Weekly WI and Simply Filling

Morning!  It was super foggy this morning and we actually have spring like temperatures.  When I left at 7:45 to go to WW, it was a cool 54 degrees – love it!  So you know I was all over the map this week, I only exercised three times this week, I had mindless eating AND it was my birthday week.  So I will happily take my WI:

But I had to step back and really think about how I ate before I lost 70 pounds in 1999 and how far I’ve come since then.  It wasn’t unusual for me to eat a Burger King croissant breakfast with potato rounds and a large regular Coke for breakfast, probably McDonald’s 10 piece chicken nuggest supersized with more Coke.  Dinner would be deep fried tacos with cheesy nachos, and probably a couple nights a week I even threw in a frozen pizza after Hannah went to bed.  Is it a wonder I weighed 210 pounds?

I am happy to say that I used up the last of my birthday flank steak yesterday.  I made an English muffin egg sammie with 2 ounces of flank steak, 1 egg, 1/2 ounce cheese, spinach with strawberries on the side.

It was super rainy yesterday, but I found my break to walk/run yesterday – I ended up walk/running for 55 minutes!  Just as soon as I came back inside though, the skies opened up and it rained pretty much the rest of the afternoon – lucky!

So the rest of the flank steak made up these mini tacos – so filling and delicious – I didn’t photograph them, but I had an ounce of tortilla chips and salsa on the side.  I am pretty sure I got at least six meals out of that flank steak – love it!

Since it is Lent, no meat for Tony.  I picked up this $3.99, 14 inch pizza at Dominick’s – it was just cheese, but I added sauteed mushrooms, green olives and black olives on Tony’s side, and I had pepperoni and pickled jalapenos.  😀

So I didn’t count points yesterday, but my total calories, etc. for the day:

  • 1563 calories
  • 70 fat
  • 153 carbs
  • 15 fiber
  • 82 protein

One of the topics we talked about at WW today was the simply filling program.  I am still tweaking my April challenge, but I have decided this week I am going to follow the Simply Living WW program.  You just eat off the super food lists, eat until you are satisfied, and only count points for basically the “fun stuff.”   For example, if you ate oatmeal, skim milk and blueberries, those are all on the super foods list – however, if you add chocolate chips and walnuts, you count the points for those.  And yes, if you have wine, that is a “fun stuff” item and the points have to be counted.  You get the same 49 points for the week just on the points plan.

Should be interesting!  And don’t forget – tomorrow is the last day to enter your Breakfast BSI recipe – it doesn’t have to be a new this week recipe, you can pull from your archieves! 😀

Enjoy your Saturday!  Hannah had to go to work before I got back from WW – I found this:

Thanks Hannah! 😀

13 thoughts on “Weekly WI and Simply Filling

  1. You have the right attitude! Look at how far you’ve come! You are doing great! I’m curious to see how you like the Simply Filling program. Have a great day

  2. Those little tacos look so good 🙂 My husband has been experimenting making something similar…it is as close to cooking as he gets.

    I know all about terrible eating habits, it is just a hard thing to get over. But you can do it!!

  3. I always feel sooooo lucky when it rains right after i finish an outdoor workout! Those tacos look cute and yummy! Enjoy the day

  4. Hannah seems like so much fun! She’s always leaving nice notes for you and being so considerate. Course, you probably don’t share the bad times with us-haha!

    You’ve come a long way in your eating style, girlie, well done! I remember when I was at my heaviest, we’d eat at Denny’s almost every night and I’d get seasoned fries alongside a greasy burger, then dip them into bowl(s) of ranch dressing. I seriously would eat a dozen doughnuts in a single day sometimes. Ugh! Never again, right? lol

    Great idea eating the simple filling foods–I think that will make a big difference in your weight loss and how you feel b/c those are such healthy foods. Good luck!

  5. It is crazy to look back at how we used to eat…I am so glad to be free of the fast food habit. Have a great weekend!

  6. I agree – the tacos are adorable. Someone mentioned that first you eat with your eyes and then your mouth. I really believe this and you really can “taste” your food with your eyes. It is so gorgeous.

    Wine seems to be a reoccurring theme when you work on your points and your meal plan. Is it possible to pre plan how much wine you drink in a week and work from that for making up your menu? You eat really well [health and yummy wise] so why try and deny yourself what you like. By putting it at the forefront you know what you have to deal with the rest of the week. Just a thought. 🙂

    Good luck on whichever way you decide to go. I have a devil of a time just keeping up with my sodium levels [reading labels, etc.] if someone gave me a good list, a naughty list and points to count you would find me wandering around in circles. heehee You, I have great faith, CAN do it. And will.

    Off to spring clean and get my exercise. 🙂 Have a great one sweetie.

  7. Good luck with sticking to the simply filling. I did that when it was Core and I allowed myself to get into trouble. Points+ has helped me to get on track and I’m now under goal, only 3 pounds from my personal goal. Have a great week!

  8. Happy, happy, happy birthday! ( sorry I missed the actual day) I know many ppl who are on maintenance and do simply filling. I have often toyed with trying it myself. I think it would make eating out sometimes a bit difficult. I am anxious to read your take on it!

  9. Sometimes it’s good to change up your diet. I am not sure the Simply Living program would work for me because I still struggle with knowing when to stop even with healthy foods. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with it. I think I need to do something to shake up my diet a little. Maybe that would kick it into weight loss mode, because I am still staying steady give or take a pound or two either way. I need to break the year long plateau and start losing.

    Good luck Biz!

  10. Hannah seems so sweet.

    Maintaining is very hard and I applaud you for working so hard at it and sharing the journey.

  11. I missed your birthday, sorry! Belated happy birthday! Our little miss turns one today, so it really is a great birthday week!

  12. I’m doing the Simply Filling plan, too. Have been for a couple months now. It’s working. I have all my extra points W-F and just Power Foods S-T. My WI is on Wed so this gives me the best WI results. Also, somehow, the weekend is easier for me to be on the more stringent plan. I also do the 17 Day Diet (which is all Power Foods, but doesn’t include any grains or starchy veggies) on those 4 days. Good luck!
    I may try out those very wonderful looking hot dog buns on one of my extra-point days!

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