Bacon and Pepper Egg Bake

I have so many of those tiny peppers to use up. I kind of get crazy when I see stuff on the $1 rack!

peppers 005

I think I’ll grill some up to make a grilled pepper soup, but decided to sauté some up to make something for breakfast and see where my inspiration took me. A quick look in the fridge and I had . . . bacon. Doesn’t bacon go with everything? Then I chopped up a zucchini, and about six of those tiny peppers.

Bacon and Pepper Egg Bake

Fills two, six ounce oven proof ramekins

240 calories, 13 fat, 7 carbs, 1.8 fiber and 20 protein or only 3 WW points (maybe because they are so low carb?)


· Six small peppers, diced

· 1 medium zucchini, diced

· 4 slices of bacon

· 1 cup egg beaters

· 1 ounce cheddar cheese

· 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

· Pinch of salt and pepper


Cook bacon in skillet. Remove when its crispy (yep, can’t have chewy bacon – ew!). Drain almost all the fat, then add in the zucchini, peppers, Italian seasoning, and salt and pepper. Sauté until the veggies are done to your liking.

Spray your ramekins with Pam. Put two pieces of bacon on the bottom of the ramekin (I just crushed 2 slices to cover the bottom) divided the veggie mixture between the two, added ½ cup of egg beaters to each one, than topped with ½ ounce of cheddar cheese on top. Bake for 20 minutes.

I also added some cherry peppers to kick it up, if you don’t like the spice, just leave them out.

no salt bread 060  no salt bread 065

no salt bread 068

no salt bread 070no salt bread 073

I forgot my good camera at home, so I had to use my blackberry, but here was my breakfast with sautéed apples and slivered almonds.  Breakfast comes in at 390 calories, 22 fat, 27 carbs, 5.8 fiber and 22 protein.


I had every intention of walking at lunch yesterday, but the winds were 35-40 mph. I had some work errands to run, so I ate lunch before I headed out. 1.5 ounce sesame bagel, 2 ounces deli turkey, .8 ounce of provolone, some salad mix on the bottom – toasted under the broiler in the office toaster oven, with yucca chips on the side with some watermelon.  Lunch comes in at 567 calories, 9 fat, 77 carbs (yikes!), 3.8 fiber and 22 protein.


Um, are you thinking what yucca chips are? I made them from a yucca root. My store sells this size yucca root for around $1.50. Sliced thinly and crisped up in my deep fryer – I basically can have three ounces of these chips for the same calories as potato chips. Only one slight problem. I have no idea why I thought yucca was low carb, it’s not. In fact while my 3 ounce serving is only 160 calories, it has 40 grams of carbs! I did some research and discovered that turnips, rutabagas and celery root are low carb (like only 6 grams per cup) so I am going to play around with making chips out of those veggies.

no salt bread 011     no salt bread 015

I store them in an airtight container.  These are so delicious!

peppers 003

I had help with dinner from my buddy Rick Bayless.  Again, from my pantry clean I found that I had this taco packet – 2 tablespoons are only 20 calories.

peppers 007

Two chicken tacos, with Veronica’s crock pot pinto beanson the bottom.  I follow her recipe to the T, except I add two full chipotle peppers to mine to kick it up.  Dinner comes in at 458 calories, 15 fat, 43 carbs, 8.1 fiber and 38 protein.

peppers 008

I keep reading some of my brothers old posts – I really miss that he stopped blogging, but with his work schedule, any family time I realize that something had to go. I especially love this post – called point of view.I think it’s especially appropriate for those of us losing weight. For some of us, it’s the final number on the scale, or a smaller size jeans. But I think trying to get to the “end result” we forget to stop and applaud ourselves during the journey.

Case in point – my dear blog friend Shelley – even though she was sidelined for over a year with a foot injury, she participated in a 10k run over the weekend. Was it a PR? Nope. But it doesn’t matter because she’s doing it! I also think it’s cute how color coordinated her running outfits have been the last 10 weeks leading up to that race. I am lucky if I have less than five stains on the shirt and sweats I wear. Yep, still klassy like that!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1310 caloires, 46 fat, 149 carbs, 17 fiber and 79 protein
  • 46% of calories from carbs, 32% from fat 22% from protein
  • 30 minute stretch before work
  • no wine 😀
  • no snacking after dinner 😀

Make it a great day!

