I didn’t think I could do it. But I Did!

Having to get up for work during the week and then getting up early to go to WW on Saturday mornings, I told Tony “I am going to sleep in as long as I want!”  We went to bed about 11:15 on Saturday night.  But I am one of those people that can sleep 12 hours, no problem.

So imagine my surprise when I was wide awake and ready to go at  . . . 8:00 A.M.!  So I did some baking – I made pretzel slider rolls that I am going to be making jalapeno sliders for dinner tonight with zucchini fries.

Around 9:30 though I was getting hungry.  Knowing that I was going to try to run 5 miles later in the day, I decided to go carb heavy.  I hallowed out a piece of french bread, in the end it weighed in at 2.5 ounces.

Then mixed 1/2 cup of egg whites, 1/2 ounce of cheese, shredded zucchini, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper, and filled the hollowed out bread.

Then baked it at 350 for 30 minutes.  Wow, this was really good – the filling almost tasted quiche like because of the egg whites and the ends were super crunchy.  Breakfast came in at 9 points.

When I tested my blood sugar right before going to the gym, it was 260.  While I would normally be fine with that number on my regular workouts, I felt I needed to add a bit more fuel, so I ate one of these bars on the way to the gym for 5 points.

It was actually really good – tasted like a candy bar to me.

So I did a five minute warm up on the elliptical, then went to the treadmill.  As a participant of Lori’s Healthy Heart weekend, my goal was to run 5 miles without stoppiing.  My second goal was to try to do it in under 55 minutes.

I always have to remember it takes me a good 10 minutes to get into a good rhythm.  My first instinct is to just stop, but I knew I wanted to try to run without stopping.  As luck would have it Restaurant Impossible was on FoodNetwork – an hour long show – perfect!

And guess what?  I felt good.  My legs felt good, my breathing was good.  And while part of me wanted to up the mph, I knew I needed to just keep the pace.  Although in the last 20 minutes of running I did bump up the mph, so my last five minutes was running at 6.0.

I was so proud of myself!  So while it took me just over 58 minutes, the fact that I kept going was awesome.  And my blood sugar at the end?  I perfect 127! 😀

After the gym I had to get gas for the week and pick up a few more things at the grocery store.  They had tomatoes for .49 cents a pound, so I knew that meant only one thing.  Baja Fresh Salsa!  It didn’t matter that there was snow on the ground.  Hell, I’ve made this salsa when there was six inches of snow on top of the grill before!

You don’t need to judge because I made three batches. 😀

This just tastes like summer to me.  I had three points of tortilla chips.  You know, for quality control to make sure it was perfect. 😀

But my cooking for the day wasn’t done yet!  I made Renee’s Lemon Chicken and Orzo Soup which is on my menu for lunch today.  Then I also bought a turkey breast.  My idea was to cook it to have for sandwiches, etc. later in the week.

I knew I wanted to use some of it for my dinner, but wasn’t sure what to do.  Mashed potatoes seemed obvious – what pushed me in the right direction is when I saw I had this in my cupboard – 1/4 cup is only 20 calories.

Has anyone ever heard of a Kentucky Hot Brown?  It’s an open face turkey sandwich, typically with sliced tomatoes, bacon on a cheese bread.  I skipped the tomato and bacon.  I toasted a 2.5 ounce ciabatta with 1/2 an ounce of shredded cheddar cheese, topped it with 4 ounces of the roasted turkey, then topped it with the gravy and some parsley on top.

While Tony said it was like killing a cow to make a hamburger, I loved this combination.  The bread still was a bit crunchy, but tender in parts because of the gravy.  Dinner comes in at 10 points.

I was totally starving though later in the evening – I did end up having wine and some pretzel flips (um, turns out after I put some in a bowl, a serving was 5 crackers for 70 calories!) so I had 8 points later in the night.

Still not too bad – I ended up with 35 points, and still have 32 flex points for the week.

Alright, off to chop up some fruit for another parfait for breakfast with my granola I made over the weekend.  I am a bit sore today from my run, so I’ll probably just walk at lunch today and do some weights tonight after dinner.

Happy Monday – make it a great day!


38 thoughts on “I didn’t think I could do it. But I Did!

  1. Congrats on the excellent athletic performance! You knocked it out of the park.

    That breakfast boat looks awesome! I made some egg cupcakes yesterday that I’ll post about tomorrow. They turned out pretty good, and I even have pictures!

    I would never judge for you making 3 batches – I think it’s smart. I cook like a fiend on weekends to keep me going through the week.

  2. I made salsa yesterday too!

    Love the breakfast idea with the hallowed out bread – YUM!

    Call you when I get to work

  3. They had a study just come out that said the number one diet [the one that works the best in taking off/keeping weight off] is the DASH diet followed by WW at number two.

    The DASH diet is basically a low sodium diet with a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Sound familiar? It is how I have to eat, but it’s good. I have a hard time keeping weight on, so I can see how it would work as a great diet for those trying to lose weight.

    But I have to say – you all eat damn good on WW, no wonder it works. The food you can prepare and eat within your points – it isn’t a wonder that participants lose weight.

    That sandwich is stroke of genius – it looks so good, but I would blow a day’s worth of sodium between the bread/cheese. Sigh.

