My Date With the Foot Fetish Freak

Thanks again for your continued virtual hugs for me and Tony – we appreciate it!

My blog title?  Not joking, yesterday six people googled “My Date With the Foot Fetish Freak” to get to my blog.  I cannot explain it, but it made me laugh!  What’s the weirdest search engine tag that your blog ever got?

Hannah and I had breakfast together yesterday.  On Mondays and Wednesdays we leave at around the same time.  I decided to make us zucchini pancakes with cheezy spinach eggs.

This made 2 servings:  each serving is 5 WW points

For the pancakes

  • 1 large zucchini, shredded and squeezed dry
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1/4 cup bread crumbs
  • salt and pepper

Mix ingredients together and spray non-stick skillet with Pam.  “Pam” fry the zucchini pancakes until golden brown.

The egg mix:

  • 4 oz. container egg beaters
  • 2 oz. deli ham, chopped
  • 1/2 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh spinach

Scramble eggs until desired doneness.  Serve egg mixture on top of zucchini pancakes.  This plate is 5 points.  I have to tell you, this kept me full for hours!

When it was time to walk at lunch it was 45 and sunny.

I couldn’t run yesterday.  Wanna know why? My blood sugar was perfect – 107.  It wasn’t high enough to go full metal jacket – I ate a banana – and then 15 minutes later my blood sugar was 160, wo a 50 minute walk it was.

I made shrimp cocktail with some shrimp I defrosted the night before.  If you have to bring a dish to a super bowl party, make this perfect shrimp cocktail – it will be the hit of any party.

My lunch was shrimp cocktail, carrots, guacamole, apples, blueberries and a little bit of cheese – this giant plate of food comes in at 9 points.

I decided to make mini pot pies for dinner last night.  These were good, but I need to tweak the recipe a bit before posting it.  I need to add more salt to the dough, and the chicken veggie mixture needed more seasoning too.  That didn’t prevent Tony and I from eating the whole thing though. 😀

My dinner with a side of garlic bread – my guess is about 14 points?

And because I am so frugal, and there happened to be a lot of dough leftover, I may have made two blueberry hand pies for our dessert.

So with dessert, I ended up with about 34 points. 😀

Hannah doesn’t have school or work today so she’s meeting me for lunch today and hopefully we’ll go to the gym after dinner.

Gotta jump in the shower and get this day going – make it a great day!


26 thoughts on “My Date With the Foot Fetish Freak

  1. Snack plates…seriously the best meals! A little of this and a little of that- so perfect. The hand pies are adorable. I want to make some now. That is a VERY odd search 😉

  2. I haven’t been able to figure out how to search the search engines for my blog. I will say though, that I have several “over 18 adult” blogs that are following me. I wonder why? 🙂

    Your breakfasts are awesome!

  3. That blueberry hand pie looks good! We have a new (to our area) restaurant called the Original Fried Pie Shop – they do breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, all in that same form. I don’t DARE go in. 😉

  4. Your lunch looks so delicious and healthy! The blueberry pie? If it was dipped in a confectioners sugar glaze it could pass for the Hostess Pies my mom used to let me have as a treat in my lunch box.

  5. haha, how funny!

    oh my gosh, the potpie and handpies look AMAZING! i want that for dinner tonight 🙂

    fingers crossed for tony, we’re thinking of you guys!! xox

  6. Oh man, that lunch looks delish! As does the pot pie. I’ve never made a pot pie before.

  7. I just love your creativity, Biz! With the bizzy 🙂 life you lead, you really make cooking look easy and accessible to everyone!

    Now send me a hand pie, will ya! 😉

    Have a great day!!

  8. I just love when you do lunch plates. It reminds me that I should do them more often. So fun to have a variety of yummy foods! 🙂

  9. Your post titles always crack me up!
    Ummm…..that blueberry pie looks ridiculous. Yum!

  10. Hand over that hand pie girl! 🙂 I’m making the shrimp cocktail for Superbowl Sunday, can’t wait!

  11. I love having “food plates” for lunch – keeps thing interesting!

  12. I think your search phrase takes the cake – that is hilarious! I haven’t gotten anything nearly that interesting, but it did make me laugh that apparently someone reached mine by googling “fail salad”. Is that a recipe they wanted??

    That shrimp coctail looks amazing. I DO have to go to a SB party this weekend, maybe I’ll try it!

  13. I really wonder what got 6 people searching for foot fetish date stories. HAHA!

    Blueberry hand pies sound like the perfect dessert. I need to make some dough and make some. I’ve been craving pie!

  14. Oh this takes me back to my childhood! I love chicken pot pie – the good home made kind is amazing – but as I kid I loved those little Swanson Frozen ones! And then Hostess fruit pies were also one of my favorites – can you tell I am on a low carb diet and can get carried away by day dreaming about all things carby? 🙂

  15. Wow, those poor people! Can’t believe anyone would search for that. I haven’t had any weird searches.

  16. We made your pizza crust over here last night – yum! So thank you!

    I’ve tagged you in a 11 things post on my blog!

  17. Your food looks soooo good. I love snack plates and I haven’t had pot pie in sooo long. It would be so yummy on a balmy winters eve 😀
    That is pretty disturbing what ppl search for can I find that for my blog!?

    • I am hosted by WordPress, so I have something that is called a dashboard where I can find all my stats, from the most viewed post, search engine terms – obviously the most popular one is “my bizzy kitchen” and the second most used search is “buffalo chicken chili.” 😀

  18. I’m getting caught up on your last few posts now!
    My all time favorite seasoning for pot pies (and eggs, and well, everything!) is Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. I used it in my last pot pie and it got great reviews! 🙂
    Love the looks of those blueberry hand pies.

  19. Cute little pot pies! That is seriously an odd google search. Hmmm. I find a lot of people google for wedding cake transport and come across my blog post about when I took my frozen top layer of our wedding cake from Baltimore back to the island. I was not letting that sucker go to waste and I wanted to eat it on our anniversary. Have a great weekend.

  20. By a landslide I get the most hits from the word “pee.” Really.

  21. You’re such a good cook, all your meals are a treat for my eyes and appetite and I haven’t even tasted it yet. I bet it tastes delicious too.

  22. yum to that handpie! and chick pot pie is really one of my top comfort foods. I use condensed cream of chicken for the sauce…what can I say? lol

  23. Still keeping Tony and you in my prayers and thoughts 🙂

    My oddest term was ‘my inferior husband’

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