Slow and Sluggish to Lean and Mean

I hate when this happens.  I see a recipe I want to make, write down where I found it, proceed to lose it, but know I still want to make it – a brie omelet with mixed greens drizzled with balsamic vinegar reduction – could you let me know if that was your recipe?  I am pretty sure I could figure it out, but if you have the link, I would appreciate it!

I bought the brie for the recipe too – oh how I love brie.  I decided to see how much a tablespoon of brie weighed, and it comes in at exactly 1/2 an ounce – or 1 point.  I smeared it on the bottom of my toasted english muffin, topped it with egg white, spinach, deli ham and hot sauce, with fruit on the side, for only 6 points.

I only took half the amount of insulin I normally would but before I was going to run I tested my blood sugar – 107.  Damn.  So I ate 1/2 a pita with 1/2 an ounce of cheese on it (3) – only to have my number raise to 128.  I still had leftover beef stew in the fridge, so I did what any normal person would do – I scooped out 1/2 cup of potatoes, 1/2 a cup of the carrots, rinsed them under water to get the gravy off of them and had (2) points of snack.  Finally had 3/4 cup of blackberries – all told I ate 5 points of food in order to exercise. 😦

It only got up to 158, so I ended up walking for 50 minutes.  But I really wanted to run – it was 53 degrees outside at lunch!

But it was really windy!

I felt slow and sluggish – I don’t normally like to eat right before working out.  Oh well, it may have been a wash, but at least I got out and moved.   Since I had so many points in snacks, I didn’t have my 100 calorie guacamole or cheese on my taco salad:

  • 3 ounces taco meat (3)
  • mixed greens (0)
  • carrots and cucumbers (0)
  • 1/2 cup canned black beans (2)
  • 2 tablespoons of light ranch mixed with salsa for dressing (1)
  • and green chiles sprinkled on top

So now that Tony’s energy level is on the rise, I decided to hit the gym before coming home for dinner for some strength training.  I warmed up for 5 minutes on the treadmill.  Since I am not familiar with strength training, I found a 12 week, 3 day a week program that was free.  So last night I worked Chest, shoulders, Trapezius (not even sure exactly what that is!) triceps and abs.  I did 15 reps the first set and 12 reps the second set.  I used various weights, but heavy enough so that I was fatigued.   I felt lean and mean when I was done! 😀

I still had pasta with homemade marinara on the menu and when Tony asked if I had planned to use fresh or canned sauce, when I told him I only had canned sauce he said “canned sauce is too easy!”  So Tuesday on my way home from work I picked up 3 pounds of roma tomatoes.

Tony makes a mean gravy.  There is lots of garlic, touches of olive oil and he lets it simmer most of the day.  When I got home from the gym I just cooked up the pasta and dinner was served – 3/4 cup cooked pasta (4) 1/2 cup sauce (4), garlic bread (4) – dinner comes in at 12 points.

So even with my extra snacks before my walk, here are my stats:

  • 29 points
  • 6 activity points earned
  • average blood sugar 101

Who watches the Sandwich King??  OMG, I finally watched last weekends episode last night with Tony.  Before he even saw the show he said “I hate both sandwiches that he made.”  My Italian husband doesn’t like meatball subs.  I KNOW!  But this one was different.  I plan on making it with meatloaf mix that my store sells – ground beef, pork and veal.  The Sandwich King’s version makes it oval, almost like a meatloaf, and you fry it in just a touch of olive oil so it gets a nice crust.  Served on a ciabatta bun with melted provolone, hot giardinera and Tony’s gravy for dipping on the side – this is on our dinner menu next week, and you better believe I’ll be using my flex points without hesitation on this one! 😀

Don’t forget BSI this week is Beef!  I am thrilled that blog reader Joy has donated one of her hand crafted yoga mat bags as this weeks prize – Thank you Joy!!

You have until Sunday to submit your link either in a comment or email me your beef recipe at  Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Slow and Sluggish to Lean and Mean

  1. It must be so tough to always be worried about your blood sugar and where its at. Seems like you do a truly amazing job managing it. Mmm homemade gravy? Gah- the best! I usually go the “too easy” route ;).

  2. Love your site! I am 38 years old and have had diabetes since i was 15. Having to do shots is really hard when you want to exercise…. I have had an insulin pump for 14 years, it is SO much easier to control your sugars… especially when trying to eat less or exercise. =)

  3. That sugar thing must be super frustrating when it comes to your exercise!

    You are a good strength training blogger. I am bad. I looked at that program and thought,”that would take at least 30-45 minutes – too much time!” I remain a cardio queen 😀

  4. Yeah for weight lifting! I love it!!! It really makes a difference on how my body looks.

  5. I love how enthusiastic you are about your workouts lately!!! Damn, woman – you are going to be one muscular speed demon soon!

  6. Brianne @ Cupcakes & Kale Chips

    Oooh, I hop you or someone else finds that omelet recipe. I love Brie and Balsamic, so it sounds awesome.

  7. I have never entered your BSI, but I think THIS is the week. I covet [COVET!] that yoga mat. Wow. And beef? I think I can come up with something tasty for you – now the picture? That may be another story. hee

    Brie cheese is amazing. I love it in puffed pastry with fruit on the side. ::Slobber::

    I love that y’all call spaghetti sauce “gravy”. Such a regional thing and cute. It looks amazing.

  8. Awesome that you are doing strength training. My friend and I started doing it this week, and while I was sore, it felt amazing!

    That stinks about your blood sugar, but at least you got out there and did something. Good for you, Biz!

  9. Hope you track down that recipe Biz 🙂

    The mat holder is gorgeous!

  10. Tony’s gravy DOES look delish! Glad someone is helping you with a prize this week! I realized that my offering of sweets might not be welcome for your readers-they probably are all watching their weight! So I’ll figure out something else to offer for next week. Your meatloaf sandwich idea is totally making me drooool. I, I just realized what I can offer–homemade soap! My sister makes it. I will get some and take a picture for you to use for next week’s BSI prize.

  11. Now that Tom actually eats pasta I really need a good sauce/gravy recipe. Tony’s looks phenomenal.

  12. Hey Biz – I read you through my Google Reader and the posts have been really messed up lately – several years old and loading 20 a day, as if they’re new, but they’re actually old (is it me? Did I miss an update saying the blog had crashed?). I miss the REAL daily posts!

  13. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to comment here. Duh.

    I am jumping up and down for the strength training!!! Yay!!!

  14. A new look! Maybe not too, too new – I’m so behind on blog reading 😦 I’m using this slow work day to try to catch up a bit! And your site is blocked at my other office 😦 It refers to it as “social media” – sad!

    Anyways, that pasta looks SO good. I don’t usually go crazy for pasta, but those photos…gorg!

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