Time Flies

I am so glad that I know Lori because without her, I would never have thought to have bagel Wednesday.  I don’t have one every Wednesday, but I do think about her when I do. Open-mouthed smile   Sesame bagel, egg beaters, 1 slice of mortadella and .8 ounce of provolone cheese.  Starting your day with a bagel and cheese?  Priceless.  421 calories, 13 at, 45 carbs, 2 fiber and 26 protein.

anniv 002

It was gorgeous yesterday – sunny skies and 70 degrees.  Didn’t even need a jacket – it was a great 50 minute walk at lunch.


I ended up eating half of my leftovers.  Yep, you read that right – I ate it out on Tuesday night, ate half of what was leftover for lunch yesterday and still have enough for lunch today.  I did end up adding some steamed broccoli to mine because I couldn’t remember how many veggies were left.  360 calories, 9.4 fat, 55 carbs, 2 fiber and 12 protein.

anniv 006

So it was a year ago yesterday that my job changed.  Well, I am still with some of the same people, but in a different location.  I can’t believe its been a year already!   And while my new office doesn’t have a stove, it does have a grill so I think I’ll be bringing back the Friday grill lunches.  I pick a menu and everyone pays me for making lunch.  Winning! Open-mouthed smile

I do miss a couple women I worked with.  It’s so weird with me.  I could have lunch with you every single day for years, but the minute I leave a job, I basically close a chapter and move on.  I used to cook lunches for them too and was reading a post from last year – my one friend texted me and said:

I have officially eaten my last Biz lunch. The experience was wonderful with a dark cloud of sadness hovering. Thank you for all the love and effort you put into every meal. I washed my dish and had no where to bring it . . .

We ended up having a champagne toast in the afternoon and we had snacks – garlic toasts, salami, cheese, pickles, etc.  I didn’t think I ate that much, but when I added it up it was around 450 calories, 28 fat, 24 carbs, 1 fiber and 24 protein.  You know I loves my cheese. Rolling on the floor laughing

I missed doing my 30 minute stretch and could already feel my heel pain creeping back, so the first thing I did when I got home was do that.  I swear – it’s the best 30 minutes spent – I feel so good when I am done.  I’ve done a series record on our DVR and now have 9 different workouts to choose from.

And this morning? No heel pain at all. Just kidding

I baked up 2 corn tortillas (400 degrees for 6-8 minutes) and had 3 ounces of leftover chicken taco meat, 1/3 cup of Veronica’s refried beans, 1.5 ounces of avocado and my baked chips – 406 calories, 12 fat, 40 carbs, 10 fiber and 34 protein.

anniv 006

Although I am going to be on the hunt for these tortillas this weekend:


Danica bakes these tortilla chips – 2 tortillas cup up and baked are only 2 points – 24 is only 4 points!  Perfect for healthy nachos. Open-mouthed smile

Stats for Yesterday:

  • 1651 calories, 63 fat, 164 carbs, 15 fiber and 97 protein
  • 40% calories from carbs, 35% from fat and 25% protein
  • 50 minute walk at lunch
  • 30 minute stretch

Question of the Day:  Do you keep in touch with old co-workers?

Make it a great day!


30 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I have not really kept in touch with old co-workers either, except for one person and that’s only via Facebook. Weird, because it’s not that I didn’t like my former coworkers.

    Ahhhh, cheese. It can be a devil, huh? I love it too much. I love it so much that once at the end of a weight loss class I taught at my church (it was a 12 week session), the ladies gave me a little thank you gift and included was a stuffed toy mouse lol! I realized then how much I’d talked about my love of cheese.

  2. I don’t know if you have a BJ’s but they have these and many other wraps by Mission. Packages of 50 for less than $4 up here…it’s the best deal going!! Thanks for the inspiration- today and every day!!

  3. I totally remember when your job changed! Totally crazy that it has been a year. It is sad when you think you will keep in touch with friends/coworkers and you don’t… mmm dinner looks so good. That is like an ideal meal for me 🙂

  4. That is the sweetest text, I think that is so cool that you cook for your co-workers, they are so lucky. It reminds me of the Fire Stations, how they all pitch in and eat meals together.

  5. I’m definitely still friends with old co-workers! Even from when I worked at McDonald’s way back in college! Lol.
    Your breakfast bagels kill me. For real. I crave one every time I see one on your blog.

