Happy Birthday to Me & My Twin!

How the fuck did we get to be 44 years old?  Sorry Mom and MIL for the foul language, but that age seems a bit surreal to me.  That means we are middle aged.  But how can that be when I still feel like I am 29? 😀

I am posting some pictures many of you have seen before, but new readers may not have seen.  We came into this world as tiny aliens.

Thankfully our parents didn’t give us matching names or make us wear the same clothes.  Well, maybe sometimes about the clothes, but that was mostly from relatives who felt they had to give us exactly the same thing until about the age of 20!

We rocked our 80’s glasses and button earrings like no other!

And before we knew it, we were graduating high school!

And in what seems to be in the blink of an eye, we have kids that age:

Jennifer’s son Mark, my daughter Hannah, Jenn’s son Paul:

And Jenn’s daughter Claire:

It’s just weird that we are grown-ups. 😀

Jenn, here is our inspirational picture.  This was taken in May of 2000.  One year after we started WW and had both lost about 70 pounds – I am next to my brother Charlie (either I am wearing a very shitty bra, or no bra at all!) and Jenn’s rockin the jeans overalls next to our Momma.  I probably weigh about 140 and Jenn’s probably 135.

Here’s the kicker though – last year, on my birthday, I weighed 164.6.

This past weekend I weighed in at:

So after all the miles and sweat in 365 days, I have theorhetically lost .6 pounds.  And I know why.  Somehow on the days I exercise I tell myself “you can have a little more because you worked out today!”  And I hardly ever count the wine for calories – you know, because liquid calories don’t count!  No more.  I need to get my butt in gear people.  Well, after today because calories don’t count on your birthday!

My bosses are taking me out to lunch today, we are having grilled marinated flank steak and then Tony is making his famous fried rice.  Then Hannah and I are going to Yumz for dessert.  I swear I will be in boot camp mode starting tomorrow!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!   You are so old! 😀


51 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me & My Twin!

  1. Happy Birthday Biz! Your bootcamp comment had me laughing! Enjoy the day!

  2. I still find myself looking in the mirror and thinking, “Holy crap, I’m the MOM!” Just because we’re in our 40’s doesn’t mean we’re grown ups, does it?

  3. Birthday calories DEFINITELY don’t count. Have a great one!

  4. Rachel @ Mommygetsmoving

    Happy Birthday!!! Wait are you saying wine has calories? Damn.

  5. Congratulations Biz and Jen.

    How cool that you have a twin sister.

    And 44 old? No way lady because if it is I’m a middle aged old person in 2 months too.

    1968 was a great year and people who were born that year never grow old 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Biz! And to Jenn too! Hannah looks so much like you especially in your high school graduation photo. You have such a young face Biz. I would never guess that you are 44. You look fabulous. 40s are the new 30s…right?! I sure hope so because I’ll be 40 very soon and I feel better now than I did in my 20s.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Your just getting better all the time 🙂

  8. A very happy, happy birthday to both you and Jenn! I think you look fabulous, and with all the exercise you have done this year, I am betting you are higher on the healthy meter than you were last year too! I think it’s fabulous that you haven’t gained weight…which is really, really easy to do as we get older…even if we don’t eat anymore or exercise less. It’s a huge battle once we get to our middle forties and beyond! 🙂

  9. So fun to see all of the pictures over the years 🙂 You are fabulous. Happy happy birthday- enjoy every minute

  10. Happy Birthday!! Hope it is great, sounds like a great day planned and a great plan for the year ahead.

  11. I want your rules to apply to my diet too, especially on my birthday. I think I could polish off that whole can of sauerkraut, just because. heehee

    I think you are amazing in how well you eat, how much you work out and how well you control your diabetes [amazing]. I also think you look fabulous at the weight you are at – I have said it before, where exactly are you hiding 164 lbs? I know you have a magic number that you want to reach, but if your doctor is happy and you are healthy isn’t that the greatest gift, not the number on the scale? I don’t know. I just think you are doing great just the way you are.

    I hope you have the happiest of birthdays with your family. I know you’ll do it up right. And then we want to hear all about it. Yipppeee!

    Take care my friend. Love ya! Skippy

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    Lol – I wish calories didn’t count on birthdays! Or for wine!

  13. Happy Birthday Biz! Have a super day!

  14. Happy Birthday, Biz! Hope it’s a GREAT one!! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration today.

  15. Happy Birthday, Biz!!! Hope you have great day!

  16. Happy Birthday to you! To ease the “pain” of turning 44, celebrate for an entire month and let yourself be pampered.


  17. Have a great birthday! 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday Biz! You have a card coming in the mail (yes, I used a stamp and everything, lol!) but it probably won’t arrive today because I kept forgetting to get it out to my mailbox until Saturday. More than you needed to know, I’m sure. But the thought was there! 🙂

    On the diet, one thing that bugs me about WW is that they give you “credit” for exercising (Activity Points?). I think that puts too many people (myself included, although I don’t do WW) into the mindset of “oh I worked out so now I can eat a bit extra” when it’s been shown that it’s very easy to outeat your exercise. So unless I’ve run a hell of a long distance, I don’t count those calories burned for anything. Exercise is just a health/fun thing for me. And as we *approach* middle age (hey, I’m shooting for 150 so I’m not there yet, lol), things that we could get away with in dieting in our younger years don’t seem as forgiving now. So yeah, you’re going to have to either count the points from wine or stop drinking your calories (most of the time, anyway). Not the most fun thing to think about, but I bet you’ll be showing the weigh in you want to next year on your birthday!

