Happy 20th Birthday Hannah!

It doesn’t seem real that I have a daughter that’s in her 20’s.  Seems just like yesterday she was in kindergarten and I was the queen of bringing homemade treats for snack days that were so complicated, the kids loved me and the moms hated me.  (You can see the many faces of Hannah in last years 19th birthday post).

I am sure I’ve talked about this snack before, but when Hannah was in kindergarten, I was handed a list for snack ideas.  What I read was “salty, meat, sweet, cheese, crunchy.”  For some reason I thought that I had to incorporate all of these into one snack idea.  And this was before you had to buy store bought stuff.

So I got pretzel nuggets (crunchy and salty), hard salami (meat), american cheese (cheese), and licorice whips (sweet).  I took one pretzel nugget, wrapped half a piece of salami around it, then wrapped the cheese around that and then tied it up with a little bow with the licorice whips.  OMG, I must have made about 250 of these – it took me all night, but they looked like little presents and so cute when I bundled them up in 25 individual bags.

Imagine my embarrassment the next day when I dropped these off for snack.  Um, turns out the “salty, meat, sweet, cheese, crunchy” were only suggestive words to come up with snack ideas!  But the kids loved them – some popped them all in their mouth at once, others untied the little bows and ate each piece separately.  Dillan’s Mom was not a fan.  On more than one occassion when I’d see her she would say “Dillan still wants me to make him those pretzel presents for his afternoon snack and I am just not going to do it!”

My other favorite snack I brought was when I made rainbow bread.  I first saw it at a bakery in Oak Park, but they wanted $6.00 a loaf!  I decided to make my own – this was also another task because I ended up making 8 loaves of bread at a time – each batch of dough made two loaves of bread – so each batch was a different color, then I would take 1/4 of each colored dough and knead them together before baking.  I thought I had pictures of it, but couldn’t find it, so thanks google images:

And now fast forward she’s just about to finish up her associates degree at our local community college, and is applying to Northwestern, Roosevelt University and a couple other Illinois schools to find out where she’ll finish up.  We’ve completed our FASFA paperwork for federal aid – and Roosevelt already offered her a $13,000 scholarship without her even officially applying!

Her goal is to marry speech pathology with marriage and family counseling.  She’s always been a great student – I don’t believe I’ve helped her with homework since she was in the second grade.

So Hannah – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You make me so proud and I am so happy that you are my daughter.  I love you!

For new readers, you can check out my story of Hannah’s here.

Still one of my favorite pictures of Hannah – she’s probably 2 1/2 here:

But I love how we can just be together and laugh!

Hannah has school today, but will be home early afternoon.  I am taking a half day and we are going to thrift shop, then have dinner at Bistro Wasabi.  Yum!

40 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday Hannah!

  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Hannah! I’m sure your support as a mom has made Hannah such an amazing woman. Congrats : )

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah!

    March babies unite!

  4. happy bday hannah!

  5. A very happy birthday to Hannah! I, also, will have a 20 year old daughter by the years end, and it sort of is really surreal. I really am liking the adult she had grown into. Congrats on the scholarship! That’s huge!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Hannah!! Love you to pieces

    Aunt Jenn

  7. Happy Birthday Hannah! The love you have for her is so evident I am so touched and love reading about how special she is to you. O.K. that snack story is one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. It’s amazing the things you will do for your kids, Hannah is a lucky girl. So excited for the new chapter in her life with college, what a good head she has on her shoulders.

  8. Happy Birthday to Hannah! Time sure does fly. Awesome news on the scholarship, what a huge help.

  9. Aww! Happy Birthday, Hannah! I love the story about the school snacks, that’s hilarious. What a good mom you are! My mom would’ve thrown her hands up in the air and said, “I don’t have time for this!” Lame!!! 🙂

    Which bakery in OP was it? Prairie Bread? The one on Oak Park Ave. and Lake? That is some awesome bread!

