Shortest Surgery Ever . . . and Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Chips. . .and Potato Skin Pizza

Usually once Tony goes into surgery I find my spot in the waiting lounge and spread out.  I have my phone, my coffee, my magazines.  I am there for the long haul.  Tony was the last scheduled surgery for his doctor at ten, so I had no idea how long the surgery would take, and the nurse didn’t know.

So when other people started crowding my space I gave them the evil eye as if to say “hey, I have a right to spread out, I am going to be here for hours!”

Hannah gave me one of her Fiber One bars and I had that before we even left the house at about 6:45 in the morning – I had no idea these bars have 9 grams of fiber and really taste like a candy bar.  I had that and a cup of watermelon in the waiting room for a 3 point breakfast.

So imagine my surprise, when I didn’t even finish a cup of the complimentary coffee they offered, and his doctor came and told me all was well.  It had only been 30 minutes people!

Of course, time still goes by slowly.  Another hour or so in recovery before I could go back, and more time to do post-surgery vitals, etc.  Then the vacuum pump kept setting off an alarm.  So more tape and 60 minutes later, we were good to go home.

I am not going to lie this will take Tony some getting used to.  He has to wear it 24/7 and home health care comes 3 times a week to maintain it.  It could be attached to him from anywhere to four to eight weeks. 😦  But, like we always do, we’ll make the best of the cards we are dealt.

And leave it to my engineer husband to figure out that the machine shouldn’t be making so much noise.  A quick phone call to the manufacturer, and Tony was able to figure out there was a leak, contain the air leak and now the machine is almost silent.  You are so smart Tony. 😀

I had packed a sandwich and some sweet and spicy cucumbers to eat, but once I got back in the recovery room, just something about eating around all the machines and sanitary stuff, I opted to wait.  Kinda like when Kramer drops a junior mint in the operating room:

My sandwich was thin rye, with 2 ounces of deli roast beef, 3/4 slice of baby swiss, spinach and lots of mustard.  Since I was home by the time I ate it, I Pam fried it – the sammie comes in at 6 points.

And while the sandwich was delicious, the star of the plate were the sweet and spicy cucumber chips.

Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Chips – 1 serving, 1 WW point

  • 1 cup sliced cucumbers
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot chili oil
  • 1/2 packet splenda
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix everything together – they taste best when you eat them the next day – gotta love sweet and heat! 😀

While Tony was resting, I decided to make some muffins for the nurses at the surgeon’s office.  We’ve been dealing with them for just a year now since Tony’s colon cancer, so I thought I’d drop some off on the way to work this morning as a thank you.

I ended up making these muffins, except adding 1/2 cup of milk chocolate and 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips to the banana batter, left out the flour but added 1/3 cup chopped pecans to the crumb topping.  Um, lets just say I licked my finger through the batter and these are amazing.  I hope they enjoy them. 😀

And since Tony is the kind of patient who doesn’t want (although I want to hover!) constant attention, I ended up doing a TaeBo video that Helen gave me – the DVD I did was DEDICATION and it was 45 minutes of strength training.  Holy shizz, this was hard!  But it felt good to move after sitting all day.

When I saw Nicole made potato skin veggie pizzas I knew they would quickly make it the top of the list of things to make.  That is, until I scrolled down and saw the 90 minute time – but realized it was very little actual hands on time.  So while I did my workout, I baked the potatoes.  While I got into comfy clothes and let the potatoes cool to touch, I scooped them out and sprayed them with Pam and a bit of sea salt and baked an additional 8 minutes BOTH SIDES.

Then I added my sauce, red pepper and spinach and baked an additional 15 minutes at 400.  I decided to eat both halves BECAUSE BOTH HALVES WERE ONLY 6 POINTS!.  And since they were only 6 points, I added 3 ounces of sorprasetta salami at the end – dinner comes in at 9 points.  As Ally said my second favorite food group is pizza, and this was a total comfort dinner.

The skins were so crispy, you would swear they were deep fried. 😀

These were so delicious – thanks for the idea Nicole!  My only problem yesterday?  I only had 22 points (I had 1 oz. of pretzels not pictured) and I worked out hard for 45 minutes.  Looks like somebody gets a few more points today! 😀

Alright, I am off like little red riding hood to deliver some muffins – make it a great day!

48 thoughts on “Shortest Surgery Ever . . . and Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Chips. . .and Potato Skin Pizza

  1. Glad to hear all went well.

    Both those recipes sound AWESOME. Must make ASAP.

  2. SO glad it went well! I am hoping it does its job quick and he can be done with it! The muffins look just perfect. I think food truly tells people how much you care. When I went into the hospital to have the baby, I brought the nurses muffins 😉 Those little pizzas look yummy. Have a great day

  3. Might want to check out:

    I came across them recently and I love them.. they are all natural. 20g of protein, 17g of fiber and 5 of them are under 170 calories. They also are chewy and last longer than those other 3 bite bars.

  4. I’m so happy that Tony is home and doing well so far. He’s incredible figuring out the air leak. I remember caring for a patient with a wound vac as a nursing student. All of a sudden the thing started beeping like crazy. I peeked my head out of the door but of course no one was around. I didn’t want to touch it because I had no idea how it worked. Finally the nurse came in the room and scolded me in front of the patient even though I hadn’t done anything. I don’t remember what was wrong because I was so horrified. My face was bright red and I wanted to crawl into a hole.

    Years later I was working on a cardiac unit and that same nurse began working per diem on the floor. I recognized him immediately. He told me I looked familiar and I reminded him of that incident. He said no, no that’s not it must be from somewhere else! He didn’t remember it at all!! He ended up being very nice.

