It’s Never a Good Sign . . .

Hannah was up early yesterday, creating another lovely breakfast before her long day at school.  Monday and Wednesdays are her long days, and as much as she doesn’t like eating first thing (try two hours!) she realizes that she has to have a good breakfast the way her schedule is laid out.

I contemplated jumping in and getting Bizzy in my Kitchen (I have a ricotta cheese lemon pancake recipe with blueberry sauce coming soon!) I realized it’s Wednesday.  And I haven’t had bagel Wednesday forever!  This giant jalapeno cheddar with egg whites in the middle comes in at a delicious 11 points.

I was so stuffed from the bagel that I didn’t have anything before picking up Tony for his doctor appointment.  It dawned on me as we were driving there that because this doctor first saw Tony in the hospital, we would have to fill out new patient forms, do the family history stuff, etc.

We really like this doctor, he’s the kidney doctor.  While Tony will probably always have mild kidney disease, hopefully things will never get worse than that.  He goes back in a few weeks to have blood work done to see where his numbers are at, then back again in April.

While we were in with the doctor the car dealership called.  I called them back.  The truck was ready, “but you have a few more issues going on with the truck.”  My first thought was “fuck.”  You know, because it rhymes with truck. 😀

He started talking about shackles and my first thought is “where the hell do shackles fit on a truck?”

I told him basically to stop talking, that I had my husband with me and he could explain it to him.  I just don’t do car parts.  It’s never a good sign when your truck is still on the lift so they can “show you everything that is wrong” with the car.

Long story short, the alternator and new battery were installed, but there were a few things that need to be done “in the near future” but aren’t things that have to be done to it now.  Whew.

So by the time that was all done and I got back to work, I had taken a 3 hour lunch.  Just so you know the afternoon goes by really fast when you take a 3 hour lunch! 😀

I was still full from the bagel so I had an apple and a cafe mocha – 2 points!   My afternoon cafe mochas are so good – I’ve got my boss hooked on them.  It’s a 25 calorie pack of diet swiss miss cocoa, half hot water, half coffee and then whip cream on top.  It’s like 50 calories, but I count it as 2 points.  I stole this picture.  I figured after taking a 3 hour lunch I should do some work!

I had defrosted some chicken wings, not really knowing what I was going to do with them.  When I came in the house to get Tony I saw that he marinated my wings – in spicy hot shit.  Tony is a fly by the seat of his pants kinda cook, tossing things in willy nilly.  Me?  I would have written it down as I went along, so that if it turned out good I could make it again.

I baked my wings at 400 degrees for 35 minutes, then finished them off under the broiler for a couple minutes.  I like my wings well done. 😀  On the side I made a broccoli/cole slaw stir fry.  Now I might get some slack here, but after I took the chicken out of the marinade, I cooked it down for 30 minutes.

I know some people will think “you had raw chicken in that marinade!”  But I made sure I boiled it above 160 degrees, so it’s all good.  In fact it reduced down to an amazing sauce.  I told Tony “I am not joking, these are the best wings I’ve ever had.”

So I said “what did you put in the sauce??!!”  He said he knew he had to start out with vinegar, so he added apple cider vinegar, then Frank’s sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, garlic, olive oil and crushed red peppers.  They marinated for about six hours.  After I reduced the sauce, I stirfried broccoli slaw and broccoli in about a tablespoon of the sauce.

Oh my oh my.  These wings were spicy and delicious!  It had the perfect balance of sweet, sour and heat.  Thanks Tony!  And thanks for your help with the truck – I have no idea how I would have handled it happened last week when you were in the hospital.

Hannah and I have a special lunch planned today.  My bosses father has been spending the winter with them.  He’s 82 years old and originally from New York, but retired to Georgia.  He helps out at the food pantry Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday’s he doesn’t have a whole lot going on.

So Hannah and I decided to take him out to lunch today – I love hearing people’s stories!

32 thoughts on “It’s Never a Good Sign . . .

  1. oh man….Cars drive me nuts. Luckily, Josh is REALLY good with cars (like he has built one and works on them regularly), so whenever I have a major problem- Josh always talks sense into car shops for me ;). The wing dinner looks just perfect- go Tony!