    Oh, and Helen’s right…calories don’t count today – enjoy!!!

  19. Happy Birthday from another half set of Twins!!!

  20. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!!!! Hey I’m 44, we aren’t middle age, if you don’t say it, it won’t be true lol.

  21. Happy Birthday!! I am always amazed at how much Hannah looks like you and your sister when you were around her age! People always say I look like my mom too.

    I firmly believe that calories don’t count on your birthday (of course, I also ‘believe’ that little bites here and there don’t count – so don’t listen to me. My scale is totally going in the wrong direction!) I’m also guilty of “rewarding” myself with food – “oh, I worked out, so I can splurge on xyz”….I need to remember what I saw on Pinterest – “Do not reward yourself with food – you are not a dog”!

    Have a great day!

  22. I wouldn’t mind being 44. :-/

  23. Happy Happy Day! You are so blessed!!!

  24. Psh, you don’t look 44!

    Happy Birthday , Biz! Hope it’s great 🙂

  25. Cute pictures 🙂 I’ve always thought it would be so cool to be or have twins. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and Jen!

  26. Happy Birthday Biz! I love the pictures. Yep, 1968 produced some great ones. I’m the same age but sadly more than twice your weight. Enjoy your birthday celebrations.

  27. Happy birthday Biz! The 80’s glasses crack me up! They were so big back in the day. They seem to be coming back too.

    Enjoy today! I am with you on calories not counting on your bday!

  28. Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  29. Happy Birthday Beth!!! I can’t believe how much Hannah looks like you and Jenn at that age! You could all 3 be twins! (err.. well, that’d be triplets)

    Enjoy your birthday! 🙂

  30. Happy Birthday to you and your sister! Wish you many more!!! 🙂

  31. Happy birthday to you and your sis!! My husband is a twin also. And hey, you just caught up to my age…I say we’re still young! 🙂

  32. happy birthday to you and your sis!! love those 80s glasses 😉 and i’m totally onto hannah’s dipping chips in chimichurri, thanks for linking to that post i missed!

  33. Happy Happy Birthday to you and your sister, I love all the pictures. I must say in your High School pic you two look a lot like Kelly Clarkson, hmmmmmm?

    I sported the overalls at one point too, what the heck were we thinking?

    Have a fabulous day!

    So glad I can comment on your blog again, wordpress has been giving me a headache these past couple of days but luckily my husband sorted it all out.

  34. Happy birthday to you and your sister!! enjoy your non calorie counting day. those 80s glasses are incredible, my sister had some also 🙂

  35. andreaswellnessnotes

    Happy, happy Birthday!!!

  36. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
    Loved seeing the pictures! You managed a great non-gaining year in spite of some big obstacles. Congratulations.

  37. Happy birthday! I know how you feel — I keep track of my measurements and I actually weighed about 10 pounds less at this time last year. 😦 So I have definitely been trying to get my butt in gear too! Love the pictures!

  38. Happy birthday! I join the ranks of 44 at the end of the week. We aren’t getting older, just better! Have a good one and thanks for all of the great recipes.

  39. marybcunningham

    Happy Birthday!! You don’t look your age if it’s any consolation. And wtg on maintaining for weight for a year – that is actually awesome!

  40. how nice would it be if wine calories didn’t count?? happy birthday!!

  41. Claire and Hannah look so much like you and Jenn!
    Happy birthday Biz, I hope you’re having a great day!

  42. i LOVED this post. you two are absolutely adorable!! what pretty ladies! happy happy birthday, live it up, you’ve earned it, enjoy your day…both of you 🙂

  43. OMG. I just realized HOW MUCH Hannah looks like you guys!!! Like a third twin (triplet?)!! Happy birthday, Biz!!!

  44. Weighting For 50

    Happy Birthday Vat and Jenn!!! BIG BIRTHDAY hugs to you both!!!! 44??? The best is yet to come!!!!!

  45. Happy Birthday! I’m 44 too. Love those pictures. I didn’t know you were a twin! What cute pictures of you two.

    🙂 Marion

  46. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope it was fabulous 🙂

  47. happy belated! sorry, i am behind on my reader 🙂 hope you had a great day!

  48. OK, I can definitely tell you apart in the more recent pics but am having a harder time with the older ones. (Are you always on the left?) Is that Jenn on the right in the last of the retro pics? B/c she looks just like Hannah there! Anyway, happy birthday-glad it was a good one!

  49. Happy (very belated) Birthday to you and your twin! I tried posting a happy birthday comment a few times but for whatever reason I was having electronic issues. Like fine wine, you are getting better and better with age. Keep living the good life, you inspire me on a daily basis.

    Look out, you are catching up to me again!

  50. I’m way behind on the blog reading – which means WAY behind on the birthday wishes for you! It’s amazing how much I see Hannah in your younger pictures! I hope it was a wonderful one!

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