    That’s so sweet of you to deliver muffins. I usually just get a daily dose or two of verbal abuse from my patients!

  5. I’m so glad that everything went well with Tony’s surgery!

  6. I LOVE the potato skin pizza idea! I made a thai pizza yesterday with that sweet chili sauce, chicken and peanuts. I was trying to think of a better crust than the gluten free crust that I made. This would be perfect! The gluten free crust was just so-so, not very healthy and just a handle for all the good stuff. The baked potatoes would be so much better!

  7. Did you use the potato that you scooped out or just filled the skin with the filling? I think I’m going to make it for lunch today.

  8. I am so glad Tony is doing okay and is so smart to make things just a tad easier. I am really going to try your tator skin idea. They look awesome.
    Take care Biz and have a blessed day!!

    • :Considerably, the article is in reltiay the most useful on that precious topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and also definitely will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will certainly not simply just be enough, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I definitely will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. De lightful work and also much success in your business dealings!

  9. Love that Tony figured out the problem with the wound vac (how much do I want to type “shop” vac?) – sounds like something my (engineer) dad would do!

    Glad he’s home. I hope he gets to feeling better soon and y’all’s life can get back to some semblance of normal.

  10. Glad to hear the surgery was quick and Tony is home and already fixing things!

    Those potato skin pizzas look great! I can’t wait to try them!

  11. So glad to hear that everything went well – and fast! How smart of Tony to figure out what was up with the vac. Sorry he has to wear it so long but hoping for great results for him. I know you guys are ready for a break from all this craziness!

    I’m a believer that pizza toppings on almost anything must be delicious!

  12. So glad to hear Tony’s surgery was a success!
    Ummm…those muffins are INSANE! I so wish I worked in the doctor’s office. 😀

  13. wow, that was fast for a surgery! Hope he recovers well. Gotta love engineers. 🙂

    those pizza potato skins look awesome!

  14. I tagged you in my post today. 🙂

  15. I hope Tony is able to adjust quickly…and glad it went well 🙂

    The pizzas look sooo good. I’m craving them again already! So glad you loved them!

  16. Good news on Tony! Thanks very much for the delicious offerings. I can’t wait to do your cucumbers!!


  17. Great news about Tony – so glad it went good! Hopefully the recovery will go quicker than planned.
    I love potato skins – I can’t remember the last time I had them, though. Yum!

  18. More points would mean Wine for me. 🙂 Glad Tony had a quick surgery!

  19. so glad Tony’s surgery went smoothly& quickly! 🙂

    those cucumbers look good!

    mmmm potato skins!!!!! I gotta go I’m drooling. lol

  20. One should never read your blog when there hungry, it’s like going to the grocery store hungry!! Those look so delish!! Where do you buy chili oil? I have to try those cucumbers.. Glad to hear Tony is doing well!

    • Actually Tony made it – a mix of olive oil and crushed red peppers. It sits in a baby jar on top of my stove – just count it the same way you would oil, i.e. 1 tsp. olive oil for 1 point. 😀

  21. Way to go Tony! 🙂
    Those pizzas and and the cukes look yummy, I’m making them tomorrow night!
    Have a good week!

  22. I’m blind…I can’t seem to find your email. Can you email me at Thanks. 🙂

  23. Glad Tony is doing well and you’re hanging in there.
    Those potato skins look delish!

  24. what a pleasant surprise that it was such a short surgery. Glad he is home with you and continuing to improve.

  25. So glad that all went well with Tony. Those potato skins look ahhmazing!

  26. I want those cucumbers RIGHT NOW. A huge hell yes to Tony’s awesome smart brain. And I just tagged you in some silly quiz thing on my blog, if you’re so inclined.

  27. Those potato pizza boats are calling my name! Then again, so are the pickles and the muffins. Is it dinner time yet? I’m glad Tony’s surgery went smoothly and hope his recovery is fast from here on out, with no more complications!!

  28. Awesome news about Tony! You are the best person every to bake for the nurses! I love that about you!

    Your food look amazing and I like the idea of pizza type potatoes – so clever.

  29. We will hope the drain has to stay for a short short time! I love those pizza skins, what a great idea. Now, we need a picture of you making the evil eye!

  30. Glad everything went well with Tony! Now for the recovery!

    You’re so sweet to think of all those nurses who have helped you guys. They are such an under appreciated profession.

  31. Oh goodness, the cucumber chips and potato skin pizza look SO good!!! I think both will need to be my lunch tomorrow 🙂

  32. Waiting rooms are always interesting. I’m glad you didn’t have to spend very long in this one. I’m glad the surgery went well and I hope this thing does the trick quickly.

  33. Didja’ miss me? Sorry I haven’t been around – but I have been keeping track of you two! 😀 So happy to hear Tony is doing so well with the new surgery. Makes me smile that he called the manufacturer to figure out the problem. Yay Tony!

    Those baked potato pizzas look great. P/D is making manicotti tomorrow and since I won’t be eating it [sodium is off the charts] I am going to make one of those nummy potato skins. I will use a bit of the manicotti fixings to fill my skin.

    I should know to just head on over here when ever I am stumped for what to eat. You always have the best ideas.

    Hugs to y’all!

  34. Virtual hugs to Tony and you. I’m glad it was a fast surgery, and I hope he adjusts well with a machine attached to him!

  35. I’m so glad every thing was finished quickly!! Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.
    I’ll be making those cucumbers soon 🙂

  36. oooh- I want those muffins! YUM!

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