Unofficial WI

Not gonna lie that I thought I gained this week – all because I didn’r really track my food or work out for two days?  I woke up at 8:30 (I normally go to the 8:00 meeting) and while I easily could have gone to the 9 or 10 o’clock meeting, I opted to sleep in and snuggle with Tony.  We watched some t.v. and I didn’t actually get out of bed this morning until 11:15!

But I had to WI on my scale, and much to my surprise, according to my scale, I lost 1.4!  I was 161.8 last week:

And when I looked back on the week, the two days I didn’t track – the only difference besides not working out was that I had a small piece of cake – which I can easily have with my flex points, but somehow my brain told myself I was cheating.  I have to stop that.

Yesterday I had half a sesame bagel egg sammie with brie and ham for 11 points – the full 3 point ounce of brie was worth it!

Lunch was a mini taco fiesta – one flour tortilla with ground beef, brown rice, red pepper and salsa with 3/4 ounce of tortilla chips dipped into salsa on the side – this plate comes in at 9 points.

Since yesterday was Lent, that meant no meat for Tony.  I ended up making him a fish stick sandwich.  When I was going through our fridge I realized I had a lot of veggies to use up.  I had some thin steak in the freezer so I just thinly sliced that frozen, stir fried that alone for a couple minutes – took it out and added broccoli, broccoli slaw, zucchini and red and yellow peppers.  I ended up using a tablespoon of peanut sauce (1 point), Frank’s hot sauce sweet and sour sauce (1) and garlic chili sauce (1).  My steak was 3 points, the veggies were free – so this giant bowl of food was only 6 points!

I posted on facebook yesterday that when I left for my run said it was 35 degrees, but with the windchill felt like 23.  I still ended up running for 40 minutes, but I think my capri running pants was a bad idea!

So by the time I actually got out of bed, my twin sister ran 10 miles this morning!!  Go Jenn!  I was thinking of you while I was lying under my down comforter. 😀

I plan on using a lot of stuff in my pantry/fridge/freezer for this weeks meal plan – should be interesting!  Anything new on your menu this week?  Please share!


AND A HUGE THANK YOU  to blog reader M.J. for sending me a big box of loot!  You are so sweet!  I just had a slice of your bread and its delicious!

I really can’t wait to try this Melinda’s sauce – I’ve never even seen it before!

Thanks for being such a loyal reader!  Hugs!


14 thoughts on “Unofficial WI

  1. Great job on the loss, Biz!

    Margarita Chicken Tacos are new on my menu this week and I’m pretty excited about them.

    I have to keep telling myself I’m going to the gym today as well! Let’s get there!

  2. great job! i love those kinds of surprises! and great job on the run. i’ve been a bit naughty this week and it definitely shows on the scale. time to get things in gear.

    the breakfast sammie looks awesome, and what a sweet box of loot! enjoy your weekend biz!

  3. Yayyyt! Glad you had an awesome unofficial wi. You always leave me craving a bagel when you post one. Hope you got to the gym!

  4. Did you go to the gym? I went this morning and it wasn’t crowded, which was wonderful.

    Congrats on the WI!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! I hope you got to the gym – I did!

  6. Great job on the weight loss! I love sleeping in….it happens so rarely!

  7. I just saw that Jenn is doing another TNT thing–wow, that’s crazy! The farthest I ever ran during training for my half marathon with them was 8 miles. They said I didn’t need to run any further than that b/c running half way is enough to know you can make it the whole way. I guess they were right, b/c I made it. BARELY! lol

    Good job on your weight loss this week. Yeah, being a loser (lol) can mess with your head but at least you’ve realized your thinking was a bit off and are working to fix it. We CAN have cake and it’s NOT cheating as long as we count the points! Right? Right. 🙂

    That hot stuff is perfect for you-what a sweet gesture! Speaking of hot stuff, I’m eagerly anticipating my salsa! 😀 And you thought I was going to say something about your calves. 😉 Actually, your calves ARE pretty hot stuff. I always get calf envy when you show off your legs.

    • Veronica – they have us running 12 miles twice in our training season! But when I trained for the marathon with team in training the most we ran was 20 miles.

      So I guess by running 12 miles, at least if you can finish that – you can finish another mile!

  8. Good work with the weight loss!!

    Your meal plan sounds like mine for the week…I need to use some of the stuff in my cupboards so we don’t have to move it! 🙂

  9. Go Jenn! Wow!! And congrats on the weight loss, Biz! You’re a machine!!!

    P.S. Funny story for you. Last week I was taking a face off at my game and the other center was like, “You SMELL like a girl” I just laughed. It was the skunkies!

  10. Thanks for thinking of me on my run – it actually wasn’t that bad – although I was glad when the 10 miles was over!

  11. My husband loves the Melinda’s brand sauces. He was obsessed with that ketchup for a while, I think you will like it.

    That stir fry looks awesome. I am actually going to roast some veggies today since you inspired me!

  12. Sorry I haven’t commented much but I’ve been reading! works been nuts!

    Great job on the weigh in though even without those two days of tracking!! YAY!

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