  10. Happy Birthday to Hannah!!!

    Yes, they do grow up soooo fast! Love the snack stories!

  11. You are such a fabulous Mom. That snack story is hilarious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!

  12. Happy 20th Birthday, Hannah!

    You’re a fantastic mom, Biz!

  13. What an awesome story (I went back and read Hannah’s story), it made me cry! Children are definitely God’s greatest gifts to us! Happy Birthday Hannah!

  14. Ohhh ….. to be 20 again! Okay with me.

    To you birthday gal ….. have a wonderful time ….. each day, week, month & year Hannah!

    Getting to know your recipes Biz …. have several in mind …. all veggie dishes of course. No meat person here.

    Favor ….. can you please share the “rainbow bread” recipe? Something a bit easier though ….. we do not need 8 loaves! Haha. Looks really good though. Any kid would be impressed w/a peanut butter & jelly on rainbow bread ….. “yes, please mom … thank you.”

  15. Love the snack story! That’s hilarious! Happy Birthday Hannah. Have fun tonight!

  16. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Have a great day girls 😀

  17. What a sweet post!! Happy birthday, Hannah!! You should be so proud of her, Biz! She sounds like such an awesome “kid.”

  18. Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!

    And Biz, you’re an awesome mom!!!

    Have fun tonight!!!

  19. Happy birthday to Hannah! My son turned 21 last month and yes, the time flies!

  20. Congratulations to Hannah on her amazing scholarship offer! And Happy Birthday too. I know you’re a proud mama Biz!

  21. I’ve known Hannah (and Biz) for a while now. What a pleasure. Hannah is all her proud Mother brags about . . . and then some. Happy Birthday Hannah.

  22. Happy Birthday Hannah and congratulations. 🙂

  23. M.J. Jacobsen

    Happy Birthday Hannah! Your mom is awesome, I want to make pretzel presents now! Good news on your scholarship, you are choosing a great path! 🙂

  24. That salty, meaty, sweet treat story made me laugh. Happy birthday to Hannah!

  25. Happy Birthday Hannah! You sound like a very special young woman. Today would have been my mother’s birthday. She loved birthdays!!


  26. Happy 20th Birthday, Hannah! Cute photos and funny story about the snacks…hey, that sounds like an AMAZING snack to me 😀

  27. Happy Birthday Hannah! Dang, she’s growing up!!! Hope you guys have a great day together!

  28. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!! And wow…you are a COOL Mom!!!! Those snacks are fantastic!!!! Hugs to you both!

  29. What a cute story – Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I’m smiling at that story. It sounds like me and the way I would have interpreted the instructions. I would not have been as creative as you though. People are always saying , “Oh Caron, you are just so darn literal.” Ha ha I think it is fantastic that the kids liked your “presents.” When my kids were in school, I don’t remember having to take any treats in but I’m sure I would have resorted to bakery cookies or cupcakes. Sigh.

  31. Happy birthday to Hannah!

  32. Ha, u totally set the bar high! The moms love to hate you!

  33. i love the snack story! my mom always made elaborate snacks (that i signed her up for) and would have a good laugh when the other parents opted for plate or cup duty. happy birthday to hannah, hope you both have fun today!

  34. Happy birthday to Hannah!

  35. Happy Birthday Hannah! I hope you guys had a great day.

  36. Happy birthday Hannah! 🙂

  37. awww Happy birthday to Hannah! So sweet. Loved your snack stories, especially how Dillan’s mom wasn’t too happy with your snacks. Hahaha! The bread is perfect for kids-soooo colorful. Love that last pic of you guys–I’ve never seen a mirror that can do that to your face! lol

  38. What a beautiful message to your daughter Biz. I also read your story of Hannah and cried while reading it especially her comment below the post. As proud as you are of her it is obvious that she is just as proud of her Mom. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother/daughter relationship. Happy birthday (a day late) Hannah!

  39. Happy Birthday Hannah! I love hearing stories of your relationship – makes me miss my Mom.

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