Parmesan Pizza Crust and Weekly WI

I’ve had plantar fascitis for about five years.  I ended up having to have special inserts made for my shoes that I have to wear every day.  If I wear flip flops or skip wearing them for a couple days, the back of my heels, especially the left one, becomes painful not only to the touch, but with every step I take.  It usually takes until after lunch for the pain to go away.

Even if I wear the inserts every day, my left heel is still normally sore for a good couple hours after getting up.  It’s just something I’ve learned to live with.

So yesterday I went to my DVR and saw that another episode of Classical Stretch had recorded.  This one was called calves, shins and posture.  Guess what?  After that 30 minute routine, my heel pain went away and didn’t bother me at all the rest of the day.  Better yet?  No pain this morning when I got out of bed!

I guess my Achilles tendon was just really tight and whatever moves she did in that routine did the trick.  I seriously will do one of those videos every morning.  See if you can search it on your cable package – she normally appears on public television.

I made a quick zucchini frittata yesterday morning.  Hannah and I were on a mission to go garage saling before she had to work.  1 zucchini shredded that I sauteed in about 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, then 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1/2 ounce of cheese and I had a cup of fruit on the side.

chinese 002

We ended up going to four garage sales.  I ended up getting a WW cookbook for .50 cents and this for the fridge – Tony loves iced tea so I plan on keeping some in the fridge for him – this cost $1 and it’s brand new. Just kidding


On the way back Hannah and I went to Walmart to get our eyebrows threaded.  We both know its gonna hurt like a son of a bitch, but the pain only lasts a couple minutes.  However, it never fails that they then ask “you want me to do lip and chin?”  I politely said “no thank you.”  But the woman said “but ma’am – it looks so bad!”  I’d like to note for the record that I don’t have lip and chin hair, thank you very much.

Tony and I went grocery shopping for our Easter dinner.  We bought a $14 ham, but had a $9 off coupon – score!  After grocery shopping we went out for Chinese!  Woop – lunch out with Tony two days in a row?  Love it.  Since it was Good Friday Tony went with Chinese noodles with shrimp.  I however, can eat meat, so I went with the spicy Mongolian beef.  This plate came in at 580 calories and hit the spot.  I ate all the beef and broccoli, 1/2 cup of the brown rice and the egg roll.


When we got home I did a dry run of my Easter dessert yesterday – I am calling it a rustic apple tart that I plan to serve with vanilla bean ice cream and peanut brittle as a garnish. I will post the recipe tomorrow, but holy shizz, this one is a keeper. Be right back

While I was cooking, Tony did our first mow of the season – our grass was so thick!  It looked great when he got done.  I think even if Tony was bleeding out of his eyes he wouldn’t let me use our riding mower – apparently I can’t cut our grass straight! Smile with tongue out

chinese 029

chinese 031

We have two giant pine trees in front of our house.  Every time we have a bad storm we think they will break in half, but they are still standing strong.

chinese 033

I’ve had a pizza jones all week.  While my favorite pizza dough is still super thin and crispy, Tony usually likes a bit thicker dough.  I looked through a bunch of other dough recipes online, and ended up coming up with this one:

Parmesan Garlic Pizza Dough

  • 1 1/8 cup water (9 ounces)
  • 1 package active dry yeast
  • 1.5 Tablespoons honey
  • 1.5 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese

Mix the water, yeast, honey and olive oil and let stand for about 10 minutes, or until the yeast gets frothy.  Add the flour salt and Italian seasoning in the food processor.  Turn the processor on and add the water mixture.  After a minute the dough should be incorporated and pull away from the sides of the processor.

Put in a bowl with a bit of olive oil, and let rise for 1 hour.

chinese 015

You can see the flecks of Italian seasoning.  This dough is really soft too.  While the dough was rising, I did Billy Blanks “Empowerment DVD.”  The first 10 minutes were a cake and I almost switched to something more challenging.  Um, the first 10 minutes was just the instructional part!  The next 50 minutes kicked my ass.

chinese 019

Melt the butter and garlic together.  Stir in Parmesan cheese.  Brush this mixture all over the crust, especially on the outer edges.  I had baby spinach and red pepper on my side – Tony had green and black olives and tomatoes on his side.

I preheated my oven with my baking stone in there to 425.  This took about 15 minutes to bake.

chinese 024

This was delicious.  I ended up having two slices, or half of my side – which came in at around 590 calories.  I really wanted a third piece, but told myself to wait 30 minutes, and if I still wanted it I would have it.  But I never ended up going back in and Hannah had the leftovers when she got home from work.

chinese 037

chinese 042

Best part is Tony loved it.  He said “it’s a non-Biz crust!”  I’ll definitely use this dough recipe again.

I realized that my WW meeting will be closed tomorrow for Easter, and I couldn’t weigh in today since I weighed in on Sunday, which is the start of their week – if I went today it would just tell me that I had already weighed in for the week.  I plan on switching back to Saturday meetings – I like the leader a lot better.

So last week I was:


This morning I was:


So unofficially I am down 1.6.  I hope to see – 3.0 at next Saturday’s official WI. Winking smile

So Hannah has decided that she wants to go to Roosevelt University to study Marriage and Family with an emphasis on Speech Pathology.  She forwarded on her college transcripts yesterday which was the last thing required before she hears if she’s accepted.

