I dreamed I was running in a race. . . wearing a running skirt!

I rarely remember my dreams.  I am sure I dream every night, but since I sleep like the dead I think I just don’t remember them.  Except last night I had a vision that I was running in a race.  It was cool enough that I could see my breath, but the sun was rising.  I was wearing a zip up jacket at the beginning of the race, but handed it off to Hannah half way through and was wearing a tank top and a running skirt.

I don’t know how long the race was, only that I seemed to run it effortlessly, and I could see Tony waiting for me at the finish line.  I don’t know if its because I am going to try to run 5 miles in 55 minutes this weekend for Lori’s heart healthy weekend, but it was almost as if my subconscious was telling me, if you keep running, you’ll get better. 😀

So the breakfast parfait was again on the menu – this time I upped the Kellogg’s Vanilla Almond to 3/4 cup in the layers, and when I went to pick up treats for work they had a package of sliced pineapple for only $1.50 – score!  Breakfast comes in at 6 points.

It was another chilly day, around 32, but sunny.  I ran/walked for 50 minutes. 😀  I love this covered bridge near my office – and the water was frozen over and it looked so pretty.

I was more than ready to warm up to my leftover gumbo.  I had enough to share with a couple people in my office.  I did end up adding 1/2 cup cooked brown rice, so my bowl comes in at 9 points.

The comments I received?

Your gumbo rocked!

I would order that in a restaurant!

It’s such a flavorful heat – this will definitely be on the menu again soon. 😀

So again I was playing “spin the ingredients” for dinner.  Here’s what I knew I had.  Tuna steak (frozen from Sam’s Club), green beans, potatoes and sesame seeds.

I used chili paste to roll the sides of my tuna steak in before pressing sesame seeds on the sides.

I par boiled my green beans until they were crisp tender, drained the water, then added 1 tsp. olive oil and 1 tsp. of this hot sauce Hannah gave me for Christmas, then sprinkled with sesame seeds:

I just Pam fried 5 ounces of diced potatoes, then added a splash of the chili paste, salt, pepper, and some sesame seeds.  Once I took the potatoes out, I cranked the heat and seared the tuna steaks.

  • 4 oz. tuna steak (3)
  • 5 oz. potato (3)
  • 1 tsp. olive oil (1)
  • green beans (0)
  • teriyaki hot sauce (0)
  • thai chili paste (0)
  • 1 tsp. sesame seeds (0)

That giant plate was only 7 points. 😀  So that’s why I didn’t feel guilty having pretzels and onion dip with Hannah while watching American Idol last night for 6 points – hey, at least I counted the points! 😀

Who else is doing Lori’s heart healthy challenge?  What are you going to do?

My WW meeting times have changed – on Saturday’s they are 7, 8, 9 and 10:00.  I hope to make the 8:00 meeting and hit the gym to get my 5 mile run done. 😀

Have you ever run in a running skirt before?  Make it a great day!

34 thoughts on “I dreamed I was running in a race. . . wearing a running skirt!

  1. I love my running skirts – and woohoo, I think my fashion is seeping into your subconscious! Good luck with your weigh-in AND run tomorrow – I’ll be doing my run for Lori’s challenge, too. Well, run/walk. And not in a running skirt (too cold). But soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. At least it was a running skirt and not a frou frou skirt. That would be funnier though.

    That breakfast parfait looks awesome! Great picture!

  3. I heart running skirts. I have like four of them and I want more! They’re the best. What a beautiful dinner. Sesame seeds always seem to make dishes special! Happy Friday

  4. What’s on the green beans??? For a second I thought they were onions!

    I am running 8 miles tomorrow for Lori’s challenge!

  5. One of everything, please. You are a great cook, everything always looks so appetizing. Thanks, too for always including the WW points. I’m hoping that my son is sprung from the hospital today so that I can get back to my kitchen. I’ve never had a running skirt, but they sure beat the field hockey uniforms I used to wear (RFB in HS and college), I’d settle for getting back to running more than walking!

  6. I think you missed your calling as a chef. It makes it more fun to eat when your food looks nice rather than just slapped on a plate. I don’t think I would wear a running skirt, seems odd to me.

