn’t jiggle so much but I guess you could use them to keep you warm 🙂

  14. Thank goodness the cop was there to escort you! Car repairs are the worst. Well, medical bills with no insurance are the real worst, but car repairs come in awfully close.

  15. Oh brother, that is scary. And no fun $$ wise. You need a to catch a break!

    I hate the ice, I feel on way to work today. Of course right in near the building where co-workers could witness it. No injuries though. 🙂 Hope you have a great day.

    • Sorry about that Jacky! The only thing I miss about working in Chicago are the restaurants – I have been having a jones for jalapeno corn bread like Heaven on Seven makes – it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Glad you didn’t get hurt!

  16. Man, that would have freaked me out!!!! Glad you’re alright!

    I have under armors for my workouts in my garage and they rock! Not one ounce of cold can get to me! Though I paid a bit more than you did….

    I had to smile when you said that Hannah finds shaped pasta to taste better than elbow. Funny girl!

    Hope everything goes well with Tony’s appt today!

  17. I love that story about the cop. Honestly, I might actually ENJOY going to get my oil changed if my dealership were that nice! 🙂

  18. Seriously…who needs TV when we got Biz for entertainment! YIKES on the car situation, but some how you always have me laughing! 😀

    Kudos to Hannah on that awesome breakfast pizza. If she’s interested in coming to NY my door is open – just has to make breakfast pizza….oh & clean. I know she likes that! 😀

    …and did you notice you had more tree coming out of your head in that picture. 😛

    • Ha – I didn’t notice the tree coming out of my head!! Thanks for pointing it out. 😀 Let’s hope my life gets a little less entertaining. 😀

  19. I don’t know if anyone has said it [your mechanic, the cop or your friends] but next time do not drive the car. Immediately park it. Better to pay for a tow than to be unable to steer or have no control over the speed if it revs up. That story scared me just reading it.

    We grew up eating bologna salad. Very similar to ham salad, but made with a delicious handmade German bologna we could get made fresh from our local German deli.

    The pizza looks really good. It would never occur to me to put eggs on a crust like that. Awesome idea.

    And Biz? Don’t drive the car like that again. You’re too important to too many people sweetie. 🙂

  20. oh no…glad that you didn’t get a pat down for getting out of your car! lol Sorry about the car troubles- they always make me nervous too.

    Oh- a fellow blogger told me that you were looking into making a light box. I made one a couple of weeks ago! Check out this post! http://bit.ly/xxWxox
    I also linked to the site that I GOOGLED to get instructions. 🙂

  21. Scary sh*t with the car! Esp. in rush hour traffic…don’t you love how the lady cop was barking at you like you were a felon on the lam?! I’m not a lover of cops – there are good ones, and I guess they have to assume we’re all evil first – but really!

    All your food looks good, as always. And you look quite fetching in your running gear. Love than Hannah is a little ‘mini you’ when it comes to the kitchen!

  22. I remember when my alternator died…in the middle of no where FLORIDA! It was pouring rain and I seriously thought I was going to drown out there if no one came and got me! I got towed 80 miles back to the nearest nissan dealership then had to wait two days to get everything fixed…and almost a $1,000+ in fees/products. It was an expensive drive home. haha!

  23. I am always so paranoid about car stuff, sounds scary! I am glad everything worked out. I haven’t had ham salad in years, I will give your recipe a try.

  24. You poor thing!!
    Well at least you got a police escort.
    Such a score on those running tights! I need to go thrift store shopping with you. 😉

  25. Oh no! I’d be scared to death in that car. A similar thing happened to me last week .. but my car wasn’t moving haha. I was in the kroger parking lot and no matter what i did (even just to adjust the seat!) my alarm would sound. it was the strangest thing.. but all fixed now!
    My grandma would love that ham salad. She always buys hers from the deli, but loves the “special touch” behind homemade food. I think it’ll be a winner!
    So glad your family is “back to normal” and tony seems to be doing well.

    and I agree with Hannah. SHELLS and cheese is the only way to go!

  26. Sorry about your car. I feel your pain. I have had a series of (expensive) misadventures this last year. I hope Tony continues to feel better and that you have a boring, uneventful day tomorrow. lol.

  27. Scary about your car. Glad everything is okay! My car did something similar once but stalled in the middle of the street. It was not a great day! Luckily, someone helped me get it to a mechanic.

    Breakfast pizza looks great. I need to try that. I could just make the dough the night before. Any excuse for something pizza like!

  28. Hey Biz –

    Thanks for checking in with me. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’m struggling and still trying to find the time to do ANYTHING after working all day.

    I’ve been trying to get out and walk at lunch but some days I don’t even get away from my desk. These lawyers are slavedrivers, huh?

    Glad you got an escort to safety and were able to get your car fixed.

    Even though I haven’t been commenting, I have been reading and keeping up with what’s been going on. I’ve been saying lots of praying for Tony. He really has been through alot lately. I’m glad he is home now and hopefully on the mend and that is the last of the hospital stays for the year and beyond.

    I hope the power of prayer helps since that’s all I can do from half way across the country. Of course, if there is anything else I could possibly do, just say the word.

    Take care and keep up the great work you’ve been doing. I really admire your positive attitude through all the hard times. Sometimes it really is a mind over matter thing.

    Rock on!

  29. Wow – what a story! Don’t you hate unexpected expenses like that? But at least you’re safe and no one was hurt!
    I seriously drool every time I see pictures of your pizzas……

  30. Car problems are right up there with spiders on my list of fears. I swear my mouth waters every time I read your blog. The breakfast pizza, now that is something I need to try asap.

  31. That’s scary, especially with no warning. Cop story made me laugh, did she really think you wanted to go 10mph?! Sorry this happened to you though, the $$ they charge is astronomical. 😦
    Stay safe and have a good evening!

  32. Wow a police escort to the car repair shop! You sure know how to get around!

    How sweet that Miss Hannah made you breakfast – she is a keeper.

  33. That’s a crazy story! Glad you’re ok!

  34. Weighting For 50

    Hi Vat, is it bad that I’m bowing at your feet for the police escort????? The high school teen in me says “AWESOME!!!!!” Freakin’ (censored for comment reasons) car problems!!! Hugs to you and Tony. NO hug to your vehicle….stupid car problems!!!!! Take care.

  35. The cops are super strict about you STAYING in your car. When my parents first moved to U.S., they didn’t realize that and when my dad tried to get out a cop pulled out a gun at him! Scared my parents out of their wits because their English sucked, too.

    Glad everything turned out fine though!

  36. When my alternator went out, I thought I was fainting while driving because the lights just got more and more faint.

    Yes, cops are super strict about staying in the car, I also had a police threaten to shoot me, a Polish-American mommy, and it made me burst into tears. So how good I am under pressure?!

    🙂 Marion

  37. Man, must have been the week for car trouble! My car was acting possessed too, with random dashboard lights flashing, rumbling, and then just stopping. I was barely out of my neighborhood and I didn’t want to risk it stopping on the highway so I drove it home and got it towed to the dealership.

    I have to say though, I’m a bit jealous of the police escort! 😀

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