  2. I made a recipe last night and it didn’t have onions in it and I didn’t add onions and I totally thought of you. It somehow seemed wrong to make something without onions. 😉

    Those wings look awesome! I dont’ get the flack about the raw chicken, you throw the raw chicken IN the marinade to marinate, right?

  3. My husband handles the car issues for the most part. I’m so grateful for him. I hate dealing with car issues. I always feel as though I’m being taken advantage of because I don’t understand anything about the car. I would love to take an auto mechanics class.

    Have a fun lunch! I love hearing people’s stories too particularly the elderly. They have so much wisdom to offer and I find it fascinating to hear how life used to be.

  4. I need to try that cafe mocha, or at least make them for Ray when he gets back. Yum!

    I think it’s sweet that you guys are taking him to lunch; I also love hearing people’s stories. Have fun!

  5. It’s always something, isn’t it? I have to take someone with me when I do car related things because it sounds like the mechanics are speaking jibberish to me!

  6. Is your vehicle an Explorer? If so, how old? The sensors in mine have started going insane – randomly locking/unlocking the doors as we drive, flashing an overhead light on/off, and best of all, setting off the car alarm because it “senses” something. ARGH. Older cars – when the craziest things start to happen! Glad Tony was there to talk to the mechanic, because I’m like you – that is a foreign language to me.

    • Yep, our Explorer is a 2001. We will probably later in the spring/summer get the other stuff fixed at our local mechanic – he just takes about 4 times as long to make the repairs, but at 1/4 the price, so its worth it!

  7. That sauce sounds delicious! And that slaw/stiry fry looks crazy good and colorful!

  8. Those wings look delicious!
    It’s got to be nice having Tony back home…and your car too!
    Looking forward to that pancake recipe. I’m all about pancakes!

  9. Nothing wrong with using marinade if you boil it. Chefs do it all the time!

  10. You are hilarious. Period. 😀

  11. That looks delicious! DH is a health inspector. You can use the marinade as long as you heat it to a safe temp.

  12. I have, apparently, been tossing out good marinade for years! I’m going to give it a try. The jalapeno bagel looks delicious.

  13. That sauce would be awesome for tofu I bet! I bet you just threw up too 😀

  14. I would never have thought about using the marinade like that…but I just asked husband and he does it all the time!!

  15. Sorry, but when you have people with health issues in the house [me!] I wouldn’t tempt fate by screwing around with a marinade that had raw chicken in it. It isn’t expensive to make, so have some extra on the side that hasn’t had raw chicken in it and use that. I worked in restaurants in h.s. and college and I can only imagine my chef pals beating the crap out of me if I did that. heehee

    Sucks about the truck, but it IS a cute truck. I miss my truck. It was red & silver. I loved it. Hope yours gets fixed soon.

    And how nice a luncheon you have planned. Have fun! [But I have to ask – who “winters” in Chicago? He must miss the cold weather, bless his heart.]

  16. Alex is totally OMG SALMONELLA WE’RE GONNA DIE when it comes to chicken, and I’m just not. So I would totally do this marinade.

    Moving on, RICOTTA LEMON BLUEBERRY OMGWTF?! I need to know about this. 🙂

  17. SOOOO feel your pain regarding the car!!! I’d boil the marinade and use it for sure! And will continue to do that until we get food poisoning. Kidding!!!! (but I’d use it!)
    Have a great Thursday.

  18. Ugh, it’s always something with cars! 😦
    Those wings look amazing, good job!

  19. car stuff stinks! i would have said the f’ word too! haha! At least the “extras” don’t need to be done now! Whew!

  20. Car talk gives me a headache. And I’m pretty sure you can still eat the marinade as long as you boil it like you did. Great looking wings!

  21. Oh wow, do I hate car issues! I have no clue about cars and it always seems to cost way more than I anticipated. As usual, your food looks delicious!

  22. Those wings look amazing!! YUM!
    And I love your cafe mocha..I am going to recreate this. So simple.

  23. The bagel looks really good, but when I got to your wings….my knees went weak! Oh my YUM. That looks to die for and I might….for some wings. 🙂

  24. I am the biggest offender in the kitchen when it comes to food fears and the food police. But in all of my life I have never once been sick from food (knock on wood). Those wings look awesome.

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