  7. Man, you can cook for my any time biz!

  8. Good luck with the running this weekend! I am rooting for you! (Will you wear a skirt? 😉 )

  9. Where to start with this post! The tuna steak looks fabulous!
    And I need to make a parfait like that. I usually just throw some fruit on my yogurt, but I just love it layered..you get deliciousness in every bite.
    Good luck with your race!! 🙂

  10. Good luck running the 5 miles, Biz! I know you can do it 🙂

  11. I love the idea of running skirts, but they make my short legs look even stubbier. Plus my thighs rub together when I run so I need longer length shorts anyways. Oh well. 🙂

    Good luck (and have fun!) with the 5 miles this weekend. You got this!!!

  12. That’s so funny b/c I’m supposed to run my next race in a running skirt and I’m kind of intimidated!
    Good luck with your run this weekend – I know you can do!

  13. I don’t know if I would like the running skirt. I am not cool enough to pull it off. And I for sure would need compression on underneath!

    Glad you are participating in the Healthy Heart Weekend!

  14. I am hoping it’s a bit warmer tomorrow for my 5K in the snow for the Bloggers Happy Heart weekend. That’s what I’m doing running in the snow. I was going to go this morning but it’s -10 with a windchill of -20 so figured just not safe today but no matter what will go tomorrow because I said I would.
    Do tuna steaks taste like tuna in a can? I have never had them and really hate tuna in a can (it’s cat food if you ask me). Just curious.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon Biz.

    • Tuna steaks taste nothing like tuna in a can, which I cannot stand. It has more of a meaty taste to me. It just takes a little used to getting used to the pink center – the first time Tony made it I made him cook it until it was completely grey, which of course was then overcooked!

  15. Wow, that Gumbo does look delicious. I love shrimp! I have never had tuna that wasn’t named Starkist or Bumblebee. I think I will put trying a tuna steak on my to-do list for this year. Good luck with your run this weekend.

  16. So was that a premonition dream? Will there be a race in your future Biz? a running skirt? or both? I’ve never run in a running skirt, but if I had cute legs like in the picture I would. I honestly cannot run in shorts. I have to run in capris or pants.

    I just signed up today for Lori’s Heart Healthy Challenge. I have seen it here and a few other blogs so I thought why not I’m running anyway. My goal is to run a 5K (my own) in less than 30 minutes. Good luck with your five miles!

  17. I love my running skirt. The compression shorts are fabulous, and the skirt makes it so you don’t see every curve of my butt! I just have to spend a couple minutes at the beginning of each run forgetting to worry about what my bare legs look like! I like the ones with the longer compression underneath, as if my skirt is too short I worry about it the whole time.

  18. I want a running skirt but do not feel I would look good in it yet. It was one of my running goals to fit into one. I just found your blog by accident from another one..great stuff!

  19. Haha! Good luck in your run this weekend! I bought some Greek yogurt today and will give it another try, hope I like this brand, that parfait is just calling my name! 🙂

  20. isn’t it crazy when your dreams are THAT vivid. i’ve had some like that, you wake up and swear it really happened.

    gosh the food you post always looks so amazing. i just love the parfait, and that amazing gumbo. i’ve never had tuna steaks, but i’ve always wanted to try.

  21. OK, now you have to get a running skirt! You have the legs, you need to show them off and I think you would be SO cute in one. 🙂 Good luck with your race-you can do it!

  22. Your food looks great like always! Good luck on your 5 miles today you got this! Me? I’m going to my daughters wedding this afternoon. Will resume working out tomorrow like always.

  23. Now here is one way Shelley and I differ… I do not like running skirts! I want to like them because they are so cute but I just don’t. I think my thighs are too chubby or something.

    I may actually get a run or walk or some type of movement in all three days of this weekend. It’s snowing here this morning and I don’t have yak trax so I’ll be on the treadmill. But that counts, right?

  24. I see women running in those skirts and I always think how silly they look. But it’s probably because I know that I wouldn’t look so cute in one! LOL I’ve got to backtrack again–and find that gumbo recipe!

  25. Sounds like a good dream! 🙂 I’ve been curious about running skirts…

    Your dinner looks absolutely fabulous!!!!

    Have a great Saturday, and I hope your run goes well!

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