  4. What a run, Biz – nice work!
    Your breakfast is so creative. Looks deilcious!

  5. Great job on your run! I completely understand needing a bit to warm up. In general, my first mile is always my slowest (unless I have a big ass hill somewhere further into the run). To pass the running test for my black belt I need to be able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes. I can do that – but I need a mile or two to warm up first, which we don’t get. I’m just not a sprinter. Sigh.

  6. I’m the same way, I could totally sleep for 12 hours if left to it. I almost get mad when I wake up “early” and I am able to sleep late.

    I want to live with you and eat your food!

  7. Great run Biz!

    I’m an early starter, don’t really like to sleep in and the latest I get up on Saturday or Sunday is 9.00 am which is late for me.

  8. I just got up but that salsa is making my mouth water, I should totally make some. Tortilla chips are something I can never say no to.

    It takes me a while to get into the groove with exercise too. I ran 6 miles the other day and about 10 minutes into it I started feeling good. I am definitely a distance runner. I can’t sprint to save my life.

  9. LOVE that hollowed out bread idea!!! And wow, that salsa sounds incredibleeeeeeeeee. Can you send some to Virginia please haha?!?!? 😉

  10. Okay, wow, I am SOO impressed with your 5 miles! You did a great job! I remember how proud I felt when I ran 6 miles straight for the first time. I did it twice, then didn’t run for a year. So…don’t be me! Keep it up!

    I have GOT to try that Baja Fresh Salsa. I love that stuff. And there’s no snow in So Cal… 🙂 And my tomato plant doesn’t realize that it’s February. It’s still producing tiny tomatoes.

  11. Yum, yum, yum. Great job on your run!! I did not get out for a run at all this weekend, the husband had to leave town unexpectedly. So off my game in the kitchen too. Winter blahs I guess. Enjoy the day!

  12. Horray for a great workout! What a great feeling! What a great job!! I have heard lots of good things about that fit and active stuff from aldi. I have gotten a few things and they were pretty good…I will have to check out those bars next time around. Candy you say? I’m in! lol

    That salsa….looks AH mazing…but I would be too lazy to make it…can I just send you my address? lol

    I hope you like the soup…in my top ten of favs I think! 🙂

  13. Nice going with your run! I’m slow to start, too – the intervals that I’ve been doing? Walking for a couple minutes first? Amazing how different the run feels, once I start. I never used to allow myself to do a warm up walk, but I’m becoming a convert.

    Yum to the salsa! Heck, if you’re making a mess, why not go all out and double or triple the batch, right???

  14. Great job on the run!!!! Whoop whoop! That tirkey sandwich looks fab. I dont like cold cuts, so i rarely male sandwiches, but fresh turkey?? Whole other story!

  15. Hey Biz, nice going with your run. You’ve helped inspire me to get out the door and get in a rawk (Shelley’s word for a run/walk) before my grandkids arrive. Can you pls check the link on the lemon orzo chicken soup? That sounds really good to me. Have a good one!

  16. Nice job on the run! Woot!

  17. Awesome run, Biz! Of course you could do it! Mind over matter! 🙂

  18. Good for you! Perseverance wins out every time! 🙂
    Have a good week!

  19. We’re driving to New York in August and will be passing right through Chicago both there and back so I might just take you up on that and come over for dinner! 🙂

  20. So proud of you!! I’ve seen those bars at Aldi’s and wondered how they tasted….good to know!

  21. Great job on the run, Biz!!

  22. Excellent job Biz! You absolutely should be proud of yourself. I knew you could do it!

    Your photos of the salsa are beautiful. I love the contrast of the summery salsa with the winter snow. Looks delicious.

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!!!

  23. What a full day! That zucchini sandwich looks so good! I’m going to give it a try.

  24. I’m so proud of you, Biz!!! 5 minutes at 6.0 is fantastic. Hope you’re not too sore afterwards.

  25. i love days like that! i’m a big sleeper too, but every once and a while i can get up early and be productive and it’s awesome.

    the salsa looks awesome, and way to go rocking it out at the gym!

  26. I think that was an awesome run! And I’ve made Renee’s soup and I LOVED it! I can’t wait to make more! I also want that salsa, yum!

  27. You food looks delicious as always! Great job on the run, too! Trust me, I know that’s not easy. 6 minute at 4.7mph this morning nearly killed me. I don’t like to sleep in on the weekend too much because it throws my sleeping way off.

  28. Woohoo! 57 minutes without stopping is awesome!!!

    The egg bread bowls look great, and so does that salsa!!

  29. You rock, Biz!! That amazing lunch must have fueled you with great cheer and power!

  30. Weighting For 50

    Woo Hoo. Way to go Vat!!!!! You continue to inspire me with your workouts, your amazing recipes and your wonderful optimism. I hope you have a great week.

  31. AMAZING workout! I bet Lori got a chuckle out of that picture when you sent it to her!
    Seriously – you motivate me to get back out there & get running! I love it!

    That breakfast – I could eat that every stinkin’ day. What a GREAT idea!

  32. WTG on the running Biz! I knew you could do it!

  33. Awesome job, Biz! 🙂 And congrats on winning the grand prize, too!

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