21 thoughts on “Bacon and Pepper Egg Bake

  1. That breakfast looks sooooooo good although I would probably eat this for lunch. You’re such a good cook Biz and have so much fantasy with cooking. It inspires me.

    And so does Shelley, she’s such a wonderful person and I’m so happy for her she is finally back at running.

  2. Good job on the no snacking/wine!! A good bake always rocks. I really want to like yucca….but I tried it once and had a really bad experience. The chips look perfect though

  3. Yucca chips are delicious! Annoying that they are higher in carbs. I adore those veggie chips that seem so healthy (but really actually have about the same number of calories as regular chips). I want to figure out a way to make them low-cal. But even if I never figure it out I don’t think I will stop eating them 😀

  4. What a great post by your brother. I hope he is doing well.

    Yucca is very common in my husband’s country. It is called mandioca there. They typically peel it, chop it into large pieces and boil it served with a tomato and onion sauce or it is boiled and fried. It’s very tasty either way but so starchy. Your chips look incredible.

  5. Yummy breakfast! I am not fond of peppers in the morning, but I would eat this for lunch or dinner any time! I bet it would be awesome throwing some cooked potatoes in there as well.

  6. I love those mini peppers! And yes- bacon does go with everything. Even chocolate. 🙂

  7. Love breakfast! I’ll have to try that! I’ve never tried yucca chips, I don’t even a yucca is. 🙂

  8. You’re right Biz, it’s very easy to get so caught up in the final destination that we forget to enjoy things along the way. That is something that I have really been working on these past couple of weeks. Hope Charlie is doing OK!

  9. myjourneytofit

    Thanks for the shout out…and you know, if we ever get to run together, I’ll have to bring color-coordinating outfits for both of us! I agree with Charlie’s post – kudos along the way go far in KEEPING us going, you know??

  10. myjourneytofit

    I just noticed that your blog time settings are off, which probably is why it’s showing up in odd places in my blogroll…I just posted my comment at 10:59 CST, but it shows 3:59.

  11. Love those ramekins, I have to find them on sale!
    I read your brothers post, so true! Hope he is doing ok. Hang in there! :0

  12. Can you teach me how to not snack after dinner? 🙂

  13. Love those little peppers! The ones I stuffed weren’t THAT small, but yummy none the less. I love that little ramekin too!

    Charlie’s posts are HYSTERICAL. haha I think 1 of my top 5 blog posts of all time on the Internet is the one where he makes the pb&j from reeses pb and donut jelly. So freaking funny!

  14. I’m the exact same way about the dollar bin. I usually have to force myself to walk right by it because I’m no good at using all the produce up before it goes bad.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Please keep us updated.

  15. I just discovered those little peppers for the first time this year, so yummy! I actually roasted a bunch of mine, they turned out great. Luckily my store does not have a $1 bin 🙂

  16. I love that you got to use your tiny little cast iron pot things ( what are they called anyway?? LOL ) I have seen those tiny peppers at my store and costco..but just have never bought them. I think that has to change.

    I love what you say Charlie says about giving yourself credit for making the right choices along the journey. He is so wise! Really, in truth, the journey NEVER ends…because for those of us that struggle with weight issues…it never goes away, we just need to learn to adapt. 🙂

    • I think they are called mini cassoulets – but I am not sure – I love them though! And weird thing? About a minute from taking them out of the oven I can hold them in my hands!

  17. This bake looks mouthwatering. Seriously, I just love your breakfast ideas. I had cereal this morning. That is how boring I am. 🙂

  18. Great idea adding peppers to the refried beans! Your tacos are so purdy. How did you do that cool tilty thing with your photos?

    • Hey V! I use LiveWriter to write my posts now – I was uploading pictures and all of a sudden I saw a tool bar I’ve never noticed – it said “tilt?” and I was able to tilt the pictures. 😀 Do you use a Mac? If you use Windows its a free download. I love it.

  19. I freaking LOVE yucca!!! Your shots are gorgeous, Biz. I especially love the one with you pouring the egg beater mixture into the bowl. And yes, indeed, bacon goes with everything…

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