  6. I finally clicked on that 30 minute stretch link, I’ve been meaning to for awhile. So is it a program you have to buy?

    • I found it on demand – we have AT&T and she comes on our local public station at like 6:30 in the morning – I recorded the series so that’s why I have so many to choose from. 😀

  7. I love that you cook for your coworkers. When we were stationed in Louisiana I used to make meals for my husband’s shop…not so much here.

    I need to find those corn tortillas stat—I could eat them every single day!

  8. Nice stats on the tortillas…I am going to have to look for them as well. 🙂

  9. Love that tortilla chip idea. My one gripe about chips is that the portion size is so small. This could be perfect!

  10. Can you share which Classical Stretch DVD you stretch to? I went to the website, but there were so many to choose from. I have the same trouble with heel pain, and would love a DVD to get rid of it.

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      Bagel with cheese and egg is the best! haven’t had one in ages! thanks for remininding me! 🙂

    • The actual one I started with was called “shins, calves and posture.” I’ve actually only done that one once, but it doesn’t seem to matter which one I do it stretches out all my muscles and it feels great. I love not having heel pain anymore and am astonished I lived with it for so long!

  11. Yay for bagels!! Am I a bad influence?? 😀

    I never really get that close with coworkers in my current line of work. I work at home, so it is hard. I do talk with some of them, but usually more about work than anything else (we have an FB private group).

  12. i just checked out your link for the stretching DVD. I need to get that!!! I am so bad about stretching. I really, really need to take more time to do it. Daily.
    And- I need to find those tortillas too! Hope one of the grocery stores near me has ’em! Great idea using them for chips!

  13. Love those tortilla chips! I keep in touch with my coworkers now that I’m retired. I love going in to visit, and then leave!!! 🙂

  14. I love bagel breakfast sandwiches too only I use onion bagels…sorry Biz 😉 I bring lunch to work occasionally for co-workers, they like it when I do and always are asking for different things. I keep in touch with some co-workers, others I prefer not…lol!

  15. I need to start baking up tortillas for my husband, he goes through tortilla chips like crazy. your coworkers are lucky to get such awesome lunches.

  16. I love those thin tortillas, I buy them too. They are sturdy enough for my breakfast tacos and only 40 calories each!

  17. Lots to say about this post. First, I have those tortillas in my fridge! They are very common around here…hopefully you can find them!

    I make it a HUGE point to keep in touch with old co-workers/friends. I treasure my friendships and usually I am the one calling/texting/emailing saying we need to get together, whether that be lunch or a girl’s night. I get frustrated when those old friends forget about me, or don’t return my calls, it generally hurts my feelings:(

    I’d say make a point to meet up with those two former lunch buddies. You’ll be glad you did.

  18. I think if it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have any contact with all the people from the past, so I understand just moving on. I’ve never heard of those extra thin tortillas–they would be perfect for chips!

  19. I have been able to find those tortillas at Target in the past.

  20. My favorite low carb tortillas is Tumaros Gourmet Tortillas. One large #39 g tortilla has only 50 calories and 5 net carbs plus 5 g protein.

  21. I remember when all that work stuff went down too. A whole year has passed already??? Yikes….

    I keep in touch with ex co-workers for a little while after I leave a job. Then we all go our separate ways. There a few who I still keep in touch through FB or Christmas cards.

  22. I have worked at the same hospital for 6 years. I started out on a post-op medical/surgical unit then made the transition to cardiac care and I now work on the psych unit. I make absolutely no effort to go down to the other units to visit. I keep up with the drama on Facebook though!

  23. I remember that post when you cooked the last meal there and moved. It’s nice that they appreciated you and I bet there are some days when they are eating a MickeyD’s cheeseburger they are dreaming of one of your homecooked meals.

    Have a good weekend sweetie. Hellos to Tony and Hannah with best wishes for your brother :).

  24. I don’t keep in touch with co-workers eithers except for one but she became a real friend. This was the second time I did something after work with a co-worker which I normally don’t do. Work is work and private is private most of the times.

    Biz that view during your walk: beautiful!

  25. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I remember you making lunch for your coworkers…lots of soup! I thought that was brilliant and incredibly sweet. Sorry I’ve been MIA, Biz. I’ve had time for no blog reading and I miss it dearly. I do hope all is well with you! xo!

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