I am such a f_cking loser.

I LOST THREE POUNDS THIS WEEK!  Doing a happy dance. 😀

For breakfast yesterday I knew I wanted something heartier because my diabetes doctor appointment was at 11:45 and I knew I wouldn’t be eating lunch until after that.  English muffin egg white spinach sammie to the rescue.  7 points.

I ended up having to wait an hour and 15 minutes for my doctor.  They are in the process of turning all their paper files into electronic ones and its been a nightmare – even though I am obviously not a new patient, since its the first time I’ve been there since they made the switch, they had to enter in all my basic information.

It went well – I am a pretty controlled diabetic and my blood pressure was great.  He always does a test where I close my eyes and he puts a pen on my foot and I have to let him know if I feel it or not – no problems there either – uncontrolled diabetics have a high risk of neuropathy.  I had a foot doctor once who said he had a patient that had a hole in the bottom of his foot the size of a quarter and he never felt it!

We did the basic blood tests and I’ll get those results in a couple weeks.  Then I don’t have to go back until May. 😀

I had time to run to the Japanese grocery store to pick up a couple things – I had to take a picture of the Kabocha because it reminds me of Maggie (hi Maggie!).

I had leftovers for lunch from the lunch Hannah and I had on Thursday.  I thought they might be dried out, but they were delicious – I am counting this plate as 10 points because of the rice.

I think I like the ones with the rice on the outside better.

Dinner was super quick and simple – nothing better than a patty melt on rye bread.  Although Tony and I both didn’t like how thin the bread was sliced – still tasted good.  Um, there may have been some crinkle cut fries that somehow didn’t make it in the photograph!  Dinner comes in at around 14 points.

Alright – gotta get a move on.  I am going to see my Mom today!  My sister and I are helping a Mom out in Oak Park with her daughters 12th birthday.  The birthday girl wanted to do a version of chopped, but obviously you’d have to have three sets of everything.

So my sister and I are going to show them how to make pot stickers for an appetizer, then how to make pizza for the entree and then crepes with nutella and bananas for dessert.  Should be fun!  (and we are getting paid so that’s cool too!)

Enjoy your Saturday!



38 thoughts on “I am such a f_cking loser.

  1. Awesome job!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have fun cooking today!

  2. Congrats on the loss!!! That’s so awesome!!!!! Keep it up! What a great way to start the weekend!!!

  3. 3 pounds? WAY TO GO! My weigh-in is Monday. I hope the weekend isn’t too unkind to me.

    I want a patty melt now. I need to recreate that with some good gluten-free bread.

    Um, I want that birthday party! How cool!

  4. YeaI I’m so inspired by you, way to go!
    Your job sounds fun today, can’t wait to hear about it! Have fun. 🙂

  5. Woo hoo! That is quite an achievement, Biz!

  6. I just clicked onto my reader, saw your post title and thought oh dear what happened to Biz! Duh!! Biz that is some seriously fantastic weight loss!!! Ok no more exclamation points from me.

    Also great news from the doctor. Your story about the diabetic neuropathy reminded me of a patient when I working as a nurse’s aide during nursing school. This woman was in her 60s and was a noncompliant insulin dependent diabetic. She had a huge family and lots of support so to this day I have no idea how this woman ended up the way she did. She came to the hospital after (finally) complaining of foot discomfort. In the ER they discovered her feet were completely gangrenous. How the heck did no one including the patient not notice that this was happening. Long story short because you know I can babble, she had to have both feet amputated and because the infection had spread further than they thought two weeks later she underwent a bilateral below the knee amputation. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. So keep the diabetes info. coming.

    What a fun experience for you and your sister. Have a great time.

    • Babble away Aimee! I agree that while controlling diabetes is a pain in the ass, you can manage it. Sadly you feel okay while doing damage to your body and when you start having problems, its too late to reverse the damage. 😦

  7. I was worried when I read your blog post too, but I do agree. You are a loser!!! 😀 Congrats on the HUGE weight loss, Biz!!!

  8. Doing the happy dance with you!! Good job! 🙂

  9. Awesome weight loss! You go!! And….I only eat sushi with the rice on the outside….so much better! Having sushi tonight. Excited!

  10. The birthday version of chopped sounds fun – what a great idea for a party! And how sweet to do something you love – cooking – and get paid! 🙂

    Congrats on the loss, ya loser!

  11. Wow, fantastic weight loss and great news from your doctor! The birthday party sounds like a lot of fun.

  12. Congrats on the weight loss, and the good news from your doctor! That’s awesome!

  13. Maggie @ say yes to salad

    Yayyyy for losing! And for kabocha. I just had some last night 😀

  14. ahhhhhhh!!!! Congrats. So happy for you 🙂 🙂 Crinkle fries are amazing. Enjoy the party. Sounds awesome

  15. Woo hoo !! 3 lbs!! I have to say, I know you had difficulty losing weight last year. I know last summer, I was trying to use WW to lose some weight, and it just wasn’t working for me like it had in 2002 and 2008. Something about the new system.

    But since they’ve revamped it, it looks like it’s better! Woo! Maybe I’ll give it a shot again when it’s time to lose the baby weight.

  16. I also was thrown by your subject. I thought “oh no, what did she do!” Three pounds down is super. My Mom was a very careful diabetic. She would not even walk in tall grass. Being careful is probably a good thing. Glad your doctor appointment went well. 🙂

  17. You’re amazing! THREE pounds. I think they should kick out Jennifer Hudson and get you to be their spokesperson. One can eat, have fun, take care of family, work and still lose weight.
    Love the patty melt sandwich, too.

  18. Congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the great work and healthy eats!

  19. I knew that is what your title meant. Just amazing Bizzy. Amazing. So happy for you.

  20. Happy Saturday and happy losing! 😀
    My family would love a simple patty melt for dinner one night. I think they get sick of all the fancy shit. Maybe I should add that to the rotation 😉

    • It’s funny because I could spend two hours every night making dinner if I had the time – sometimes you gotta throw in a couple simple dishes though 😀

  21. Woo!! Great job on the loss Biz- Good for you lady!!! Looks like a great week, with Tony getting better, your weight loss, a great docs appointment. You go girl!

  22. Woo Hoo! Things are really going your way now 😀 I need some of that mojo after our vacation!

  23. WOOHOO! Great job on the loss! That’s a good number! I’m excited if I lose 1 pound in a month!

    That sushi looks amazing.

  24. Awesome Job Biz!!!

    Also, Tag! You’re it! Be sure to check out my blog (http://brookenotonadiet.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/11×11/) to see what you have to do! 🙂

  25. Congrats on the loss!

  26. Great job on the 3 lb weight loss!!!

  27. Ooh, you’re in the 150’s! Excellent. I’m a little jealous, except I know you have put the hard work each day, while I have not. So you’re a great role model for this.

    🙂 Marion

  28. Way to go, Skinny!! That’s a great loss. I lost this week too, .8 lbs, but I’m happy.

  29. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, your post title is the best ever. Congrats on your loss!! 🙂

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