She had her letters of recommendation, and she said “I am not sure I showed this one to you.”  It was written by her psychology teacher from last semester.

chinese 006

I am one proud Momma!  Hannah I have no doubt you’ll get accepted and that you will continue to succeed academically.  I am so proud of you!

Alright, I am off to finish making my apple tarts, my Italian wedding soup and homemade bread for tomorrow.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Stats for Day 6 of 30 Bad Ass:

  • 1336 calories
  • 56 fat
  • 132 carbs
  • 15 fiber
  • 75 protein
  • 40% calories from carbs, 38% from fat, 22% for protein
  • 30 minutes stretch
  • 50 Billy Blanks kicking my bootie


21 thoughts on “Parmesan Pizza Crust and Weekly WI

  1. I have not a clue where my comment just went. So here I am again. If you get two, sorry.
    Your pizza dough looks tasty. I just used up the ones I had frozen for the daycare so will be making more. Thank you for sharing.
    163.0 is awesome, one day for me too…this year? Maybe.
    Good luck to Hannah and her new school. Mike leaves in two weeks for Wyotech in Wyoming, 1200 miles away. Not happy about the miles but do love the school and area. He’ll do great and I’ll learn to adjust.
    Love all the green you guys have. We’ve getting there but just starting.
    Take care Biz and Happy Easter to you and yours. God Bless!!

  2. What an awesome recommendation letter! For some reason when I read your blog title I thought it said “cauliflower crust.” What is up with that? I do know those exist, though–think you’ll try it? I want to eventually.

  3. holy goodness! That pizza looks out of this world! I zoomed in on one of the pictures to really check it out ;). Josh just finished our second mowing of the year. Crazy how quickly the grass grows.

  4. Wow! What a proud mama you must be! It’s good you have that letter saved for posterity–it will be fun to show her later. And congrats on your (non-official) weight loss! I NEVER have Chinese or Thai the day before a WI because I always spike up a pound or two. So a loss with a pre-WI Chinese lunch is impressive. Plus, 163 is my goal weight. I can’t wait to get to that number. Hoping that it’s by July.

  5. Marcia @Frugal Healthy Simple

    Okay –

    Your yard is gorgeous.

    That pizza looks delicious.

    I have a tight left ankle, so I’m going to look up those stretching videos.

    Now I need to go have lunch and snuggle with my boy.

  6. What a beautiful letter of recommendation. I’m sure you were beaming with pride. I don’t think Hannah will have any trouble getting into the program of her choice.

    The same thing happens to me when I get my eyebrows waxed or threaded. You want the lip too?! I have examined myself in one of those magnifying mirrors and my upper lip hair is not worthy of being peeled off by hot wax or ripped one piece at a time by a piece of thread. So no!

    You are doing great on your April challenge! I think you will kick butt at your next weigh in.

  7. Great job Hannah! My hubs is out mowing the lawn for the first time this season, love the smell of grass being cut! 🙂
    I haven’t had threading done before, I have mine ripped out with wax…… either way sucks!

  8. Way to go Hannah! That’s so cool! And congrats on the loss, yeah!! I seriously have to find that stretching program, stretching is one thing I SUCK at! I’m waiting till tomorrow to weigh in … but I’m feeling good! Have a great weekend!

  9. Awwww, you should be a proud mama! That’s an awesome letter. It has been so warm here that my husband has cut grass 2 or 3 times already! It’s supposed to be 75 tomorrow, but it has been up to 86! Crazy. Of course, the temps dropped a lot the night after my neighbor began planting his garden! Happy Easter!

  10. Congrats to Hannah – you should be a proud mama!

    That pizza looks really good. Seems like you are kicking ass on your challenge!

  11. I was getting a pedicure yesterday and overheard the girl doing some woman’s eyebrows if she wants her lip and chin done, too. I think they all ask that! Just an upsell, 98% of women probably don’t need it!!

    And that pizza looks YUMMY!!

  12. myjourneytofit

    What a great upshot of that tree!

    As a mom, isn’t it nice to see how your child has interacted with other adults, and how they end up being such great kids? What a wonderful letter, and indeed, you have every right to be proud of her.

  13. I always get my brows threaded and I went to a new place at the mall and now I have contact dermatitis. I had to go to the dr. yesterday and pay 15.00 for a script. They look horrible. I’m calling their main office on Monday. I dont know if the girl didnt wash her hands or what. Its so itchy too.

  14. Congrats to Hannah, and congrats to you for raising a talented, dedicated worker, Biz! That’s a damn good letter!

    I’ve never had my eyebrows threaded before…though I’ve watched it from afar. It looked painful! >__<

  15. You should be a proud Mama! My mom was a speech pathologist for over 30 years…I think Hannah will really like it if she decided to say with it.

    As always….now I’m craving pizza.

  16. Go Hannah, and of course she is only as awesome as she is because of you! Have a wonderful Easter!

  17. I have bad plantar fasciitis pain too. I’ll see if we have that stretch routine on our TV! Anything that helps would be fabulous.

    God, how rude at the threading place! They asked me that too and it made me wonder if I had chin hair. Andy swears I don’t! Too funny, they probably want to make you uncomfortable.

  18. I had that happen one time I went to get my eyebrows threaded. She’s like, would you like me to do your lip as well? I’m like hell no! Even if there is a little thicker hair there, all my facial hair is blond, so you can’t see it anyways! I was not impressed.

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