I love him.

We woke up to about 8 inches of snow in our neighborhood.  Tony started to get dressed to snow blow our drive – I love him!  But this is what I like to call “heart attack snow.”  So Tony, your job is to get better, and I’ll take care of the rest – deal?! 😀

It’s super wet, and each shovel feels like its 20 pounds.  So my blogging time before work became shoveling so that the home health care nurse can get to our house safely.

So this post will be short and sweet – but come back tomorrow and I’ll show you my recipe for 7 point corned beef hash!

Happy Friday!  Do you have plans for the weekend?


23 thoughts on “I love him.

  1. The view outside my window when I got up this morning looked just like that. When I first got up and glanced out the window (without my glasses on) I thought it was fog – because it was 55 degrees here yesterday! Then I went downstairs and poured coffee and looked out the kitchen window (with glasses on) and said out loud, ‘Holy CRAP! That’s snow!” Needless to say my 5K was on the treadmill 😀

    Mr. Helen cleaned my car off but did nothing to the driveway because it’s all turning over to rain here. I had to barrel my way out.

    Have a great weekend Biz!

  2. Beautiful snow! We only got a dusting.


  3. That’s great exercise! Says the girl who lives in Southern Cal. But I did grow up in the northeast.

    Anyway, my hubby’s sister and her family (5 of em) are coming into town at the end of their vacay and leaving tomorrow night back to NY. They were supposed to stay with us, but my son got hit with head lice this week. We have a tiny 2BR 1 BA house. To be safe, we got them a hotel suite for the night. I just don’t want them to have a souvenir from their trip, courtesy of my kindergartener.

  4. Aww how sweet of Tony! I’m going to plan a suprise wine and cheese party for the hubby this weekend after the little guy goes to bed. I’m excited!

  5. Ummmm I’m drooling! That hash looks so amazing!!! 🙂

  6. All that snow is a shock to my system. It’s beautiful though. Loved you last post on the bananas Foster bread pudding, two of my favorite things combined. And a buck for all of those bananas? It took me a month to make banana bread because even though I bought double the bananas we go through them so quick so I had to buy 3 huge bunches so that one would get speckled enough to use.

  7. Your trees make it look like a winter wonderland! God bless Tony. 🙂

  8. It looks so beautiful! I know that wet snow is the worst though. Have a good weekend, Biz!

  9. We were supposed to get lots of snow and just got a dusting!!
    Tony is a special guy and it’s so good that your making sure he can take it easy.

  10. You guys are so good to each other, love it!!
    Have a good weekend, hope it doesn’t take you forever to get home today!! 🙂

  11. Tony is the cutest man ever! Have a great day! We’re going to a beer fest tomorrow and then celebrating my Mom’s birthday

  12. Your snow photo is so beautiful! We haven’t had much of that here in NJ. We had Plenty last year though!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! We just got a small dusting here. We have some snow but can still see the grass!

    I have memories when I was a child of the neighbor shoveling know, having a heart attack and dying. I remember my mom taking a blanket outside for him when it happened. Funny, I also remember never wanting to use that blanket again. Keep Tony inside. 🙂

  14. Happy Friday, Biz! Stay warm, and enjoy the weekend with the Tonester!

  15. It is going to be 80 here in AZ today 😉 I do miss snow, sometimes.

    This weekend we are going to see the musical Wicked, I am excited!

  16. erintakescontrol

    We got a dusting last night. Nothing more, nothing less. Sounds like it picked up west of Omaha, though! 🙂

    Stay warm!

  17. Love the new layout, and love all that pretty snow! Enjoy it while you can, before it turns into a slushy mess 😉 We just have rain and wind, lots of wind, here today! Happy weekend, Biz!

  18. Oh god love Tony! He’s so thoughtful, but I’m so happy to hear that you talked him out of that. That is some heavy looking snow. Carlos was so disappointed by the lackluster dusting we got here this morning. It’s been a horrible year for snowman making! It does look beautiful in your photos.

  19. BTW, love your new banner, didn’t notice it this morning!!!

  20. So Pretty Vat. And Tony is so lucky to have you!!! LOVE the new layout!!!!! Have a good Friday.

  21. I don’t know if it is a snag on my end or yours but all of a sudden I have four of your posts on my dashboard and they are dated May and August of 2010 and September of 2009. Weird, huh?

  22. Warm yourself with all that snow. Shoveling it will keep you warm, that’s for sure.

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